McPeters Funeral Home Records 1958

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1958


Allen, Andrew L.
12-24-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-06-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Fred Allen
Father-Rufus L. Allen- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Bobo Whitlow- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 52

Allen, Mrs. Annie Maggie
03-15-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-29-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Earl Allen- Age 81
Father-Tom McCalla- Texas
Mother- Lura Dilworth-Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 129

Allen, Thomas Newton
08-26-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Adna Jannie Cobb- Age 71
Son-James Allen
Father-Rufus L. Allen-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Whitlow-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 100

Asbill, John Everett
01-13-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Martha Ruth Asbill- Age 27- Died 01-13-1958
Sister-Dorothy Asbill
Father-Tolbert Asbill-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rebecca Lambert-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 16

Asbill, Martha Ruth
09-16-1930-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-13-1958- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Joseph Page Dickey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Viola Rowland- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 15


Bahr, Lester Conrad
12-28-1890-Pearl River, New York
11-18-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Margaret Weiss-Age 56
Father-John Bahr-Pearl River, New York
Mother-Minnie Haussmann-New York
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 171

Barker, Julia Lee
01-01-1877-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-I.P. Barker- Died 1951
Son-Herman Barker
Father-Thomas Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Georgia Vanderford- Texas
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 122

Bennett, David Harold
Stillborn-6:07 p.m.; Sunday
05-4-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Harold Bennett, Jr.-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nina Gail Hinton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 89

Bennett, John Charlie
11-8-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-24-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Wife-Linzie K. Bennett-Age 43
Brother-Walter E. Bennett
Father-Jesse A. Bennett- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Druscilla Glover- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 174

Bennett, Luther Carl
04-23-1898- Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-20-1958- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elmer Roe James- Died 01-1957
Son- James Bennett- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Tom Bennett
Mother- Alice Lee Richardson
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 96

Bentley, Vasco Douglas
03-12-1910-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
80-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Lamar Harrison
Father-H.D. Bentley-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary E. Blizzard-Lee Co., Mississippi
Jersam Cemetery
Myrtle, Union Co., Mississippi
Page 131

Beshears, Rufus Alexander
03-23-1883-Milton Co., Georgia
02-16-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Wife-Lizzie Wiginton Watkins- Died 08-03-1947
Sister- Mrs. Pearl Carey
Father-A.L. Beshears-Georgia
Mother-Miss Pritchett-Georgia
Pisgah Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 41

Binzie, William Nichols
11-15-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-25-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Hugh Byrd
Father- William Binzie-Scotland
Mother- Jane Alice Wilson-Scotland
Farmington Cemetery
Page 61

Bonds, Annie Elizabeth
10-24-1958-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-I.E. Bonds- Died 06-10-1944
Son-Earnest Lee Bonds
Father-Joe Honeycutt
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 157

Boyd, Mrs. Dolie Ethel
08-18-1882-Walnut, Mississippi
03-01-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-James F. Boyd-Age 79
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Daughter- Mrs. Jack Bennett
Father-Bruce Marsh- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mollie Nelms-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Harmony Cemetery
Page 46

Bradley, Earl Carter
04-13-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Rosa Elizabeth Bradley- Died 1954
Son-Rady Bradley
Father-Amos J. Bradley-Zeblin, Georgia
Mother-Susie Kemp-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 123

Brassfield, William
12-02-1905-Dyersburg, Tennessee
10-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Dora Watts-Age 46
Father-J.D. Brassfield-Tennessee
Mother-Ada Arendell-Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 161

Brawner, Barbara
4:00 a.m.-Sunday-Lived 3 minutes
04-13-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-J.W. Brawner-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Grace Dexter-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 76

Bridges, Walter Chapman
03-11-1885-Webster Co., Mississippi
01-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Cora Dalton- Died 1936
Son-in- Law-O.B. Nelms
Father-Archie Bridges-Webster Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Burk- Alabama
Wake Forrest Cemetery
Houston, Mississippi
Page 12

Briley, Harmon Neely
12-09-1880-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-02-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Wife-Letha Wilson-Age 76
Father- J.T. Briley-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mattie Medford-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 183

Brinkman, Mrs. Frances T.
Age 82 years old
10-24-1958-Tampa, Florida
Niece- Mrs. Martha Thompson Box
Shipped from Florida by B. Marion Reed Co.
Henry Cemetery
Page 160

Brooks, Mrs. Brazzie Vester
06-27-1895-Longview, Texas
01-04-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Edward Brooks-Age 76
Father-Thomas Mullins-Mississippi
Mother-Mag Joslin-Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 6

Brooks, Nancy Lenora
07-26-1876- Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-16-1958- Corinth, Mississippi
Nephew-John Boyd, Jr.
Father-David Brooks- Raleigh, North Carolina
Mother-Mary F. Pulliam- Hickory Valley, Tennessee
Harmony Cemetery
Page 197

Brown, William Taylor
10-25-1879-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-07-1958-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Allie Long-Age 76
Son-H.O. Brown-Booneville, Mississippi
Daughter- Mrs. Sam Johnson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-Taylor Brown-Alabama
Mother-Anna Bugg-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Old Hubbard Salem Cemetery
Page 31

Buchanan, Mrs. Ada Dee
10-08-1886-McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Franklin Buchanan- Died 1954
Sister- Mrs.Virda Collier
Father-Sam Page Perkins-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Peery-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 10

Burgess, Ida Elizabeth
05-26-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-02-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-A.S. Burgess- Died 1948
Niece- Mrs. Lila Voyles
Father-James Dillingham-Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Leatherwood- Obion Co., Tennessee
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 88

Burgess, Mrs. Tiny
10-14-1871-Birth Place Unknown
01-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Friend- Mrs. Katie Claunch
City Cemetery
Page 27

