McPeters Funeral Home Records 1945

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1945



Babb, Eugene
07-05-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mittie Lee Babb-Age 74
Son-Dan W. Babb
Father-Mathew J. Babb-North Carolina
Mother-Mary Coln-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 79

Baker, James Henry
01-03-1897-Bolivar, Tennessee
09-03-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
World War I
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Bertha Meeks Baker-Age 42
Father-Willie Baker-Tennessee
Mother-Doshia Baker-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot 65 Section M
Page 139

Ballard, John Franklin
12-24-1865-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Emily Ballard-Age 81
Daughter- Mrs. Effie(Ed) Rencher
Father-Henry Ballard-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Miss Gray-Alcorn Co.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 216

Barnes, John Vester Moses
02-04-1945-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
03-02-1945- Rogers Springs, Hardeman County
Father-Lymon Barnes-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Josie Shaw-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Aunt-Anta Sargent-Walnut, Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 43

Barnes, Stanley Wayne
05-20-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
05-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Charles Aron Barnes-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Gladys Modell Whitlock-Lee Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 91

Barton, Walter Middleton
05-23-1873-Rienzi, Mississippi
11-23-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Sula McDaniel Barton
Sons-Not Named
Father-Jim W. Barton-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Galaher-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 194

Baswell, Joseph Pleasant
12-15-1884-Cullman Co. Alabama
09-29-1945-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Dollie Gann Baswell-Age 54
Son-Jessie T. Baswell
Father-J.P. Baswell-Georgia
Mother-Margaret Carroll-Georgia
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 158

Baxter, Millard Fillmill
05-24-1856-Butler Co. Alabama
11-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Jennie Lee Emmons Baxter-Age 81
Daughter- Mrs. Lizzie Henson
Father-James Madison Baxter-Georgia
Mother-Mary C. Barnes-Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 188

Bean, William
08-14-1860-Okalona, Mississippi
04-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lee Anna Bean-Age 38
Father-Monroe Bean-Mississippi
Mother-Emma Turner-Mississippi
Sand Hill Church Cemetery
Baldwyn, Mississippi
Page 68

Beard, William Henry David
05-13-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-19-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mittie Woodruff Beard-Age 53
Daughter- Mrs. Hath
Father-Isiah Beard-Mississippi
Mother-Martha Dees-Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 178

Bell, Ella Mae (Colored)
07-02-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
07-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Mary Frances Bell-Corinth, Mississippi
Grandmother-Rena Junkins
Colored City Cemetery
Page 111

Biggers, James David Sr.
09-5-1862-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-15-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
J.D. Biggers Hardware
Wife-Annie Morrison Biggers-Died 1938
Daughter-Elizabeth Biggers
Father-Jack Biggers-North Carolina
Mother-Elizabeth Morrison-North Carolina
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Mississippi
Page 104

Bingham, Alonzo L.
04-09-1945-Huntsville, Alabama
Madison Co.
Wife-Annie Bingham
Son-In-Law-J.C. Beene
Babb/ Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 70

Blasingame, Mrs. Artimsy Willis
04-04-1873-Marion Co., Alabama
02-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-David M. Blasingame-Died 02-04-1943
Daughter-Pearl Bass
Father- J. Willis
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 26

Bonner, 1st Lt. James Whitmore
About 36 years old
02-22-1945-Gulfport, Mississippi
World War II - 328th A.A.F. Base
Wife-Alice Epps Bonner
Brother-In-Law-Herbert Ijams
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 37

Brackston, Samuel
09-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Pauline Bloch Brackston-Age 57
Order by- Ferdinand and Georgia
Parents Born In Russia
Temple Cemetery
Nashville, Tennessee
Page 157

Brooks, Nancy K.
Stillborn-4:45 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
10-08-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Raymond Chester Brooks-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Louise Kirkland-Alcorn Co.,Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 165

Brown, Mrs. Sarah Bell Busby
08-28-1884-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-11-1945-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-W.T. Brown-Age 65
Father-J.N. Busby-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ausurta Roberson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Salem Cemetery
Iuka, Mississippi
Page 145

Burk, Bobbie Ray
07-09-1945-Panama City, Florida
10-11-1945-Panama City, Florida
Home of Grandmother- Mrs. Jessie B. Pardue
Father-Dee Burk-Michigan
Mother-Christine Pardue-Florence, Alabama
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 170

Burns, David Wright Sales
09-25-1866-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-23-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Laverna Allen Burns- Died 47 Years ago
Son-C.W. Burns
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 12

Burrow, William Hairm
12-01-1865-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Frances Roaten Burrow-Age 79
Sons- J.E. and C.L. Burrow
Father-W.L. Burrow-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Martha Smith-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 181

Bush, James Ezekiel
10-14-11872-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
11-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Harry Payne
Father- J.M. Bush- North Carolina
Mother-Miss Graham-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 193

Butler, Paul Edwin
11-18-1944-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-04-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Walter Butler-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Rosa Lee Simmons-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 21


Calvery, Willie Walker
10-01-1924-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-16-1945-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Order by-Minnie Pearl Calvery
Wife-Luna Mae Jefferies Calvery-Age 19
Father-Hal Calvery-Tennessee
Mother-Mattie Pearl Hathcock-(Mrs. Harve Flanagan) Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 146

Cardwell, Mrs. Margarett Ann
05-23-1868-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-08-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-A.J. Cardwell-Died 3-27-1935
Daughter- Mrs. Vera Wren-Chewalla, Tennessee
Son-Earl Cardwell
Father-Robert Allen Suggs-Alabama
Mother-Eliza Pipkins-Alabama
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 168

Champion, Mrs. Earmen Harrison
01-10-1875-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-08-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Daughter- Mrs. Lola Stutts
Mac Henry Champion-Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Father-J.M. Harrison-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Miss Sheppard-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Corinth City Cemetery
Page 144

Cherry, Mack
01-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
6:00 a.m. till 8:00 a.m.
Father-Neil Cherry-Tennessee
Mother-Jane Nolan-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Grandfather-H.A. Nolan-Memphis, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 06

Choate, Leonard Thomas
04-06-1860-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-27-1945-Jackson, Tennessee
Died at the home of-Charlie Choate-Jackson, Tennessee
Resided there 9 years
Wife-Parcilla Skelton Choate-Died 01-24-1931
Father-Aaron Choate
Mother-Miss Pyles
Henry Cemetery
Page 118

