McPeters Funeral Home Records 1957

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1957


Abel, William Thomas
03-09-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-15-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lula Belle Stone- Age 70
Father-Jessie Abel-Alabama
Mother-Betsy Ann Flanagan-Alabama
Piney Grove Cemetery
Page 2

Adkins, John Alfred
08-18-1891-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-08-1957-Glen, Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Wife-Lillie Mae Fowler- Age 47
Father-Joseph W. Adkins-Texas
Mother-Evelyn Dowd-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brigman Hill Cemetery
Page 89

Ajax, Edwin Henry Veteran
09-01-1897-Panola Co., Mississippi
08-18-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Father-David Ajax-Wales
Mother-Sarah Heavener-Wales
Henry Cemetery
Page 110

Allen, Audy Shuford
01-04-1877-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-03-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother-L.D. Allen
Father-Andrew Allen-North Carolina
Mother-Lucy Elmore- Alabama
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 67

Anderson, Carrie Elizabeth
03-08-1872-Benton Co., Mississippi
01-03-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-G.F. Anderson- Died 1954
Daughter-Nellie Manning
Father-James T. Murphree-Marshall Co., Tennessee
Mother-Sallie Cottrell-Marshall Co., Tennessee
Salem Cemetery
Page 1

Anderson, Virginia Herbert
01-13-1914-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-21-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J. Hal Anderson Jr.- Age 43
Father-Hubert N. Young-North Carolina
Mother-Virgie Huggins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 170

Armstrong, Mary Jane
05-19-1866-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
02-19-1957-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-C.W. Armstrong- Died 1916
Son-Guyton Armstrong
Father-Andy Goodman- Alabama
Mother-Mary Crane- Alabama
Armstrong Family Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 20


Barry, Ozro Earl
11-14-1933-Holmes Co., Mississippi
09-30-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife Annie- Annie Belle Barry- Age 22
Father-Ozro Earl Barry-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Hazel Dickey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 128

Belue, Lonnie
05-07-1903-Gibson Co. Mississippi
09-23-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ella Alexander- Deceased
Keeper Hubert Voyles
Father-Dave Belue- Gibson Co., Tennessee
Mother-Ellen Springer- Carroll Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 125

Bennett, Elmer Roe James
08-20-1891-Fayette Co., Tennessee
01-26-1956-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Luther Carl Bennett-Age 59
Father-John H. Graham-Fayette Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary Elizabeth Green-Fayette Co., Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 10

Bishop, Dora Lee
02-25-1876-Bardwell, Kentucky
03-05-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-N.G. Bishop
Daughters-Ruby Bishop & Mrs. Ed Byrnes
Father-David Crockett Leath-Tennessee
Mother-Laura Alice Meshew-Kentucky
Henry Cemetery
Page 34

Bishop, Earl Thomas
Age 55-Bardwell, Kentucky
07-15-1957-St. Louis Missouri
Wife-Daisy Carlock
Sisters-Ruby Bishop & Mrs. Ed Byrnes
Father-N.G. Bishop
Mother-Dora Leath Bishop-Bardwell, Kentucky
Henry Cemetery.
Page 96

Blankenship, Jarushia Locke
06-26-1873-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-10-1957-Detroit, Michigan
Husband-Thomas Blankenship- Died 1937
Son-Henry Perry-Detroit, Michigan
Father-Elonzo, Locke-Tennessee
Mother-Lucinda Dillon-Tennessee
Oak Hill Cemetery
Selmer, Tennessee
Page 108

Blankenship, William Able
12-12-1893-McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-11-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nina Blankenship- Age 53
Father-D.A. Blankenship-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Tennessee Hughes-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 57

Boren, Vallie Everett
11-20-1892-Lexington, Mississippi
Husband-James Luther Boren Sr.- Age 63
Son-Arthur Boren
Father-John Bell Everette-Holmes Co., Mississippi
Mother-Willie Alberta Dent-Holmes, Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 66

Bowen, Edmon Lee
03-04-1872-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-20-1957-Michie, Tennessee
Home Of Grand-Daughter
Wife-Myrtle Trotter- Died 02-21-1938
Son-W.F. Bowen
Father-Fletcher Bowen-Tennessee
Mother-Miss Smith-Tennessee
New Hope Cemetery
Page 152

Bradley, Willie Leonard
07-05-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-07-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Beatrice Wooten- Age 66
Father-Amos Bradley-Zebulon, Georgia
Mother-Susie Kemp- Corinth, Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 70

Brown Florence Tennessee
05-01-1957- Tupelo, Mississippi
Husband-William Marshall Brown- Died 05-10-1938
Daughter-Mrs. H.B. Douglass
Father-George L. Smith-Alabama
Mother-Mary Catherine Hillis
Mt. Vinson Cemetery
Page 53

Brumley, William Ketchum
08-09-1905-Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-13-1957-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife-Ima Wilbanks- Age 43
Father-Tom Brumley-Arkansas
Mother-Belle Rutherford-Tippah Co. Mississippi
Union Cemetery Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 134

