McPeters Funeral Home Records 1961

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1961


Abel, Betty Fay
09-01-1889-Holmes Co., Mississippi
08-15-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Joseph Thomas Abel-age 69
Father- George Houston Abel-Grenada Co., Mississippi
Mother- Jennie Bates-Yazoo Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 334

Albert, Edward Thomas (Vojta)
03-28-1894- Cook Co., Illinois
01-08-1961- On City of Miami Train (Passing Through)
Residence-Yorkville, Kendall Co., Illinois
WW I Veteran
Lillian Arnold- age 70
Father- Mr. Vojta
Services at Yorkville, Illinois
Shipped To Suburban Funeral Home in Maywood, Illinois
Page 215

Allen, James Quay
12-24-1902- Lafayette Co., Mississippi
06-25-1961- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife- Cornelia Short- age 53
Son- William Quay Allen- Clinton, Iowa
Father- James E. Allen- Lafayette Co., Mississippi
Mother- Dora Coleman- Lafayette Co., Mississippi
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 318

Allen, Jewell Crum
11-15-1919- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-13-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Hudson Allen- age 57
Sister- Virgie Crum
Father- Elgin Crum- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Faulkner- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 313

Andrews, Peter Arthur
01-28-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-22-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. R.K. Daniel- Long Branch, Mississippi
Father- Peter Young Andrews- Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Mother- Mary W. Westbrooks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 326

Archie, Chad Leslie
10-28-1894- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ludie Moses- age 61
Son- Chad L. Archie, Jr.
Father- Charles Lee Archie- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Margaret Rainey- Hope, Arkansas
Henry Cemetery
Page 384

Arcutt, Laura Mae
02-27-1893- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-06-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Charlie Arcutt- Died 1933
Sister- Mrs. A.H. Srygley
Father- Robert E. Cross- Georgia
Mother- Elizabeth Lamberth- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 392

Austin, Mrs. Lou
05-12-1872- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-15-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John C. Austin- Died 1891
Son- E.B. Austin
Father- John C. Austin- Georgia
Mother- Ellen Derryberry- Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 363

Averett, James Jr.
10-04-1939- Bemis, Tennessee
01-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Juanita Sue Newton -age 18
Father- James Averett -Tennessee
Mother- Arlie Mitchell- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 226


Babb, Mittie Lee
04-07-1871- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-13-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Eugene Babb- Died 04-1929
Order by- Daughter; Mrs. Horace Spear& Dan Babb
Father- John William McAnulty- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother- Julia Elizabeth Hargrove- Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 346

Badenoch, Edward Clements
11-28-1878- Cook Co., Illinois
11-01-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Round Lake, Lake Co., Illinois
Wife- Ruby Irene K. Badenoch- age 62
Father -J.J. Badenoch
Mother- Clemense Ward- Cook Co., Illinois
Order by- Harold J. Strang Funeral Home; Gray Lake, Illinois
Avon Center Cemetery
Round Lake, Illinois
Page 370

Baker, William Thomas
12-31-1883- Red Bay, Alabama
01-08-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Emma Lee Baker- age 54
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 214

Bennett, Frances Cledia
08-30-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-25-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- William Kelce Bennett- age 70
Daughter- Mrs. Earl Thompson
Father- Joseph E. Burrow- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Cordelia Mathis- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 383

Bonds, William Almus
12-07-1915- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-31-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Roxie Rozella Smith- age 52
Father- Isaac Bonds- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Annie Honeycutt- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 305

Bray, Bessie Pauline
12-28-1886- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-19-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Calvin Pleasant Bray- age 68
Father- Christopher C. Greer- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 265

Bray, Litha
01-16-1886- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
04-20-1961- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- James Cyrus Bray- age 68
Father-Robert Lee Marlar-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Johnson- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 287

Brooks, Columbus Winston
07-17-1881- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-23-1961- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife-Martha Sebring- age 68
Son- E.I. Brooks- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Perry Brooks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
County Line Cemetery
Page 268

Brown, Virginia Evelyn
01-01-1882- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-04-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Marion Sanders Brown- Died 1943
Daughter- Mrs. Elmer McCluskey
Father- Bud Brown- South Carolina
Mother- Virginia Brown- Virginia
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 275

Brown, Gilbert Earl Korean War Veteran
01-06-1930- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-04-1961- Zion, Illinois
Wife- Eloise Murphy- age 27
Father- Howard E. Brown- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ruby Ione Rorie- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped From Illinois by Congdon Funeral Home
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 321

Brown, Ida F.
01-09-1886- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-18-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Arthur Brown
Father- Lewis Brown- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sarah Eliza McAnally- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 403

Bryan, Crockett L.
About 81 Years old- Paducah, Kentucky
04-13-1961- Jackson, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Daisy McIntyre- Died 10-12-1937
Son-Walter Bryan-West Palm Beach, Florida
Henry Cemetery
Page 281

Burcham, Infant Girl
Stillborn-11:10 a.m. - Wednesday
12-21-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Harold M. Burcham- Michie, Tennessee
Mother- Jean Dorene Heath- Cambridge, England
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 407

Burcham, William Levi
01-07-1869- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-20-1961- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife- Lula Mae Wingo- Died 1952
Son- Ed Burcham
Father- Will Burcham- Mississippi
Mother- Nancy Palmer- Georgia
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 404

Burnett, Nora Bell
03-29-1876- Weakley Co., Tennessee
01-31-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- R.O. Burnett-age 75
Order by - R.O. Burnett, Max and Odell
Father- W.H. Vincent- North Carolina
Mother- Mary Ellen Love- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 231

Burns, William Arthur
08-29-1883- Carroll Co., Tennessee
09-17-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Katie Clyde Phillips- age 71
Order by - Mrs. Burns, Robert and Mildred
Father- Thomas Henry Burns- Carroll Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mary Catherine Holmes- Carroll Co., Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 348

Butler, Bruce Bragg
02-18-1909- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-27-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Effie Dunn- age 43
Father- George M. Butler- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Maud Burns- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 227