Clark, Clara (Colored)
About 75 years old
01-28-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Friend-Estella McBride
Colored City Cemetery
Page 17

Clark, Mrs. Minnie Mae Childers
08-30-1884-Hickman Co., Kentucky
12-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Resided In State-40 Years
Husband-B.P. Clark-Age 66
Order by B.P. Clark, Hasten &Pansy Mae
Father- J.M. Childers-Tennessee
Mother-Betty Bruce-Kentucky
Henry Cemetery
Page 203

Clark, William Clarence
02-14-1924-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-04-1945-Memphis, Tennessee Veterans Hospital
World War II
Wife-Zora Epperson Clark-Age 24
Father-Henry Clarence Clark-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Willie Davenport-Alabama
Antioch Church Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 163

Coats, Forest (Colored)
070-4-1895-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
10-12-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister-Lula Price
Father-Mose Coats-Tennessee
Mother-Retel Parks-Tennessee
Colored City Cemetery
Page 171

Coleman, Myrtle Maud Hancock
01-07-1888-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-22-1945-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-Thomas M. Coleman- Died 12-8-1938
Niece-Hazel Coleman
Son-Ronal Coleman -Other Boys Not Named
Father-Robert L. Hancock
Mother-Mary Price-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 154

Coln, Rebecca Sue
05-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
06-01-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- C.B. Coln-Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Susie Elizabeth Driver- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 96

Counce, Mrs. Evelyn
07-03-1879-No Birth Place
10-15-1945-Meridian, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. A.L. Bingham-
Huntsville, Alabama
Niece- Mrs. Beene
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 173

Crowell, Ganal Price
12-29-1880-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Alta Delp Crowell-Age 60
Brother-In-Law-Dan Delp
Order by- Lawrence & Dan
Henry Cemetery
Page 47

Cummings, Vernon Lee
05-21-1921-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-19-1945-Kalamazoo, Michigan
Residence- Wenasoga, Mississippi
World War II
Father-Arthur Cummings-Alabama
Mother-Amy Hendrix-Tennessee
Shipped from; Joldersma & Klein Co., Funeral Home
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Holley Church Cemetery
Page 152


Dalton, Terry James Sr.
07-17-1875-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-02-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Walne Conn Dalton-Age 65
Sons-Lonnie, Henry and Robert Dalton
Father-Solomon A. Dalton-Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Walker-North Carolina
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 199

Daniel, Thomas Jefferson
10-29-1866-Lee Co., Mississippi
01-18-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife-Georgia W. Daniel
Daughter-Maida D. Gray
Secured by Mrs. Tom Haley and Mrs. Joe Daniel
Father- J.C. Daniel-South Carolina
Mother-Martha Morrow-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 10

Davis, Mrs. Dorcas
07-19-1851-South Carolina
02-19-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Jacob Calvin Davis-Died 1901
Son-H.E. Davis
Father-Cooper Wilbanks-South Carolina
Mother-Miss White-South Carolina
Harmony Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 34

Davis, Ruben Carroll
12-04-1922-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife-Lula Anderson-Age 18
Father-Oscar Sylvester Davis-Franklin Co., Alabama
Mother-Lillie Horn-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 137

Davis, W. J.
Stillborn-9:00 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
12-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Robert L. Davis-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Estelle Hudson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 209

Dees, Mrs. Minnie Cook
01-06-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- B. Dees-Age 35
Brother-Albert Cook
Father-John T. Cook-Mississippi
Mother-Alice Switcher-Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 202

Dillinger, Mrs. Onniee.
07-27-1886-Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-26-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Rufus Dillinger-Died 12-10-1941
Sister-Maggie E. Dillinger
Father-Frank Bullock-Union Co., Mississippi
Mother-Miss Forshea-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 136

Dickson, J. C.
12-22-1903-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-25-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nena Frances Mullins Dickson-Age 36
Brother-Ross Dickson
Father- L.W. Dickson-Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ella Ross-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 195

Dillon, Pfc. James F.
01-24-1945-San Antonia, Texas
Stationed @ Brooks Field, San Antonia, Texas
World War II
Father-Alf Dillon
Mother-Crecy Ward
Henry Cemetery
Shipped From Texas By-Charles Hanavan, Undertaker
Page 15

Doggett, John William
11-17-1861-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-06-1945-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Eliza A. Doggett-Died 11-23-1938
Daughter- Mrs. Joe Cates
Son-Robert A. Doggett (Bob)
Father-John W. Doggett
Mother-Miss Martin
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 67

Doyle, James Alton
06-15-1875-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
09-19-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lucinda Jacobs Doyle-Age 68
Sons-Luther and Arthur Doyle
Daughter- Mrs. Lindsey
Father-Samuel Doyle-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother-Rusha Sexton-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 151

Duncan, Infant Boy
Stillborn-8:30 p.m.
01-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Jasper Duncan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Maxine Bragg-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Grandfather-Warren Bragg
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 08


Ellis, Merton Wells
02-02-1882-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-30-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Lelia Stratler Ellis-Age 53
Father- J.B. Ellis-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Margaret McNairy-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 81

Emmons, Earnest Earl
11-04-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ethel Voyles Emmons-Age 55
Son-A.C. Emmons
Father-W.E. Emmons-Tennessee
Mother-Ida M. Morton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 25

Enoch, Mrs. Arnie Eaton
10-08-1882-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.V. Enoch-Age 63
Father-Theodore Eaton-Mississippi
Mother-Dee Olive Williams-Tennessee
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 147


Farris, Margaret Roland Sutton
07-17-1852-McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-02-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-S.P. Farris-Died 1914
Son-Sam Farris
Father-R.D. Sutton-Virginia
Mother-Margaret Copeland-Virginia
Mt. Zion Cemetery
Selmer, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 183

Farthing, Mrs. Annie Laura
Age about 85 -Birth Place Unknown
01-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Mr. McCracken
Sardis Cemetery
Sardis, Mississippi
Page 04