Bryant, William Logan
02-13-1871-Henderson Co., Tennessee
07-09-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nora Jones- Died 1946
Sons-Wash & Frank Bryant
Father-George W. Bryant-Tennessee
Mother-Sophronia Wise
Henry Cemetery
Page 90

Burcham, Hezekiah
03-11-1866-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-23-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Vanderford- Age 80
Son-Leslie Burcham
Father-William S. Burcham-Georgia
Mother-Nancy Ann Palmer-Georgia
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 6

Butler, Kansas Lou Anna
06-07-1861-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-01-1957-Rienzi, Mississippi
Residence-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-James Albert Butler- Died 1923
Son-R.H. Butler
Father-Mr. Pannell-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha Brooks-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. Mississippi
Blythe Chapel Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 116

Butts, Clarence Wesley
09-01-1902-Barlow, Kentucky
01-25-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pearl Butts- Age 57
Father-Charles Butts-Kentucky
Mother-Elizabeth Bell-Kentucky
Burial in-Wickliffe Kentucky
Page 09


Caldwell, Frances Nazara Hill
02-16-1869-York Co., South Carolina
11-8-1957-Shereveport, Louisiana
Order by-Osborn Funeral Home Shreveport, Louisiana
Husband-R.L. Caldwell- Died 1948
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Mississippi
Page 146


Daniel, Homan Morrow
Age 54-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-27-1957-Chicago, Illinois
Wife-Allie H. Daniel
Father-Mr. Daniel
Mother-Bettie Haley
Shipped Fm. Chicago By-Mee & Ramee Funeral Directors
Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Davis, Minnie B.
02-13-1882-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-06-1957-Cortinh, Mississippi
Husband-David Robert Davis- Died 1952
Son-Woodrow Davis
Father-Robert Taylor Smith-Georgia
Mother-Julie Ellen Moss-Tippah Co. Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 50

Davis, Noah Lonzo
02-11-1920-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-17-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
WW II Veteran
Wife-Mary Orr- Age 35
Father-B.L. Davis-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Katie Pearl Jenkins-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 109

Dees, Lucendia Wingo
05-23-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-18-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-J.D. Dees- Died 03-04-1948
Son-Homer Dees
Father-Jackson Wingo
Mother-Miss Prince
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 61

Dees, Ora Miller
03-09-1884-McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-06-1957-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Earnie Ellis Dees- Died 03-15-1955
Son-Ellis Dees
Father-George Harrison Miller
Mother-Margaret Ann James
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 69

Dempsey, James Robert
07-06-1877-McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-17-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Sallie Green Anderson- Age 81
Son-Joe A. Dempsey
Father-John Dempsey-Ireland
Mother-Elizabeth Livingston-Tennessee
McNairy Cemetery-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 3

Depoyster, Eugena
10-10-1878-Tiahomingo Co., Mississippi
11-28-1957-Irvington, California
Husband-James Robert Depoyster- Died 05-21-1949
Son-Bonnie Depoyster
Shipped here from Hayward Funeral Home
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 161

Derrick, William Oscar
06-12-1885-Little Rock, Arkansas
05-21-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Terrish Mason Derrick- Age 73
Son-Frank Derrick
Father-Pryor Derrick-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Annie Robinson-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 63

Deuel, Wilbur Conklin
11-05-1874-Logansport, Indiana
06-21-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie L. Mitchell
Father-W.M. Deese-Ohio
Mother-Mollie Logan
Henry Cemetery
Page 81

Deyton, Clara Gayle
01-11-1920-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-31-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Knoxville, Tennessee
Husband-James Wombell Deyton- Age 35
Father-Robert Alexander-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jennie May Mills-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Remains shipped to Mann Mortuary Knoxville, Tennessee
Highland Memorial Garden
Knoxville, Tennessee
Page 48

Dillingham, Lou Etta
03-12-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-24-1957-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Husband-J.B. Dillingham- Died 1921
Sons-Mark & Hillie Dillingham
Father-Hiram Rainey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Carter-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 64

Doles, Billy Jean Jr.
11-10-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
11-12-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Billy Jean Doles-Guys, Tennessee
Mother-Effie Vearl Counts-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 147

Drewery, Ed Dalton
7-22-1877-Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-01-1957-Walnut, Mississippi
Father-John Drewery-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha Hopper-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Niece-Mrs. Hester Shadburn
Providence Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 141


Fare, Willard Boone
09-24-1900-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-13-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Annie Lou Shelton- Age 49
Sister-Ollie Phillips
Father-Dave Fare-Kentucky
Mother-Ida Dixon-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 122

Farris, Sandra Jean
11-11-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-25-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Ellihugh Farris-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Olivia Irene Freeman
Salem Cemetery
Page 156

Farris, Maude Octavia
11-26-1880-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Alvy Franklin Farris- Died 1941
Son-Virgil Farris
Father- C.C. Cornelius-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary Suggs-Alabama
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 154

Farris, Oscar Odell
07-23-1878-Michie, Tennessee
12-8-1957-Pamona, California
Farris Vera Johnson-Age 55
Father- S. Page Farris-Michie, Tennessee
Mother-Margaret Sutton-Michie, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 165

