McPeters Funeral Home Records 1959

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1959


Ammons, Russell Cheatham
09-10-1912- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Bennie Settle Walker- age 38
Father- Madison Fletcher Ammons- Ross Creek, Tennessee
Mother- Eckie Louise Cheatham
Henry Cemetery
Page 131

Austin, Phillis Jane
01-12-1957- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-18-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Phillip D. Austin
Mother- Jane Coln- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 78


Babgy, Taylor Crawford
05-29-1885-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
11-7-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- San Antonio, Texas
Wife- Frances Adams- age 67
Son- Helen Harrison-Waco, Texas
Son-Luther Babgy- Shreveport, Louisiana
Father- William B. Babgy- Texas
Mother- Ann Luther-Kansas City, Missouri
Heart Field Funeral Home; Temple, Texas
Belton Cemetery
Belton, Texas
Page 145

Ballard, Laura Lee
12-14-1874- Cumberland Co., Kentucky
07-07-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Vance Ballard- Died 07-21-1929
Son- Melvin Ballard
Father- Peter Humes- Cumberland Co., Kentucky
Mother- Mary Johnson- Cumberland Co., Kentucky
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 90

Bechaud, Jean Pierce
10-18-1884-Jefferson, Wisconsin
09-08-1959- Lafayette, Indiana
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Son- Jean P. Bechaud
Daughter- Mrs. John J. Jones, Jr.
Shipped from Indiana
By, Hippensteel Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 122

Benjamin, Myrtle Rinehart
06-06-1893- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-19-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Edward Franklin Benjamin- age 79
Son- A.J. Benjamin
Father- John Rinehart- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miss Rogers- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 23

Blakney, Kenneth Ray
10-30-1959- Ft. Stockton, Texas
Wife- Della Sue Gray- age 19
Father- Jim D. Blakney-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Evar Reynolds-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Page 143

Boyd, James Flem
03-15-1879-Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-13-1959-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife- Ethyl Boyd-Died 03-01-1958
Daughter- Mrs. Jack Bennett-Walnut, Mississippi
Father- Jack Boyd- North Carolina
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Frazier-North Carolina
Harmony Cemetery
Page 61

Boyd, William Ellis Sr.
03-19-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-04-1959-Tampa, Florida
Wife- Ethyl Moore- age 67
Son- W.E. Boyd, Sr.
Father- Robert P. Boyd- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Leona Ellis- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 30

Braddock, Nannie Marlar
04-24-1896-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-28-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- D.F. Braddock
Brother- R.M. Marlar
Daughter- Frances Moore
Father- Robert Lee Marlar- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Johnson- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 39

Brawner, Herman E.
age 53- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-03-1959-Bowling Green, Kentucky
Wife- Cleo Talbert Brawner
Shipped from Bowling Green Kentucky
Gerald-Bradley Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 04

Brawner, Minnie Joe
02-01-1881- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-06-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Franklin Brawner- age 80
Son- Joe Frank Brawner
Father- William Barker-Virginia
Mother- Annie Virginia Jobe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 29

Brawner, William Henry
11-09-1878- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-31-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Arthur Brawner
Father- Tom Brawner- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Hester Ballard- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 118

Brooks, Howard
08-24-1896- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-16-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife- Lucille Deason- age 58
Father- Perry Brooks- Mississippi
Mother- Isabella Jones- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 75

Brooks, Michael Anthony
09-22-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Paul Eugene Brooks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Joyce Barnes- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 125

Brooks, William Roy
03-31-1926- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-08-1959-Jackson, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II & Korean Veteran
Wife- Nona Faye Cartwright- age 31
Father- Roy Brooks-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Alma Whitehurst- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 106

Burcham, Gary Elige
8-23-1951- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-30-1959- Memphis, Tennessee Hosp
Residence- Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- Elige Burcham- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Macile Harville-McNairy Co., Tennessee
New Hope Cemetery
Page 161

Byrnes Mollie Annie
06-19-1880- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-01-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Ed Byrnes
Father- Michael Byrnes-Mobile, Alabama
Mother- Bertha Heyer-St. Louis, Missouri
Henry Cemetery
Page 27


Carroll, Daisy Gay
01-8-1886- Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-19-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Henry Carroll- Died 1931
Daughter- Mrs. Harold Hinton
Father- Dan Booker-Tennessee
Mother- Martha E. McAfee
Pisgah Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 22

Carter, Effie Mullins
08-25-1894- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-29-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Randolph Carter
Daughter- Mrs. Harry Phillips- Walnut, Mississippi
Father- A.J. Mullins- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mollie Mellon- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 177

Cobb, Columbus Edward
01-06-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Alma Cobb- age 70
Daughter- Pearl Sanders
Father- William Edward Cobb- Rome, Georgia
Mother- Mary Jane Martin- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 18

Cobb, Rhodicia Ann
04-26-1868- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-17-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Robert Cobb- Died 1936
Daughter- Mrs. Leroy Walker & Pat Hanley
Father- Levi W. Beene- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha A. Busby- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 76

Coleman, Aaron Bilbo
05-01-1911- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-11-1959-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Ferol Hughes- age 47
Father- Thomas McKinney Coleman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Maude Hancock- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 171

