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Taken from Daily Corinthian Newspaper

May 16, 1954 (Centennial edition)

Although the capital city of old Tishomingo County was located at the geographical center of the county, the great distance there to and from Corinth caused the residents of this rapidly growing city to petition for a division of the county into the circuit and chancery court districts, and the petition was forwarded to the county’s representatives in the lower branch of the legislature; Messrs. C.W. Bell, C.W. McCord, Jackson Akers and M. Surrall. A bill was framed and presented to the legislature and was passed, being approved by the governor on December 14, 1859. Corinth was made the seat of justice for the new district, and it developed upon the people to provide a suitable place for the holding of courts. A committee was appointed to raise the funds. While a mass meeting was called to decide as to the location of the new buildings, Messrs. Mitchell and Mask had presented to the city of Corinth block No. 85 in central Corinth and it was unanimously decided to build a combination courthouse and city hall on this block. Work was at once begun and a two-story frame building erected, which answered the purpose for which it was intended until 1880. Officers appointed by Governor James L. Alcorn, after division of county:

Officers of Tishomingo County:

A.W. Bailey, sheriff

J.M. Coman, chancery clerk

Wm. McKnight, circuit clerk

J.M. Thompson, treasurer

J.M. Patrick, assessor

Peter W. Hubbard, coroner

James Work, surveyor

John Deavors, Mayor of Iuka

Officers of Prentiss County:

L.W. Redus, sheriff

W.H. Walton, chancery clerk

R.B. Morrison, circuit clerk

Phillip Doyle, treasurer

L.L. Brown, tax assessor


Alonao Bowdry

J.M. Moore

J.R. Moore

William Rodgers

M.L. Martin

Mayor of Booneville, C. Lacy

Officers of Alcorn County

E. Haynie, sheriff

R.L. Fleming, chancery clerk

W.H. Jones, circuit clerk

C.P. Elgin, county treasurer

Andy Cathy, tax assessor

E.J. Callahan, coroner


H. Mitchell

L.M. New

H.C. Klyce

N.M. Aldridge

J.W. Curlee (colored)

Mayor of Corinth, H. Mask


E.C. Gillinwaters (should be Gillenwaters)

J.H. Sanders

R.S. Farris

Samuel Goodwin (colored)

Joseph Evans (colored)

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