Fowler, Terry Lee
12-22-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lived 4 hours
Father-George M. Fowler-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ruby Lee Cox-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 172

Frazier, Emma Catherine
07-29-1870- Lewis Co., Tennessee
08-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sidney John Frazier- Died 08-26-1939
Daughter-Mildred Frazier
Father-J.L. Wilson-Marshall Co., Tennessee
Mother-Cynthia Jane Wilson-Marshall Co., Tennessee
Holley Cemetery
Page 115

Fryar, John Rufus
02-07-1917-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-16-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
WW II & Korean War Veteran
Wife-Jennie Sims-Age 27
Father-Homer Fryar-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Madgie Bumpass-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 95


Gann, Robert Lee
08-15-1880-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
12-25-1957-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Mollie Annie Grissom- Died 01-23-1950
Daughter-Rada Sue Caldwell
Father-Billy Gann-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Ann Thornton
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Oak Grove Cemetery
Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Page 177

Gant, Mary Martin
03-18-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-09-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert F. Gant- Died 02-02-1945
Son-Willie Gant
Father-William Martin- North Carolina
Mother-Angeline Wheeler-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 21

Greer, Mary Lou
09-26-1917-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-01-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Elmer Greer- Age 46
Ex-Husband-Carl Norris
Father-Fred Wilson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mittie Butler-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 54

Gross, Louis Francis
04-24-1883-Paducah, Kentucky
03-20-1957-Melbourne, Florida
Wife-Mary Lou Gross
Father-Frank Gross
Mother-Miss Johnson
Antioch Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 45

Gurley, Arizona Emaline
09-17-1870- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-09-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Charlie Benjamin Gurley- Died 08-11-1938
Son-Raymond Gurley
Father-Ben Carter- Mississippi
Mother-Lydia Owens- Georgia
Holly Cemetery
Page 91


Hale, Stafford Morris
11-15-1909- Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-21-1957- Modesta, California
Wife- Mary Potts
Order by- Mr. & Mrs. Osteen Smith
Father- I.W. Hale
Mother- Rhoda Hale
Henry Cemetery
Page 29

Hammon, Lou Hooker
03-13-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-17-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Home of- Mrs. Bill Lamberth
Husband-E.L. Hammon- Died 1926
Son-Hugh Hammon
Father-Frank Hooker- Mississippi
Mother-Martha Woodard- Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 169

Hanley, Mary Neal
01-26-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-17-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband-Pat Hanley- Died0 4-13-1945
Daughter-Ethyl Hanley
Father-John Campbell-Canada
Mother-Lucinda Higginbottom-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 75

Harville, William Berry
03-18-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-18-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Mandy E. Harville- Age 82
Son-Henry Harville
Father-Isom Harville
Mother-Nancy Skillman
New Hope Cemetery Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 60

Harville, Benjamin Franklin
11-23-1895-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-20-1957-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Willie Mae Greer- Died 1942
Daughter-Maurine Hemby-Finger, Tennessee
Father-William B. Harville-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mandy Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 137

Harville, Thomas Andrew
01-26-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-02-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie C. Harville- Died 1952
Son-Woodrow Harville
Father-Isom Harville-North Carolina
Mother-Nancy E. Skillman- Alabama
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 32

Henderson, John Henry
08-29-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-27-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Millie Wren- Died 1950
Son-Henry Henderson
Father-John Henderson
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 30

Henry, Oseola Clyde
01-31-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-08-1957-Kosssuth, Mississippi
Wife-Lena Henry- Died 1948
Son-Ancel A. Henry
Father-Nelson Henry
Mother-Belle Enochs
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 35

Hill, Myrtle Bell
10-12-1859-McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-21-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-M.H. Hill- Died 1949
Daughter-Nancy Erwin-Memphis, Tennessee
Grand-Daughter-Mable Wren
Father-Lee J. Howell- Tennessee
Mother-Jo Ann Roe-Tennessee
Shiloh Park Tennessee.
Page 51

Hines, Mattie Wilson
10-04-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-04-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Fred J. Hines- Died 1947
Daughter- Mrs. Willie Johns
Father-W.A. Deryberry-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jane Parchman-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 100

Hinton, Jessie Mae
12-26-1896-Gibson Co., Mississippi
05-20-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Chester Hinton- Age 57
Father-J.Q. Butler-Gibson Co., Tennessee
Mother-Ella Sanders-Gibson Co., Tennessee
Trenton City Cemetery (Trenton, Tennessee)
Page 62

Hinton, Oscar Mancel
02-01-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Virginia Hamlin Hinton- Died 06-05-1951
Son-Frank Hinton
Father-Thomas F. Hinton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Frances D. Doggett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 05

Holley, Anna Lou
11-30-1899-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-25-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Bunyon Holly- Died 02-11-1947
Son-Hunter Holly
Father-Jessie A Johnson-Georgia
Mother-Elizabeth Chesser- Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 113

Holloway, Flossie Mae
02-14-1893-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-26-1957-Memphis Tennessee
Husband-Albert S. Holloway
Brother-B.O. Harrison-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-G.W. Harrison-Colbert Co., Tennessee
Mother-Susie Duncan-Atlanta, Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 157