Cooper, John Henry
02-08-1886- McKinney
08-30-1959-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife- Myrtle Lou Cooper- age 70
Daughter- Edna Belle Cooper
Father- Roman Cooper- Georgia
Mother- Frances Wallace- Colbert Co., Alabama
Margerum Cemetery
Margerum, Alabama
Page 116

Craig, Edna Love
01-31-1883-Crockett Co., Tennessee
01-08-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Cleveland Pierce - age 75
Father- David Elmer Love-Tennessee
Mother- Victoria Bolling-Tennessee
Rosehill Cemetery
Humbolt, Tennessee
Page 8

Crow, William Albert
3-13-1892-Booneville, Mississippi
10-26-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Jackson, Tennessee
Wife- Malinda A. Derrick- age 68
Father- William Pearce Crow- Alabama
Mother- Mildred Elizabeth Turkett- Dalton, Georgia
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 141

Crum, James Harris
09-13-1870- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-27-1959-Walnut, Mississippi
Heart Failure
Wife- Tennie Carolyn-Deceased
Daughter- Vada Lamb-Winona, Mississippi
Father- Leonard Crum
Mother- Ann Muse- Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 114

Crum, Robert Lee
10-09-1908-Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-27-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife- Letha Rencher- age 42
Father- Rufe Stevenson Crum- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Lillian Studdard- Alabama
Union Cemetery
Page 159

Cutberth, Sallie Tabetha
02-14-1879-Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-25-1959-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- S.L. Cutberth- age 85
Son-James H. Cutberth
Father- Eli Emmons-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Emiline Glover-Booneville, Mississippi
New Salem Cemetery Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 140


Dalton, Laurie Mae
12-06-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Alva S. Dalton Jr. - Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Gloria Seitz- Pike Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 167

Dalton, Thomas Berryman
04-07-1885-Union City, Tennessee
10-15-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maude McNutt- Died 12-1958
Daughter- Nell Knight
Father- Thomas Berryman Dalton- Logan Co., Kentucky
Mother- Miriam Jane Grimes- Robertson Co., Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 135

Davis, Huey Bond
5-10-1906-Cullman, Alabama
5-23-1959-Meridian, Mississippi
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Divorced
Daughter- Gearldine Nichols-Memphis, Tennessee
Father- C.W. Davis- Cullman, Alabama
Mother- Roxie Ann Farrington- Alabama
St. Peters Cemetery
Oxford, Mississippi
Page 65

Dearing, Alexander B.
09-17-1897- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-01-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Cousin- J.R. McCarter
Father- Alexander Dearing- Mississippi
Mother- Maude Furtick- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 26

Dempsey, Sallie Greene
05-26-1871- Danville, Virginia
04-17-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James R. Dempsey- Died 1957
Niece- Ora Dillon
Father- Jacob Anderson-Penn Co., Virginia
Mother- Ann Irby-Hanover Co., Virginia
McNairy Station Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 51

Derrick, Terisha
03-19-1885-Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-15-1959- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband -W.O. Derrick- Died 1957
Son- Frank Derrick
Father- Louis Mason- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miley Kellum- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 49

Dickey, Docia Leila
12-01-1878- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-18-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- -Wilford Lee Dickey- Died 1931
Daughters-Nell Taylor & Hazel Berry
Father- Calvin Lewis Campbell- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Kizzie Drewery- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 52

Dismukes, Mrs. Lillie E.
08-23-1868-Bethyl Springs, Tennessee
08-11-1959-Maben, Mississippi
At home of- Mrs. Elgie Fulghum
Husband- John Richard Dismukes- Died 12-29-1916
Father- William C. Wilson- North Carolina
Mother- Margaret Jane Kerr- South Carolina
Bethel Springs Cemetery
Bethel Springs, Tennessee
Page 107

Dixon, Gaines Rubel
12-16-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-10-1959- Warren Arkansas
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maude Chauncey Dixon- age 68
Daughter- Lillie Wamsley
Father- Gaines R. Dixon- Virginia
Mother- Lavenia Deloach-Virginia
Henry Cemetery
Page 92


Edge, Ella Taylor
08-07-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-21-1959- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- James Lee Edge- Died 9-18-1956
Son- Clarence Edge- Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- Albert Taylor- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Elizabeth Burnett- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 175

Essary, Josie Maroney
01-08-1878- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-02-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William L. Essary- age 83
Son-Ernest Essary
Father- Jim Maroney- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lizzie Selman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 28

Essary, Missouri Elizabeth
12-19-1876-Birmingham, Alabama
07-12-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Husband- William Thomas Essary- age 82
Daughter- Mrs. W.M. James
Father- John Thrasher- Alabama
Mother- Mary Vinings- Alabama
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 94


Farmer, Effie Lee
02-08-1901- McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-02-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Forrest Farmer-Died 1935
Daughter- Peggy Lambert
Father- James R. Mitchell- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lena Srygley- Colbert Co. Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 02

Faust, Gertie Hays
04-23-1883- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
05-07-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Jessie David Faust- Died 1955
Daughter- Mary Faust
Father- Jim Hays- North Carolina
Mother- Caroline Bizzell-Tennessee
Eureka Cemetery
Pocahontas, Tennessee
Page 57

Fields, Rebecca Ann
02-28-1865- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-03-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- I.J. Fields- Died 12-1927
Son-George Fields
Father- Dock Bingham- Mississippi
Mother- Martha Newman- Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 165