Felker, William Thomas
02-23-1860-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-23-1945-Booneville, Mississippi
Wife-Sallie McCoy Felker
Niece- Mrs. C.Q. Felker
Father-John Felker-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Miss Floyd-Virginia
Little Brown Church Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 210

Flanagan, Bob
03-19-1916-Leighton, Alabama
10-17-1945-Colbert Co. Alabama
Wife-Lucille Fredrick Flanagan-Age 25
Father-J.F. Flanagan-Alabama
Mother-Miss Eveline Kent-Alabama
Bethany Church Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 176

Fringer, Dennis Frank
02-28-1892-Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma
04-17-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
World War I
Ex-Wife-Nora Bell Lovings-Age 48
Daughter-Vernice Mae Bangren
Father-George Samuel Fringer
Mother-Subrune Darbin
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 76

Fulks, David Hosie
Age about 68 -McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-27-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Sarah Rachel Fulks-Age 70
Son- R.V. Fulks
Father-John Fulks-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Geeter-Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 40


Galtney, David Kinsman
05-30-1886-Sharon, Mississippi
07-27-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Virginia Fields Galtney
Father-Pierce N. Galtney-Mississippi
Mother-Alice B. Bealsoe-Mississippi
Fairview Cemetery
Fulton, Kentucky
Page 116

Gant, Robert Franklin
09-25-1866- Gifford Co., North Carolina
02-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mollie Martin Gant-Age 70
Father-William Gant-North Carolina
Mother-Zylphia Diamond-North Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 19

Garguss, Annie Morgan
05-12-1875-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-31-1945-Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-John G. Garguss-Age 75
Son-Frances Garguss
Father- Mr. Morgan
Mother-Miss Terry
Other Name-Hershal Garguss
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 95

Garrett, Mrs. Minnie Ann
12-14-1879-Houston, Mississippi
12-23-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.D. Garrett-Died 1915
Daughters- Mrs. Lyle Taylor,
Mrs. D. H. Weeks, Mrs. Bill Harwell and Mrs. W.R. Gurley
Father-C.C. Robertson-Mississippi
Mother-Harriett Ann Lancaster-Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 213

Gatlin, Richard Andrew
02-23-1878-Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-08-1945-Brownfield, Mississippi
Wife-Effie Alma Gatlin-Age 66
Son-Hugh Gatlin
Father-Rufus Gatlin-Brownfield, Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Virginia Perkins
Brownfield, Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 167

Gibson, Elbert M.
73 years old
10-13-1945-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Spanish American War
Shipped To Corinth, Mississippi, by Jones & Spigener Funeral Directors
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 175

Glasaner, Yancy L.
11-30-1894-Woodville, Alabama
07-15-1945-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
World War I
Sister- Mrs. O.D. Kennamer-Huntsville, Alabama
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 112

Goodman, Mrs. Allie Martin
02-15-1878-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-C.H. Goodman-Age 65
Father-John Martin-Mississippi
Mother-Miss Cunningham-Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 77

Gortney, Kenneth Lee
02-20-1876-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-12-1945-Iuka, Mississippi
Wife-Maude Barnett Gortney-Age 69
Father-James Gortney-Mississippi
Mother-Elmyra Blackshire-Mississippi
Cross Roads Cemetery
Holcut, Mississippi
Page 127

Gray, Alfred Ray
04-20-1940-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-29-1945-Burnsville, Mississippi
Uncle-H.O. Gray
Father-Wilmer Gray-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lillie Bray-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 120

Green, Mrs. L. Bertha Meeks
03-26-1925-Tippah Co., Mississippi
01-27-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband (Separated)-L.C. Green
Father-Jake Meeks-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ada F. Elam-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 16

Green, Sloan
09-20-1901-Corinth, Mississippi
03-31-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Mary L. Morrow
Father-Harley S. Green-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Marcia Sloan-Marshall Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 64

Griffin, Joe Price
03-18-1864-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of ?? -Died 11-1938
Daughters- Mrs. John Voyles, and
Mrs. Allen Voyles
Son-Price Griffin
Father-William Griffin-North Carolina
Mother-Elizabeth A. Parker-North Carolina
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 07

Grissom, J. C.
02-07-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Charlie A. Grissom, Sr.-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Vostie Marlar-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 142

Gurley, Mrs. Axie Victoria
11-13-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-24-1945-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband-Samuel R. Gurley-Died 07-21-1937
Daughter- Mrs. Lela Mellon
Father-Abe Ragsdale
Mother-Paralee Scally
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 106


Haddock, Mrs. Lillie Belle Huggins
12-25-1871-Benton, Kentucky
05-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Chappy D. Haddock-Died 08-09-1917
Daughter- Mrs. Cleatus Reed
Father-John Randolph Huggins-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Lou English-Marshall Co. Kentucky
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 85

Hall, Mrs. Alice
Sons-Harvey Hall and G.A. Hall
Husband-J.T. Hall-Died 01-05-1914
Father-Louis Bohannan-Georgia
Mother-Mary Grant-Georgia
Whitehurst Family Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 44

Hancock, Peggy Ann
04-22-1942-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-18-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Father-Mark Hancock-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Leo Farris-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 208

Hanley, Pat
03-17-1865-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Campbell Hanley-Age 64
Daughter-Ethel Hanley
Son-Pat Hanley, Jr.
Father-Martin Hanley-Ireland
Mother-Ellen Clancy-Ireland
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 72

Hanley, Thomas Jefferson
07-23-1855-Montgomery Co., Alabama
03-20-1945-Dewitt, Arkansas
Wife-Amanda Kelly Hanley-Age 71
Nephew-Pat Hanley
Niece-Ethel Hanley
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 56

Hardin, Amos Cleveland
05-08-1885-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-25-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mackie Alma Mills Hardin-Age 53
Son- A.C. Hardin, Jr.
Brother-Sam C. Hardin
Father-Dan Hardin-Lauderdale, Alabama
Mother-Docia Fields-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 57

Harling, Cora Ann Pollard
01-06-1869-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-05-1945-Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Husband-V.P. Harling-Died 07-10-1939
Son-Henry Harling
Father-W.B. Pollard-Alabama
Mother-Narcisia Whitfield-Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - Booneville
Page 122