Byrd, Ethel Josephine
05-14-1886- Tippah Co., Mississippi
02-15-1961- Ripley, Mississippi
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Brother- Joe Byrd
Father- George M. Byrd- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Nettie Josephine McWilliams- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Page 241


Canon, Henry Clayton
04-16-1877- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-30-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife -Lucy Pauline B. Canon- age 80
Son- W.C. Canon- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Jake Canon- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Nanny Ray- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 410

Carroll, Hubert Yancy, Jr.
01-07-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-01-1961- Thomasville, Clark Co., Alabama (Passing through)
Residence- Memphis, Tennessee
Uncle- Virgil Smith
Father- Hubert Yancy Carroll, Sr. - Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Neva B. Smith- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 272

Carroll, Hubert Yancy, Sr.
12-04-1914- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-01-1961- Thomasville, Alabama (Passing through)
Residence- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Neva B. Smith- age 48
Brother-in-Law- Virgil Smith
Father- Rufus Yancy Carroll- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Evie Hardin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 271

Carroll, Mary Catherine
06-30-1950- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-01-1961- Thomasville, Alabama (Passing through)
Residence- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Hubert Yancy Carroll, Sr. - Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Neva B. Smith- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Uncle-Virgil Smith
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 273

Carter, Callie Henderson
01-28-1882- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
06-09-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Oscar Lafayette Carter- age 80
Father- John Smith- Mississippi
Mother- Susan Barnes- Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 308

Castile, George Brown
02-18-1900- McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-06-1961 -Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lena Scott- age 55
Father- George Castile- Tennessee
Mother- Martha Qualls- Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 234

Castleberry, Solos Comotis
01-24-1882- McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-09-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Arbie Howell- age 77
Order by - Sam, Arlis and Mrs. Castleberry
Father- Sam Castleberry- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Martha Suggs- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 396

Clemmons, James Arthur
09-28-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-05-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Elizabeth Smith- age 65
Brother-in-Law- Guy Tyson
Father- William Payton Clemmons-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Julia Monroe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 391

Coake, Minnie Leonard
08-18-1876- Columbus, Mississippi
12-27-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Lewis Coake- Died 1940
Niece- Mrs. Henry Beasley- Birmingham, Alabama
Father- Green Leonard
Mother -Martha Jones
Farmington Cemetery
Page 408

Cook, Bobby Joe
06-04-1938-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-20-1961-Cicero, Illinois
Wife- Ethel Mae Krugh Cook- age 23
Father- Robert Cook-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother -Mary Cleo Dildy
Shipped From Berwyn, Illinois by; Parkway Funeral Home
Wheeler Grove Church Cemetery
Page 405

Cotner, Mae M.
10-07-1906- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
07-21-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Albert Charles Cotner- age 78
Father- Jim Brown- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Della Morgan- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 325

Crane, Louise Viola
03-20-1875- Hamilton Co., Alabama
02-16-1961- Iuka, Mississippi
Residence- Paden, Mississippi
Husband- James Chambers Crane- Died 09-05-1953
Son- Willie G. Crane- Bridgeport, Alabama
Father- John Heard- Alabama
Tishomingo Cemetery
Page 242

Crouch, Sara Louise
10-13-1885- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-11-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Walter L. Crouch- Died 1952
Niece- Mrs. Louise Russell- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- William Roe Taylor- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Ellen Hawkins
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 278

Crum, Eddie Wade
02-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 15 hours -Died at 8:35 p .m. (Sunday)
Order by- Mark Dillingham
Father- Elbert Crum-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sissy Reynolds- Hinds Co., Mississippi
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 250

Crum, John Albert
02-8-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-12-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lona Shelton- age 70
Daughter- Mrs. Ruth Anderson
Father- Warren Crum- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Rebecca Mason- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 238

Curlee, Edith Jane
09-21-1888- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-05-1961- Jackson, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- C.B. Curlee, Sr.
Father- E.J. Green- Mississippi
Mother -Florence Clark- Mississippi
Rienzi City Cemetery
Page 333


Darnell, Melissa
05-14-1898- Longview, Texas
07-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Burgess Darnell- age 63
Father- John Washington McKewen- Mississippi
Mother- Sally Romine- Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 327

Davis, Marshall Ansley
10-25-1903- Covington Co., Mississippi
04-14-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Holland Smith Davis- age 59
Father- Charles A. Davis- Rankin Co., Mississippi
Mother- Willie Riley- Rankin Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 282

Davis, Mattie Elizabeth
01-08-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-12-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George E. Davis- Died 10-01-1960
Son- Fornie L. Davis
Father- W.M. Rencher- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Emily Marecle- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 218

Deaton, Richard Calhoun
05-02-1881- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-07-1961- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Dollie Vanderford-age 74
Son- Tulon D. Deaton- Greensboro, North Carolina
Father- Louis Deaton- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sallie Hough- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Joel Cemetery
Page 359

Dees, Jackson B.
03-08-1900- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-09-1961- Tuscumbia, Colbert Co., Alabama
Residence- Cherokee, Alabama
Wife- Minnie Dees- Died 1945
Son-Eugene Dees- Cherokee, Alabama
Father- Jimmy Les Dees- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sarah Lou Wingo- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 395

Dickey, Nola Pearl
06-28-1897- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-10-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Walter Dickey- Died 02-1953
Daughter- Mrs. Will Roberts
Father- A.H. Owens- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Amanda Murphy- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 309

Duncan, Verda Louella
02-10-1888- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-08-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Rufus Edgar Hubbard Duncan- age 72
Son- Rufus Duncan
Father- David Campbell Bain- Morgan Co., Alabama
Mother- Tilda Gann- Morgan Co., Alabama
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 344


Elliott, Kimberly Ann
07-21-1961- Salena Co., Arkansas
11-13-1961- Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas
Father- Grady Elliott- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Nita Mills- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped From Jacobs- Devers Funeral Home
In Paris, Arkansas to McPeters Funeral Home
Taken To Residence of Jim Mills
Henry Cemetery
Page 374

