McPeters Funeral Home Records 1955

1955 McPeters Funeral Home Records


Alexander, Charlie
08-04-1874-Iuka, Mississippi
06-30-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ella Page Age 78
Father-John Alexander-Mississippi
Snowdown Church Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 92

Archer, Mrs. Hazel Mae
11-23-1910-Scotts Hill,
10-27-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Teller C. Archer-Age 58
Father-J.B. Austin
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 139

Armstrong, Mrs. Eugenia
02-23-1872-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.C. Armstrong-Died 1935
Order by- Mrs. Gene Striplin-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-David Jacob Hyneman-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Eugenia Polk-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 161

Arnett, Thomas Edward
02-12-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Emma Arnett-Died 1944
Daughter- Mrs. Margie Prater
Father-M.W. Arnett-Maryland
Mother-Ellen Smith-Maryland
Henry Cemetery
Page 30


Baldwin, Dennis Roy
08-02-1954-Rankin Co., Mississippi
02-01-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Grandfather-Lonnie Dodd
Father-Page A. Baldwin-Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jewell Dodd
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 24

Barar, Rebecca Frances
Wednesday-Lived 8 hours
12-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Harvey Barar-Jackson, Tennessee
Mother-Mary Kathleen Gray-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 159

Barnes, William Frank
09-08-1896-Thomaston, Georgia
12-12-1955-Jackson, Mississippi
Wife-Louise Evans-Age 57
Father-Olin Barnes-Georgia
Mother-Byrd Bentley-Georgia
City Cemetery
Page 164

Bechaud, Mrs. Lola Cloa
03-19-1888-Oelwein, Iowa
05-18-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Jean Pierre Bechaud-Age 71
Father-Alex McKillips-Pennsylvania
Mother-Margaret-North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 65

Bennett, Alice Lee Ann
02-12-1865-Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-13-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-T.H. Bennett-Died 1916
Daughter-Meacher Bennett
Father-Nathan Richardson-Mississippi
Mother-Miss Roger
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 149

Bennett, Annie Hester
01-17-1887-Prentis Co., Mississippi
11-29-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-E.K. Bennett-Died 1935
Son-Houston Bennett
Daughter- Mrs. Wayne Massey-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-J.H. Bolton-Alabama
Mother-Annie Summers-Alabama
Massey Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 155

Bowden, Ona Dees
09-09-1904-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Cerebral Hemorrhage
Husband-W.R. Bowden-Age 44
Father-Jim D. Dees-North Carolina
Mother-Lucinda Wingo-Alabama
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 99

Brackeen, Ora Lee
03-20-1922-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-03-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-L.T. Brackeen-Died 5-1954
Sister-Lessie Flanagan
Father-William Henry Kiddy-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Louada Smith-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mt. Vinson Cemetery
Stantonville, Tennessee
Page 122

Brady, John Mitchell
04-29-1885-Meridian, Mississippi
05-29-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Gertrude James-Age 63
Children- Frances, Vivian & Herbert
Father-Patrick Brady-Iceland
Mother-Rebecca Thrash-Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 74

Briggs, Minerva Arizona
04-04-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-21-1955-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Husband-Walter A. Briggs-Died 05-24-1924
Daughter-Reanie Dixon
Father- Robert Gossett
Mother-Angeline Surratt
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 137

Briggs, Mollie Lee
10-06-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-28-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Walter Briggs-Age 62
Father-Marion Butler-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ellen Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 57

Briscoe, Marguerite Idotha
11-29-1954-Corinth, Mississippi
10-31-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Claude Morris Briscoe
Mother-Harriett Lee Robertson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 142

Burcham, Rufus Howard
04-02-1912-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-26-1955-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Ruby Burcham-Age 42
Father-Hezekiah Burcham-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nealy Duncan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Piney Grove Cemetery
Page 154

Byrd, Leda Mae
01-01-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
01-15-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Laury Byrd-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Hazel Bazzell-Alcorn Co.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 09


Campbell, Cranor Hirsch
07-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Beulah Campbell-Age 53
Father-William Anderson Campbell- Shelbyville, Tennessee
Mother-Emma Lee Watts-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 97

Carter, Pearl Putt
07-15-1895-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-26-1955--Sheffield, Alabama
Husband-George E, Carter-Died 08-14-1949
Daughter-Lola Stewart
Father-A.B. Putt-Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Jones-Alabama
Holly Cemetery
Page 117

Castleberry, Joseph Maried
05-22-1888-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-15-1955-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife-Ellen Whitfield-Age 66
Son-J.L. Castleberry
Father-William Henry Castleberry-Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Harwell- Mississippi
New Lebanon Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 10