Fields, Allen Kendrick
08-22-1892- McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-02-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Della Fields - age 58
Father- George Fields- Georgia
Mother- Sarah Elizabeth Spear-Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 119

Flanagan, Carl Franklin
9-23-1887-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-12-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Maude May Flanagan- age 64
Father- Wade Flanagan-Tennessee
Mother- Sally Cancer-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 152

Flanagan, William Roland
07-28-1871-Colbert Co., Alabama
07-11-1959-Iuka, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Elizabeth Flanagan- age 71
Father- James Isom Flanagan- Alabama
Paradise Cemetery
Tishomingo, Mississippi
Page 93

Foster, Leander Jerome
08-07-1879- McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-25-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Deedie Foster- age 76
Father- Jeff Foster- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother- Margaret Ferguson- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 54


Gahagan, George Washington
09-06-1873-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
11-19-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Texana Free Gahagan-Died 1953
Daughter- Sallie Gahagan
Father- Jasper Gahagan-Mississippi
Mother- Catherine Bearden-Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 156

Garrett, Dorothy Winston
080-5-1877- Chewalla, Tennessee
05-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Lloyd Fentress Garrett- age 81
Father- Charles Simeon Graham- Chewalla, Tennessee
Mother- Sarah Virginia McCullough- Chewalla, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 59

George, Margie Hattie Lee
07-31-1906-Russelville, Alabama
04-12-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Edgar George-Died 1954
Daughter- Mrs. Adell Kiddy
Father- Arthur MacAfee- Russiaville, Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 48

Gibson, Virginia Johnson
01-15-1910- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-16-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Artie Mae Tidwell- age 45
Father- James Henry Gibson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Bessie Crum- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 11

Gilliland, Georgia Mary
10-11-1897- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-31-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Guy William Gilliland - age 61
Father- Walter H. Sitton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Nancy Ann Harville- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 117

Gilliland, Infant Girl
04-01-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Edward E. Gilliland-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Wilma Strickland-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 41

Gilton, Frances Ida
02-07-1876- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-16-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Robert Henry Gilton- age 91
Order by-Luther C. Mullins
Father- Jim Joslin-Georgia
Mother- Myra Brown
Brigman Hill Chapel Cemetery
Page 154

Googe, Margaret Ellen
06-01-1915-Ripley, New York
04-08-1959-New York, New York (Home of Sister)
Residence Jacksonville, Florida
Husband- Charles Rogers Googe- age 42
Father- Jess C. Northway-Pueblo, Colorado
Mother- Alice McGrath- Ripley, New York
Henry Cemetery
Page 47

Graham, Troy Clintwood
11-04-1879-Okolona, Mississippi
02-25-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lessie Wilson- age 66
Father- Henry H. Graham
Mother- Sarah Jane Crumpton
Henry Cemetery
Page 24

Gray, Dorothy Evelyn
12-31-1915- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-13-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Wilford Gray- age 47
Father- E.G. Wall-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Onie Robinson-Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 62

Greer, Elmer Leroy
10-07-1910- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-30-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife- Tilda N. Greer- age 41
Father- Roy Greer- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Pearl Kiddy- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Forrest Memorial Park
Page 86

Grey, Mary Florence
10-18-1906-Gibson Co., Tennessee
04-16-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Paul Wyatt Grey- age 55
Father- J. P Crenshaw- Rutherford, Tennessee
Mother- Effie Belle Shortt-Rutherford, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 50

Griffin, Clarence Floyd
10-16-1906- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-10-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Fannie Aline
Son-Charles Lloyd Griffin
Father- J.P. Griffin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Georgia Ann Mitchell- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington, Mississippi
Page 170

Gunn, Luther Earl
03-11-1890-Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-08-1959-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife- Maude Irene Gunn- age 66
Son-Dean Gunn
Father- H.S. Gunn- North Carolina
Mother- Mary Annie Murphy-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 46


Haley, Thomas Anderson
12-24-1870-Dixon, Tennessee
05-26-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elizabeth Bettie Haley- age 80
Granddaughter- Shirley Horton
Father- Mr. Haley
Henry Cemetery
Page 66

Hamlin, Robert Lee
07-11-1906- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maudie Fay Hamlin- age 48
Father- Mr. Hamlin
Mother- Mary Jolly- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 132

Harrison, Russell Emerson
04-10-1890- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-31-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ruth Blackburn
Father- William L. Harrison - Mississippi
Mother- Dora A. McMahan- Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 181

Hart, Myrtle Olive
03-13-1886-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-03-1959-Paden, Mississippi
Husband- Ramsey Paden Hart- age 67
Father- James D. Whitaker-Mississippi
Mother- Mollie Jane Wallace
Palestine Cemetery
Paden, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 3

Hathcock, Elsie
05-22-1886-Michie, Tennessee
07-12-1959-Heart Failure &
Husband- John S. Hathcock-Died 01-09-1936
Son-Sam Hathcock
Father- George Fowler- Alabama
Mother- Bettie Kennedy
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 74

Haynes, Maggie Frances
09-13-1897-Honey Grove, Texas
06-28-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John V. Haynes-Died 08-27-1958
Son-Verdell Haynes
Daughter- Mrs. Howard Plaxico
Father- George Paysinger
Mother- Clyster Coke
Holly Cemetery
Page 85

