Corinthian Funeral Home Records 2005

Corinthian Funeral Home Records 2005
A Special Thanks to: Ricky Holland (Owner) and Joyce Rossie (Secretary). For allowing us to share this valuable information with our fellow researchers
Transcribed By: Helah Wilson & Janice Switcher 03/23/2005

Allen, Mary Lee Crum
b.03/15/1919 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 07/11/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouses: James Thomas Bullard &
Lawrence Allen
Daughter: Wanda Culver
Father: Johnny Crum
Mother: Ada Hancock
Burial: Old Danville Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 36

Bennett, Jessie L.
b.07/05/1936 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 11/19/2005 Corinth, MS
US Army/ Honorable Discharge
07/11/1956 to 12/05/1958
Father: John C. Bennett
Mother: Lizzie Keith
Brother: J. C. Bennett
Burial: Shady Grove Baptist Mission Cemetery
Page 60

Blakney, Bill B.
b. 03/07/1930 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 01/14/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Sibyl Davis Blakney
Father: Will D. Blakney
Mother: Mammie Crum
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 10

Bright. Mary Lee Bailey
b. 07/15/1933 Dalton, GA
d. 08/15/2005 Rienzi, MS
Cause of death: C.V. A. / C.A.D. / Diabetes & Alzheimer’s
Daughter: Reba Hancock
Father: Cleo C. Bailey
Mother: Estella Howard
Burial: Corinth Church of God Cemetery
Page 42

Carter, Annie Gates
b. 04/22/1917 Tippah Co., MS
d. 09/21/2005 Walnut, MS
Cause of death: C.V.A. / Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Spouse: Clovis H. Carter
Daughter: Rose Gahagan
Father: Jessie Gates
Mother: Anner Swindle
Burial: Cedar Mound Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 51

Childs, W. T. III (Bill)
b. 11/09/1933 Baltimore, MD
d.11/08/2005 Tupelo, MS
Residence Corinth, MS
US Army E4/ Honorable Discharge
Baltimore, MD
Cause of death: Heart disease/ Cardiac Arrest
Father: William T. Childs, II
Mother: not listed
Friend: Wayne Bumpas
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 56

Coleman, Gladys W. Essary
b. 12/09/1918 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 09/06/2005 Corinth,Ms
Cause of death: Colon Cancer/ Cardio Vascular Disease
Spouse: H.V. Coleman
Daughter: Shelly Wren
Father: Robert Essary
Mother: Fannie Christian
Burial: Union Baptist Church Cemetery
Kossuth, MS
Page 47

Crowe, Linda Jean Grissom
b. 07/03/1950 Burnsville, MS
d. 02/01/2005 Tupelo MS.
Residence: Rienzi, Ms
Cause of death: Colon Cancer
Spouse: Larry Crowe
Father: Virgil Grissom
Mother: Bernice Ross
Burial: Hinkle Baptist Church Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 14

Crum, Danny Ray
b. 02/16/1954 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 12/24/2005 Conway, ARK.
Spouse: Ann Foal Crum
Father: George Crum
Mother: Pauline Bass Crum
Burial: Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 65

Davis, William L.
b. 08/06/1943 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 01/21/2005 Tupelo, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mary Ann Eubanks
Father: J. T. Davis
Mother: Bertha McDonald
Burial: Holly Church Cemetery
Page 11

Dotson, Gregory F.
b. 12/12/1962 South Bend, IN
d. 07/16/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death; Lung Cancer
Spouse: Beverly Hill
Father: Billy F. Dotson
Mother: Bessie Dozier
Burial; Rockhill Apostolic Church Cemetery
Page 37

Downs, Samuel C.
b. 02/12/1919 Corinth, MS
d. 02/28/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: C. V. A.
Spouse: Annie Killough
Father: Obie Downs
Mother: Rosie Doss
Caregiver: Tony Marolt
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 18

Downs, Annie K. Killough
b. 07/12/1919 Prentiss Co., MS
d. 12/21/2004 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Samuel C. Downs
Father: Lewis Killough
Mother: Bell Prichard
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 5

Duncan, Jamie D.
b. 06/28/1975 Tupelo, Ms
d. 08/01/2005 Tupelo, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Father: Johnny Duncan
Mother: Patricia Parker Braddock
Burial: Sardis Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 41

Duncan, Lawrence
b. 02/23/1920 Prentiss Co., MS
d. 11/17/2005 Rienzi, MS
Cause of death: Heart disease, Diabetes,
Lung disease & Alzheimer’s
Spouse: Juanita Bragg
Daughter: Marilyn Wilson
Father: John C. Duncan
Mother: Dora Searcy
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 59

Easley, Marvin A.
b. 03/13/1926 Hardin Co., TN
d. 11/25/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mable Vickers
Son: Carl Easley
Father: Leonard Avery Easley
Mother: Bessie Smith
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 62