Essary, Margaret Adeline Josephine
10-24-1905- Hardin Co., Tennessee
08-02-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Monroe Essary- age 59
Father- Joseph Henry Rhoades- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mary Page Griffin- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 330


Fain, Edward Harvill
10-11-1879- Lewis Co., Tennessee
02-26-1961- Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife- Bertha C. Fain- age 80- Kissimmee, Florida
Sister- Mrs. O. Page Lumley
Father- Henry Fain- Tennessee
Mother- Mary J. Curl- Tennessee
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 248

Fanning, Charles Ray
05-19-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 12:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m. - Sunday
Residence-Jackson, Tennessee
Grandmother- Mrs. C.T. Harris- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- John H. Fanning- Madison Co., Tennessee
Mother- Carolyn Derryberry- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 302

Felker, Thomas Zeph
10-16-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-04-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Letha Felker-age 70
Father-John W. Felker-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 332

Flippo, Mrs. Nipsi Belle
03-14-1877-Hardin Co., Tennessee
04-25-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas Jefferson Flippo-Died 06-25-1930
Daughter- Mrs. Wilford Haynie
Father-Newton McFalls-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Elizabeth Hinton-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 290

Forsyth, James Delbert
06-19-1906-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-19-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Corrinna Harris-age 52
Father-James Walter Forsyth-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Nora Dodd-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 264

Foster, Peyton Jackson
11-02-1874-Covington, Mississippi
08-01-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Kate Barbara Foster-age 68
Father-T.J. Foster-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Gooch-Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 329

Fowler, James Andrew
01-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Margaret Higgins-Died 1923
Daughter- Mrs. G.H. Crider
Father-John Fowler-Tennessee
Mother-Lucinda King-Tennessee
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 230

Franks, Charles Cecil
05-14-1907-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-14-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Minnie Lou Goodman-age 48
Father-J.W. Franks-Alabama
Mother-Rachel S. Rainey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 362


Galbraith, Willie O’Neal
02-03-1887-Chester Co., Tennessee
09-28-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Claude White Galbraith-age 78
Son-O’Neal Galbraith
Father-Matthew O’Neal-Chester Co., Tennessee
Mother-Eva Trice-Chester Co., Tennessee
Henderson City Cemetery
Henderson, Tennessee
Page 353

Gammill, Patricia Gail
09-08-1961- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-09-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- R.D. Gammill- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Vernell Abel- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Juliette Cemetery
Page 345

Gann, Harold Hugh Allen WW I Veteran
05-08-1892-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-04-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Jane Brooks
Daughter- Mrs. Betty Felt
Father-Nathan Gann-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Elizabeth Cox-Alabama
National Cemetery
Page 371

Garvey, Alta Marie
01-22-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Deceased, No Name
Son-Bobby C. Garvey- Tennessee
Father-William Fred Morris
Mother-Ida Morris
Shipped Remains to Memphis, Tennessee
To National Funeral Home
Service at Dyersburg, Tennessee
Page 223

Gilton, Anthony Joe
02-16-1961-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-James Marshall Gilton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lottie Jewel Kennedy-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 243

Gowdy, Maurice Andrew
08-09-1884-Shelbyville, Illinois
08-01-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Pamela Gowdy- age 67
Father- George Gowdy
Salem Cemetery
Page 328

Gray, Bettie McDuffy
09-29-1880-Hardin Co., Tennessee
03-15-1961-Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband-Wesley A. Gray-Died 1954
Daughter- Mrs. Mary Lou Lentz
Father-Bud McDuffy-Tennessee
Mother-Frances Seago-Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 259

Green, David Alford
05-18-1905-Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-16-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ruby Latch-age 51
Father-Johnny L. Green- Mississippi
Mother-Doshia Michael- Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 219

Greene, Tennie Viola
04-18-1897-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
12-09-1961-Booneville, Mississippi
Brother-W.S. Greene
Father-Pal S. Greene-Marion Co., Alabama
Mother-Anna Caroline Belue-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Belue Cemetery
Paden, Mississippi
Page 397

Griffin, Bruce Everett
09-08-1914-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-07-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Della Mae Harrington-age 42
Father-Page C. Griffin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Beatrice Horn-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 236

Griffin, Osa Nelson
01-09-1905- Faxon, Tennessee
05-12-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Dewey S. Griffin-age 57
Father- Horace Richard Akers- Faxon, Tennessee
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 297

Gunn, Mary Annie
12-21-1866- Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-04-1961- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- Henry Spencer Gunn- Died 10-1941
Son- C.T. Gunn
Father- John M. Murphy
Mother- Betty King
Harmony Cemetery
Page 276


Hancock, Luvenia June
02-16-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-30-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Henry Hancock- age 93
Son- Ancle Hancock
Father- Frank Hancock- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mahalia Roden- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 340

Harris, Ruth Finch
09-08-1905- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Morton Harris- Died 5-24-1942
Sister- Mrs. Southward-Iuka, Mississippi
Father- R.C. Finch- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary J. Tankersley- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 304

Harrison, Henry Newton
10-07-1872- Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-06-1961- Falkner, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Wife- Sarah Ellen Harrison- Died 05-11-1935
Daughter- Mrs. Ethel Mae Rutherford
Daughter- Mrs. Pearl Rutherford
Father- William F. Harrison- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- America Smallwood- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Providence Cemetery
Tiplersville, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 211

Harrison, Leonidas Polk
07-10-1862- Pontotoc Co., Mississippi
05-16-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Eleanor Jones- Died 1950
Son- Gus Harrison
Daughter- Mrs. H.D. Lassiter
Father- Murch Harrison- North Carolina
Mother- Elizabeth Bradberry- North Carolina
Holly Cemetery
Page 301

Hartz, Lula Ione
09-13-1886- Ripley, Mississippi
02-27-1961- Tupelo, Mississippi
Husband- John Fredrick Hartz- Died 1919
Sons- Rex and Robert E. Hartz- Muskegon, Michigan
Daughter- Mrs. Frank Bryant- Tupelo, Mississippi
Father- Jessie Ruffin Brown- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lucille Mitchell- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Maple lawn Cemetery Paducah,
Kentucky McCracken Co.,
Roth Funeral Home in Kentucky
Page 252