Haynie, Mary Elizabeth
12-30-1904- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-28-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Allen Haynie- age 56
Father- Mack Coleman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Maggie Brock- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 56

Hendrix, Barbara Lynn
01-06-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Roy Hendrix- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Sitton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 5

Hendrix, Gus Wardlow
07-28-1891- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-16-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife- Ella Mae Lambert-Died 04-15-1952
Daughter- Ella Byrd Hendrix
Father- Simmeon Hendrix- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Margaret Ann Patrick-Booneville, Mississippi
Hill Top Cemetery
Jacinto, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 35

Henson, William Odell
02-07-1959-San Antonia, Texas
Wife- Lizzie Baxter
Father- Philip Edgar Henson
Mother- Rachel Mayberry
Shipped from Texas by Porter Loring Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 20

Hill, Cynthia Jane {Victoria}
10-25-1870-York Co., South Carolina
01-18-1959- Rienzi, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Will Settle-Biggersville, Mississippi
Father- Lawson Alexander Hill- North Carolina
Mother- Barbara Whisnant-South Carolina
New Hope Cemetery
Page 13

Hinton, Eudora Aline
10-24-1874- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-27-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Walter William Hinton - age 87
Daughter- Ruby Nash- Alabama
Father- Robert F. Morrison- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Laura Ellen Brooks-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 129

Holder, Lillian Robinson
10-03-1879-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
12-21-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Rufus Polk Holder- died 08-1953
Daughter- Mrs. Talmadge Belue
Father- Will Robinson-South Carolina
Mother- Martha Massey- South Carolina
Sardis Cemetery
Page 174

Holland, Della Henry
08-24-1891-Vina, Alabama
11-01-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Rada Hughes- age 68
Bro-John Holland
Father- John F. Holland-Mississippi
Mother- Lula Ingle-Baldwyn, Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 150

Holmes, Frances Sherrell
10-29-1812- Alabama
11-29-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Ella House- age 59
Father- Reece Holmes-Morgan Co., Alabama
Mother- Nannie Wilhite-Morgan Co., Alabama
Holmes-Wilhite Family Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 160

Hopkins, Nellie Shearon
07-20-1903- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-28-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband- Albert Martin Hopkins- age 55
Father- Max Waldrop-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Bettie Surratt-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Farmington Cemetery
Page 67

Hudson, Rebecca Jane
07-09-1864-Middleton, Tennessee
07-28-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Middleton, Tennessee
Husband- Jeff Hudson- Died 1921
Niece-Mary Statler
Father- Samuel Benton Rogers-Middleton, Tennessee
Mother- Mary Yopp -Middleton, Tennessee
Enon Cemetery
Middleton, Tennessee
Page 102

Hutson, Selina Monrobia
03-26-1886-Cannel City, Kentucky
11-06-1959-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband- Luther Henry Hudson-Died 08-14-1954
Son-Luther Hudson
Henry Cemetery
Page 144

Hughes, Clara Scott
07-08-1891- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-11-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Daniel Clyde Hughes- Died 1934
Daughter- Mrs. Joe Droke
Son's-Brodie & Clyde
Father- William Albert Scott- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Anna William s- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 149

Hughes, John Thomas
12-12-1888- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-28-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Cordie Rogers- age 70
Daughter- Lela Hughes
Father- John Hughes-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Onie Whirley-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 83

Hussey, Mary Agnes
10-28-1922-Yazoo City, Mississippi
02-03-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Plummer Fredrick Hussey- age 37
Father- Earl C. Briskell-Yazoo City, Mississippi
Mother- Mary Agnes Johnson-Yazoo City, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 14

Hussey, Wm. Fredrick
07-26-1898-Lee Co., Mississippi
04-07-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elizabeth Cain- age 57
Son-Plummer Hussey
Father- Charles C. Hussey-Lee Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Jane Presley-Lee Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 45


Irby, Aurby Lucille
04-03-1915-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-13-1959-Dallas, Texas
Husband- George H. Irby- age 39
Father- Robert L. Ramer-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Jessie D. Reed-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Shipped from Texas by Sparkman's Funeral Home
Oak Grove Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 123


James, Elmer Henderson
08-19-1891-Henry Co., Tennessee
05-15-1959-Hopkinsville, Kentucky
WW I & WW II Veteran
Wife-Lois Barker- Died 1936
Brother- R.W. James
Father- John Thomas James-Henry Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lillie Compton-Henry Co., Tennessee
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 63

James, Vickie Lynn
07-18-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-20-195-Tupelo, Mississippi
Father- Tommy Loyal James-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Linda Kay Brown-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 97

Jennings, Lindsey Holmes
02-23-1913- Weakley Co., Tennessee
07-28-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Grace Louella Thornton- age 26
Father- Thomas L. Jennings-Weakley Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lena Rivers Overcast- Henry Co., Tennessee
Tumbling Creek Cemetery
Gleason, Weakley Co., Tennessee
Page 103

Jobe, Berry Nathan
11-10-1902- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-17-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Georgia Mabel Barnett- age 53
Daughter- Martha Mae Weeks
Father- John W. Jobe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ada Elizabeth Johnson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 155