Burkhalter, Hazel Lois
11-08-1952-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-J.J. Burkhalter- Jefferson, Davis Co., Tennessee
Mother-Flo Ella Bobo-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 163

Burress, Mrs. Edna Taylor
08-13-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-27-1958-Chicago, Illinois
Ex Husband-Olen Burress
Son-Robert B. Burress- Brunswick, Georgia
Daughter-Mary Lambert
Father-William R. Taylor-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Dees-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 176

Bush, Joseph William
05-01-1875-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
02-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mattie Alice Bush- Age 76
Sons-Hurley & Howard Bush
Father-Monroe Bush- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother-Safronie Graham- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 34

Bush, Mrs. Kate Tomlinson
02-26-1878-Grenada Co., Mississippi
09-20-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George W. Bush- Died 1937
Daughter- Mrs. Mamie Yarbrough
Father-Thomas Bomer Tomlinson-Virginia
Mother-Cynthia Tomlinson- Davidson Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 145

Butler, Mrs. Bettie C.
02-02-1883- Madison Co., Tennessee
08-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Otis Lee Butler-Age 78
Daughter-Mrs. W.W.Jobe
Father-Abe Crabtree-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Suzie Ellis-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mt. Zion Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 138


Calvery, Robert Thomas
09-07-1884-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
02-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ruth Tom Calvery-Age 65
Son-B.H. Calvery- Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Thomas Calvery-Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Calvery
Antioch # 2 Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 39

Carpenter, James Edgar
08-22-1887-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-13-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Elsie Derryberry- Died 1943
Daughter- Mrs. Martin Shelton
Father- L.V. Carpenter- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Frances Jumper- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 93

Carter, Mrs. Reatha Elberta
06-14-1905-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-16-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Eugene Boatman Carter- Died 03-26-1957
Son-Cleatus Carter-Hammond, Indiana
Daughter-Mary Carter
Father-Robert Russell- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Bettie Rogers
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 19

Castleberry, Libby Sue
10-14-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
10-20-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-James Albert Castleberry- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Willie Mae South- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 154

Clutch, Haley Angeline
09-27-1860-Nashville, Tennessee
06-21-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- George Clutch- Died 1932
Niece-Lillie Wiginton
Father-Billie Weaver
Mother-Tilda Cromwell
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 109

Coln, Martha Helen
07-02-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-17-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister-Elizabeth Coln
Father-William Dow Coln-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mamie Martin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 81

Copeland, Bessie A.
07-02-1893- Hardin Co., Tennessee
05-07-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- L.C. Copeland- Age 68
Father-Rile Copeland- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Adeline Glidewell-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 90

Cossitt, Charles Edward
02-02-1889-Walnut, Mississippi
01-30-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Wife-Lydia Clara Cossitt-Age 63
Father-Edward W. Cossitt-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ellen Rich-Tippah Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 29

Counce, John Walter
12-12-1874- Hardin Co., Tennessee
06-04-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Bettie Pearl Counce- Died 05-05-1953
Son-Harris Counce
Father-W.K. Counce- Tennessee
Mother-Martha Jane Leeth- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 104

Counts, Fred
12-13-1896-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-14-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Gertrude Goad Counce-Age 43
Father-Max Counce-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Julia Ann Scruggs-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 55

Cox, John Herman
03-27-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-17-1958- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Nellie Massengille- Died 08-23-1948
Son-Charles B. Cox
Father-Jerry D. Cox- Rienzi, Mississippi
Mother-Maggie Wroten- Rienzi, Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 95

Crow, Luther Adolphus Sr.
09-14-1891-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-14-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Anna Mattox-Age 62
Son- D. Crow, Jr.
Father-John T. Crow-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha L. Miller-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 195

Crumby, John Eber
09-07-1874- Hardin Co., Tennessee
12-25-1958-Dennis, Mississippi
Wife-Martha Annie Willis-08-1938
Son-Jeff Crumby
Father-Carroll Crumby
Mother-Ms Moody- Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee
Joel Cemetery
Dennis, Mississippi
Page 201

Curlee, Francis Marion
February 1, 1876- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-17-1958-St. Louis, Missouri
Father-William Peyton Curlee
Mother-Mary Boone
Shipped from Missouri by Lupton Funeral Home
City Cemetery
Page 58


Dalton, Lillie Maude
10-24-1902-Colbert Co., Alabama
12-28-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas Berryman Dalton-Age 73
Father-Jonathan Duncan-Monroe Co., Alabama
Mother-Margaret Leecy Barrett-Colbert Co., Alabama
Salem Cemetery
Page 202

Dalton, Lonnie Settle
6-3-1877-Kossuth, Mississippi
5-21-1958-Jackson, Mississippi
Wife-Estelle Thompson- Age 69
Daughters- Mrs. Leonard Spear &
Elizabeth Wardlow; Jackson, Mississippi
Father-Solomon Alonzo Dalton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Elizabeth Walker- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 99

Davis, James Allen
03-02-1884-Wayne Co., Tennessee
04-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jimmie Winston-Age 70
Daughter- Mrs. Paul Splann
Father-William H. Davis-Tennessee
Mother-Adaline Martin
Henry Cemetery
Page 85

Davis, Luther Thompson
11-08-1877-Wayne, Co., Tennessee
03-07-1958- Co., Tennessee
Wife-Miranda Jenkins- Died 05-19-1952
Son-Elton Davis-Booneville, Mississippi
Father-Eliphus Davis-Wayne, Co., Tennessee
Mother-Harriett Throckmartin-Wayne, Co., Tennessee
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 53

Davis, Virgil Hall 5-15-1921-Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-02-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
WWII Veteran
Wife-Eva Wooley-Age 27
Father-Commander Davis-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Daisy Roberts-Jefferson Co., Alabama
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 130