Fiveash, Beatrice V. Wilbanks
b.01/08/1922 MS
d.07/26/2005 Verona, MS
Spouse: Rufus James Fiveash
Son: Kerry Fiveash
Father: James L. Wilbanks
Mother: Hattie Gay
Burial: Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 39

Fowler, Ona Lee Knight
b. 12/08/1916 McNairy Co., TN
d. 09/17/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Brodie Fowler
Daughter: Judy Sumler
Father: Robert Lee Knight
Mother: Minnie Lambert
Burial: Libert Church of Christ Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 49

Freeman, Thomas Edgar
b. 04/02/1922 Hardin Co., TN
d. 04/09/2005 Tupelo, MS
Residence: Counce, TN
Spouse: Dorothy Tucker
Father: Henry Freeman
Mother: Ola Storey
Burial: Center Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Counce, TN
Page 25

Gant, Letha Jane Dunn
b. 08/18/1921 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 02/25/2005 Memphis, TN
Residence: Cordova, TN
Spouse: Reginald Lee “Pete” Gant
Daughter: Jane Gant
Father: William Dunn
Mother: Maudie Settlemires
Burial: Wheeler Grove Cem.
Page 17

Garrett, Carlie Prince
b. 09/17/1910 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 02/22/2005 Tippah Co., MS
Residence: Walnut, MS
Cause of death: Stroke
Spouse: Charlie (C. W.) Garrett
Daughter: Vernell Null
Father: Joseph Prince
Mother: Delphia Burrows
Burial: Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 16

Garrett, Grace Velma
b. 01/03/1910 Braxton, MS
d. 05/08/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of Death: Heart Failure /C. O. P. D.
Spouse: Owen Garrett
Son: Glynn Garrett
Father: William Wilson
Mother: Minnie Lee Costello
Burial: Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 28

Gist, Ellen E. Howard
b. 01/08/1919 Tuscumbia, AL
d. 11/19/2005 Iuka, MS
Cause of death: Sepsis & Renal Failure & A.S.C.V.D.
Spouse: Olla H. Gist
Son: Raymond Gist, Sr.
Father: John Howard
Mother: Ona Wanner
Burial: Mt Evergreen Cemetery
Iuka, MS
Page 61

Gray, Rachel Elaine Butler, Markle
b.04/28/1950 Corinth, MS
d. 08/01/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Breast & Lung Cancer/Metastic
Spouse #1: Charles Markle
Spouse #2: Marvin Gray
Son: Charles Shannon Markle
Son: Marty Lee Gray
Sister: Shirley Matlock & Lovie Price
Brothers’: Billy, Bob, David &Harry Butler
Late Brother: Kenneth Butler
Father: Bill Butler
Mother: Vassie Hurley Butler
Burial: Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 40

Griffin, Billy Rex, Jr.
b. 08/01/1955 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 12/22/2004 Sunflower Co., MS
Residence: Parchman, MS
US Navy Honorable Discharge/ Florence, AL
Cause of death: Chronic liver failure/ Viral Hepetisis
Father: Billy Griffin, Sr.
Mother: Dorothy Harrison
Burial: Henry Cemetery
Page 06

Hammock, Joyce F. Whitaker
b. 08/05/1942 Tishomingo Co., Ms
d. 04/23/2005 Glenn, MS
Son: Warren Hammock
Father: Searcy Whitaker
Mother: Bertie Mae Brewer
Burial; Shady Grove Cemetery
Burnsville, MS
Page 27

Hammock, David E.
b. 08/19/1926 Savannah, Hardin Co., TN
d. 07/22/2005 Corinth, MS
US Army/ Honorable Discharge
Spouse: Beatrice Bingham
Father: Dick Hammock
Mother: Charlie Barnett
Burial: Fraley Church of Christ Cemetery
Kendrick, MS
Page 38

Hardin, Mary Cleo Strickland
b. 01/16/1914 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 09/12/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Colan Hardin
Son: Charles Hardin
Father: Prince Strickland
Mother: Nancy Kennedy Smith
Burial: Jerusalem Church of Christ
Farmington, MS
Page 48

Harmon, Lois I. Wilbanks
b. 05/09/1925 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 01/05/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: C. H. F.
Spouse: Carl Harmon
Daughter: Crystal Newman
Father: Hillie Wilbanks
Mother: Mandy Crum
Burial: Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 07

Harville, Doris A. Mabus
b. 05/08/1923 Coldwater, Michigan
d. 04/12/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Clifton Harville
Father: William F. Mabus
Mother: Harriett Williams
Burial: New Hope Church of Christ
Glenn, MS
Page 26