Johnson, Howell Brant
07-07-1868-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-12-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Cora Aurilla Johnson- age 81
Son- A. Price Johnson
Father- Allen Johnson-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Maida Holley-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 9

Jones, Callie Inez
06-13-1923- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-07-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Herman W. Jones- age 43
Father- Robert Odell Hutson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mamie Lewis-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Jones Chapel Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 130

Jones, Ella Mae
09-24-1900- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-17-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Fred Edgar Jones- age 59
Father- Erastus Dowd-Mississippi
Mother- Georgia Ann Lowery-Ga
Johns Cemetery
Page 12

Justice, George Elmer
10-06-1888-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-24-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Mark Charles Justice- Died 1949
Son-Homer Justice-Shade Barnett-Mississippi
Mother- Lula Whitaker-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Smith Cemetery 6 Mi. N.E. Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 127


Kennedy, Lorina Lucinda
04-19-1869-McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-30-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Riley Kennedy- Died 1943
Granddaughter- Della Kennedy
Father- John Vickers-Tennessee
Mother- Katie Swinford-Tennessee
Eureka Springs Cemetery
Pocahontas, Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Page 68

Kennedy, Minnie Garrett
03-28-1868-Canaan, Mississippi
01-01-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- George W. Kennedy- Died 1907
Son-Reese Kennedy
Daughter- Mrs. Herbert Denton
Father- G.W. Garrett
Mother- Elizabeth Jane Bouton
Henry Cemetery
Page 1

Kennedy, Oscar Hugh
12-27-1886-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-2-1959-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Annie Patterson- Died 1918
Daughter- Lola Hunkapiller
Father- James Andrew Kennedy-Franklin Co., Alabama
Mother- Lena Freeman-Mississippi
Massey Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 178

King Annie Norton
04-10-1887-Town Creek, Alabama
01-20-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- N.E. King- age 78
Son-O.L. King-Russellville, Alabama
Father- William Norton -Georgia
Mother- Mattie - Alabama
Paradise Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 80

King, Franklin
10-07-1882-Benton Co., Tennessee
10-23-1959-Canaan, Mississippi
Wife-Olive King- age 72
Father- Alex King-Tennessee
Mother- Martha Byrd-Mississippi
Hamilton Cemetery
Canaan, Benton Co., Mississippi
Page 139

Knight, Esther Mae
02-03-1900- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-30-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband- George Lee Knight
Father- Charlie Stevens-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Scarberry- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 180


La Garde, Edward Watkins
08-24-1883- Lee Co., Mississippi
10-11-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lelia Milam-age 65
Father- Hippolyte Le Garde-France
Mother- Mary Adams-Lee Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 133

Lamberth, Mrs. Carlice Jones
01-02-1915-Ramer, Tennessee
10-12-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Edwin Walker Lamberth- age 44
Father- Whitfield Jones
Mother- Mittie Childers- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 134

Lancaster, James Elbert
10-15-1901- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
8-7-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Havana Bumpas- age 48
Father- Charles W. Lancaster- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 105

Latta, Thomas Thurman
09-25-1888-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-30-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lillie Bell Latta- Died 12-10-1957
Son-Basil Latta
Father- L.D. Latta-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Melissa Springer-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 179

Little, Tobe Lee
09-06-1884- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-20-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lena Mae Tolar- age 45
Father- Calvin Taylor Little-Tennessee
Mother- Zelphia Ann Harville- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 124


Maloney, Ida Ephriam
11-24-1874-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
03-16-1959-Middleton, Tennessee
Heart Failure
Husband-John Hiram Maloney- Died 1941
Son-John C. Maloney
Father-Lee McCommon - North Carolina
Mother-Elizabeth Casey- North Carolina
Middleton Tennessee Cemetery
Page 34

Marler, Clarence Petty
01-07-1959- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Cora Marler - age 77
Father-John Marler
Mother-Becky Stevenson
Sardis Cemetery
Page 6

Marlar, Lewis Edward
04-01-1880-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-13-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife-Michel Brown- Died 05-07-1955
Son-Clifton Marlar
Father-George Marlar-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Virginia Dillhurt -Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 21

Meeks, Jesse Katherine
06-03-1910-McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-18-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas Benton Meeks, Sr.- age 62
Father-Murff Roberts- Alabama
Mother-Ada Robinson-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Ramer Cemetery
Ramer, Tennessee
Page 79

Meeks, Myrtle Ida
12-30-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-08-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Hubert Meeks- Died 1956
Daughter- Mrs. B.A. England
Father-Frank Anderson-Texas
Mother-Ida Moss- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 146

Mellon, Docia Ellen
12-20-1876-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
03-24-159-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.B. Mellon- Died 09-19-1950
Son-Tommie E. Mellon
Father-Thomas Dunn-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Ann Porch-Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 38

Miller, Sarah Jane
09-24-1885- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-21-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband-Willie Ross Miller- age 70
Father-John Vinson Leatherwood-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jane Owens- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 138

Miller, Warren Hubert
08-01-1918-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-05-1959-Iuka, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife- Alma Wilbanks- age 29
Father-Hubert Miller-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Millie Luna-Marshall Co., Mississippi
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 172

Miller, Winfred Austin
01-16-1925- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-23-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Jewell Pauline Mitchell- age 30
Father-Austin Miller- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Donnie Felker- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 36