Harris, Thomas B.
11-21-1871-Chatfield, Texas
12-01-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Winslow, Washington Co., Arkansas
Wife-Elizabeth Stoop Harris-Age 65
Daughter- Mrs. H.J. Daly-Corinth
Father-Thomas Wesley Harris-Georgia
Mother-Catherine Edwards-Georgia
Collier Cemetery
Winslow, Arkansas
Page 196

Harris, William Albert
11-04-1873-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
12-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Maggie Little Harris-Age 69
Son-Roy Harris
Other name- Fred Harris
Father-Albert Harris-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mollie Adams-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 205

Hathcock, Thomas D.
05-13-1893-Stantonville, Tennessee
03-26-1945-Gulfport, Mississippi
Pvt.24th Co.6, L. R. Bn 162N Deto. Brig
Enlisted-04-02-1918-Corinth, Mississippi
Discharged-06-17-1918-Camp Pike, Arkansas
Wife-Myrtle Hathcock
Father-Josh Hathcock
Mother-Donia Cabb
Shipped From Gulfport, Mississippi
By E.T. Reimann Funeral Home
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 62

Henson, Mrs. Cynthia Katherine
05-21-1856-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-17-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sam Henson-Died 1905
Daughter- Mrs. Cora Dickerson
Father-Frank Archer-North Carolina
Mother-Mary Kay-North Carolina
Liberty School Cemetery
Page 149

Heyer, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
03-30-1872-Monroe Co., Mississippi
08-09-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.J. Heyer-Died 09-22-1937
Son-Robert J. Heyer
Father-Robert Cunningham-Monroe Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mattie Grady-Monroe Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 124

Hodge, Betty Jean
05-30-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
08-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Grover Hodge-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother-Fannie Barnes-Arkansas
Friend-O.M. Holloway
Ebenezer Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 123

Hodge, Ruby Patton (Colored)
12-25-1913-Corinth, Mississippi
05-10-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George E. Hodge-Age 52
Father-Rady Patton-Tennessee
Mother-Maggie Cummings-Mississippi
Little Zion Church Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 84

Holloway, Infant Girl
07-24-1945-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Stillborn-4: pm
Father-Claudie Lee Holloway-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Louise Garrett-Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Grandfather-O.M. Holloway-Paid Cash
Essary Springs Cemetery -Tennessee
Page 115

Holloway, Mrs. Gladys D.
38 years old-Woodville, Alabama
03-16-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Allen M. Holloway
Order by Spencer-Sturla Funeral Home-
Memphis, Tennessee
Father-W.J. Wright
Mother- Sarah Wright
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Page 55

Hopper, Granville Taylor
04-21-1871-Sardis, Tennessee
11-09-1945- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Mary Margaret Bridges Hopper-Age 71
Daughters- Mrs. Olivia Mae Ginn,
Mary Drewry and Mrs. Simmons
Father-David Crockett Hopper-Tennessee
Mother-Martha Bridges-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 186

Hudson, Mrs. Jemima Parish
02-17-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-17-1945-Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Residence-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-O.W. Hudson-Age 79
Order by Mrs. Katie Mae Hudson
Father-William Parish-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Kittie Savage Hudson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Burial-Van Alstyne, Texas
Page 75

Hudson, Onslow Whitfield
01-29-1866-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-08-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Jemima Parish Hudson-Died 04-17-1945
Sons- P.A. and Frank H. Hudson
Father-Daniel Hudson-South Carolina
Mother-Mary Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Church Cemetery
Page 108

Huggins, Edgar Jr.
03-25-1923-Corinth, Mississippi
03-26-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Edgar J. Huggins- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Wiener Ernest-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery McNairy Co., Tennessee
Ramer, Tennessee
Page 58

Hughes, Mary Emma
Stillborn-4:30 p.m.
06-28-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Louis C. Hughes-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Gaston P. Alexander-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 107

Hutchinson, Marylin Joyce
12-14-1944-McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-27-1945-Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-F.L. Hutchinson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lorraine Browder-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Grandmother-Catherine Browder
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 39



James, Bertha Gertrude Elam
06-30-1905-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-04-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Leland James-Age 45
Father-Frank Elam-Mississippi
Mother-Margaret Willis-Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 162

Johnson, Cynthia Ann Lumpkins
09-08-1856-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
07-11-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-G.B. Johnson-Died 08-07-1944
Daughter- Mrs. J.T. Duncan
Father- Mr. Lumpkins
Mother-Millie Murley
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 110

Johnson, Eugene Ellis
11-02-1880-Rienzi, Mississippi
08-19-1945-Pickwick Tennessee River
Father-Rev. Eugene Johnson-Jackson, Tennessee
Mother-Nellie Ellis- Rienzi, Mississippi
Sister-In-Law- Mrs. Melville Johnson-Jackson, Mississippi
Burial-Batesville Mississippi
Page 133

Jones, James Horace (Twin)
01-13-1945-Walnut, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-04-1945-Walnut, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-Troy Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ethel Settlemires-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 46

Jones, Anna Lois (Twin)
01-13-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-09-1945-Walnut, Mississippi
Father-Troy Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ethel Settlemires-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 49

Jones, Florence Le Donie M.
05-10-1868-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-09-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-George W. Jones-Age 63
Daughter- Mrs. Elsie Howie
Mother-Sarah Ann Mauldin
Henry Cemetery
Page 204

Jones, J.L.
08-18-1941-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-20-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-J.D. Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Madge Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 11

Jones, Mrs. Jewell Ross
02-13-1903-Corinth, Mississippi
10-6-1945-East St. Louis, Illinois
Husband-Walter M. Jones-Age 62
Sisters- Mrs. Otis Rorie & Mrs. Dypree Barkey
Father-Mack Ross-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ollie B. Huff-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped from; Kurrus Funeral Home in E. St. Louis, Illinois
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 166


Kahdot, Infant Girl
06-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
06-04-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Lived one hour
Father-Frank Kahdot-Georgetown, Okla.
Mother-Rosa Mann-Texas
Henry Cemetery
Page 97

Keaton, Edwin Russell
05-15-1909-Corinth, Mississippi
02-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
World War II
Wife-Mary Virginia Le Garde Keaton
Order by Mrs. Keaton, Mrs. Addie George & Leslie Morrison
Father-Alford Earnest Keaton-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Velma Rinehart-Booneville, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 30