Holloway, Joseph Keith
03-01-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lived 5 hours
Father-James A. Holloway-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nila Faye Emmerson
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 31

Hoover, Luther Dalton
09-14-1880-Hardin Co., Tennessee
06-21-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ada King-Age 76
Daughter- Mrs. Earl Taylor
Father-Elbert Hoover-Tennessee
Mother-Judy Dennis-Al
Center Hill Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 79

Hopkins, Aronah Lafayaette
12-11-1870-Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-24-57-Gulfport, Mississippi
Wife-Carrie Pickens- Died 1921
Son-Loyd Hopkins
Daughter- Mrs. Ramsey
Father-Samuel Travis Hopkins-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Ann Gunn-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Page 8

Hooper, Billy Gene
Stillborn- 9:25 p.m.; Friday
10-18-1957- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- M.E. Hooper Jr.-Shelby Co., Tennessee
Mother-Bernice Boggs-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 136

Hooper Sarah Edna
09-10-1891-Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-T.J. Hooper- Died 1951
Daughter- Claudia Hooper
Father- J.A. Gatlin- Mississippi
Mother-Paralee Ragan- Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 173

Huggins, Edgar Judson
09-21-1901- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-06-1957- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Wrener L. Huggins- Age 55
Father- Phillip Huggins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Ella English-Marshall Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 132


Ijams, Arthur Benton
11-15-1957-Houston, Texas
Shipped Fm. George H. Lewis
& Sons Funeral Directors
Houston, Texas
Burial-Henry Cemetery
Page 150


Jackson Alfred Alexander
02-25-1881-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-16-1957-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Lou Ella Bell Jackson- Age 73
Son-Alfred Jackson Jr.
Father-Joe Jackson-Tennessee
Mother-Nettie Williams-Tennessee
New Hope Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 167

Jackson, William Leonard
01-01-1881-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-28-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie Jackson- Died 12-10-1954
Sister-A.K. Fields
Father-Berry Jackson-Tennessee
Mother-Jane Jackson-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 182

James, Bettie Ruth
03-15-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
12-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Herman Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Naomie Wilson-Tennessee
Fraley's Chapel Cemetery
Page 178

Jernigan, Brodie Marvin
03-25-1895-Dyer Co., Tennessee
08-10-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Nellie Gray- Age 58
Father-John William Jernigan
Mother-Mintie Gray-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 107

Johnson, Carroll
07-30-1878-Hardin Co., Tennessee
08-26-1957-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife-Belle Dancer- Age 81
Son-R.T. Johnson
Father-Lovis Johnson-Tennessee
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 114

Jones Hubert Cirson
05-06-1905- Dyer Co., Tennessee
09-12-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Anita Crider- Age 55
Father-Samuel Jesse Jones-Tennessee
Mother-Florence Sorrell- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 120

Jones, Rufus Stanley
07-17-1891-Blockton, Alabama
11-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Meder Thomas Jones- Age 66
Father-Jesse C. Jones
Mother-Mary Ann Merchant
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 158

Jones, William Raymond
01-16-1908-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-02-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Gladys Jones- Age 52
Father-Clarence Jones-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lula Kay-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 117

Jordan, Bernice Irene
07-21-1925-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-16-1957-Decaturville, Tennessee
Residence-Humbolt, Tennessee
Husband-Charles Freeman Jordan- Age 33
Father-J.D. Shields-Rossville, Georgia
Mother-Hettie Morlock-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 74

Jordan, Flois Allean
08-07-1927-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-08-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-James Pink Jordan Jr.- Age 30
Father-Willie Martin Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Velma Essary-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 104

Joslin, Bertha Belle
12-6-1889-Henderson Co., Tennessee
03-23-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.B. Joslin- Died 1951
Daughter-Elsie Hughes
Father-J.B. Smith-Lexington, Tennessee
Mother-Oreleana Robinson-Lexington, Tennessee
Crossroads Cemetery
Lexington, Tennessee
Page 43


Kelley, Ruby Lee
05-08-1915-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-11-1957-St. Louis, Missouri
Husband-Willie B. Kelley-Age 42
Father-Noley Fite-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. Mississippi
Mother-Ollie James-McNairy, Co. Tennessee
Shipped Fm- Missouri by-McLaughlin Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 38

Klyce, Henry Hyneman
01-02-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Laura Lee Klyce- Died 1954
Grand-Son-Billy Young Klyce-Tuscumbia, Alabama
Father-John T. Klyce- Mississippi
Mother-Mary Hyneman- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 82

Knighton, Nancy Catheryn
04-22-1876-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-21-1957- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-James Oliver Knighton
Son-Jack Knighton
Father-Tom Flanagan- Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Newman- Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 171

Krieg, Antoine
09-23-1893-Springfield, Ohio
01-29-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Belle Kreig- Age 80
Father-Gustav Krieg
Mother-Mary Etzathorn
Order By-O'Brian Kennedy Funeral Home
Burial- Springfield, Ohio
Page 14


Latta, Lillie Belle
01-07-1888-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-08-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas T. Latta- Age 69
Son-Basil Latta
Father-William Dennis Hamm-Tennessee
Mother-Mollie South-Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 162