Check, Major Dewitt
02-22-1879-Franklin Co. Alabama
05-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Alpha Check-Age 65
Father-William David Check-Alabama
Mother-Elizabeth Moody-Alabama
Union Cemetery
Page 70

Clifton, Julian George
03-19-1887-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-A.B. Clifton-Died 03-23-1951
Son-Jesse Clifton
Daughter-Edna Earl Nichols
Father-M.C. George-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 133

Cotton, Dora
09-27-1867-Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-22-1955-Huntsville, Texas
Husband-R.B. Cotton-Died 1917
Father-Martin L. Wiggs-Jackson, Tennessee
Mother-Sarah Elizabeth Finger-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Old Presbyterian Cemetery
Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 55

Cox, Lonnie Guy
02-24-1902-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-27-1955-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Nancy Cox-Age 51
Father-Charlie Cox-Alabama
Mother-Mattie Jones-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 56

Craig, Daniel Powell
02-24-1887-Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-25-1955- Sheffield, Alabama
Wife-Ella Lee Craig-Died 1948
Daughter- Mrs. James Peterson
Father-James Lee Craig-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Olivia Joyner-Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 169

Crow, Maggie Emma
08-27-1866-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-27-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Robert Leroy Crow-Age 86
Daughter-Lillian Johnsey
Father-Jim Crow-Mississippi
Mother-Tempsy Miller-Tennessee
Gaston Cemetery
Page 73

Crum, John Neeley
06-04-1861-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-20-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Susie Ann Crum-Died 04-09-1947
Daughter-Callie Moss
Father-Pete Crum.-Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 68


Dalton, Jesse Lee
10-23-1870-Robinson Co., Tennessee
03-02-1955-New Orleans, Louisiana
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ethel Sanders-Died 1918
Son-Gilbert Dalton
Father-Thomas B. Dalton-Tennessee
Mother-Miram Grimes-Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 33

Dees, Earney Ellis
02-04-1893-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-15-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Ora Dees-Age 72
Father-J.D. Dees-Mississippi
Mother-Lucinda Wingo-Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 39

Derrick, Pearley
10-02-1955-Steele, Missouri
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-Clifton Derrick-Age 53
Daughter-Vera Crum
Father -J. Hamm-Alabama
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 131

Dilworth, Abe Warren
07-21-1880-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-20-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Mary I. Miller-Age 72
Son-William Miller Dilworth
Father-John H. Dilworth-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Rogers-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 88

Dowd, George Prestley
08-23-1887-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-19-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ella Hamm-age 63
Bro-In-Law-C.W. Nash
Father-Erastius Dowd-Mississippi
Mother-Georgia Ann Lowery-Georgia
Johns Family Cemetery
Page 15

Driver, Claude Frank
08-01-1892-Decatur, Alabama
01-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillie Stevens-Age 57
Son-In-Law-Gilbert R. McDougal
Father-William H. Driver-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ann Fields-Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 18

Dunn, Bob E.
050-8-1888-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
02-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nina Mae Dunn-Age 57
Father-Tom Dunn
Mother-Fannie Turner-Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 29


Easley, Samantha McCoy
10-07-1882-Tippah Co., Mississippi
03-17-1955-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-R.T. Easley-Age 70
Father-Douglas C. McCoy-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nannie Settle-Tippah Co., Mississippi
New Salem Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 40

Evetts, Myrtle
08-31-1908-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-28-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Earl Evetts-Age 58
Son-J.C. Evetts-Gary, Indiana
Father-Joe Smith-Tennessee
Mother-Sula Castleberry-Mississippi
Jewell Cemetery
Dennis, Mississippi
Page 45


Finch, George Paul, Sr.
10-16-1901-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
12-14-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Orene Finch
Sister-Ruth Finch Harris
Father-Rudolph Carlton Finch-
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jane Tankersley-
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Paradise Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 167

Floyd, William Iziah
12-12-1878-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Bell Floyd-Age 41
Daughter-Iva Doles
Father-David Floyd-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Nancy Fowler-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 54

Forsyth, John Grady
03-02-1895-McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-12-1955-Bolivar, Tennessee
WWI Veteran
Wife-Beatrice Forsyth-Age 69
Father-James M. Forsyth-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Julia Ann Sheppard-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 134

Fortner, Fannie C.
02-01-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-Marshall Fortner-Died 1924
Daughter-Pearl Barnes-Baldwyn, Mississippi
Father-Tom Gist-Alabama
Mother-Sarah Gish-Alabama
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 25

Foust, Jesse David
12-28-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Gertie Foust-Age 73
Daughter-Mary Foust
Father-John Foust-Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Benson-Tennessee
Eureka Cemetery
Page 173

Fowler, Charlotte Jane
05-15-1954-Hickman Co., Kentucky
01-06-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-George M. Fowler-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ruby Lee Cox-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 2