Delp, Nevill
04-13-1885-Scotsboro, Alabama
01-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary K. Delp-Age 62
Father-Charles H. Delp
Mother-Elizabeth Hunt
Henry Cemetery
Page 14

Dickey, James Clifford
02-13-1906-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-14-1958- St. Louis, Missouri
Wife-Lucille Dickey- Age 49
Father-James Walter Dickey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Libby Vanderford-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 37

Dillingham, Flora Evelyn
06-14-1881-Bethyl Springs, Tennessee
05-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-Charlie Dillingham- Died 12-03-1943
Daughter- Mrs. Frank Conaway
Father-Bunk Johnson
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 92

Dillingham, John Henry
02-28-1898-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-02-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Coleman-Age 55
Father-J.B. Dillingham-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lou Edda Rainey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 69

Dilworth Mary Isabell
11-08-1882-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-29-1958- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- Abe Warren Dilworth- Died 06-20-1955
Son-Miller Dilworth
Father-John H. Miller- Alabama
Mother-Elizabeth Holt- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 65

Doles, Iva Mae
06-21-1916-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband - Leonard Doles-Age 45
Father-W.I. Floyd Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Lee Rinehart
White Oak Cemetery
Ramer, Tennessee
Page 2

Donelson, Tania Lee
04-14-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
04-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- N. Little Rock, Arkansas
Father-Kenneth Donelson- Elsie, Nebraska
Mother-Elsie Lee Tucker-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Shiloh Park Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee
Page 83

Doran, Timy Ann
08-20-1873- Hardin Co., Tennessee
01-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.G. Doran- Died 1937
Son-Moss Doran
Father-John Moss-Tennessee
Mother-Jane Mangum-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 01

Dowd, Posey Alfred
01-18-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nora Joslin-Age 80
Son- A.P. Dowd-Greenville, Mississippi
Daughter- Mrs. C.W. Weeks
Father-Erastus Dowd- Mississippi
Mother-Georgia Lowery- Georgia
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 198

Duncan, Edgar John
12-22-1888- Hardin Co., Tennessee
11-23-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Gladys Lienhard- Age 63
Father-John R. Duncan-Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Catherine Surratt-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 173


Emerson, Minnie Lee
11-07-1872-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
11-17-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- Rufus Emerson- Died 1928
Nephew-Jack Timbs
Sister- Mrs. Bud Bullock-Aberdeen, Mississippi
Father-Jefferson D. Biggs-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jeffie Moreland-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 170


Fare, William George
08-02-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-23-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife-Zenia Rainey- Died 10-28-1952
Son-Lelan Fare
Father-Dove Fare
Mother-Ida Dixon-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 60

Farr, Lois Marie
06-01-1924-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-24-1958-Kenosha, Wisconsin
Husband- William Jasper Farr-Age 38
Father-T.H. Boshers-Mississippi
Mother-Virdie Vess-Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 24

Feltman, Edd Houston
09-11-1894-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-19-1958-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife-Martha Borden- Age 57
Father-Richard Feltman-Arkansas
Mother- Cellia Poole- Mississippi
Mt. Mirah Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 56

Ferguson, Arnold Lavaughn
01-15-1910-Ramer, Tennessee
05-20-1958-Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Wife-Louise Ferguson-Age 41
Sister-Vesta Pittman
Father-Joseph S. Ferguson-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Florence Blasingame-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Fowler, Pete Turney
2-12-1892-Kenton, Tennessee
6-21-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mrs. Page T. Fowler
Son-Pete Fowler, Jr.-Kansas City, Missouri
Father-R.E. Fowler
Mother- Miss McCrory
Kenton Cemetery
Kenton, Tennessee
Page 111


Gann, Fannie Lou
04-27-1880-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Odell Gann- Died 12-16-1903
Son-Lloyd Gann, Sr.
Father-John W. Potts
Mother-Susanne Comer
Henry Cemetery
Page 175

Gatlin, Mettie Ola
03-30-1886- Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Howard G. Gatlin- Died 1943
Son-Cleatus Gatlin
Father-James T. Briley- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mattie Medford- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Campground Cemetery
Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 04

Gibbens, Martha Ann Sagley
10-12-1902-Savannah, Tennessee
01-09-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband (Separated)-Herbert Gibbens
Father-J.C. Sagley-Alabama
Mother-Puss Parish-Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 09

Gilliam, James Charles
02-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ida Lee Gilliam-Age 60
Daughter- Hutson
Father-&y Gilliam-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ella Wilhite-Union Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 42

Godwin, Lucy Evelyn
0-10-1895-Hardin Co., Tennessee
0-11-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Sisters-Annie Godwin & Vannie Gray
Father-N.J. Godwin-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Margaret Buchanan- Giles Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Gray, Lee
12-0-1881-Germantown, Arkansas
0-31-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Effie Gray- Age 67
Order by- Leroy
Mother-Kate Moore
Henry Cemetery
Page 101

Grimes, George Newton
0-11-1878-Houston, Texas
0-11-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lucinda Felker-Age 80
Son-J.B. rimes
Father-John Grimes- North Carolina
Mother-Sarah Hutchinson-Mississippi
South Cross Roads Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 120

Grimes, Mrs. Millie Elizabeth
01-09-1879-Mason, Tennessee
02-14-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Barton Grimes-Age 83
Father-Henry Cook
Mother-Ellen Scruggs
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 36

Grissom, Martha Jane
04-27-1895-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Earl Harvey Grissom- Age 56
Father-John R. Bingham-Mississippi
Mother-Emiline Fields-Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 11

Gwyn, Oscar Ben
04-09-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-05-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Minnie George Gwyn- Age 73
Daughter- Mrs. Lonnie Richards
Father-Z.T. Gwyn-Georgia
Mother-Rebecca Clausel-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 72