Holland, Pearl E. Ballard
b. 06/12/1934 Brownsville, TN
d. 01/30/2005 Hardin Medical Center
Residence: Corinth, MS
Spouse: Millard Ellis
Father: Rosmond Ballard
Mother: Birdie Byrd
Brother: Ed Ballard
Burial: Rockhill Cemetery
Page 12

Hollins, Johnnie
b. 05/29/1914 Hardin Co., TN
d. 03/22/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mary Davis
Father: William Sal Hollins
Mother: Roxie Davis
Burial: Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery
Iuka, MS
Page 23

Homburg, Winfred Eldon
b. 09/15/1928 Madison, Wisconsin
d. 03/02/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Sudden Cardiac Arrest/ Diabetes
Spouse: Joan Hale
Father: Edwin Homburg
Mother: Violet Williamson
Burial: Cremated
Family received remains
Page 20

Hughes, Jack
Date of Entry: 04/12/2005
Shipped to Pickles Funeral Home
Page 22

Hunninen, Ann Rand Naylor
b. 09/11/1942
d. 01/10/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Brain Cancer/Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Spouse: Paul Hunninen
Father: Walter Naylor
Mother: Elizabeth Naylor
Burial: Memphis Memorial Park Cemetery
Memphis, TN
Page 08

Johnson, Maxine Faulkner
b. 11/04/1944 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 03/30/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Everett Johnson, Jr.
Father: James (Tee) Faulkner
Mother: Dora May Hale
Brother: James Faulkner
Burial: Holly Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 24

King, George L.
b. 01/12/1930 Danville, VA
d. 06/12/2005 Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Cause of Death: Pneumonia/Alzheimer’s
Spouse: Gracie Lyle
Daughter: Edith Jones
Father: A. L. King
Mother: Annie Elizabeth Richardson
Burial: Cremated
Page 30

King, Dorothy Barnes
b.12/10/1948 Tiplersville, MS
d. 07/01/2005 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Odis W. King
Father: Huey L. Barnes
Mother: Josiephine Shaw
Burial: County Line Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 32

Kuykendall, John R.
b. 04/13/1926
d. 02/28/2005 Selmer, TN
Residence: Tri county Nursing home: Adamsville, TN
Cause of death: Pulmonary Congestive/Pneumonia
Father: Bill W. Kuykendall
Mother: Myrthe Pruner Ivy
Brother: Willard Kuykendall
Burial: Mathis Cemetery
Pocahontas, TN
Page 19

Kyle, Cassandra M. Williams
b. 11/26/1968 Dalton, GA
d. 10/26/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: C.H.F. / Coronary Heart Disease/
C.O.P.D./Asthma & Obese
Spouse: James W. Kyle
Father: Rayburn Williams
Mother: Joyce Smith
Burial: Corinth Church of God Cemetery
Page 53

Lindsey, Richard L.
b. 07/13/1921 Shreveport, LA
d. 11/11/2005 Corinth, MS
Us Army/ Honorable Discharge
Cause of death: Repertory Arrest
Spouse: Geraldine Austin
Father: Rufus Lindsey
Mother: Minnie Truell
Burial: Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Ramer, TN
Page 58

Loyd, Billy Joe
b. 05/02/1937 Corinth, MS
d. 09/06/2005 Corinth, MS
Us Navy Seaman/ Honorable Discharge
08/1954 to 04/1958
Cause of death: Heart Disease
Spouse: Betty Jo Cates
Father: Bruster Loyd
Mother: Louise Lee
Burial: Cremated
Page 46

Mills, Lillie Pearl
b. 02/28/1923 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 03/03/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Chronic Bronchitis/ C. O. P. D.
& Asthma
Spouse: Bud Mills
Father: William White
Mother: Ethel Rowsey
Sister: Mildred Bain
Burial: Harmon Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 21

Mitchell, James L.
b. 08/13/1918 Longview, MS
d. 08/30/2005 Iuka, MS
US Army Sgt. /Honorable Discharge
Owner/ Manager: Mitchell Shirt Factory
Cause of death: Acute Myocardial Infarction/ Heart Disease
Mellitus Diabetic
Son: James E. Mitchell
Father: Davis Lester Mitchell
Mother: Myrtis Edwards
Burial: Adaton Methodist Church Cemetery.
Adaton, MS
Page 44

Molstad, Kathleen Ann
b. 09/25/1947 Los Angeles, CA
d. 01/31/2005
Residence: Shiloh, TN
Father: Wilbur C. Molstad
Mother: Mona E. Sankey
Brother: Michael H. Molstad
Burial: Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Moss, Eddie Wayne
b. 04/03/1936 GA
d. 01/11/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Lung Cancer
Spouse: V. Ruth Robinson
Father: Preston Moss
Mother: Opal McDaniel
Burial: Holly Baptist Church Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 09