Morgan, James Nathaniel
09-03-1882- Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-12-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie Mae Carman- age 70
Father- Jim Morgan
Mother- Ann Stevenson
City Cemetery
Page 73

Morgan, Maggie Elizabeth
10-04-1868-Corinth, Mississippi
04-04-1959-Meridian, Mississippi
Husband-James Henry Morgan- Died 11-14-1917
Son-in-law- Ed Barnes
Father-Silas G. Barr-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Massengill- Corinth, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 43

Morrison, Carroll Neal
01-04-1880-Corinth, Mississippi
12-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Maxine Louise Porter- age 57
Father-Robert Franklin Morrison-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Laura Ellen Brooks-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 169

Morrison, Minnie Morton
10-01-1883- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-21-1959- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Marcus Eugene Morrison- Died 1912
Son-Dr. Eugene Morrison
Father-Marcus Dilworth- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary C. Biggers- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 137


McDonald, John Warren
09-01-1878-Blakeley, Georgia
02-27-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Vera Davis McDonald
Daughter- Mrs. Martin Tankersley
Father-Leroy McDonald-Randolph Co., Georgia
Mother-Nancy Jane Strickland-Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 25

McHaffey, Francis H.
11-09-1907- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-25-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-John Calvin McHaffey- age 49
Father-Elbert Hamlin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Eddy Hinton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 128

McClung, Tommy D.
12-01-1902-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
01-07-1959-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Belmont, Mississippi
Wife-Mattie Mae McClung- age 53
Daughter-Minnie Lee Patterson
Father-T.L. McClung-Mississippi
Mother-Kerry Martin- Mississippi
Tishomingo Cemetery
Page 7


Norvell, Bobbie Henry
03-05-1925- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-23-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Doris J. Norvell- age 24
Father-Oliver Pinkney Norvell-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Eunice Green-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 101


Odle, William Isaiah
03-22-1874-Cherokee, Alabama
02-10-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Willie Lindsey- Died 1955
Son-Cecil Odle
Father-Jim Odle
Mother-Sarah Odle
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 19


Parks, Maxine Faith
08-10-1931-Pontotoc, Mississippi
11-10-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Cullman, Alabama
Father-F.A. Parks-Mississippi
Mother-Lula Parks-Mississippi
Shipped To Rose Hill Mortuary-Whittier, California
Page 148

Perry, Ovie Elmer
12-15-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-18-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Wife-Sleety Hamlin- age 71
Father-Oliver M. Perry-South Carolina.
Mother-Mary E. Kemp
Henry Cemetery
Page 64

Phifer, Emmaline
09-07-1873-Monroe Co. North Carolina
08-30-1959-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Hampton B. Phifer- Died 12-08-1954
Son- Lawrence Phifer
Father- A.B. Watts- North Carolina
Mother-Emmaline Helms
Box Chapel Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 115

Phillips, Jessie Wilben
06-08-1959-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Dora Waldon- age 66
Father-Jim Phillips
Mother-Sallie Jackson
Jacinto Cemetery
Rienzi, Mississippi
Page 70

Phillips, Pearl Elizabeth
03-14-1884-Marshall Co., Mississippi
12-24-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Melvin Taylor Phillips- Died 1957
Son-Clyde Phillips
Father-John D. Spence-Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Patterson-Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 176

Pierce, Elanor Irene
08-27-1870-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-13-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Lee Pierce- Died 08-24-1928
Sister- Lucretia Meeks
Father-Col. O.L. Meeks-Lincoln Co., Tennessee
Mother-Martha E. Michie-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 153

Pittman, Judy Ann Long
2-23-1942-Neshoba Co., Mississippi
2-8-1959-Baldwyn, Mississippi
Husband-Troy M. Pittman- age 22
Other by- G. M. Pittman &
Virginia Long -Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Father-Short Long-Pontotoc, Mississippi
Mother-Lettie Ashley-Pontotoc, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 17

Pittman, Lula Maud
01-08-1898- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-11-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sam Pittman
Father-B.E. Wallace
Mother-Donnie Romine
Farmington Cemetery
Page 151

Polk, Penny
11-30-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Premature- Lived 1 hours
Father-Frank C. Polk-Davidson Co., Tennessee
Mother-Martha Gilbert Henry-Graves Co., Kentucky.
Henry Cemetery
Page 163

Pratt, Mary Ann
07-04-1875-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-24-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Franklin Pratt- age 84
Son-Grady Pratt-Michigan
Father-Joe C. Brooks-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Jane Kerr-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Shiloh Park Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing Tennessee
Page 113

Prince, Birdie Mae
03-10-1908- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-03-1959-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Husband-Henry Prince- age 56
Father-Jess Forsythe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Louella Bobo- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 42

Purvis, Agnes Craig
08-03-1868-Eyemouth Scotland
12-08-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-John Wesley Purvis- Died 1923
Son-Geo. Purvis
Father- Capt. Willis Craig-Scotland
Henry Cemetery
Page 168


Ray, Austin Fentress
06-18-1909- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-05-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife- Elizabeth Louise Lyle
Brother- H.E. Ray, Jr.
Father- Hugh E. Ray, Sr.-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ottie Garrett-Benton Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 89