Hall, Gennette Adaline
08-01-1868-Marion Co., Alabama
06-29-1958-Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- Isom Hall- Died 03-1932
Son-Clifton R. Hall
Daughter- Mrs.W.H. Carter
Father-Jasper Wilson-Marion Co., Alabama
Mother-Mollie Ann Lollar-Marion Co., Alabama
Little Flock Cemetery
Page 113

Hamilton, James William
05-10-1872-Oakland, Alabama
09-30-1958-Jonesboro, Arkansas
Residence-Brookland, Arkansas
Wife-Lou Ida Kelly-Age 76
Son- R.T. Hamilton
Father-Jake Hamilton-Tennessee
Mother-Emma Crumpton-Tennessee
Gregg Funeral Home-Jonesboro, Arkansas
Oak Grove Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 147

Hamm, William Carl
02-19-1894-McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-28-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lider V. Hamm-Age 51
Father-William Dennis Hamm-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mollie South-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 112

Hardin, Columbus B.
10-20-1896-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-03-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Lou Hardin-Age 58
Father-William M. Hardin
Mother-Mollie Vanderford-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 185

Harris, Lessie Mae
04-04-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Albert Lee Harris-Age 82
Daughter- Cora McClamrock
Father-Jim Reed
Mother-Mollie Reed
Oaks Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 70

Harris, Margaret Ann
10-22-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-16-1958-Glen, Mississippi
Husband- William Albert Harris- Died 1945
Son-Bill Harris
Father-Robert Carroll Little-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Miss Harville-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 144

Harris, Wendell Orville
11-02-1894-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-09-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Beatrice D. Harris-Age 51
Father-Tom Harris-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Ellen Morton-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 74

Harwell, George Richard
07-01-1889-Columbus, Kentucky
WW I Veteran
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mamie Van Bibber-Age 53
Father-R.L. Harwell-Sardis, Tennessee
Mother-Elizabeth Burton-Kingston, Missouri
Henry Cemetery
Page 150

Haynes, John Verdell
05-19-1889-Norcross, Georgia
08-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Maggie Paysinger-Age 60
Son-Verdell Haynes
Father-R.B. Haynes-Norcross, Georgia
Mother-Mary E. Vaughn-Norcross, Georgia
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 139

Herman, Maude Vernon
09-27-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-16-1958-Kossuth, Mississippi
Cousin-Irma Jones
Father-Vernon Herman-Alabama
Mother-Ellen Harris-Tennessee
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 169

Hill, Laura Savage
06-13-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-06-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- George Franklin Hill-Age 77
Father-Thomas Martin Alexander Savage-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lucinda Mccord-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Mississippi
Page 73

Hinson, Edward Meeks
02-17-1909-Perry Co., Tennessee
07-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Louise Milner-Age 45
Father- Dr. L.J. Hinson-Newbern, Tennessee
Mother-Laura Brich- Newbern, Tennessee
Fairview Cemetery
Newbern, Tennessee
Page 118

Hinton, Gladys Marie
07-06-1958- Corinth, Mississippi
Sunday-lived 5 hours
Father-Stanley Hinton-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Gladys Smith-Corinth, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 115

Hollaway, Lee Wesley
05-22-1886-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-07-1958-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Dora Gilliam-Age 74
Son-Dewey Hollaway
Father-John Hollaway- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Booneville Cemetery
Page 91

Hoover, John Milton
03-16-1890-Hardin Co., Tennessee
07-19-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Bessie Evelyn Hoover-Age 60
Father-Elbert Hoover-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Julian Ann Dennis-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 125

Hopkins, Lottie Daniel Gann
04-27-1905-Corinth, Mississippi
04-13-1958-Ft.Wayne, Indiana
Daughter- Shirley G. Horton
Father-Marvin Daniel
Mother-Bettie Homan
Shipped from Indiana by Tom Mungoran Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 77

Horton, Mary Modenia
08-10-1879-Union Co., Mississippi
12-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Hugh Jackson Horton, Sr. - Age 76
Father-J.H. Lindsey-Mississippi
Mother-Miss Rogers
Henry Cemetery
Page 199

Howell, Clarence I.
04-23-1894-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-24-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
WW II Veteran
Ex-Wife-Helen McKay-Age 60
Father-William Howell-Georgia
Mother-Ruth Quenn-Tennessee
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 64

Hudson, Larry Gene
09-26-1943-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Troy C. Hudson-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ruth Ginn-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Snowndown Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 151

Hughes, Gary Joe
Stillborn-10:56 p.m.-Sunday
03-02-1958-Shelby Co., Memphis, Tennessee
Buried in casket with Mother
Father-Audie D. Hughes
Mother-Maggie Marie Richard-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 49

Hughes, Maggie Marie
10-27-1921-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-02-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Buried in casket with Baby
Husband- Audie D. Hughes-Age 38
Father-W.E. Richard-Alabama
Mother-Maude Richard
Henry Cemetery
Page 48

Hughes, Oscar Huston
04-03-1873- Gibson Co., Tennessee
07-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Viola Martin- Died 07-15-1955
Son-George Hughes
Father-Sam Hughes-Tennessee
Mother-Sallie Horton-Tennessee
Burial at Milan, Tennessee
Page 119


Isaacson, Carrie Feder
02-08-1868-Brooklyn, New York
12-31-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Wm. Isaacson- Died 08-1929
Daughter- Simm H. Rubel
Father-Elias Feder-Austria
Mother-Mary Stern-Hamburg, Germany
Private Service-Cremation
Ashes scattered by Thompson Bros.
In Memphis, Tennessee
Page 203


Jobe, Arnold Taylor
05-30-1894-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-25-1958- Jackson, Mississippi
Wife-Dovie Jobe-Age 48
Father-George Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lona George-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 159