Mullins, Charles M.
b. 05/07/1932 Tippah Co., MS
d. 05/08/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Heart Disease/ C. O. P. D. &
Spouse: Blanche Webb
Father: Lester Mullins
Mother: Corie Lee Wilbanks
Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 29

Pardue, Beulah Elizabeth Whiter
b. 07/15/1915 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 10/25/2005 Alcorn Co., MS
Cause of death: Cardiac Arrest/ Subdural Hemorrhage
Spouse: Roy Pardue
Father: John Barber White
Mother: Lula Jane McBride
Son: Sam Pardue
Burial: Henry Cemetery
Page 52

Prince, R. J.
b. 08/05/1924 Alcorn Co., Ms
d. 12/28/2005 Corinth, MS
Us Army /Honorable Discharge
07/1943 to 02/1946
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Spouse: Della M. Weaver
Father: Henry Prince
Mother: Berdie Forsythe
Burial: Mt Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery
Walnut, Ms
Page 67

Rendell, Helen A. Gaines
b. 07/27/1917 Alcorn Co., Ms
d. 07/04/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: C. O. P. D/ C.V.A.
Spouse: Ralph Rendall
Father: Leonard Gaines
Mother: Mattie Bell Anderson
Burial: Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Robinson, Randel Gene
b. 04/20/1947 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 07/09/2005 Tupelo, MS
Residence: Rienzi, MS
US Army
Cause of death: Metastasis/ Malignant Melanoma
Spouse: Elsie Hall
Father: James S. Robinson
Mother: Minnie Nash
Burial: Sardis Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 34

Rogers, Beta Hale
b. 01/02/1918 Hardin Co., TN
d. 07/09/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Staff of the Lungs/ Alzheimer’s
Spouse: Terry Rogers
Son: Jerry Rogers
Father; I. W. Hale
Mother: Rhoda Gilliam
Burial: Henry Cemetery
Page 35

Rogers, Dennis (Dink)
b. 08/20/1950 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 11/09/2005 Alcorn Co., MS
Father: James J. Rogers
Mother: Robbie Easley
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 57

Shelton, John H.
b. 12/17/1926 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 11/04/2005 Corinth, MS
Residence: Rienzi, MS
Cause of death: Testicular & Colon Cancer
Spouse: Gladys Micheals, Shelton
Father: Earl Shelton
Mother: Mary Ella Glidewell
Burial: Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 55

Spencer, James F.
b. 04/17/1938 Tippah Co., MS
d. 11/27/2005 Corinth, MS
Friend: Bonnie Smith
Father: Jim Spencer
Mother: Gracie Smith
Burial: Brush Creek Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 63

Stewart, Dortha G. Brooks
b. 07/28/1910 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 06/23/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: C. P. A.
Spouse: Jack Daniel (J. D.) Stewart
Daughter: Louise Davis
Father: Oscar Brooks
Mother: Minnie Cooper
Burial: Sardis Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
Rienzi, MS
Page 31

Veach, Eugene
b. 03/08/1924 Haywood Co., TN
d. 09/21/2005 Corinth, MS
WW II Veteran/Honorable Discharge
Spouse: Betty Veach
Son: Larry Veach
Father: Charlie M. Veach
Mother: Bertha Rogers
Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery
Middleton, TN
Page 50

Whittemore, John Curtis
b. 09/28/1928 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 09/05/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Lung Cancer
Spouse: Lola Mae Harrison
Father: John Whittemore
Mother: Cordelia Sellers
Burial: Farmington Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 45

Wilbanks, Bobbie Ruth Holloway
b. 03/28/1935 Middleton, TN
d. 12/05/2005 Ripley, MS
Residence: Walnut, MS
Cause of death: End Stage Pancreatic Cancer
Spouse: Fred Mitchell Wilbanks
Father: James Doc Holloway
Mother: Nellie Pearl Ferrell
Burial: Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 64

Wilkins, Eric C.
b. 01/30/1980 Selmer, TN
d. 08/17/2005 Corinth, MS
Father: James E. Wilkins
Mother: Sarah Willis Smith
Burial: Corinth Church of God Cemetery
Page 43

Wilson, Perino E.
b. 11/07/1925 Florence, AL
d. 11/01/2005 Corinth, MS
US Army/Honorable Discharge
Camp Shelby, MS
Spouse: Mary Berry Sewell
Son: Dwight Wilson
Father: Samuel C. Wilson
Mother: Hazel Letson
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 54

Worsham, Carolyn J. Spencer
b. 02/01/1948 Alcorn Co., MS
d. 12/26/2005 Corinth, MS
Cause of death: Anoxic Brain Injury/Cardio Pulmonary Arrest
Spouse: Maury Worsham
Son: Bobby Worsham
Father: Howard V. Spencer
Mother: Lorene Hancock
Burial: Lone Oak Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 66
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