Reese, John Harry
10-26-1880-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-11-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Pearl Anderson- age 67
Father- Hardy Reese-Mississippi
Mother- Pinkney Palmer-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Booneville City Cemetery
Page 108

Reid, Mrs. Annie Reid Adams
08-31-1907-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
04-01-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Houston Reid- Died 1956
Order by- Shelby Reid & Martha Houston Hammond
Father- David A. Adams-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Dorothy Welch-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Oak Grove Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 40

Reynolds, Mary Green
04-02-1894-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-07-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Ernest Henry Reynolds- age 74
Father- J.J. Anderson-Halifax, Virginia
Mother- Margaret Jane Smith-McNairy Co., Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 104

Rider, Robert Franklin
08-23-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Alice Rider-Died 1944
Son- Lawrence Rider
Father- William Francis Rider
Mother- Martha Ann Ricks
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 112

Robinson, William Henderson
01-06-1887-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-02-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister-Frances Robinson
Father- Alex Robinson- Tuscaloosa. Alabama
Mother- Betty Chope -Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 120

Rogers, Benjamin Tillman
10-06-1905- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-30-1959-Hammond, Indiana
Residence-Gary Indiana
Wife- Jessie Deatherage Rogers
Father- E.D. Rogers- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Della Coke-Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 162

Rogers, Docia Hale
06-30-1875- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-03-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Will Rogers- Died 05-28-1937
Daughter- Mrs. Roy Talley
Father- John Vinson Leatherwood
Mother- Sallie Meeks-Tennessee
Oak Hill Cemetery
Corinth, Mississippi
Page 88

Rogers, James Ward
06-28-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-09-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Bumpass- age 67
Father- William V.S. Rogers-North Carolina
Mother- Elizabeth Elliott- North Carolina
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 147

Rogers, Laura Josephine
05-01-1884-Russeville, Alabama
06-05-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Lonnie D. Rogers- age 64
Father- Carroll Mills- Alabama
Mother- Laura Allen- Alabama
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 69

Rorie, Eugene Baily
01-19-1884- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-26-1959- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Lena Rorie-Died 1940
Daughter- Lois Rorie
Father- Fred Rorie- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sallie Creek- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Juliette Cemetery
Page 82


Sanders, William Thomas
05-20-1875-Hardin Co., Tennessee
12-05-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mattie Lee Sanders- age 77
Father- Bill Sanders- Alabama
Mother- Cynthia Woods-Tennessee
Center Hill Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 166

Sellers, Emma Idell
01-25-1872- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-28-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Joe Sellers- Died 02-14-0950
Son-J.L. Sellers
Father- William Chandler
Mother- Julia Phillips- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
John's Family Cemetery
Page 84

Sims, Aught Edgar
09-03-1884-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
03-23-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Eda Myrtle Sims- Died 07-19-1958
Daughter- Frankie Mae Sims
Father- William Sims
Mother- Emma Holley
Henry Cemetery
Page 37

Smith, Henry Vinson
08-14-1890-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-21-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Ann Smith
Father- John J. Smith- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sue Barnes- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 53

Smith, Sarah Myrtle
07-02-1941- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-03-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Frankie Lem Smith- age 21
Father- Franklin Jaynes -Mississippi
Mother- Mary Flint-T Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 121

Smith, Tolbert Floyd
06-21-1886-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-15-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Nellie Blanche Smith- age 70
Father- Henry Smith-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Katie Blakney- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Fairview Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 136

Smith, Sadie Emmaline
09-05-1884-Cullman Co., Alabama
12-19-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Benjamin Ebb Smith- Died 07-21-1936
Son-Harlan Smith
Father- Joe Garrett-Georgia
Mother- Regina Nelson
Henry Cemetery
Page 173

Stephenson. Dr. Samuel Logan Sr.
09-17-1880-Hopkinsville, Kentucky
04-06-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Spanish American- British Boer & WW I Veteran
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Addie Dunlap Harris- age 67
Son- Lindsay Stephenson
Father- Lindsay V. Stephenson-Virginia
Mother- Rhoda Etta Lee-Virginia
Henry Cemetery
Page 44

Stewart, Lyda Elliott
04-13-1878-Lee Co., Mississippi
08-16-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Wyatt A Stewart- age 82
Daughter- Roberta Stewart
Father- Dr. L.P. Young-Florence, Alabama
Mother- Nancy Jane Dolryneple- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 110

Strachan, Anna Victoria
04-31-1883- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-25-1959-Glen, Mississippi
Husband- Will Strachan- age 82
Son Elmer Strachan
Father- Solomon Choate- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Chambers- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 158

Suggs, Robert Lawrence
07-18-1888-McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-27-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Kate Austin Suggs- age 77
Father- B.F. Suggs-Georgia
Mother- Tennessee Churchwell-Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 55


Thomas, Ruby Glover
07-08-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-03-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Roy D. Thomas- age 66
Father- Pryor Glover
Mother- Levenia Mitchell- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 15

Trantham, Annie Lou
05-06-1881-Colbert County, Alabama
05-08-1959- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband- D.C. Trantham- Died 1947
Daughter- Pauline Cartwright
Father- Thomas V. Inman- Alabama
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Kennedy- Alabama
Pisgah Cemetery
Page 58

Taylor, Lula Edith
11-07-1895- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-01-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Rube Burton Taylor- age 64
Daughter- Mrs. Willie Nash
Father- Joseph Dillon
Mother- Margaret Looney
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 87