Kennedy, John Henry
09-22-1866-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-05-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Emma Robinson Kennedy-Age 73
Son-M.G. Kennedy-Corinth, Mississippi
Granddaughter- Mrs. Tony Justice
Father-Gipson Kennedy
Mother-Martha South-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mt. Gilliard Cemetery
Burnsville Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 24

Kitchens, Joseph Franklin
08-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ollie Ross Kitchens-Died 10-15-1939
Son-Clovis Kitchens
Cash Paid by Earnest Kitchens
Father-Benjamin Kitchens-Alabama
Mother-Amanda Whisenant-Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 130

Kyle, James Carlton
08-06-1935-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-10-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Lane Kyle-Tennessee
Mother-Bessie Mae Lambert-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 125


Lambert, Vernon Wayne
05-04-1945-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Lived hour
Father-Walter Lambert-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Flossie Tucker-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Possum Trott Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 82

Lancaster, Mrs. Louise Dickerson
06-21-1924-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Hollie Reed Lancaster-Age 27
Father-Frank Dickerson-Ramer, Tennessee
Mother-Pauline Rogers-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Aunt- Mrs. John T. Wilbanks
Other Name- Robert Dickerson
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 129

Lancaster, Robert Lee
07-15-1918-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
WWII - Discharged-03-25-1943
Sister-Velma Lancaster
Father-Charlie Lancaster-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Myrtle Gellant-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 32

Lazier, Frank
About 76 years old
03-08-1945-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
World War I
Shipped From Alabama by
Jones and Spigener Funeral Home
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 50

Leatherwood, John Madison
04-20-1884-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-08-1945-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife-Mary Taylor Leatherwood-Age 57
Son-Bynum Leatherwood-Moscow, Tennessee
Other Name-James Leatherwood
Mother-Callie Massengill-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Burial- Macon, Tennessee
Page 169

Lee Mrs. Mary Huldie Dunn
10-22-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-19-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- M. B. Lee-Age 63
Father-Wint Dunn-Mississippi
Mother-Addie Smith-Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 191

Livingston, Mrs. Mary Jane Davis
06-09-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-20-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Sam Livingston-Age 80
Daughter- Mrs. Maud Cummins
Check By-Dell Livingston
Father-Atney Davis-Mississippi
Mother-Mary Chambers-Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 90

Lowe, Albert Clarence
05-18-1870-Monroe Co., Mississippi
12-23-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Prior Residence-Aberdeen, Mississippi
Home Of Brother-J.A. Lowe
Nephews- Lon C. and Hubert Lowe
Father-A.O. Lowe-North Carolina
Mother-Rowena Porter-Texas
Henry Cemetery
Page 211

Lynch, Mrs. Ella
12-27-1879-Wayne Co., Tennessee
12-02-1945-Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Husband-Jeff D. Lynch-Age 84
Son-Frank Lynch
Father-Wallace B. Hayes-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Miss Hurd-Wayne Co., Tennessee
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 197


Marler, Noah Fred
04-04-1917-McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-14-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Father-Clarence P. Marler-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Cora Manuel-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Sardis Cemetery
Page 73

Mask, Miss Ethel Anna Bell
02-16-1919-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-09-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-M.D. Mask-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Herron-Alabama
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 184

Mason, William Hill
08-28-1866-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-28-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Ina Tolar Mason-Age 59
Order by- Niece; Ida & Walter Shadburn
Father-Bill Mason
Palmer Cemetery
Jacinto, Mississippi
Page 156

Mathis, Infant Girl
10-01-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Walnut, Mississippi
Father-William Tell Mathis-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Pauline Follin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather-R.L. Mathis
Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery
Page 159

Mattox, Mrs. Gertrude Bartlett
06-11-1893-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
10-21-1945-Booneville, Mississippi
Residence-Red Bay, Alabama
Husband-L.E. Mattox-Age 61
Father-Dan W. Bartlett-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sallie Moore-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Blackland Church Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 179

Medford, J.L.
05-04-1888-Walnut, Mississippi
08-10-1945-Gregg Co., Longview, Texas
Wife-Ottie Carter Medford-Selman City, Texas
Father-Abe Medford
Mother-Sallie Lynch
Shipped from Henderson, Texas
By; A. Crim Funeral Home
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 126

Meeks, Joseph Cephus
06-10-1873-Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-08-1945-Walnut, Mississippi
Wife-Mattie Clark Meeks-Age 48
Son-J.D. Meeks-Bolivar, Tennessee
Father-James Nathan Meeks-Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Owens-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Page 185

Meeks, Linda Carol
05-29-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-03-1945-Kossuth, Mississippi
Father-Mathie D. Meeks-Mississippi
Mother-Miss Whitty-Tennessee
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 160

Mills Mrs. Frances Paralee
03-14-1879-Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-23-1945-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband-Carroll Mills-Died 1925
Son-Martin V. Mills
Father-Alford Brock
Mother-Sallie Box
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 212

Mills, Mavis Sue
02-08-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-23-1945- 7:00 a.m.- Kossuth, Mississippi
Father-Lloyd Mills-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Overia Brock-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather-H.C. Mills
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 36

Mitchell, Phillip Barbour
03-06-1882-Booneville, Mississippi
02-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Kimmons Mitchell-Age 51
Father-Phillip B. Mitchell-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Augusta Street-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Booneville Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 20

Moore, Jane (Colored)
07-15-1898-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-17-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Separated-Luscious McPeters
Daughters-Willie May McGowan
Winnie Monroe Portlock-St. Louis, Mo.
Father-Jim Moore
Mother-Winnie Wilbert
Colored City Cemetery
Page 189

Morgan, Betty Jane
06-29-1944-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-16-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Sister-Christine Wooley
Father-Tobe Morgan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Myrtle Michael-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lebanon Cemetery
Page 74

Morgan, Brenda Jane
Stillborn 2:00 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
09-06-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-W.L. Morgan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Whirley-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Driscall Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 140

Morris, John Alexander
10-28-1858-Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-02-1945-Adamsville, Tennessee
Wife-Mary Alma Roberts Morris-Age 74
Daughter- Mrs. Charles Littlefield
Father-Sterling Morris-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Nellie Erwin-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Adamsville Cemetery
Adamsville, Tennessee
Page 18