Johnston Daniel McDougal
01-8-1873-Savannah, Tennessee
04-11-1958-Hialeah, Dade Co., Florida
Nephew-Elizabeth J. Tanksley
Father-Wm. S. Johnston-Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Jane McDougal-Tennessee
Savannah City Cemetery
Savannah, Tennessee
Page 80

Jones, Alfred Ramley
11-04-1882-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
11-30-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Lou Tishie Jones- Died 11-16-1943
Son-Baxter Jones
Father-Giles Oliver Jones-Jasper, Alabama
Mother-Jane Gray-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Union Cemetery
Page 179

Joslin, Samuel C.
02-11-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-05-1958-Bolivar, Tennessee
Wife- Died 05-10-1934
Niece-Lou Vee Pounds-Jackson, Tennessee
Father-Joe Joslin
Mother-Sarah Brown
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 105


Kennedy, Walter Gyp
11-13-1878-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
01-11-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Arminta Agnes Kennedy- Died 01-07-1954
Daughter- Mrs. Will Greene
Father-Dan Kennedy- North Carolina
Mother-Sis McNally-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Kiddy, Annie
04-13-1872- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-21-1958- Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Tom Kiddy-Deceased
Nephew Wm. Kendrick
Father-Bill Jones-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bell Felker
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 155

King, General Jacob
09-02-1875- Hardin Co., Tennessee
01-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Myrtle King-Age 72
Son-Hugh King
Father-Joe King-South Carolina
Mother-Adaline McAfee- Kentucky
Henry Cemetery
Page 25

King, Jim
04-15-1882-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-10-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Dessie Flynn-Age 67
Henry Cemetery
Page 192

King, Mary Ann
01-28-1863-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- M.B. King- Died 03-19-1931
Daughter-Dovie Sawyer
Father-Ambus Russell-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Thornton-Tennessee
City Cemetery Page 177

Kyle, Margaret Elenor
08-19-1891- Hardin Co., Tennessee
11-13-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Rufus Edward Kyle- Died 1930
Son-Hubert Kyle
Father-Wyle Adkins-Florence, Alabama
Mother-Dollie Whitworth
Henry Cemetery
Page 167


Lancaster, May Ethyl
09-24-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-F.L. Lancaster- Died 1940
Step-grandson-Gene Odom
Father-William P. Johnston-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Cordelia Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 124

Lang, Robert White Jr.
01-13-1884-Ardmore, Oklahoma
01-17-1958-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Lavinia Thompson
Daughter- Mrs. Truman Smith
Father-R.W. Lane Sr.-Georgia
Mother-Tietha Cheshire-Tennessee
Symerna Cemetery
Moulton, Alabama
Page 20

Leatherwood, Malinda
05-15-1872- Kentucky
06-14-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.F. Leatherwood- Died 1950
Sons-Tommie & Allen Leatherwood
Father-John Guinn
Mother-Mary Jane Weeks-Alabama
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 106

Lee, Fannie Mae
06-20-1909-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-02-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Charlie Theodore Lee-Age 49
Daughter-Jo Ann Lee
Father-Faulkner Livingston-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lena McMins-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 164

Leggett, Willie Ester
01-26-1904-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Janita Lois Leggett-Age 33
Father-J.L. Leggett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Tillie Bennett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 43

Little, Walter Perry
09-27-1892-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-23-1958-Strickland, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Annie Lee Baswell Little- Died 1944
Daughter- Mrs. Inez L. Atkins-Tuscumbia, Alabama
Father-Cal Little-Tennessee
Mother-Zilphia Ann Harville-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 128

Lowe, Hubert Harold
05-28-1900-Monroe Co., Mississippi
05-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Rose Sloat -Age 50
Brother-Lon C. Lowe
Father-J.A. Lowe-Pickens Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nora Muphree -Hamilton, Texas
Henry Cemetery
Page 94

Luna, Effie May
05-08-1906- Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-09-1958-Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Husband-Arthur Van Luna-Age 55
Daughter-Christine Eubanks
Father-Jack Sullivan-Alabama
Mother-Lizzie Pollack-Iuka, Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 190


Magers, Effie Lititia
08-08-1878-Baldwyn, Mississippi
01-20-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.M. Magers- Died 11-27-1931
Daughter- Mrs. Mildred D. Robinson
Father-John Mahon-Baldwyn, Mississippi
Mother-Laura Young-Baldwyn, Mississippi
Baldwyn Cemetery
Page 2

Martin, Thomas Roy
11-05-1886-Stewart, Tennessee
03-29-1958-Ripley, Mississippi
Wife-Ethel Yates-Age 53
Brother-in-law-Wm. A. Yates
Father-Henry Martin-Tennessee
Mother-Vestie McGee-Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Faulkner, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 66

Meeks, Marcus Wiles
04-19-1882- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-05-1958- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Miss Mary Meeks
Father- Marcus W. Meeks- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Zilpah Adeline Michie- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery

Mercer, Archie Rueshaw
02-29-1872-Breckinridge Co. Kentucky
03-30-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Clara T. Mercer- Died 03-02-1953
Daughter- Mrs. Mary Mose
Son-Hollie Mercer
Father-Ed Mercer-Breckinridge Co., Kentucky
Mother-Nancy Ashley-Tennessee
Oak Grove Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 67

Michie, Josie
05-04-1860-Michie, Tennessee
01-13-1958-Idabel, Oklahoma
Son-J.E. Michie
Father-Asa Hurley
Mother-Kathryn Hurley
Shipped from Idabel Oklahoma by Coffey Funeral Home
Liberty Cemetery
Acton, Tennessee
Page 18

Miller, Flora Anna
10-23-1864-Zanesville, Ohio
10-22-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Arthur J. Miller- Died-1953
Daughter-Ruth Roring
Father-Fredrick Weaver Handschy-Zanesville, Ohio
Mother-Ruth Hanna Winn-Wynn Co., Virginia
Henry Cemetery
Page 156