Hayes, Mary Elizabeth
05-26-1891- Alabama
02-28-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Pelham Griffin Hayes -age 65
Father- Sammy Phillips- Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 253

Haynie, Mary Bell
05-18-1877- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-06-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- M.D. Haynie
Father- Henry Strickland Haynie- Georgia
Mother- Buena Vista Phillips- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Haynie Family Cemetery
Page 235

Haynie, Thomas Henry Korean War Veteran
07-19-1933- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-18-1961- Freeport, Texas
Father- Rogers Haynie-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lessie Lee Bennett-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Shipped From Freeport Funeral Home
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 262

Henson, William Lafayette
10-20-1885- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
02-27-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Grace Forsyth- age 61
Father- Carter Henson- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Tennessee Tucker- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 251

Hobson, Luther Briggs
06-25-1873- Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-10-1961- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Wife- Laura Ada Glover- Died 11-22-1950
Daughter- Mrs. J.E. Rogers- Falkner, Mississippi
Father- Nathaniel Briggs Hobson-Alabama
Mother- Winnie A. Cox- Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Page 310

Hollandsworth, Sam Jones
06-24-1893-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-18-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Niece- Mrs. Wilma W. Milan- Memphis, Tennessee
Brother-K. P. Hollandsworth
Daughter- Mrs. Kathleen Hollandsworth (A.W.) Werner-Neptune Beach, Florida
Father-Robert Bethel Hollandsworth-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lillian Porter-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 263

Hood, Thelma Inez
04-23-1914-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-15-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Melvin Elmo Hood-age 49
Father-Charlie Bingham-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Julia Gilton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 335

Hopkins, Albert Martin
10-24-1903-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-09-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Wife-Nellie S. Hopkins-Died 1959
Brother-Jessie Hopkins
Father-Please Aril Hopkins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rebecca J. Nichols-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Farmington Cemetery
Page 256

Hopkins, James Floyd
12-21-1893-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Eleanor McCoy- age 70
Son-Hugh Hopkins
Father-Pleas Hopkins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rebecca Nichols-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 406

Hopkins, Willie Hershel
06-07-1904-McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-20-1961-Near Pickwick Dam, Tennessee
Wife-Lillie Mae Wiggins-age 53
Father-Robert Hopkins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Ella Patmon- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Pleasant Site Cemetery
Selmer, Tennessee
Page 244

Julius H. Huggins
02-29-1881-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-09-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Resided in Memphis, Tennessee 13 years
Wife-Goldie Queen-age 74
Son-J.C. Farris
Father-Wick Huggins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Caroline Farris-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 398

Huggins, Frank Carmack
02-26-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-19-1961-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Rachel Elizabeth Huggins- age 67
Son- Joney Huggins- Amarillo, Texas
Father-Fredrick Huggins-Tennessee
Mother-Mattie Young- Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 303


Johnson, L.V.
08-04-1913-Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-15-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Ethel Jane White-age 47
Father-James Andrew Johnson-Tennessee
Mother-Lucy Duff-Tennessee
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 240

Johnson, Rauzy Beatrice
06-16-1888-Hardin Co., Tennessee
11-08-1961-Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi
Husband-Robert Lewis Johnson-Died 12-08-1960
Daughter- Mrs. Theresa J. McAnally
Father-Willie Riley Austin-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Drucilla A. Glidewell-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 372

Johnson, Sandi Marie (Infant)
12-15-1960-Tampa, Florida
01-06-1961-Corinth, Mississippi (Passing Through)
Residence-North Little Rock, Arkansas
Father-Robert K. Johnson-Florence, Alabama
Mother-Mary E. Florence-New Mexico
Henry Cemetery
Page 210

Johnson, Cora Aurilla
11-21-1876-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-24-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Howell Brant Johnson-Died 01-12-1959
Son-Price Johnson
Father-William McAlpin-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Eliza Coleman-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 352

Jones, Debra Ann (Infant)
11-15-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Stillborn-Wednesday-3:35 a.m.
Father- Franklin Delmore Jones- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Debra Derryberry-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Holly Cemetery
Page 375

Jones, Ernest Eugene
01-16-1905-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-11-1961-New Orleans, Louisiana
WWII Navy Veteran
Wife-Dorothy Major-age 56
Father-Edgar Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Irma Mae Harris-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 279

Jones, Jameson Calvin
10-16-1895-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-16-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Mary Agnes Ray-age 65
Father-Paul Tudor Jones-Bolivar, Tennessee
Mother-Annie Matilda Smith-Shelby Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 260

Jones, Thomas Daniel
08-31-1887-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Nephew-Hugh Jones
Brother-J.B. Jones
Father-J.W. Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Laura Barry-Clifton, Tennessee
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 324

Jones, Willie Hershel WW II Veteran
06-16-1917-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-05-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Doris Jobe-age 38
Father-James William C. Jones-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lula Kay-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 322


Kellum, Alma Lee Ophia
10-17-1895-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother-Baxter Jones
Father-William Kellum-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Lou Gibson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 379

Kennedy, Reese Garrett Sr.
05-06-1888-Pocahontas, Tennessee
11-12-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Sallie Howard-age 65
Father-George Kennedy-Tennessee
Mother-Minnie Garrett-Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 373

Kent, Annie Kibby
03-07-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-08-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Ode Kent-age 66
Father-Henry Kibby -Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Maggie McDonald-North Carolina
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 213

Klyce, Estelle Walthall
03-16-1878-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
02-14-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Eugene Overstreet Klyce-Died 1945
Daughter- Mrs. Doris Hamm
Father-Rufus Peyton Walthall- Mississippi
Mother-Martha Jane Fulghum-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 239


Lancaster, Aaron Tilton
03-02-1900-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-09-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Flora Annie Barton- age 54
Son-Orbie Vance Lancaster-Glen, Mississippi
Father-Ben Lancaster- Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Essary- Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 237