Frazier, Ernest Melvin
03-05-1896-Wayne Co., Tennessee
12-31-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Velma Livingston-Age 50
Father-John Sidney Frazier-Tennessee
Mother-Emma Catherine Wilson-Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 174

Freeman, Infant Boy
Stillborn-4:30 a.m. Monday
06-13-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Owen Freeman-Alabama
Mother-Reba Hart-Mississippi
Florence City Cemetery
Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Page 81


Gaither, Frances Ormond
05-21-1888-Somerville, Tennessee
10-28-1955-Rockledge, Florida
Residence-New York, New York
Husband-Rice Gaither-Died 1953
Brother-Jameson C. Jones
Father-Paul T. Jones
Mother-Annie Smith
Henry Cemetery
Page 141

Gann, Edna
About 79 year’s old-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-16-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Brother-D.W. Gann
Father-Billy Gann- Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Thornton-Mississippi
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Page 11

Gipson, William David
12-23-1883-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-21-1955-Paden, Mississippi
Wife-Amanda Gipson-Age 69
Father-Bob Gipson
Mother-Nell Hart-Mississippi
Forked Oak Cemetery
Page 114

Googe, Charlotte Iona
09-09-1876-Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-27-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Dr. George W. Googe-Age 78
Daughter-Louise Googe
Father-William Neal Walker-Mississippi
Mother-Carlondia Ann Brown-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 72

Gray, Nelda Sue
11-10-1936-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
11-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Sam Gray-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Virgie Whitaker-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 146

Greer, Jane
06-15-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George Geer-Died 1924
Son-Roy Greer
Father-Lem Beene
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 83

Greer, R.C.
03-18-1917-Hardin Co., Tennessee
06-02-1955-Mobil, Alabama
Wife-Alma Whitaker
Father-E.G. Geer-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Lennie Humphries-
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 76

Grinke, Adolph George Jr.
05-28-1900-St. Louis, Missouri
03-22-1955-Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife-Evalee Grinke
Brother-Eddie A. Grinke
Father-Adolph George, Sr.
Mother-Louise Sergel
Ashes sent to wife in Boynton Beach Florida
Page 42

Grisham, T/Sgt. Wesley A.
01-28-1927-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-20-1955-Tokeyo Bay, Japan
Burial 04-01-1955; 2:00 p.m., Friday
Korean War Veteran
Wife-Elizabeth Huff-Age 22
Father-O.K. Grisham-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Stella Childers-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 46


Hall, Effie Mae
12-21-1880-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-09-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.A. Hall-Died 1932
Children-Viola Bridges & Dan Hall
Father-Thomas McCullar-Tennessee
Mother-Martha Frances Redding-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 147

Haney, Jamie Sue
04-11-1912-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-13-1955-Meridian, Mississippi
Husband-Haley Pruitt Haney-Age 44
Father-James W. Wilson-Paris, Tennessee
Mother-Essie Mae Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 166

Hathcock, Charlie Frank
07-18-1876-Colbert Co., Alabama
08-19-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nancy Davis-Deceased
Son-Jimmy Hathcock
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 112

Hawkins, Alma Richardson
08-09-1871-Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-10-1955-Selmer, Tennessee
Husband-M.L. Hawkins-Died 11-27-1937
Grand Son's-Russell & S.E. Richardson-Selmer, Tennessee
Father-Frank Richardson- Mississippi
Mother-Miss Medford- Mississippi
Ebenezer Cemetery
Page 63

Hendrix, Elmer Lacy
07-11-1910-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-23-1955-Jackson, Tennessee
Brother-Vandy Hendrix-Burnsville, Mississippi
Father-Albert Hendrix-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Addie Pyle-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 43

Holloway, James Franklin
11-18-1890-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Madgie McKinley-Age 57
Son-George Holloway
Father-Hafford Holloway-Prentiss, Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sue Ella Jane Blasingame- Salem, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 103

Honeycutt, Cora Jane
05-11-1880-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-16-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.G. Honeycutt-Died 1937
Son-Lennie Honeycutt
Father-John Phillips-Mississippi
Mother-Emma Kay- Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 25

Hopkins, Richard Thomas
02-03-1905-Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-22-1955-Hazelhurst, Mississippi
Wife-Daphne Gunn
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Father A.L. Hopkins-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Carrie B. Pickens-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery Walnut, Mississippi
Page 152

Horn, Mattie Voyles
07-14-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-David A. Horn-Died 1941
Children-Less Hoyt & Mrs. Jewel Burress
Other Name- Mrs. Elner Burress
Father-Alfred Voyles-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Dolly Johnson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 124