Mills, Reid
Age 43-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-05-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother-in-law-Robert McMillan
Henry Cemetery
Page 140

Mitchell, Ely Bingham
02-16-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-12-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ellen Elizabeth Mitchell- Died 1948
Sister- Mrs. Will McCord
Father-Lyman B. Mitchell-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Maggie Bingham-Murray Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 152

Mitchell, John David
11-29-1915-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-25-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pearl Flanagan-Age 30
Father-Dee Mitchell
Mother-Lula Price
Henry Cemetery
Page 62

Munday, Irene Franklin
11-18-1896-McNairy, Co., Tennessee
12-07-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Ex-Husband-Harry Earl Munday
Daughter- Mrs. Claude Clayton-Tupelo, Mississippi
Father-J.J. Whitten-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ora Anderson-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 189

Myers, Fred Cary
12-13-1916-Raleigh, Mississippi
07-09-1958-Guntown, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mildred Collins-age 40
Father-Milton Myers-Smith Co., Mississippi
Mother-Essie Epting-Smith Co., Mississippi
Hill Crest Cemetery
Holly Springs, Mississippi
Page 117


McCord Walter Burton
09-06-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie McCord- Died 03-1945
Brother-Clarence McCord
Father-Campbell Washington McCord-Alabama
Mother-Joanna Bell Harrison-Arkansas
Henry Cemetery
Page 26

McCullar Katherine Elizabeth
11-13-1877-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-06-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-E.T. McCullar- Died 11-10-1944
Order by-Vera & Leon
Father-William Washington Castleberry-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Aria Annis Atkins- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 51

McGaughy, Moate
11-05-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-22-1958-Winona, Montgomery Co., Mississippi
Husband-J.H. McGaughy- Died 1957
Son-Kelcy Lamb-Winona, Mississippi
Father-Bob Brooks- Mississippi
Mother-Katherine Moore- Mississippi
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 134

McKee, Jim
10-28-1878- Hardin Co., Tennessee
04-25-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Minnie Byrd-Age 62
White Sulphur Cemetery
Pickwick, Tennessee
Page 84

McKinney, Elizabeth Curtis
03-15-1880-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
12-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Lee McKinney- Died 12-09-1954
Son-J.E. McKinney
Father-Tom Curtis-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jennie Turberville-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Snowdown Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 196

McNeely, Bertha Elger
07-19-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Thomas McNeely- Died 1954
Daughter-Nellie Garrett
Father-James M. Taylor- Mississippi
Mother-Martha Jane Pinkard-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 102


Norman, Willie K.
07-20-1900-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-04-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Sister-Sue Gant
Father-A.B. Norman-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Anna Campbell-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 166

North, Alton Bennett
08-29-1904-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-05-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Clara May North-Age 44
Father-Jim North-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Anna Strickland-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 71


Olive, W. A.
11-01-1931-McNairy, Co., Tennessee
04-28-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Invalid for 15 years
Father-W.A. Olive-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Susie Newell-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Olive Hill Cemetery
Page 86


Pace, Mrs. Hanna Ann
01-20-1869-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-21-1958-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Paden, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Husband-George Pace- Died 1914
Son-James F. Pace-Paden, Mississippi
Father-Francis Rummage
Forked Oak Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 110

Paden, Mrs. Mary Nash
09-25-1881-Booneville, Mississippi
03-22-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-D.W. Paden- Died 02-26-1953
Son-Wm. Thomas Paden-Memphis, Tennessee
Sister- Mrs. Carl Norwood, Sr.
Father-W.H. Davenport-Booneville, Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Estelle Young-Booneville, Mississippi
Bethany Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 59

Parker, Henry Owen
02-25-1875-Waterloo, Alabama
12-09-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Minerva Parker-Age 78
Son-in-law-M.G. Fields
Father-Tom Parker-Waterloo, Alabama
Mother-Martha Smith-Waterloo, Alabama
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 191

Peters, Lucy Margaret
06-06-1880-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-27-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-D.M. Peters-Age 79
Daughter-Julia Thomas
Father-Tom Flangan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Newman-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 146

Pettigrew, Viola
09-06-1880-McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-16-1958-Florence, Alabama
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Frank Pettigrew- Died 1944
Daughter-Vela Page Tate-Florence, Alabama
Father-John Williams-Tennessee
Mother-America Britton-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 40

Phifer, Ruben Wedgeton
03-29-1894- North Carolina
08-22-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ada Oteria Phifer-Age 55
Father-Hamp Phifer- North Carolina
Mother-Emma Watts- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 135

Pittman, Beulah Inez
04-02-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-16-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-T.R. Pittman- Died 1950
Son-Lester Pittman
Father-Jerry Taylor- Colbert Co., Alabama
Mother-Delia Robinson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 108

Pittman, Margaret Lou Ada
07-10-1874-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-11-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Edgar Pittman- Died 04-27-1947
Nephew-Roy Mincy
Father-Henry Taylor Storment-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Elizabeth Twitty-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 121

Prewitt, Marion Cleave
09-20-1888-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-20-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Lou Ellis-Age 68
Father-Marion Prewitt-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lucinda Parsons-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Rolling Mills Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 97

Price, Mary Johnsey
05-02-1877-Rienzi, Mississippi
06-02-1958-Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Dr. Lewis Bradley Price- Died 1950
Sister-in-law-Hazel Johnsey
Father-Henry Taylor Johnsey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Laura Martin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 103

Price, Esper Walter
03-21-1877-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Campbell-Age 74
Father-Bob Price
Mother-Nancy Pipkin
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 137

Price, Oscar Eugene
06-15-1865-Marshall Co., Mississippi
11-02-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ora Price-Age 77
Father-John Wesley Price-Marshall Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mattie Eliza Farr-Marshall Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 165