Latch, Willie Mack
02-08-1907-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-10-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Gladys Gammill- age 47
Father-Eugene Latch-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nannie Johnson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 296

Lawson, Mary Elizabeth
12-18-1882-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-12-1961-Memphis, Tennessee Adler Nursing Home
Husband-J.L. Street Lawson, Sr.-Died 12-02-1937
Son-J.L. Lawson-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-William L. McClintock-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Artie Michie Hammond-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 280

Lay, William Liss
03-06-1877-Hardin Co., Tennessee
06-27-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Jane L. Lay-age 70
Father-John Lay-Tennessee
Mother- Mississippi Dickerson-Tennessee
City Cemetery
Savannah, Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 319

Leath, James William
02-20-1876-Benton Co., Mississippi
04-16-1961-Potts Camp, Mississippi
Wife- Levia Johnson- Died 1913
Daughter- Mrs. Rufus Daniel-Saulsbury, Tennessee
Daughter- Mrs. H.C. Crenshaw-Potts Camp, Mississippi
Father-William Bascomb Leath-Benton Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ann Russum- Benton Co., Mississippi
Cannan Cemetery
Walnut, Benton Co., Mississippi
Page 283

Ludwig, Harold Ray (Infant)
01-05-1961-Tupelo, Mississippi
8:a.m. till 8:15 a.m.-Thursday
Residence-Burnsville, Mississippi
Grandparents- Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Osborn
Father-Edward Ludwig-North Dakota
Mother-Callie Osborn-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 209

Lynch, Lula Ann
12-10-1885-Hardin Co., Tennessee
04-18-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister-Mary Lay
Father-Issac Jasper Lynch-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Hettie Susanna White-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 285


Maddox, Mary Shelby
02-14-1879-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-06-1961-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-George L. Maddox- age 89
Daughter-Lillian Mayo
Father-Tom Flanagan
Mother-Nancy Newman
Williams Family Cemetery
Page 343

Maniere, Russell Theodore
01-22-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Gainesville, Florida
Mother-Julia Battle
Elmwood Cemetery
Page 224

Marecle, Margaret Katherine
09-17-1877-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-24-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Frank Marecle-age 85
Son-Ed Marecle
Father-J.R. Bumpass-Al
Mother-Cleo Whittle
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 317

Marlar, Johnie
03-21-1916-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Gertha Stanfill- age 36
Father-J.W. Marlar-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Eliza Reynolds-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraley's Chapel Cemetery
Page 220

Marlar, Rosa Kendrick
06-28-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-06-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Joe Marlar- Died 05-24-1947
Daughter- Mrs. I.E. Johnson
Father-Mansel Kendrick-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Frances Elizabeth Michie- Tennessee
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 358

Martindale, Lena Thomas
03-26-1875-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Luther L. Martindale-Died 1944
Grandson-Hugh Luther Newland
Father-Thomas Hurley
Mother-Mollie Sharp
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 411

Mattox, Hanna Rogers
05-21-1913-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-22-1961-N.Rankin, Texas
Husband-Leon Maddox-age 49
Sister-In-Law- Mrs. F.F. Bradley-Pecos, Texas
Father-Tom Rogers-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Julie Crum-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped From Texas by J.H. Wallace Funeral Home
Union Cemetery
Page 246

Mattox, Leon
05-19-1911-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-22-1961-N. Rankin, Texas
Wife- Hanna Rogers-age 47
Sister-Lottie Bradley-Pecos, Texas
Brother-Oliver Mattox
Father-Luther Mattox-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bertie Gray-Cross Co., Arkansas
Shipped From Texas by J.H. Wallace Funeral Home
Union Cemetery
Page 245

Meeks, George Oscar
09-12-1878-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-01-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Frances Miller-age 71
Father-Marcus W. Meeks-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Zilphia Michie-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 389

Mills, Eddie Rose
10-10-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-15-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Samuel Mills-Died 1941
Son-Mark A. Mills-Jacksonville, Texas
Son-Jim Mills
Father-James Melvin-North Carolina
Mother-Carrie Doggett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 376

Mitchell, Charlie Henry
01-29-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-26-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Johnnie Belle Surratt-Died 1957
Son-Charlie S. Mitchell-Corinth, Mississippi
Order by Charles & Marguerite Brice
Father-William Henry Mitchell-Va.
Mother-Nancy Ann Babb-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cm.
Page 338

Mitchell, Samuel Houston
09-23-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-22-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Sammy Farmer-age 78
Father-Lyman Beecher Mitchell-Purdy, Tennessee
Mother-Maggie Bingham-Murray Co., Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 225

Moore, Emmett Anderson
09-18-1898-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-29-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ruth Myrtle Millsap- age 51
Father-John Travis Moore-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Laura Moore-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 409

Moore, Robert Bruce WW I Veteran
09-08-1887-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
12-16-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Order by -James & Bobby
Wife-Gertrude Holley Moore-age 66
Father-James Hall Moore-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Letitia Frances Hearne-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 402

Morris, Emerson Conner
08-09-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-06-1961-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Jessie Hughes-age 65
Father-Jim Morris-Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Young-Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 306

Morris, Margaret Estelle
01-19-1896-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-15-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Tom Henry Morris-age 67
Father-Henry Dilworth-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Cora Gifford-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 300

Morrow, Robert Watson
01-03-1868-Selma, Alabama
12-12-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Florence Amanda Morrow- Died 06-13-1948
Daughter-Lucille Stevens
Father-Thomas Morrow-Selma, Alabama
Mother-Mary Jane McNair-Selma, Alabama
Salem Cemetery
Page 399

Morse, Rebecca Helene
07-19-1886-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Barton Morse-age 80
Daughter-Imogene Morse
Father-John William Robinson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Rebecca Jane Ham-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 378

Moss, Fannie Lee
02-02-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-10-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Frank Leon Moss- Died 11-25-1936
Daughter- Mrs. Luther Hudson
Father-Leander Burnett-Georgia
Mother-Mary White-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 257