Mullens, Mrs. Maggie
01-11-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-28-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-John M. Mullens-Died 1943
Daughter- Mrs. Virrie Ayers
Father- Mr. Solomon-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 214

Murphy, Frances Ann
07-30-1945-1:45 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-C.W. Murphy- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Bonnie Mae Dewey-Mo.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 121


McCord, Mrs. Lillie Strickland
04-26-1899-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-26-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- W. Bert McCord-Age 62
Father-G.W. Strickland-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Cora Jordan-Georgia
Henry Cemetery
Page 59

McEwen, William Harvey
04-13-1872-Chester Co., Tennessee
11-18-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Callie McEwen-Age 67
Sons-Roscoe and Floyd McEwen
Check by W.R. McEwen
Father-Joe McEwen- McEwen, Tennessee
Mother-Jane Stone-McEwen, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 190

McGee, Emma (Colored)
58 Years4 Mos.17 Days
07-25-1945-Murphysboro, Illinois
Daughter-Vanilla Hursey
Shipped From Illinois by John A. Myer Funeral Home
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 119

McGuire, Mrs. Mary Etta Chambers
05-31-1861-Hardin Co., Tennessee
03-07-1945-Glen, Mississippi
Husband-Hugh McGuire-Age 85
Daughter- Mrs. Will Strachan
Father- Tom Chambers-Georgia
Mother-Miss Lankford-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 48

McHalffey, Mrs. Louise Holland
02-11-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Joe Hilley Mchalffey-Age 28
Father-In-Law-Van McHalffey
Father-Della Holland-Vine, Alabama
Mother-Rada Hughes-Alabama
New Hope Cemetery
Page 28

McHughs, Thomas E.
55 years9 mos.4 days
01-14-1945-Hines, Illinois
World War I
Wife-Nannie Coln McHughs
Shiloh National Park Cemetery
Page 9

McManus, Ira (Colored)
12-01-1913-Baldwyn, Mississippi
01-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Uncle-Troy Burton
Father-Anderson McManus- Guntown, Mississippi
Mother-Ida Burton-Baldwyn, Mississippi
Nebo Church Cemetery Baldwyn, Mississippi
Page 1

McMeans, Brenda Joyce
Stillborn-4:30 p.m.-Fridays
09-21-1945-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Father-Charles Wesley McMeans-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Marie Stutts-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 153

McNair, Infant Boy
Stillborn-12:30 a.m. - Friday
08-24-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-George W. McNair-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bessie Emerson-Alabama
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 135


Northcross, Nelms Northern
04-26-1879-Trenton, Tennessee
03-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Spanish-American War
Enlisted-05-05-1898 @ age 18
5 Ft.8 Inches-Brown Complexion, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair-Student
Wife-Natalie Boone Northcross-Age 60
Order by- Jordan Boone and Helen
Father-William P. Northcross-Tennessee
Mother-Sula Patton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 54


Owens, Mrs. Alice Artie
07-29-1885-Franklin Co. Alabama
06-09-1945-Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Husband-R.S. Owens-Age 65
Father-George Gober-Georgia
Mother-Mary E. Dobbs-Georgia
Little Flock Church Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co.
Page 101


Palmore, Robert Battle
12-01-1870-Davidson Co., Tennessee
11-10-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Ann Wolverton Palmore
Daughter- Mrs. Pearl Lewis
Father-Robert Foster Palmore-Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Warren-Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 187

Parker, William Gideon
12-28-1879-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-17-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Brothers- D.L. and Paul M. Parker
Father-G.C. Parker- Dresden, Tennessee
Mother-Miss Hayes-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Peerey, William M.
09-28-1862-McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Cora Barnes Peerey-Age 60
Father-Jeff Peerey-Virginia
Mother-Nancy Parish-Virginia
Henry Cemetery
Page 94

Peters, Nelda Genette
06-08-1944-Corinth, Mississippi
03-30-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-George Peters, Jr.-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Murnie Settlemires-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 63

Phelps, Infant Boy
Stillborn-10:30 p.m.
05-18-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Charlie Phelps-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mable Louise Parvin-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 89

Phelps, Charlie
05-10-1922-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-13-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Mable Louise Parvin Phelps-Age 16
Father-Milo Parker Phelps-Mississippi
Mother-Lizzie Spears-Mississippi
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery -Strickland
Page 128

Phillips, Mrs. Elizabeth Petty
04-05-1945-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband-Al Phillips-Deceased
Lived With Friend-Lillian Richardson Wilhite
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 66

Phillips, Joseph Polk
02-22-1883-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-05-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ethel Swain Phillips-Age 55
Order by Samuel Phillips and Nooky King
Father-Joe M. Phillips-North Carolina
Mother-Bettie Moore-Holly Springs, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 164

Phillips, Thomas Henry
11-25-1872-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-12-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Order by John H., Bobby, Brooks, Ray and Less Phillips
Father-John H. Phillips-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Paralee Morrison-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 172

Polk, Infant Boy (Colored)
02-07-1945-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Stillborn-Home-Ramer, Tennessee
Father-Dakota Polk-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mildred Avery-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Grandfather-E.V. Polk
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 27

Prince, James Eslie
06-03-1892-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-23-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife-Alice Arcutt Prince-Age 45
Daughter and Son-In-Law-Bertha and Ralph Franks-Savannah, Tennessee
Sister- Mrs. Estelle Swindle- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Father-Jim Prience-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Frances J. Rogers-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 134

Q -N/A


Renshaw, Egger Polk
06-27-1873-Christian Co., Kentucky
07-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Eunice T. Renshaw-Age 72
Daughter- Mrs. Gilbert Tate
Father-Joe R. Renshaw-Kentucky
Mother-Mary Yancy-Kentucky
Burial-Shannon, Mississippi
Page 114

Richardson, Green Berry
10-16-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-23-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Nannie Bell Richardson-Age 73
Son-W.F. Richardson
Father- M. Richardson-South Carolina
Mother-Miss Norman-South Carolina
Sardis Cemetery
Page 78

Richardson, Mrs. Nancy Ann
09-25-1863-Tippah Co., Mississippi
02-04-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
Husband-Charlie Richardson-Died 4-1902
Son-Burkitt L. Richardson
Father-George Hughey-North Carolina
Mother-Martha Tapp-Georgia
Burial-Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 22