Purvis, Maybelle Shannon
01-25-1902-Ripley, Mississippi
08-17-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-John W. Purvis, Sr.
Shipped from Memphis by National Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 133

Putt, Golden Herbert
01-13-1915-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-18-1958-Long Beach, California
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Ellis Putt-Mississippi
Mother-Lillie Mitchell Putt Deuel
Henry Cemetery


Richardson, Geo. Washington
06-21-1872-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-02-1958-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Miller- Died 1928
Son-L.D. Richardson
Father- Mr. Richardson
Sardis Cemetery
Page 182

Richardson, Hattie Arsula
05-07-1877-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
11-30-1958-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Joseph L. Richardson- Died 1949
Son-Edgar E. Richardson
Father-James Huddleston-Mississippi
Mother-Doshia Holley-Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 180

Rinehart, Joseph Henry
01-28-1958-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Lula Kate Howell-Age 72
Daughter- Ruby Gifford
Father-Geo. Rinehart-Georgia
Mother-Ellen Thompson
Sardis Cemetery
Page 28

Rinehart, Lula Kate Katherine
03-03-1883-New Albany, Mississippi
12-03-1958-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-J.H. Rinehart- Died 01-28-1958
Son-Milton Rinehart
Father- William Young Howell-Georgia
Mother-Martha Jane Stocks-Georgia
Sardis Cemetery
Page 184

Rock, Lillie Adele
02-08-1885-Aberdeen, Mississippi
02-08-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-A.F. Rock
Daughter- Aubry Farris
Father-Vann Ledbetter-Tennessee
Mother-Maggie Tschudi-Memphis, Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 32

Rogers, Lilla Mae
04-25-1898-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-14-1958-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-Geo. Henry Rogers-Age 66
Mother-Sarah Elizabeth Follin- North Carolina
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 194

Rogers, Robert Alvertes
11-07-1869- Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-28-1958-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Rachel D. Rogers- Died 04-26-1956
Son- Wilberth Rogers
Father-Bob Rogers- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Emily Tucker- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 178

Ross, April Wenonia
04-04-1958-Shelby Co., Tennessee
04-13-1958-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Howard Elton Ross-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Wenonia Mattox-Oklahoma
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 75

Ross, Finlay Hamilton
03-30-1895-New Orleans, Louisiana
12-24-1958-Birmingham, Alabama
Wife-Aileen Potts
Father- Finlay Ross- Louisiana
Mother-Mary Brown- Louisiana
Shipped from Birmingham by Johns Ridout
Henry Cemetery
Page 200

Ross, Toby Theodore
11-02-1910-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-19-1958-Rankin Co.-Mississippi
Wife-Katie V. Switcher-Age 38
Son-Ray Van Ross
Father-Theodore Ross
Mother-Mattie Scott-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-in-law-Henry S. Switcher
Mother-in-law-Sallie Price Bonds Switcher
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 57

Rushing, David Allen
12-23-1885- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-04-1958- Rogersville, Hawkins Co., Tennessee
Wife- Zolda Manuel Rushing- Died 1941
Son-in-law-J.M. Brand
Father- Wm. S. Rushing-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Bettie Williams-Mississippi
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co, Tennessee
Page 148

Russell, Arthur Blain
09-01-1885- Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-04-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Anna Russell-Age 71
Son- Manning Russell
Father- Bill Ryle Russell-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Callie Jones-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 5


Sanders, Robert Lee
05-20-1907-McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-21-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Clara Mae Jobe-Age 48
Father- Church Bradley Sanders-Austin, Texas
Mother- Ollie McNatt-Ripley, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 22

Sharp, Gabie Hyneman
02-06-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-29-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John B. Sharp- Died 10-12-1942
Daughter-Virginia Sharp
Father-Irwin Hyneman-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother Emmaline Henson-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 162

Shook, Carter Solomon
04-09-1867-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
01-01-1958-Starkville, Mississippi
Wife-Orlean Evelyn Shook- Died 1917
Son-Alvie Shook
Father-William Wiley Shook
Mother-Nancy Elizabeth Gann
Joel Cemetery
Page 3

Sims, Eda Myrtle
09-03-1891-McNairy Co., Tennessee
07-19-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Aught Edgar Sims-Age 73
Father-W.M. Sweat-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary Margaret Brannan-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 126

Sitton, James Earl
10-09-1906-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Elva Pharr-Age 50
Father- James M. Sitton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sally Rebecca Woodley-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 168

Smith, Calip Andrew
08-14-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-21-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pauline Greer-Age 71
Father-Wm. Hardy Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Flanning-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Malone Cemetery
Glen, Mississippi
Page 44

Smith, Harriett Ann
03-13-1881-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-12-1958-Glen, Mississippi
Husband-R.F. Smith-Age 90
Son-Andrew Smith
Father-Bud Clark
Mother-Ms Williams
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 193

Smith, Mrs. Leo Hamm
08-20-1890-McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-17-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Rufus Lee Smith-Age 76
Son-Henderson Smith
Father-Wm. Dennis Hamm-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mollie South-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 82

Smith, Edna Beatrice
02-03-1885-Flint, Alabama
01-06-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Carroll Smith- Died 1945
Son-Ralph Smith
Father-Wm. Redding Staten-Pleasant Hill, Mississippi
Mother-Mary Annie Turney -Somerville, Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 7

Smith, Rickey Drew
04-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 10 hours
Father-Clyde J. Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Loretta Jackson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 78

Sorrell, Willie Dee
05-12-1904-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-13-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Will Dean Sorrell-Age 63
Son-Bernard Sorrell
Father-C.H. Putt-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ida Jones- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 132

Spencer, Ruthie Magdaline
05-17-1896-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-16-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Wm. H. Spencer-age 63
Father-Ben Markle-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Love-Russellville, Alabama
Union Cemetery
Page 79