Hutson, Caldonia Johnston
08-27-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-07-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-W.G. Hutson-Died 1917
Son-C.H. Hutson
Daughter- Mrs. W.B. Lee
Father-William Johnston-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Cordelia Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 94

Hughes, Louis Herman Veteran
05-01-1922-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-10-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Annie Laurie Pratt-Age 30
Father-Louis Hughes-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Odell Green-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 80

Hughes, Viola Martin
10-31-1877-Milan, Tennessee
07-15-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-George H. Hughes
Father-George H. Martin-Tennessee
Mother-Bettie Harlan-Milan, Tennessee
Oak Wood Cemetery
Milan, Tennessee
Page 101

Hutchins, John Baptist
01-20-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Melasie Sanders
Daughter-Louise Hutchins
Father-Rile Hutchins
Mother-Miss Downey
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 96

Hyneman, Henry Todd
01-28-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
02-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-G.C. Hyneman-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Irene Shelton-Madison Co. Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 28


Jenkins, Houston
01-03-1917-Decatur, Alabama
05-19-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-In-Law John W. Mardix- Paden, Mississippi
Father-Kellar Jenkins-Alabama
Mother-Nannie Davidson-Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 67

Jobe, Ada Johnston
04-24-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-06-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John W. Jobe-Died 05-10-1940
Sons-W.K., P. T., & B.N. Jobe
Father-Joe Johnston- Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jobe- Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 35

Johns, Dr. William Alexander
05-05-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Anna H. Outter-Died 1939
Daughter- Mrs. Cam Stephenson
Son- W.A. Johns, Jr.
Father-Ruben A. Johns-North Carolina
Mother-Maggie C. Borroum-Lafayette Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 79

Johnsey, Addie Gertrude
09-20-1882-Alden, Minnesota
05-14-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Burt Johnsey-Died 10-31-1949
Son-Ned Johnsey
Father-Will Stoope-Minnesota
Mother-Lillian Reynolds-Minnesota
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 64

Johnson, Sarah Agnes
04-16-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-14-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-L.A. Johnson-Died 1948
Daughter-Ethel Mae Johnson-Booneville, Mississippi
Father-Thomas Yarbrough-Georgia
Mother-Emily Whittemore-Georgia
Piney Grove Cemetery
Page 38

Johnson, William Prentiss
03-10-1900-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-16-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife-Nell Dickey-Age 52
Sons-Max & Bud Johnson
Father-Howell Brant Johnson-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Arilla McAlphin- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 150

Johnston, Orus Fall
11-03-1892-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-29-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lona Rogers-Age 53
Daughter-Doris Burns
Father-Jefferson D. Johnston-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 140

Jones, Hubert Clyde
09-21-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Nashville, Tennessee
WW II Veteran
Father-John Hebert Jones
Mother-Sallie Gatlin
Shipped Remains to Potters, Owen &
Wood Funeral Home
Spring Hill Cemetery
Madison, Tennessee
Page 129

Jumper, Julia Elizabeth
08-30-1880-Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-09-1955-Walnut, Mississippi
Husband-Henry Jumper-Died 1942
Son-Walker Jumper
Father-John R. Hancock-Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Jumper
Jumper Town Cemetery
Page 107


Lain, Zelma Hamm
06-03-1888-McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-A.E. Lain-Died 1940
Daughters- Nancy, Clemmie & Martha Lee
Father-Newton Hamm-Illinois
Mother-Martha English-Illinois
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 44

Lamb, Anna Sanders
Age 86 years old
01-08-1955-Birmingham, Alabama
Daughter-Virgie S. Lamb
Shipped from Birmingham, Alabama by-
Johns Ridouts Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 05

Leggett, Theodore Demosthenes
04-18-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-27-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jimmie Johns-Age 73
Son-H.T. Leggett
Father-Gremalga Leggett-Tennessee
Mother-Josephine Jobe-Ms
Johns Family Cemetery
Page 21

Link, Henry Grayson
02-14-1884-North Carolina
06-30-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Orela Mays-Died 11-27-1954
Order by- Mrs. Grady Taylor
Father- Luther-C. Link-North Carolina
Mother-Catherine Sudderth-North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 91


MaHaffey, Junnie Walter
10-19-1880-Chewalla, Tennessee
12-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Brothers-O.E. & Eugene
Father-George W. MaHaffey-Georgia
Mother-Martha L. Bolton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 160

Marlar, Clara Josephine
04-27-1887-New York, New York
03-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Will Marlar-Died 04-13-1944
Daughter- Mrs. A.H. Nash
Father-Joseph T. Parks-Maryland
Fraley Chapel Cemetery
Page 34

Marlar, Mary Michael
01-17-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Lewis Edward Marlar-Age 75
Father-Max Brown-Alabama
Mother-Pacint Harrison-Alabama
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 60