Richardson, Infant Boy
11-01-1945-5:00 p.m. Corinth, Mississippi
11-02-1945-1:00 a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Clovis Jr. Richardson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Geraline Perry-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 182

Richard, Caroline Ann
10:a.m. Till 5:p.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
10-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-L.O. Richard-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mildred Gurley-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 161

Riley, Thomas W.
10-23-1871-Benton Co., Mississippi
02-12-1945-Saulsbury, Tennessee
Brother-Will Riley
Father-Andrew Wilson Riley-Tennessee
Mother-Mary E. Beaty-Tennessee
Burial-Saulsbury, Tennessee
Page 29

Rinehart, Infant Girl
05-05-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
5:30am-McRae Hospital
Father-Earl S. Rinehart-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Virginia Searcy
Sardis Cemetery
Page 83

Roberson, Letty
01-**-1910-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-28-1945-Pocahontas, Tennessee
Brother-In-Law-Grady W. Dixon
Father-George Roberson-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Trudie Mathis-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 61

Rogers, Kerry Dennis
12-27-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-29-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Father-Robert Rogers-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Hazel Hall-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather-Whit Hall
Union Cemetery
Page 215

Ray, John Alfred
03-02-1886-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-09-1945-Glen, Mississippi
Wife-Verdie McKewen Ray-Age 55
Father-Arthur Ray-Scotland
Mother-Frances Dowd-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 100


Sanders, Mrs. Ida Lee Sharp
03-27-1867-McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Lon Sanders-Died 11-8-1942
Daughter-Gladys Sanders
Father-Major Sam Sharp-Virginia
Mother-Idotha Fulghum-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 99

Sanders, Joseph
07-10-1877-McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Millie Horn Sanders-Age 65
Niece-Lillie Wardlow
Father-Rook Sanders-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Martha Donald-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Shiloh Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee
Page 201

Sanders, Mary Ann
Stillborn-8:00 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
09-25-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Memphis, Tennessee
Father-Andrew Thomas Sanders-Austin, Texas
Mother-Mary Emma Cooksey-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 155

Scarberry, William Columbus
03-19-1876-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-07-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Osyka, Mississippi
Wife-Lottie Fowler Scarberry-Age 48
Brother-In-Law-Floyd Huff
Father-Joe Scarberry
Mother-Minerva Langford
Antioch Cemetery
Page 141

Scott, Charlie Van
07-20-1881-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-04-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Georgia Carman Scott-Age 63
Daughter- Mrs. George Castile
Father-Edgar Scott-Tennessee
Mother-Emma Surratt-Tennessee
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 23

Scott, Jerry Marvin
10-14-1873-Wayne Co., Tennessee
06-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Sallie Pace Scott-Age 53
Corinth City Cemetery
Page 105

Shadburn, Vernon
12-26-1929-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-09-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-R.V. Shadburn-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Velma Key Kondoll-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 109

Sloan, Infant Boy
Stillborn-5:00 a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
03-28-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Edgar W. Sloan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Pearl Barnes-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandmother- Mrs. Dora Barnes
Sardis Cemetery
Page 60

Smallwood, Mrs. Louisa Ann
01-07-1858-McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-R.L. Smallwood-Died 01-08-1941
Daughter-Ophelia Smallwood
Son-Troy Smallwood
Father-Isaiah Sweat-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Peggy Reed-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 31

Smith, Eber
09-27-1898-McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-19-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Bell Miller Smith-Age 41
Father-Tom Smith-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Delia Tanner-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 150

Smith, James Carroll
07-31-1875-McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-07-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ella B. Staten Smith-Age 60
Son-Ralph Smith
Father-J.W. Smith-Tennessee
Mother-Millie Willingham-Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Smith, Jasper David
11-09-1856-Shelton, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
01-06-1945-Tiplersville, Mississippi
Wife-Serene Ellen Smith
Son-Clay Smith
Father-James Smith-South Carolina
Mother-Jamima Henderson-South Carolina
Providence Cemetery
4 miles E. Tiplersville, Mississippi
Page 03

Smith, Mrs. Louise Flannigan
19 years old
05-25-1945-Hot Springs, Arkansas
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Aunts- Mrs. K. Pearl Davis and Mrs. T. Rhoades
Shipped From Arkansas by Paul Heady, Inc
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 93

Spear, Mrs. Ophelia Winford
09-24-1876-Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-12-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-J.A. Spear-Age 69
Father- Dr. J. S. Hensley-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Miss Holland-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 103

Spence, Infant Boy (Colored)
Stillborn-1:20 a.m. - Tuesday
06-12-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Myles Spence-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ivory Spence-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cunningham Black Cemetery
Page 102

Spencer, Mrs. Effie Maude Sanders
12-09-1886-Corinth, Mississippi
12-02-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-O.E. Spencer, Sr. Age 59
Daughter- Mrs. Cozette Berry
Father-Marcus Sanders-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jemie Elizabeth Clausel-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 198

Sprouse, Thomas Pleasant
03-17-1874-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
04-02-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Josie Bonds Sprouse-Age 60
Great Niece- Mrs. Elsie Vanderford
Father-Martin Sprouse-North Carolina
New Salem Church Cemetery
6 miles N.E. Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 65

Stewart, Mrs. Maudie Bertha Brooks
06-15-1899-Prentiss, County
05-25-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-George Stewart-Age 51
Father-Oscar Brooks-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Minnie Cooper-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 92

Stone, Harry Milton
10-16-1879-Nashville, Tennessee
05-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Byrd Ijams Stone-Age 55
Father-William Walter Stone-Nashville, Tennessee
Mother-Margaret Brady-Nashville, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 87

Stout, Miss Laura A.
01-08-1845-Ripley, Mississippi
12-03-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Cousins- Mrs. J.L. Dickerson, Mrs. G.E. Gann and Paul Parker
Order by David R. Parker- Adm. of Estate
Father-Horace Stout-New Jersey
Mother-Elizabeth Parker-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 200

Strachan, Miss Lena Lou
10-25-1911-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-27-1945-Glen, Mississippi
Father-Will Strachan-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Anna Choate-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Order by Elmer Strachan
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 117