Leabig, Herman
03-13-1889-St.Louis, Missouri
12-14-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mattie Lee Leabig- Age 58
Nephew-Fred Leabig
Father-Henry Leabig-Red Bud, Illinois
Mother-Anna Leabig-Berlin Germany
White Sulphur Cemetery Pickwick Dam Tennessee
Page 166

Lowery, Carrie Ellis
04-20-1880-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-12-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Arthur Edward Lowery- Died 1937
Daughter- Mrs. Irby Jobe
Father-Ben Ellis
City Cemetery
Page 163


Madden, Thomas Dock
03-13-1912-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-04-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Edna Madden-Age 49
Father-William L. Madden-Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Mother-Lena Myers-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 68

Maddox, Lee Roy
07-09-1911-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-24-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nora Estelle Scruggs- Age 39
Father-G.L. Mattox
Mother-Mary Flanagan
Henry Cemetery
Page 138

Martin, Minnie Elizabeth
08-12-1871-Union Co., Mississippi
08-05-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Ray Duvall Martin- Died 1950
Son-Odis A. Martin-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Josh Nelson-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miss. Swaford-Union Co., Mississippi
New Albany City Cemetery
Page 102

Martin, Wynn Duvall
02-03-1901-Union Co., Mississippi
11-22-1957-Meridian, Mississippi
Brother-Odis Martin
Father-Ray Duvall Martin-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother-Minnie E. Nelson-Union Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
New Albany, Mississippi
Page 153

Mathews, Walter Allen
05-08-1881-Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-30-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Elliott Bell Jones- Age 72
Son-Odis Mathews
Father-Walter Watson Mathews-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nannie Jones-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 85

Mathis, Claude Hillman Sr.
11-28-1890-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-27-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Eva Frances Parker- Age 62
Father-Pink Mathis- Mississippi
Mother-Claudia Mathis- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 12

Miller, James Franklin
09-07-1863-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-07-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Rebecca Elizabeth Rogers- Died 04-22-1954
Son-V.G. Miller
Father-William Miller-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Essary-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 103

Milligan, Henry Parker
01-03-1877-Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Cornelia M. Milligan- Died 1949
Daughter-Vada Stephenson
Father- Mr. Milligan
Mother-Miriah Booker
Henry Cemetery
Page 24

Milligan, Bannie Marlar
03-22-1926-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-11-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Thomas Milligan- Age 27
Father-Lewis Edward Marlar-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mitchell Brown-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Center Hill Cemetery Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 58

Mills, Jessie Mae
10-23-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-02-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Marvin Mills
Father-L.A. Johnson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Audie Mae Jobe
Henry Cemetery
Page 142

Mitchell, Johnnie Belle
07-06-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-13-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Charlie H. Mitchell- Age 84
Son-Charlie H. Mitchell, Jr.
Father-John Moreland Surratt-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Elizabeth Cogdell-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 39

Mitchell, Lela Burt Thompson
08-02-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-20-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Edward Lee Mitchell- Age 92
Sister-Mae T. Roberts
Father-William Garrett Thompson-Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Ferrall -Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 4

Mitchell, Robert Edward Lee
12-17-1864-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-12-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lela Burt Thompson- Died 01-20-1957
Son-J.A. Mitchell-Richmond, Virginia
Father-William Henry Mitchell-Virginia
Mother-Nancy Ann Bobo-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 37

Morris, James Henry
02-22-1863-Aberdeen, Mississippi
11-30-1957- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Minnie Young- Died 1934
Daughter-Myrtle Morris
Father-Marvin Morris- Mississippi
Mother-Susan Land
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 160

Morris, Winnie
10-10-1907- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-28-1957-Chelsea Junction, Alabama
Residence-Talladega, Alabama
Daughter-Edna Earl Smith-Birmingham, Alabama
Father-James Samuel Morris-
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.
Mother-Sarah E. McMasters-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.
Shipped from Columbiana Alabama by Bolton Walton Funeral Home
Oak Grove Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 83


McAmis, Florence Ann
03-12-1875-Clifton, Tennessee
02-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-H.M. McAmis- Died 09-23-1929
Sister- Mrs. Baily Schumpert
Niece- Mrs. Fayette Williams
Father-Thomas P. Newcomb-Nova Scotia
Mother-Mary Frances Brown-Christian Co., Kentucky.
Henry Cemetery
Page 28

McAmis, James Clay
10-08-1893-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-10-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mable White- Age 58
Father-James Anthony McAmis-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bessie Mae Moore-Marshall Co. Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 93

McClamroch, Annie J.
09-01-1875-Kossuth, Mississippi
11-01-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother-In Law- Dr. J.R. Hill
Order by- Dr. J.R. & Stanley Hill
Father-Allison McClamroch- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Elizabeth Jones-North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 140

McElhannon, Mark Zilman
12-25-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-19-1957-Selmer Road
Wife-Anna McElhannon- Died 09-19-1951
Daughter- Mrs. Loyd Dixon-Selmer Road
Father-James McElhannon-Georgia
Mother-Emily Jones-North Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 123