Splann, Fannie Maud
01-10-1882-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-03-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Benjamin Splann-Age 82
Son-E.C. Splann-Brownsville, Tennessee
Father-Aron Potts-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Wolf-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 30

Steen, Elenor Pulcheria
10-06-1875-Houlka, Mississippi
03-04-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Wm. Thomas Steen-Houlka, Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Frances Craig
Henry Cemetery
Page 50

Strickland, Richard Edmond
11-15-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-23-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Verdie Oaks-Age 61
Son-Harold R. Strickland
Father- Ancle Strickland-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lizie Martin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Lebanon Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 127

Sutton, Minnie
08-03-1877-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-15-1958-Tuscumbia, Alabama
Nephew- Wm. Young Klyce- Alabama
Father- William Sutton-Tennessee
Mt. Zion Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 142

Switzer, (Switcher) Ben Lawrence
02-24-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-14-1958-Biggersville, Mississippi
Brother-Henry Shackleford Switcher
Father-Ed Switcher-Georgia
Mother- Epsie Dees
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 17


Thompson, Mazie Elizabeth
06-08-1893- Hardin Co., Tennessee
08-25-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Homer Ewell Thompson-Age 67
Father-Jim Smith-Alabama
Mother-Annie Tankersley-Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 136

Tomlinson, Jonah M.
09-21-1886-Tippah Co., Mississippi
09-16-1958-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife-Daisy Thomlinson-Age 71
Father-W.B. Thomlinson- Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Malone-South Carolina
Camp Ground Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 143

Turbville, John
02-17-1894-Colbert Co., Alabama
03-02-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Kate W. Turbville -Age 52
Father-Lobe Turbville -Colbert Co., Alabama
Mother-Rosie Gaisser -Colbert Co., Alabama
Antioch Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 47


Vanderford, Emma
08-18-1887-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-03-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Albert Vanderford-Age 71
Father-Robert M. Maness-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Brown-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Juliette Cemetery
Page 186

Vanderford, Herbert Emery
07-3-1883- Mississippi
02-10-1958-Fabens, Texas
Residence- Clint, El Paso Co., Texas
Wife-Agnes Vanderford
Father-J.H. Vanderford
Mother-Elizabeth Jobe
Farmington Cemetery
Page 35

Vanderford, Neal Samathia
07-03-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-09-1954- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Mark Vanderford- Died 1938
Daughter- Mrs. L.C. Nash
Father- Bob Maness-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Brown-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Joliett Cemetery
Page 54


Watkins, Willie A.
08-11-1958-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-01-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Willie D. Watkins
Mother-Marie West
Farmington Cemetery
Page 181

Wallace, John Elmer
Age 71- Kossuth, Mississippi
07-03-1958-Arcadia, Florida
Res. Ft. Myers, Florida
Wife-Alberta Adams
Shipped from Robarts Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 116

Westmoreland J.T. W
Residence-Tupelo, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Shipped from Spain Funeral Home
Tupelo, Mississippi
Buried Between Tupelo & Fulton, Mississippi
Page 187

Whitaker, Rockey Lane
10-20-1958-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-05-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Delane Whitaker- Montgomery Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Frances Smith- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 188

White, Joseph Cleveland
06-30-1892-Bellgreen, Alabama
03-31-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Heart Failure
Wife-Lillie Cora Gooch-Age 66
Father-Miller White-Columbia, Missouri
Mother- Lodeema Faulkner-Blount Co., Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 68

Whitt Alton Carroll
11-9-1920-Portland, Tennessee
1-25-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Olive Owens
Father- R.F Whitt, Sr.
Mother-Beulah Nichols
Elmwood Cemetery
Birmingham, Alabama
Page 23

Wigginton, Clifford Douglas
09-12-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-15-1958-Tupelo, Mississippi
Residence- Burnsville, Mississippi
Father-Clifford A. Wigginton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ona Mae Hardwick-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 38

Williams, William Edward
08-21-1870-Birmingham, Alabama
03-26-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Charlie McDaniel-Age 78
Father-Jim Williams-Alabama
Mother-Mary Stokes-South Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 63

Wilson, Gearldine
09-12-1892-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-02-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Charles E. Wilson- Died 10-1953
Sister- Mrs. Sam Sharp
Father-James Jacob Bell-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Jemima Nash- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 87

Wolfe, Fredrick Elwood
09-01-1905- Oakland California
07-05-1958- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Altha M. Wolfe-Age 50
Father- R.L. Wolfe
Mother- Miss Lukus
Highland Cemetery
Page 114

Wood, Alma Louise
08-03-1903-Toledo, Ohio
01-07-1958- Evergreen Park, Illinois
Husband-Eldred Wood-Age 61
Father-Ernest Rutchow -Germany
Shipped from Lane & Son Funeral Home; Chicago, Illinois
Henry Cemetery
Page 8

Woodson, Callie Ann
06-11-1881-Linn Point, Tennessee
10-24-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Joseph M.Woodson - Died 09-06-1955
Order by-Mozelle & Thelma
Father-William H. Cartwright-Tennessee
Mother-Cynthia Ann Beckham-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 158

Wright, Wendell Clyde
12-15-1914-Jackson Co., Alabama
06-15-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Middleton, Tennessee
Wife Carlie Jones-Age 38
Father-Wm. Jackson Wright-Jackson Co., Alabama
Mother-Sarah Thomason-Jackson Co., Alabama
Johns Family Cemetery
Page 107

Young, Hubert Farris
02-14-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-22-1958-Pride Station, Colbert Co., Alabama
Wife-Turner Pride-Age 64
Father-Robert Felix Young- Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jane Henry
Henry Cemetery
Page 172

Young, Walter Monroe
02-10-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-08-1958-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mittie B. Young- age 74
Father-George Young- Tennessee
Mother-Bettie Strickland
Henry Cemetery
Page 141
Alcorn County Home
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