Martin, Julia Ann
Lived 2 hours Saturday 12:45 p.m.
08-27-1955-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-Billy Martin-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother-Julia Ann Laws-Shelby Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 118

Mask, Jimmy Hangton
09-04-1912-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Cora Lee Mask-Age 36
Father-J.A. Mask-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Taylor-Alabama
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 138

Mask, Nancy Alice
08-19-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.A. Mask-Died 1914
Daughter-Esther Taylor
Father-James Mitchell Taylor-Alabama
Mother-Nancy Taylor-Alabama
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 111

Mattox, James H.
01-12-1890-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Rienzi, Mississippi
WW I Veteran
Wife-Lorena Mattox-Died 1951
Son-Raymond Mattox
Father-W.A. Mattox-North Carolina
Mother-Sarah Williams-Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 104

Melton, Samuel Gurley
02-17-1890-Yalobusha Co., Mississippi
05-26-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Anna Lee Melton-Died 1946
Son-E.C. Melton
Father-William Melton-Mississippi
Mother-Katherine Coleman-Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Bruce, Yalobusha Co., Mississippi
Page 71

Melvin, William Thomas
11-02-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-08-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Florence Melvin-Died 12-03-1949
Daughter- Mrs. Willie Maud Essary
Father-James Zachery Melvin-South Carolina
Mother-Carrie Doggett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 162

Miller, George Henderson
12-15-1873-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-20-1955-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Donie Miller-Died 1944
Nephew-Tommie Barnes
Father-Tom Miller-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Catherine Marecle-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 127

Moore, Virdie Billie
09-27-1902-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-18-1955-St.Louis, Missouri
Husband-Presley A. Moore-Age 56
Son-James A. Moore-Memphis, Tennessee
Father- J.W. Jobe-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Maude Parson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Salem Cemetery
Page 102

Morgan, Annie Virginia
11-19-1870-Benton Co., Mississippi
10-05-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Grand Junction, Tennessee
Husband-G.W. Morgan-Died 1913
Son-R.E. Morgan-Grand Junction, Tennessee
Father-Joseph Scott-Benton Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Brantley-Benton Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 132

Morphew, Evelyn Marie Potts
02-09-1919-Birmingham, Alabama
03-06-1955-Almeda, California
Husband-O.H. Morphew-Age 48
Father-Henry Potts-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Clark-Birmingham, Alabama
Shipped from Almedia, California by-Fowler Anderson Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 36

Morrison, Lionel Rice
12-31-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Sisters- Mrs. Margaret Fowler & Rose McAnulty Peeler
Father-William James Morrison-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Gurley-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 50

Moss, Sarah Caroline
020-8-1891-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-James Charles Moss-Age 72
Father-Walter Briggs-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Zonie Gossett-Mississippi
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 48

Muse, Thomas Kendrick
04-10-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-27-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Crowder, Mississippi
Wife-Ella Muse-Age 59
Daughter- Mrs. Frank Parvin
Father-William Warren Muse-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 172


Odle, Willie Lindsey
04-05-1880-Fulton, Mississippi
06-04-1955-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-W.I. Odle-Age 81
Son-Cecil Odle
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 77


Pardue, Roy S. Sr.
03-20-1882-Preniss Co., Mississippi
06-16-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-Roy S. Pardue Jr.
Father-John Pardue-Mississippi
Mother-Fannie Apperson
Henry Cemetery
Page 85

Parker, Paul Marvin
06-15-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Myrtle Parker-Age 69
Father-Gideon Parker-Dresden, Tennessee
Mother-Closter Hayes-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 49

Parrish, Stella D.
09-22-1892-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-23-1955-Sheffield, Alabama
Husband-Ben L. Parish-Died 1926
Sons-Bromley & Wilbur L. Parish
Father-D.J. Jones-Ms
Mother-Roseanna Gallamore- Mississippi
Burns Cemetery
Page 116

Parsons, Rena S.
08-05-1880-Colbert Co., Alabama
04-01-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John N. Parsons-Died 11-27-1948
Grandson-W.J. Williams
Daughter- Mrs. Worsham
Father-Dave Stringer-Alabama
Mother-Nancy Stanfield-Alabama
Providence Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 47

Patterson, Alfred Blarney
10-11-1996-Greenfield, Tennessee
12-09-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Deedie North-Age 53
Father-Alfred Patterson-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Ann Cupp- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 163

Perkins, Ora M.
08-24-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-01-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.F. Perkins-Age 72
Son-J.C. Perkins
Father-Will Martindale-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Blankenship-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 156