McKinney, Samantha
07-12-1870-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
07-09-1957-Marietta, Mississippi
Husband-Ervin McKinney- Died 1937
Son-Lee Shelton McKinney
Father-Isom Gann-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Littie Hamby-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Kirksville Cemetery
South Marietta, Mississippi
Page 92

McLeskey, Lewis Anderson
11-09-1889-Hart Co., Georgia
05-03-1957-Leedy, Mississippi
Wife-Nina Bobo- Age 62
Father-Will McLeskey-Georgia
Mother-Alice Vickery-Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 55

McNair, Enoch Franco
Age-50 year’s old-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-04-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Ada Mildred McNair
Brother- W.C. McNair
Henry Cemetery
Page 101

McRae, Alice Vivilla
03-24-1864-Gibson Co., Tennessee
04-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Dr.W.W. McRae- Died 1935
Son- Dr. M.H. McRae
Father-Josephus McConnell- South Carolina
Mother-Mary Landrum- South Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 52


Nabors, William Madison
09-25-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-3-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ora Bell Nabors- Age 60
Daughter- Grace Eroh-Arlington, Virginia
Father-Frank Nabors-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ida Solomon-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 131

Nagle, Maudie Myrtle
07-18-1881-Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
11-02-1957-Florence, Alabama
Husband -G.W. Nagle- Died 1925
Daughter- Mrs. H.D. Searcy
Father-John Taylor- Mississippi
Mother-Janie Brooks- Mississippi
Bethany Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 143

Newcomb, Charlie Anderson
04-26-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-26-1957-Leedy, Mississippi
Wife-Emma Newcomb- Age 70
Father-T.G. Newcomb- Mississippi
Mother-Dellie Clark- Mississippi
Mt. Gilliard Cemetery
Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
Page 179

Newcomb, William Loyd
09-12-1941-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-23-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Azure Newcomb-Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
Mother-Mary Emma Cummings-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 155

Nichols, Virginia Belle
11-19-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-24-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Michie, Tennessee.
Husband-N.F. Nichols- Died 1928
Daughter- Mrs. T.B. Rushing
Father-James Raleigh Wardlow
Mother-Mary Ann North
Shiloh Park Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee.
Page 175


O'Bryant, Nuteon
10-01-1891-Sumner, Mississippi
12-27-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pearl O'Bryant- Age-61
Son-Charles O'Bryant
Father-Newt O'Bryant-Alabama
Mother-Florence Pittman- Mississippi
Shaw City Cemetery
Shaw, Mississippi
Page 181

Odle, John O`Riley
09-19-1893-Colbert Co., Alabama
06-19-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Mattie Bell Odle- Age 55
Father-Jim Odle- Alabama
Mother-Sarah Clark
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 77

Osborn, Elmer Allen
10-22-1910-Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
05-13-1957-Chicago, Illinois
Wife-Flora Mae Lambert- Age 46
Son-Allen C. Osborn
Father-John D. Osborn- Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Barnes- Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 59

Owens, Mary Childers
01-07-1883-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
02-23-1957-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Archie H. Owens- Died 2-29-1950
Daughter- Lena Langley
Father-Robert Childers- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Katie McElyea- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Vanderford Family Cemetery
Page 25

Owens, Robert Smith
01-24-1881-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-26-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie A. Owens- Age 69
Sons- L.H. & Robert Owens
Father-Turk Owens-Georgia
Little Flock Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 11


Parchman, Martha C. Nelson
04-08-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-2-1957-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-J.C. Parchman- Died 1932
Son-Jim Parchman
Father-Willie Nelson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 144

Parish, Madgie
03-31-1880-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-31-1957-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband- E.L. Parish- Died 1930
Daughter- Mrs. C.S. Wilbanks
Son-Millard Parish
Father-Tom Brewer- Mississippi
Mother-Hester Ballard- Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 15

Parker, Senia Davidson
07-31-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-D.E. Parker- Died 1933
Daughter- Mrs. Eddie Lee Johncey
Father-Benjamin Davidson
Mother-Alice White
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 98

Payne, Cora Lenora
09-06-1891-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
12-23-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Harry Payne- Age 64
Father-James Monroe Bush-Madison Co., Tennessee
Mother-Fornia Graham-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 174

Perkins, Carrie Birdie
03-19-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-27-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Samuel Perkins- Died 05-06-1944
Son-Lester Perkins
Daughter- Vivian Harrison
Father-M.C. Walker-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Louise C. Ijams-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 180

Perry, Harriett Elizabeth
11-08-1887-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-16-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Ellis Perry- Died 1951
Son-Dr. Ellis Perry
Father-James Albert Riddle-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Carter-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 168

Phillips, Melvin Taylor
09-11-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-01-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pearl Phillips- Age 73
Son-Clyde Phillips
Father-Rast Phillips-South Carolina
Mother-Bell Phillips
Salem Cemetery
Page 129

Potts, Charlie Turner
12-14-1905-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-19-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Maggie Frances Young- Age 46
Son-Charles Potts Jr.
Father-Marcus L. Potts- Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Ida Duncan
City Cemetery
Page 51