Thrasher, John Randolph
01-15-1867- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-29-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Jennie Wood Jones- Died 1952
Daughter- Mrs. Hoyt Wilder
Father- Pugh Houston Thrasher- Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Mother- Mary Howard-Giles Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 142


Vining, Lula Ann
08-09-1906- El Dorado, Arkansas
01-14-1959- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Hornsby, Tennessee
Husband- William E. Vining- age 70
Son-in-Law- J.R. Brumley
Father- Henry M. Stegall- North Carolina
Mother- Gracie Reece- Mississippi
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 10

Voyles, Martha Rachel
08-28-1883- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-15-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Anderson Voyles- age 76
Father- Allen Wood- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Josephine Jordan
Farmington Cemetery
Page 95

Voyles, Lillie Meeks
11-20-1877-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-18-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Dr. J.S. Voyles- Died 1930
Sister- Lucretia Meeks
Father- Col. O.L. Meeks- Tennessee
Mother- Martha E. Michie- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 111


Wagnon, M/Sgt. Joseph William
10-28-1917- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-11-1959- McDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida
WW II Veteran
Wife- Dorothy Morgan- age 40
Other Name- Lillie L. Morgan- Cleveland, Tennessee
Father- Jack Wagnon- Alabama
Mother- Anna Anderson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 72

Wamsley, Melba Alene
11-24-1926- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
70-20-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Mishawaka, Indiana
Husband- Howard Woodrow Wamsley
Father- George Elbert Gray- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Son- Minnie Blakney- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Watts, Kate Meeks
08-02-1875-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-31-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Alvin Watts- Died 1925
Sister- Lucretia Meeks
Father- O.L. Meeks-Lincoln Co., Tennessee
Mother- Martha E. Michie
Henry Cemetery
Page 182

Watts, Margaret Louis
07-24-1875- Murfreesboro, Tennessee
03-08-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Lewis Watts- Died 1911
Son-Eddie Watts
Father- Mr. Brown-Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mother- Mollie Watts-Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 31

Wharton, Mary Zora
06-18-1875- McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-13-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Ambrose Wharton- Died 11-05-1917
Daughter- Vera Wharton
Father- George Cooke-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Louisia Walker-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mars Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 109

Wheeler Thomas Whitley
10-24-1899-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-17-1959-Coritnh, Mississippi
Wife- Beatrice Holder- age 55
Father- Charlie J. Wheeler-Tennessee
Mother- Julia Umphress - Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 77

Wheeler, Mrs. Sophia Riddle
02-06-1876- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
070-9-1959- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Tishomingo, Mississippi
Husband- Dr. J.S. Wheeler- Died 03-25-1914
Sister- Mrs. G.W. Holley- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Alfred Riddle- Mississippi
Mother- Nancy McCarter- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Joel Cemetery
Page 96

White, Carolyn Sue
02-20-1959-Alchua Co., Florida
03-14-1959-Gainsville, Florida
Father- Billy Eugene White- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Jean Lang- Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Wilbanks, Tom Benton
04-10-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-07-1959- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Nora Augusta Jones- age 78
Son- J.T. Wilbanks
Father- John Wilbanks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Caroline Cretcher- North Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 16

Williams, Ernest Maxwell
05-14-1937-Chicago Illinois
09-24-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Birmingham, Alabama
Father- Herman S. Williams
Mother- Annis R. Walker
Elmwood Cemetery
Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama
Page 126

Williams Haney Columbus
10-10-1905-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-10-1959-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Cora Alice Vess
Father- Nathan C. Williams- Mississippi
Mother- Liza McGaughy-Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 60

Williams, Joseph Pinkney
07-07-1959- Glen, Mississippi
Wife- Letha Sarah- age 73
Daughter- Lillie Wiginton
Father- Paden Williams
Mother- Betty Minton- Waterloo, Alabama
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 91

Williams, Minnie Bell
05-05-1872- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
06-22-1959- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband- Porter Walker Williams- Died 1-7-1940
Daughter- Mrs. S.E. Gaines
Father- Hickman Ford-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Johnson-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Little Brown Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 81

Williams, William Austin
04-01-1883-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
07-23-1959-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Alma Canada F. Williams- age 78
Father- Walker Williams- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Carolyn Wilson- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Siloam Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 100

Wilson, Kenneth
05-17-1922- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-09-1959-Lecompte, Louisiana
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife- Carrie Lee Wilson- age 42
Father- Dewey Wilson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Susie Coke- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 71

Worsham, Charles Monroe
06-09-1889- Riverton, Alabama
07-21-1959- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife- Lillian Brewer- age 61
Father- W.H. Worsham- Riverton, Alabama
Mother- Hella Hall- Riverton, Alabama
Farmington Cemetery
Page 99


Young, Ann Cable Wilson
12-03-1959-Sherman, Texas
Husband- Will Tate Young- Sherman, Texas
Shipped from Sherman, Texas by Dannel Funeral Home
Grave Side Services
Henry Cemetery
Page 164

Young, Pvt. James Meril- **U.S. Army
8-30-1940- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-23-1959- Fort Eustis, Virginia
U.S Army
Father- Homer Sanford Young- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Frances Vivian Brady- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 157
Alcorn County Home
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