Perkins, Tendall Verdell Veteran
04-11-1918-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-30-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
WW II Veteran
Ex-Husband-Jeffie Scott-Age 35
Brother-J.C. Perkins
Father-J.F. Perkins- Tennessee
Mother-Ora Martindale-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 22

Phillips, Louella Smith
12-03-1882-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.E. Phillips-Age 79
Father-Henry Smith-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Katie Blakney-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 58

Plaxico, Mollie
02-14-1868-Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-15-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-B.T. Plaxico-Died 1940
Son-Will Plaxico
Father-John Box-Mississippi
Mother-Lizzie Cartwright-Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 168

Preher, Edgar
06-30-1899-Fulton, Kentucky
12-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Order By-Mozelle Curry & Thelma Barton
Father-Charlie Preher-Alabama
Mother-Callie Ann Cartwright-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 157

Presley, Samantha Alma
07-07-1878-Colbert Co., Alabama
11-09-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-William Leroy Presley-Age 75
Father-William David Cheek-Alabama
Mother-Elizabeth Moody-Alabama
Union Cemetery

Price, Fannie Mae
05-25-1919-Fayette Co., Alabama
08-28-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Jack Price
Sister-Ester Taylor
Father-J.A. Mask-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Taylor-Alabama
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 119

Price, Richard Henry
06-05-1874-Benton Co., Mississippi
01-21-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Georgia McMurtrey-Age 78
Son-Elwyn Price
Father-John T. Price-Mississippi
Mother-Ora Jane Johnson-Ms
Henry Cemetery
Page 16

Proctor, Mary Elizabeth
11-25-1851-Hardeman, Co., Tennessee
02-03-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-J.H. Proctor-Died 1929
Son-Henry Proctor-Walnut, Mississippi
Father-John Foster
Mother-Fannie McKee
New Salem Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 26

Putt, Glen Allen
02-23-1894-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-03-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ester Bridges-Died 1936
Brother-Clarence Putt
Father-Charlie Putt-Lee Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ida Bell Jones-Hamburg, Tennessee
Holley Cemetery
Page 144

Pyron, Robert Lee Veteran
12-25-1872-Holley Springs, Mississippi
11-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Spanish American War Veteran
Wife-Geneva Pyron-Died 03-25-1949
Children-Vernon & Katie Pyron
Father-William Russell Pyron-Ms
Mother-Mary Baum-Ms
Henry Cemetery
Page 145


Ray, Aylma Oaks
02-22-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Nephew-Fentress Ray
Father-H.H. Ray-North Carolina
Mother-Sarah Northcross- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 153

Read, Laura Moore
12-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-T.A. Read-Died 1949
Daughter-Frances Spencer-Meridian, Mississippi
Father-James M. Moore-S.C.
Mother-Laetia Frances Hearne- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 158

Riggs, Harold Wayne
01-06-1955- Lived 7 hours-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-07-1955-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Fleva G. Riggs-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mildred Barnes-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 03

Rogers, Mary Dodd
05-20-1955-Iuka, Mississippi
Husband-Page W. Rogers-Died 03-14-1941
Daughter-Helen Timlake
Father-Jim Dodd-Alabama
Mother-Lila Ray
Lone Oak Cemetery Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 69

Rogers, Elsie Hamm
08-08-1881-McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-18-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Eugene D. Rogers-Age 84
Niece- Mrs. Barney Potts
Father-James Newton Hamm-Kentucky
Mother-Martha English-Kentucky
Gravel Hill Cemetery McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 135

Rogers, Sarah Ellen
05-31-1899-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-12-1955-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-Arthur Rogers-Age 60
Father-John Mitchell-Arkansas
Mother-Susie Grimes-Tennessee
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 165


Sanders, Rosie Elwood
12-03-1876-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-15-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George Lee Sanders-Age 82
Father-Asa Wood McClure -Tennessee
Mother-Cornelia Cornelius-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 110

Selman, William Stanford
01-17-1876-Lauderdale, Co., Alabama
07-08-1955-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Ollie Livingston
Son-L.M. Selman-Florence, Alabama
Father-A.J. Selman-Alabama
Mother-Catherine Carlton-Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Shedd, Sgt. Harold
Birth date not listed-Jiles Co., Tennessee
Buried 06-20-1955; 10:00 a.m., Monday
Korean War Veteran- P. O.W.
Father-Jessie G. Shedd-Georgia
Mother-Overlia Tapp-Alabama
Shiloh Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing Tennessee
Page 87

Shelton, Martha Cleopatie
Age 74-McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-18-1855-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Taylor Shelton-Deceased
Brother-Charles M. Deming-Ramer Tennessee
Father-James W. Deming- North Carolina
Mother-Mary C. Bradford- Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 12