Moss, James Charles
07-11-1882-Shelby Co., Tennessee
12-01-1961-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Sarah Caroline Jackson Briggs- Died 04-04-1955
Son-Vester Moss-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-Willy Moss
Mother-Martha Moss
Tuscumbia Chapel Cemetery
Page 388

Murdock, Cecil Gordon
06-04-1905-Chickamauga, Georgia
10-12-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jane Lynn Bush-age 58
Son-Cecil Murdock Jr.
Father-J.C. Murdock-Walker Co., Georgia
Mother-Minnie Lee Walker-Walker Co., Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 361


McCord, Andrew Jackson
01-27-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-21-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Isabelle Dunlap Ray-age 62
Father-Albert Frazer McCord-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Unity Adeline Hill-South Carolina
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 222

McKinnon, Cleo D.
09-16-1883-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
06-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Albert Daniel McKinnon- age 83
Father-J.T. Caldwell-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Roberts-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 320

McLemore, James Whiten
02-12-1873-Chrokee, Alabama
11-01-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Willie Rebecca McLemore- age 78
Son- Eber McLemore
Father-William McLemore
Mother-Lydia McLemore
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 369

McLemore Robert E.
Age 61-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-28-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Ozelle Talley
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 386


Nash, Mary Lynn
03-01-1913-Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-29-1961-Amory, Mississippi
Husband-Hardy Mack Nash-age 47
Father-George Duncan-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nettie Skinner-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 339

Nash, Peter Allen
02-07-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-24-1961-New Port Arkansas
Wife-Anna S. Nash-age 57
Father-Willie Nash-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Ella Whitlow-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Shipped from Newport, Arkansas by Dillinger Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 336

North, Cynthia Catherine
08-23-1917-McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-17-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Edward Howard North-age 45
Father-J.T. Hamm-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rosa Ramer-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 284


Odle, Sheryl Ann
01-11-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Stillborn Wed.6:30 p.m.
Father-Patrick Henry-Ramer, Tennessee
Mother-Clara J. Glidewell-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 215


Pace, Albert Devoe, Sr.
05-17-1897-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-13-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Marie Lay-age 44
Children-Albert Jr., Flora, & Druscilla
Father-John David Pace-Ga
Mother- Nancy Azelia Goddard- Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 311

Pace, Mary Rivers
09-17-1905-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-24-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John B. Pace-age 58
Father- Alonza Meadows- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Zelda Bennett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 382

Patrick, Lofie Myrtle
04-24-1880-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-13-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sam Anderson Patrick-Died 1936
Daughters-May Roberts & Mrs. Earl Woods
Father-Jim English McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Bettie Gibson-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 258

Patterson, Elizabeth
03-20-1961-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Residence- Cherokee, Alabama
Husband-R.T. Patterson-Died 05-22-1957
Son-Raymond Patterson-Glen, Mississippi
Father-J.S. Coats
Shipped from Alabama by Spigner Funeral Home
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Glen, Mississippi
Page 267

Phillips, James Neal
01-09-1894-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-14-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Ethel Mathis-age 72
Father-Thomas H. Phillips-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Leta McPeters- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 401

Phillips, Mary Lucinda
03-15-1875-Corinth, Mississippi
09-18-1961- Grove Oklahoma
Husband-Sam J. Phillips-Died 10-20-1930
Son-Eugene Phillips
Father-D.J. Nabors
Mother-Amanda Archer
Shipped from Oklahoma; by Worley Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 349


Rankin, William Roy
02-12-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mollie Joe McCraw-age 67
Son-Harold Rankin
Father-William Harrison Rankin-Calhoun Co., Mississippi
Mother- Nancy Allen Gilliam- Rome, Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 229

Rencher, Annie Lee
08-07-1902-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-06-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Roy Orlando Rencher- age 60
Father-Ike Barnes-Mississippi
Mother-Emily Miller-Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 212

Rencher, Roy Orlando
09-19-1900-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-20-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Lee Barnes-Died 01-1961
Nephew-Troy Rencher
Father-Henry Washington Rencher-Texas
Mother Emily Maricle-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 266

Rhodes Belle Zorz
11-25-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-05-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Heart Disease
Husband-Will Rhodes-Died 1956
Daughter- Mrs. W.H. Haynes
Father-Robert Beene
Mother-Sarah Greenhaw-Mississippi
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 254

Roach Jess
03-16-1905-Harcin Co., Tennessee
04-10-1961-Ramer, Tennessee
Wife-Elvie Bivens- age 51
Father- Tennie Roach-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Emma McBride- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 277

Roberts, Ida Mae
08-05-1891- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-24-1961- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- William C. Roberts
Sister- Ellen Seago
Father- R.A. Smith
Mother- Mary Emiline Scoggins-Alabama
Farmington Cemetery
Page 269

Robertson, Joe Edward
12-23-1907- Hardin Co., Tennessee
08-26-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nancy L. Blackshire- age 47
Father- Dudley B. Robertson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Viola Till-Florence, Alabama
Farmington Cemetery
Page 337

Robinson, Florence Edna
05-25-1904- Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-27-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Victor Robinson- age 54
Father- M.A. Dellinger- North Carolina
Mother -Maggie Bullock- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 385

Rogers George Henry
04-14-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-4-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Lillie Mae Rogers- Died 12-14-1958
Son- Billie Hugh Rogers
Father- Wash Rogers- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lillie Smith- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 390

Rowland, Catherine Leonie
10-03-1907- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-10-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Lee Scott Rowland-age 58
Father-Luther T. Davis-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Maranda Jenkins-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 221

Ryder, Dolphus Nuthin
03-09-1881- Dahlonega, Georgia
11-16-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Edna C. Harville- age 80
Son- D.N. Ryder Jr.- Florida
Father- Tomp Ryder- Georgia
Mother- Julia Anne Edwards
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 377


Sanders, George Lee
10-22-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-14-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Rosie McClure- Died 1955
Son- Allen Sanders
Father -James Sanders- Tennessee
Mother- Mary Burns
Henry Cemetery
Page 299