Strickland, Mrs. Lula Alice Hughes
11-06-1869-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-27-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Ancil Strickland-Died 1922
Daughters- Mrs. T.C. McKewen and Mrs. D.T. Crawford
Father-John Hughes-Mississippi
Mother-Sara Caldwell-Mississippi
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 38

Sutton, Mrs. Pauline Virginia Quinn
09-12-1896-Ackerman, Mississippi
10-24-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Elgar E. Sutton-Age 53
Father-Robert E. Quinn- Ackerman, Mississippi
Mother-Carrie East-Caledonia, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Lot # 52 Grave 1 Section Q Owner; E.E. Sutton
Page 180

Sweat, Dora B.
05-19-1895-Bethel Springs, Tennessee
12-30-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. (Ida) Hugh Davis
Father-William McKinney Sweat-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mary M. Brannon-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 217

Swinford, Billie Fay
05-03-1945-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-01-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Leo Swinford-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lucille Frazier-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Uncle-B.J. Swinford
Union Cemetery
Page 138


Talley, James Darrell
07-22-1930-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-18-1945-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-W.R. Talley-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Annie Laura Mills-Oklahoma
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 206

Tankersley, John William
11-05-1863-Wayne Co., Tennessee
09-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Anna Blevins Tankersley-Age 79
Son-Martin L. Tankersley
Father-John Jasper Tankersley-Winchester, Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Anderson-Franklin Co., Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 148

Taylor, Grant A.
63 years old
07-19-1945-Bristol, Sullivan Co., Tennessee
Wife- Mrs. G.A. Taylor
Johns Family Cemetery
Page 113

Taylor, James Calvin
09-17-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-15-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Nancy O. Moreland Taylor-Age 65
Order by Charlie Taylor and Daughters
Father-Wash Taylor-Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Elizabeth Bowie-Alabama
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 174

Taylor, Mrs. Lola May Palmore
05-23-1900-Humphreys Co., Tennessee
03-14-1945- Wednesday- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Emmett Taylor-Age 55
Father-R.B. Palmore-Tennessee
Mother-Mary Wolverton-Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 52

Taylor, Infant Boy
Stillborn-10:30 p.m. - Tuesday- Corinth, Mississippi
03-13-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-William Emmett Taylor-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Lola May Palmore Taylor-Humphreys, Tennessee
Infant buried with Mother
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 53

Taylor, Thomas Elwood
09-08-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-18-1945-Meridian, Mississippi
Wife-Omega Strickland Taylor-Died 1930
Son-R.B. Taylor
Father-Zariah Taylor-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ann Whittle-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 207

Taylor, Thomas Jefferson
04-08-1871-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-25-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Mary Bett Epps Taylor-Died 12-23-1942
Son-J.F. Taylor
Father-A.L. Taylor-Mississippi
Mother-Aditha Burnett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 13

Templeton, Mrs. Zulika E.
91 years old
Death Date 08-14-1945-Memphis, Tennessee
Order by Mrs. Hessie (W.E.) Young
National Funeral Home in Memphis
Henry Cemetery
Page 131

Trimms, William Honnoll
11-04-1944-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-06-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Father-Arthur Trimms-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Mattie Sanders-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Uncle-Will Essary
Union Cemetery
Page 02



Vanderford, Albert J.
07-16-1870-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-10-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Dollie King Vanderford-Age 60
Daughter- Mrs. Ed Morgan
Father-John Vanderford-Georgia
Mother-Hannah Phillips-Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 05

Vanderford, Charles Perry
09-06-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
09-08-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Perry Clyde Vanderford-Mississippi
Mother-Ramelle Faust-Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 143

Vanderford, Tom
About 90 years old -Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-18-1945-Rienzi, Mississippi
Widower of- ??
Friend-Henderson Leggett
Malone Family Cemetery
Page 177

Voyles, Jo Ann
04-24-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
04-29-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Raymond Voyles-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Mary Jane Pate-Mayfield, Kentucky
Grandfather-Taylor Voyles
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 80


Weeks, Ella B. (Colored)
About 6 years old -Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-01-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Willie Harman Weeks-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Ella Mae Baldwyn-Alcorn Co.
Old Danville Colored Cemetery
Page 41

Weston, Cordelia Crider
03-22-1917-Wayne Co., Tennessee
05-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Leland Weston-Age 33
Father-A.C. Crider-Alabama
Mother-Maggie Weaver-Alabama
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 88

Wigginton, Dennis Frank
01-19-1898-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-16-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Teria Hammett Wigginton-Age 49
Father-Silas Wigginton-Belmont, Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Pharr-Belmont, Mississippi
Farmington Church Cemetery Corinth, Mississippi
Page 132

Wiginton, Daniel Lee
Stillborn 8:00:a.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
11-21-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Raymond H. Wiginton-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Lois Johnson-Alcorn Co.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 192

Williams, Miss Emma
76 years old
03-11-1945-Tuscaloosa, Alabama
World War I
Shipped from; Alabama, by Jones and Spigener Funeral Home
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 51

Williams, Mrs. Germelia Vaughn
02-21-1945-Ripley, Mississippi County Home
Husband-Lewis Williams-Died 06-12-1940
Harmony Cemetery
Page 35

Wilson, Infant Boy
Stillborn 1:00 p.m.
03-02-1945-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father-Harris Wilson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Virginia Thompson-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 42

Wood, Mrs. Ethel May Wilemon
02-05-1917-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-09-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-William Wood-Age 33
Father-Dewey Wilemon-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother-Alice Helton-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
New Lebanon Cemetery
Holcut, Mississippi
Page 69

Woodruff, Harold Wayne
Stillborn 4:30 p.m.
05-14-1945-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Homer R. Woodruff-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Ruby Spires-Colbert Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 86

Worsham, Mrs. Ella Mars Hall
03-25-1856-Colbert Co., Alabama
4-10-1945-Sheffield, Alabama
Husband-Wm. Houston Worsham-Died 1921
Sons-Matt and Charlie Worsham
Father-Green Hall-Colbert Co., Alabama
Mother-Mary Counce-Colbert Co., Alabama
Carry Town Cemetery
Riverton, Alabama
Page 71



Alcorn County Home
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