Shelton, Virgie May
05-12-1882-Crockett Co. Tennessee
01-31-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Son-Elmer L. Shelton
Father-Henry Guest
Mother-Maggie Simmons
Remains Shipped To-Lanier Funeral Home
Jackson, Tennessee
Arat Cemetery
Jackson, Tennessee
Page 23

Shirley, Robert Lee, III
05-27-1955-Shelby Co., Tennessee
05-30-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Robert Lee Shirley Jr.-Warren Co., Mississippi
Mother- Bettie Don Sweat-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 75

Simpson, Ruby Eunice
12-05-1923-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
07-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Fred Williams
Other Sisters Not Listed
Father-A.P. Simpson-Tennessee
Mother-Annie Dowty-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 105

Skillman, Mary Emily
12-24-1862-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-18-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Friend-Gladys Ferguson
Father-John C. Skillman
Mother-Sarah C. Surratt
Henry Cemetery
Page 151

Smith, Jackie Quinton
07-18-1940-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-John H. Smith-Tennessee
Mother-Ruth Jaynes- Mississippi
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 93

Smith, Kenneth Eugene
03-13-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pauline Marie Westbrook-Age 64
Father-William Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ester Jane Lynch-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 32

Smith, Margaret Anna
07-26-1874-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-19-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-R.B. Smith Sr.-Died 1947
Sister- Mrs. E. Strickland-Belmont, Mississippi
Father-Winship Bynum-North Carolina
Mother-Florence Norman- South Carolina
Booneville Cemetery
Page 53

Smith, Tolly
07-25-1893-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-26-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Brother-M.E. Smith
Father-William Smith- Mississippi
Mother-Louise Phillips- Mississippi
Phillips Family Cemetery
Page 20

Smith, Zora Ann
10-06-1878-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-10-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Henry D. Smith-Died 12-23-1944
Daughter- Mrs. Charlie Dillon
Father-Robert E. Whitehurst-Alabama
Mother-Sarah Ellen Lambert-Ms
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 37

Spencer, Rose Ann
08-08-1885-Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-15-1955-Tiplersville, Mississippi
Husband-H.M. Spencer-Died 06-15-1950
Brother-Dan Glidewell
Father-Jim Glidewell
Mother-Martha Timmons
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 8

Stevens, Shirley Mae
04-21-1939-Corinth, Mississippi
01-19-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Elbert Lee Stevens- Mississippi
Mother-Lucille Morrow- Mississippi
Salem Cemetery Corinth, Mississippi
Page 14

Stephenson, William A.
Age 70 years old- Georgia
01-19-1955-Hattisburg, Mississippi
Wife-Lula Hill
Father-Albert Stephenson- Georgia
Shipped from Hattiesburg, Mississippi by Hulett Funeral Home
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 13

Stinson, Edward Pitts
02-22-1907-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-20-1955-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife-Elsie Milstead-Age 48
Father-Willison Robert Stinson-Mississippi
Mother-Ada Mohundro-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Page 128

Stone, James David
12-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Near McGlathery School
Wife-Ethel York-Age 60
Sister- Mrs. Tom Abel
Father-John H. Stone-Alabama
Mother-Elizabeth Peters-Alabama
Piney Grove (Juliette Cemetery)
Page 170

Strickland, Richard Perry Jr.
04-06-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-06-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Bettie Huff-Age 58
Father-Ed Strickland-Ms
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 59

Surratt, Cleo Patria
12-09-1877-Ittawamba Co., Mississippi
09-28-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-W.A. Surratt-Died 1948
Daughter-Maurine Surratt
Father-George Walker- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 130


Tankersley, Anner Floyd
10-02-1886-Hardin Co., Tennessee
05-09-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John W. Tankersley-Died 1945
Son-Martin Tankersley
Father-Richard Blevins-Tennessee
Mother-Milberry Duncan-Tennessee
Holly Cemetery
Page 62

Taylor, Charlotte Dubose
About 71 years old- Grenada, Mississippi
07-09-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- C. Taylor-Died 1929
Niece-Sarah T. Arnold
Father-B.K. Williams-Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Cannon-Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 100

Teague, Frances Newton
10-16-1896-Gilmer Co., Georgia
06-17-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Chatsworth, Georgia
Found Dead In Bed-Heart Condition
Sister-Sarah Ray
Father-Luther Teague
Mother-Tildey Ray
Shipped To Chatsworth, Georgia
Kenemer Bros. Funeral Home
Chatsworth Georgia Cemetery
Page 84

Thompson, Belle Rampley
09-17-1890-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-09-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-T.A. Thompson, Sr. Age 76
Daughter- Mrs. Buren Box
Order by- Martha & Ted
Father-Henry Rampley
Mother-Mattie McDonald-Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 07