Sanders, Mattie Lee
04-07-1883- Hardin Co., Tennessee
04-04-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Thomas Sanders-Died 1959
Daughter- Nora Ferguson- Martin, Tennessee
Father-William Greenwood- Tennessee
Mother-Jennie Timbes
Center Hill Cemetery
Page 274

Sharp, Vaughn Hyneman
09-20-1906-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife- Sarah Stiger Sharp
Sister-Virginia Sharp
Father-John B. Sharp-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Gobie Hyneman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 323

Shields, William Oscar
04-02-1885-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Elizabeth Malinda-age 72
Son-Cullen Shields
Father-Tom Shields-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Armstrong-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 354

Simpson, Albert Pinkey
11-28-1878-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
10-02-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Pamela Simpson-Died 03-26-1956
Daughter-Jewell Simpson
Father-Tom Simpson
Henry Cemetery
Page 355

Smith, Henry Edgar
08-01-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-26-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Dovie Mae Gray-age 65
Son-J.T. Smith
Father -General T. Smith- North Carolina
Mother-Ellen Mask-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 249

Smith, James Ronald
01-10-1940-Alcorn, Co., Mississippi
12-12-1961-Acampo, California, Near Lode
Wife- Elaine Toris Smith- age 19
Order by Olen Carpenter & Osteen Smith
Father-Talmadge Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Dorothy Hale-Corinth, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 400

Smith, Jimmy Roy
07-18-1946-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-19-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Andrew Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Borden-Tishomingo, Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 380

Smith, Joseph Jessie
03-21-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-31-1961-County Home
Residence-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife- Earl Luvicey Seago- Died 04-05-1937
Daughter-Mary Miles
Father-Bob Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Emmaline Scroggins
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 232

Smith, Nellie King
04-12-1902-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
04-20-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Henry Steve Smith-age 62
Father-Sam King-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Vergie Little- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 286

Spencer, Bobby Don
06-20-1946-Blytheville, Arkansas
06-08-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Order by Robert L. Phillips
Father- Jeff Spencer- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Frankie Lovins
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 307

Steen, Joe Edward
02-14-1877-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-28-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Melinda Rogers-Died 10-24-1948
Son-Joe Lee Steen
Father-Tom Steen-Charlotte, North Carolina
Mother-Miss Mask-North Carolina
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 367

Stevens, Annie A.
04-23-1961-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-William Jeff Stevens-Died 12-03-1934
Son-Archie W. Stevens-Booneville, Mississippi
Father-Benjamin King
Mother-Mary ??
Liberty Cemetery
Page 288

Strickland, Pamela Mary
01-11-1959-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-13-1961-Tupelo, Mississippi
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Elmer Earl Strickland-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bernice Sanders-Hickman Co., Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 312

Strickland, Robert Edmond
11-2-1877- McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-04-1961- New Albany, Mississippi
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Cynthia Ann Lindsey -age 84
Daughter-Lottie B. Strickland
Order by- Mrs. Bessie Emmons
Father-E.B. Strickland- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Jennie Proctor -McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 292

Stricklin, Henry Coleman
01-07-1893-Sabine Co., Texas
05-13-1961-Burnsville., Mississippi
W.W.I Veteran
Wife-Minnie Bell Elliott-age 59
Son-Coleman Stricklin Jr.-Florence, Alabama
Father-Henry Stricklin-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Alice Stepp- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Little Flock Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 298

Suitor, James Moman "Bud"
02-11-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-29-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lelia Katie McElhannon-age 79
Father-Benjamin H. Suitor-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ophelia Lamberth-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 368

Sutton, George
01-14-1875-Walker Co., Georgia
01-02-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-W.M. Sutton
Elmwood Cemetery Memphis, Tennessee
Page 207

Switzer, Pearl Henry
07-29-1889-McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-15-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Edward Switzer-age 79
Son-Bill Switzer
Father-Henry Cook- Tennessee
Mother-Ellie Scruggs- Tennessee
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 364


Timbes, Lina Ann
10-10-1872-Waco, Texas
06-22-1961-Iuka, Mississippi
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-In-Law- M. P. Nelson
Husband-Calvin Franklin Timbes-Died 1938
Father-Richard Rushing
Forked Oak Cemetery Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 316

Talley, Lula Cothren
12-15-1887-Chester Co., Tennessee
05-05-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Robert Talley-age 73
Father- T.J. Cothren- Tennessee
Mother-Hattie Allen- Tennessee
Henry Memorial Garden Cemetery
Page 293

Tankersley, Cora Brooks
04-21-1886-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
02-03-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Dewey Lee Tankersley-age 61
Daughter-Bessie Brumley
Father-Nathan B. Brooks-Morris Town, Tennessee
Mother- Rachel Geno- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Cross Roads Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 233

Taylor, Calvin Earl
12-29-1960-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-01-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Earl Taylor-Arkansas
Mother- Annus Moss- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 205

Taylor, Sallie
01-11-1961-Maywood, Illinois
Husband-Thomas L. Taylor-Died 1943
Daughter-Letha Hendrix
Father- Lum Cummings- Alabama
Mother-Laura Posey-Al
Rolling Mills Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 217

Thompson, Ivan Clovis
11-22-1896-Kenton, Tennessee
08-03-1961-Coriinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Lillian E. Conn-age 61
Father-Thomas Lee Thompson- Tennessee
Mother- Lela Mai Boyette- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 331

Timlake, Lude Wiklerson
04-27-1871-Marietta, Georgia
12-07-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Jane Alice Benzie- Died 12-20-1949
Children- Mrs. Joe Regenhardt & Bob Timlake
Father-Nelson Timlake-Ontario, Canada
Mother-Nancy Bullington-Marietta, Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 394

Towne, Dr. Allen Dodge
12-02-1873-Dane Station, Wisconsin
04-23-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Theresa Towns-Died 06-21-1957
Order by Graw T. Taylor & Jamie Towns
Father-Allen Towns-Royalton, New York
Mother-Jane Haggard
Henry Cemetery
Page 289

Tyson, Sidney Otto
02-01-1882-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-06-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Myocardial Infarction
Wife-Deloris Tyson-age 69
Father-John Calvin Tyson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Julia May Leath- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 342