Pulliam, Elizabeth Catherine
04-03-1883-Walnut, Mississippi
09-13-1957-Tippah County, Mississippi
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-William V. Pulliam- Died 08-14-1956
Son-L.A. Pulliam
Father-John Adams-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jane Foster-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 121

Putt, Deborah Fay
06-19-1957-Oak Park, Illinois
12-23-1957-Oak Park, Illinois
Father-Billy Putt-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Era Mae Spencer-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 176


Reynolds, General Rapp
02-17-1868-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-29-1957-Glen, Mississippi
Niece- Mrs. L.S. Whitehurst
Father- G.G. Reynolds
Mother-Mary Cowan- Mississippi
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 84

Rhodes, Olen William
08-01-1909-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-25-1957- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Residence- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Erma Elliott- Age 46
Brother-Elmer Rhodes
Father-Wm. Alexander Rhodes-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Nora Aldridge-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 97

Rhodes, William Alexander
08-14-1879-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-01-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nora Aldridge
Son-Elmer Rhodes
Father-Jack Rhodes-Tennessee
Mother-Miss Elvira Bonds
Henry Cemetery
Page 99

Richardson, Finch Small
09-22-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-30-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. J.W. Rankin
Father-J.L. Richardson-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary Elizabeth Moser-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 127

Richey, Martha Elizabeth
08-02-1881-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-10-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Samuel Jefferson Richey- Died 1946
Daughter- Mrs. Thomas Evans
Sister- Mrs. Lloyd Garrett
Father-Charles S. Graham-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Virginia McCullar-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 106

Roberts, Challey Henry
04-13-1885-Blount Springs, Alabama
02-01-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Low Roberts- Age 64
Father-James Roberts-Alabama
Mother-Miss Cobb-Alabama
Ridge Cemetery
West Red Bay Alabama
Page 16

Roebke, Harry E.
08-14-1885-Alden, Minnesota
08-09-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Res. Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Emma Furtick- Age 66
Other Name- Mary Frances
Father-Emil Roebke-Germany
Mother-Georgia Strong-Iowa
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 105

Rorie, Lessie
03-25-1880-Austin, Texas
09-21-1957-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-W.H. Rorie- Died 2-23-1957
Step-Son-Leonard Rorie
Father- Mr. Sojourner
Sardis Cemetery
Page 124

Rorie, William Hubbard
05-10-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-23-1957-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Lessie Rorie- Age 72
Daughter-Dena Carpenter
Father-Fred Rorie- Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Cheek- Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Rienzi, Mississippi
Page 26

Roy, Sandy Alexander
09-16-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-16-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Minnie Brown- Died 1956
Son-Otis Rorie
Father-Arthur Rorie-Scotland
Mother-Frances Dowd-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 73


Sanders, Herman Fonzie
07-25-1903- Dunklin, Mississippi
11-3-1957- New Orleans, Louisiana
Brother- S.C. Sanders
Father-Albert Monroe Sanders-Tennessee
Mother-Arie Belle Rice-Dunklin Co., Missouri
Shiloh Park Cemetery Tennessee
Page 145

Sandy, Leslie Nadine
10-02-1908-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-01-1957-Baldwin, Mississippi
Brother-Milton Sandy
Sister- Mrs. Vester Coate
Father-William Henry Sandy- Alabama
Mother-Cora Harris-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. Mississippi
Sherman Mississippi Cemetery
West of Tupelo, Mississippi
Page 86

Seago, Inoma Rebecca
09-18-1915-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-15-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-M.H. Seago-North Carolina
Mother-Martha Ellen Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cox Chapel Cemetery
Page 135

Sims, Arnold Thompson
10-13-1927- Red Bay, Alabama
06-20-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
WW II Veteran
Wife-Roberta Lee Wildman-Age 29
Father-Flavis Arnold Sims-Franklin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Etta Hinson-Jefferson Co., Alabama
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 78

Smith, Infant Boy
03-10-1957-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-11-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Amos Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lorean Vanderford-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 36

Smith, Arnold Lee
01-28-1900-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-06-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Irene Goforth- Age 58
Father-Oscar M. Smith-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice L. Cobb-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 19

Smith, Richard Lourenzie
09-13-1876-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-23-1957-Chicago, Illinois
Wife-Annie Mae Smith- Died 10-1927
Son-Wm. Allen Smith
Father-Newton Lourenzi Dow Smith Of
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rebecca Ellif-Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 126

Smith, Sam Ellie
03-23-1886-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
04-04-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife Lula Sanders- Died 1952
Daughter- Mrs. Perry Braudway
Father-Damn Smith-Al
Mother-Lizzie Garrett
Holly Cemetery
Page 49

Sprouse, Milton Candler Sr.
07-19-1894-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-04-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Myrtle Hargett- Age 54
Son-In-Law-Hobert Patterson
Father-Hosie Sprouse
Mother-Nancy T. Scruggs-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 18

Stevens, James Birzillia
02-08-1931-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-02-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jeanette Rogers- Age 25
Father-George B. Stevens-Franklin.Co., Illinois
Mother-Earnestine Haynie-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Stevens Family Cemetery
Page 17