Timlake, Luke Allen “Kay”And
08-13-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-15-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Myrtle Nix-Age 41
Father-Nelson Nix-Canada
Mother-Nanny Buffinton-Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 82

Timmons, Beulah
11-12-1891-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband-John Phillips
Husband-W.M. Timmons
Daughter-Minnie Pearl Baygents
Father- Andrew Davis-Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Lauderdale-Mississippi
Gaston Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 115

Timmons, Jesse James
01-29-1902-Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-07-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife-Mary Duncan-Age 54
Son-Carl Timmons
Father-Walter W. Timmons-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Roeanner Childs-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery
.Ripley, Mississippi
Page 78

Tims, Charles Wilson
05-07-1955-Red Bay, Alabama
Wife-Annie Ophelia Tims-Died 12-15-1954
Friend- Dr. G.L. Weatherford
Father-John Tims
Mother-Jane Rogers
Red Bay Cemetery
Red Bay, Alabama
Page 61

Turner, Ida Martha
03-15-1867-Chewalla, Tennessee
08-31-1955-Birmingham, Alabama
Son-C.C. Turner
Shipped From Birmingham By
Woodlawn Chapel
Holly Cemetery
Page 121


Voelker, Mrs. Hilda
01-11-1895-Portishead, England
06-24-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Miami, Florida
Husband-Arthur H. Voelker-Age 62
Sister- Mrs. W.R. Henry
Father-Harry Davis-Bristol, England
Mother-Blanch L. Wybourne-Weston Supermar, England
Woodlawn Cemetery
Miami, Florida
Page 90

Vuncannon, Laura
12-19-1862-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-09-1955-Ripley, Mississippi
Husband-John Vuncannon-Died 1930
Son-J.D. Vuncannon- Ripley, Mississippi
Father- Mr. Anderson
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 6


Wages, Effie Dora
11-15-1854-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-06-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-George Lee Wages-
Died 10-01-1953
Daughter- Mrs. Luther Moore
Father-Josh Fowler-Mississippi
Mother-Mittie Hartsfield-Mississippi
Lebanon Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 51

Walker, Joseph Levin
08-30-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-07-1955-Meridian, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Walker-Age 73
Daughter-Mildred Sawyer
Father-James Madison Walker
Mother-Adelia Wheeler-North Carolina
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 95

Ward, Mattie Belle
01-05-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sam Ward- Died 05-12-1954
Daughter-Syble Hayes
Father-John Reed-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 01

Weaver, Avon Kenneth
03-09-1880-Panola, Mississippi
01-22-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Warriner-Age 70
Son-In-Law-Harry Lee Williams
Father-Dr. Zachariah Page Weaver
Mother-Margaret Dabney Moore
Henry Cemetery
Page 17

Wells, Mary Alice Potts
Age 90
12-24-1955-Memphis, Tennessee
Daughter- Mrs. J.C. James
Shipped From Memphis, Tennessee by
J.W. Norris Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 171

White, George Washington
04-09-1876-Bond Co., Illinois
02-04-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nova Horn-Age 74
Father-Eleazar White-Illinois
Mother-Harriett Goodson-Illinois
Henry Cemetery
Page 27

Whitehead, Lucindia
08-18-1867-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
11-03-1955-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Dennis, Mississippi
Husband-Henry Whitehead-Died 1933
Son-J.E. Whitehead-Dennis, Mississippi
Father-Hollin Pharr-Mississippi
Mother-Gladys Montgomery-Mississippi
Old Bethel Cemetery
Belmont, Mississippi
Page 143

Whitehurst, Minnie King
02-13-1893-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-14-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Marion Howard Whitehurst-Age 64
Father-Ben King-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Tressie Ann Utley-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 31

Wilhite, George Ellis
09-29-1867-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-11-1955-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Lillian Richardson
Father-William Wilhite
Mother-Mary Robinson-Mississippi
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 108

Wood, Charles Albert
11-11-1949-McNairy Co., Tennessee
08-30-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Iuka, Mississippi
Father-Bill Wood-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ocene Gattis-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mt. Gilliard Cemetery
Page 120

Woodson, Joseph Michie
03-10-1878-Hickory Valley, Tennessee
09-06-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Callie Ann C. Woodson-Age 75
Order by- Thelma & Mozella
Father-J.M. Woodson, Sr.-Tennessee
Mother-Alice Robinson-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 123

Wright, David Franklin, Sr.
01-18-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-20-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jennie Messner-Age-70
Son-D.F. Wright, Jr.
Father-David Wright-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Colista Romine-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 113


Young, Martha Louvenia
08- **1870-Ft.Payne, Alabama
01-25-1955-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.M. Young-Age 88
Son-Ed Young
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 19
Alcorn County Home
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