Umfress, Martin Luther
11-11-1886-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
11-24-1961-Burnsville, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Nephew-S.L. Umfress
Father-Nathaniel N. Umfress-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Matilda Cook-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
New Lebanon Cemetery
Burnsville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 381

Underwood, Sarah Asenith
04-30-1866-North Carolina
08-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas Henderson Underwood-Died 08-03-1915
Son-T.H. Underwood, Jr.
Father-Dr. Lawson Alexander Hill-North Carolina
Wife- Barbara Whistenant- South Carolina
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 341


Vanderford, Josephine Arabella
09-17-1872-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-06-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband -John Terrell Vanderford- Died 03-04-1938
Daughter-R.L. Meteer & Other Daughters
Father-G.L. Leggett-Mississippi
Mother-Josephine Jobe-Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 393

Varnado, Helen St. Claire
02-28-1901-Bolivar Co., Mississippi
02-25-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-O.D.M. Varnado-Died-05-10-1960
Brother-in-law-Brooks Wallace
Father-Albert Moore Weaver-Panola Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lena Briggs-Eugene, Oregon
Henry Cemetery
Page 247

Vinson, Mary Nell
12-27-1960-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-02-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Harlon Vinson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary E. Wilkins-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 206

Voyles, James Edward
09-22-1879-Alcornco., Mississippi
11-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Myrtle Graw King- age 63
Father- Alford Newton Voyles- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Dollie Johnson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 387


Wade, Gladys Mae
06-27-1913-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-05-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Edward R. Wade-age 58
Sister-Alba Fowler
Father-M.L. Whitaker-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mattie Maude Marlar-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mt. Gilliard Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 294

Walker, Lillie May
05-27-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-03-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Barry Walker-age 75
Order by Leroy & Bennie Little
Father-Ben H. Suitor-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ophelia Lamberth-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 208

Wharton, Maude Loudella
07-08-1898-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-31-1961- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister-Vera Wharton
Father-William Ambrose Wharton-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary Zora Cook-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mars Hill
Selmer, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 270

White, Robert
03-01-1885-Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-07-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Elizabeth Green-age 70
Father-Jim White-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Amanda Hubbard-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Criswell Cemetery
Booneville, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 295

Whitehurst, Marion Eli
04-13-1881-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-21-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Katherine W. Whitehurst-Died 1954
Father- Sidney Tapley Whitehurst- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha Jane Archer-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Box's Chapel Cemetery
Page 315

Wilbanks, Lucy Ann
05-24-1873-Durham, North Carolina
10-05-1961-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-J.M. Wilbanks-Died 05-24-1940
Son-H.E. Wilbanks-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Jack Boyd-Durham North Carolina
Mother-Elizabeth Frazier-Durham North Carolina
Harmony Cemetery
Page 357

Wilhite, Annie Lillian
12-26-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-05-1961- Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband- George E. Wilhite- Died 08-11-1955
Niece- Mrs. Eululia Kitchens
Father-William A. Richardson-Atlanta, Georgia
Mother- Fannie Underwood- N.C
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 356

Williams, Mary Lou
08-06- 1880-Stanton, Tennessee
09-14-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Bill L. Williams- Died 06-02-1950
Son- Dewey Williams
Father- Tom Kiddy Florence, Alabama
Mother- Nancy Moore-Florence, Alabama
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 347

Williams, Charlie Ophelia
12-26-1879-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
01-30-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Edward Williams- Died 03-26-1958
Daughter- Mrs. C.M. Wardlow
Father- Monroe McDaniel-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ophelia Roberts-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 228

Wilson, Lillie Frances
04-11-1876-Morgan Co., Alabama
10-16-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Pinkney Wilson- Died 09-10-1928
Daughter- Eula Miller
Father- John W. Phillips-White Bluff, Georgia
Mother- Mary Ann Goodwin-White Bluff, Georgia
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 365

Wood, Orville Meeks
01-14-1885-Mcnairy Co., Mississippi
09-21-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Eva Elizabeth Wood
Father- William Mykajah Wood- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Margaret Jane Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 351

Woodard, Alfred Cecil
05-18-1892-Sheffield, Alabama
04-29-1961-Kissimmee, Florida
Wife-Mary F. Woodard-age 67
Father-Thomas B. Woodard
Mother-Martha M. Nash
Shipped Fm. Florida by Grissom Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 291

Woodruff, Dorothy Lou
08-05-1924-Cook Co., Illinois
06-20-1961-Charleston, Mississippi
Husband-John Dewey Woodruff-age 39
Father-Harry E. Schoenberg-Cook Co., Illinois
Mother-Ann Marie Berg-Norway
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 314

Woods, Lula Frances
11-16-1877-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-20-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Asberry Woods-Died 1931
Daughters-Emma Ray & Mrs. Albert Oldham
Father-William W. Walker-Mississippi
Mother-Ann Busby -Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 350

Wooley, Essie Lee
03-14-1895-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
10-07-1961-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Grover Wooley-Died 08-23-1961
Daughter- Mrs. John Swain
Father-Jordan Y. Cummings-Lee Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary L. Hopkins-Lee Co., Mississippi
Glenwood Cemetery Tupelo, Mississippi
Page 360

Wright, Wayne Rex
06-22-1932-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-26-1961-Leesburg, Florida
Wife-Carrie Beatty-age 26
Father-William Hubert Wright-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ruby Higginbottom-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Shipped from Florida by Page - Theus Funeral Home
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 366


Young, Ada Leigh
01-01-1871- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
03-07-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Mack Young- Died 1949
Daughter- Fairy Clyce
Father- George W. Leigh- Tennessee
Mother-Martha Forbes- Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 255

Young, Virgie Huggins
07-07-1880- Alcorn, Co., Mississippi
03-16-1961- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Hubert Nesbit Young-Died 1944
Grand- Daughter-Virginia Ann Anderson
Order by- J. Hal Anderson
Father- L.M. Huggins-Alabama
Mother- Sarah Della Elizabeth Sheffield- Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 261

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