Stewart, Donald H.
01-15-1884-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-13-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie Wardlow- Died 1944
Daughter- Mrs. Dorald Pittman- Washington, D.C.
Father-John Wm. Stewart-Limestone Co., Alabama
Mother-Susan Woods-Fayette Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 164

Storment, Esther Lee
Age 73 years old
11-29-1957-Dothen, Alabama
Order by-Ward Wilson Funeral Home Dothan, Alabama
Tishomingo Cemetery
Page 159

Strickland, Charles Allen
03-10-1873- Mt. Olive, Tennessee
01-29-1957-Selmer Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lula Surratt- Died 01-08-1948
Order by-Step-Daughter- Mrs. B.C. McCullar & Buck Surratt
Father-E.B. Strickland- Georgia
Mother-Jennie Barnett-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Strickland, George Washington
07-17-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-10-1957-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Maratha Ann Strickland- Died 02-14-1942
Son-Earlie Strickland
Father-John Strickland-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Susan Gentry-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 118

Surratt, Shellia Mae
03-18-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-19-1957-Wenesoga, Mississippi
Husband-Willie Frank Surratt- Age 70
Daughter- Mrs. Troy Norvell
Father-W.T. Steen-South Carolina
Mother-Margaret Hendrix-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Cemetery
Page 22


Thompson, Mittie V.
06-28-1870-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
03-28-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Lee Robertson- Died 1943
Son-Willie D. Thompson
Father-Sam Wren-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha Chambers-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 46

Thornton, Nathan James Luther
10-23-1872-Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-02-1957-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife-Cynthia Hall Thornton- Died 1947
Son-M.C. Thornton
Father-Bill Thornton- Mississippi
New Salem Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 130

Timbes, Columbus Allen
04-21-1872-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
03-14-1957-Paden, Mississippi
Wife-Lura Jeanette Nixon- Age 80
Father-Jimmy Timbes- Mississippi
Mother-Carrie Owens-Alabama
Tishomingo Cemetery
Page 40

Towne, Theresa Schultz
01-26-1875-Menomonie, Wisconsin
06-21-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Dr. A.D. Towne- Age 84
Father-William F. Schultz-Germany
Mother-Louise D. St. John-France
Henry Cemetery
Page 80


Vuncannon, Mary Alice
09-25-1892-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-11-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.A. Vuncannon- Age 74
Father- Jim Church-Tennessee
Mother-Rendy Lowery-Alabama
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 119


Waldrep, Noonan Cayce
12-21-1876-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
08-19-1957-Iuka, Mississippi
Wife-Carrie Burns- Died 1951
Son-Harold Waldrop-St. Augustine, Florida
Father-William Jasper Waldrep-Marion Co., Alabama
Mother-Des Demore Weaver-Itawamba, Co. Mississippi
Tishomingo City Cemetery
Page 111

Walker, Benvauneda Henry
04-17-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-02-1957-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-George Madison Walker- Died 12-09-1938
Son-Brooks Walker
Father-Nelson Henry- Mississippi
Mother-Isabella Enoch- Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 87

Walker, James Everette
08-12-1924- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-13-1957- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
WW II Veteran
Wife-Inez McAnally- Age 32
Father-Verneis Kirk- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Effie Walker- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 72

Wallace, Gwendolyn Aloy
02-19-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
02-20-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Buddy Ray Wallace- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Brenda Jobe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 23

Wallace, James Aubrey
03-28-1921-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-31-1957-Hines Illinois
WW II Veteran
Wife-Elizabeth N. Wallace- Age 37
Sister- Mrs. Harry Jones
Father-W.E. Wallace-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Whitehurst-Dallas, Texas
Farmington Cemetery
Page 47

Weathers, Anna Victoria
03-13-1867-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-16-1957-Leedy, Mississippi
Husband-B.F. Weathers- Died 1937
Son-Odell Weathers
Father-C.C. Gray-Georgia
Mother-Hannah Callahan- Georgia
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 41

Weldon, Mary Lee
11-08-1878-Adamsville, Tennessee
07-12-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Tom F. Weldon- Died 1932
Sister-Alma McAnally
Father-Lee Wilson- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Susan Glenn- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 94

Wilbanks, Lafayette Hubert
12-20-1889-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-23-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Wife-Fleetie C. Wilbanks- Age 63
Son-Leiman M. Wilbanks
Father-Tom Wilbanks-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lucy Duncan-Tippah, Co. Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 7

Wilbanks, Nancy Laverne
08-11-1913-Hardin Co., Tennessee
06-18-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Claude H. Wilbanks-Age 57
Father-G.W. Holloway-Waterloo, Alabama
Mother-Maggie Harris-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 76

Wilbanks, Vance E.
03-09-1921- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-06-1957- Wenasoga, Mississippi
Order By-Kay Wilbanks
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 22


Young, Annie Eudora
06-02-1885- Lee Co., Mississippi
11-16-1957-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John Andrew Young- Age 78
Father-Riley Ledbetter
Mother-Mattie Farris-Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 149

Young, James Matthews
03-10-1866-Atlanta, Georgia
03-22-1957- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Martha L. Young- Died 1955
Son-Ed Young
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 42
Alcorn County Home
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