McPeters Funeral Home Records 1943

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1943


Adkins, Miss Mary Ann Elizabeth
09-02-1859- Georgia
12-09-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Joe Adkins- Virginia
Nephew- John A. Adkins
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 220

Agnew, Homer (Colored)
06-05-1908- Lee Co., Mississippi
05-20-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Helen Wiley Agnew [age 29]
Father- Lawrence Agnew- Lee Co., Mississippi
Bethel Colored Cemetery
6 miles N. of Guntown, Mississippi
Page 93

Anderson, Ronald Eugene
07-21-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- E. Roy Anderson- Nashville, Tennessee
Mother- Jean Harris- Dickson, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 191

Armstrong, Mrs. Lina Bell
04-21-1869- McNairy Co., Tennessee
11-13-1943- Guys, Tennessee
Widow of- D. P. Armstrong [died 1938]
Son-George Armstrong- Bolivar Tennessee
Father- Obidiah Farris- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Malinda Russing- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 200

Austin, Bettie Joe
07-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
05-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- J. Alfred Austin- Russellville, Alabama
Mother- Willie Mae Hatley- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Other Name (Other Daughter) - Ruby Mae Gray
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 90

Austin, Charles Andrew
06-23-1868- Mississippi
02-22-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Claudie Jobe Austin
Order by- Carl, Lowell & Arthur Lee Austin
Father- John Austin
Mother- Miss Brewer
Holly Cemetery
Page 29


Barker, Zachary T.
08-03-1871- Corinth, Mississippi
03-21-1943- Santa Anna, Orange Co., California
Widower of- Minnie Joe Barker
Order by- Jessie Woodruff- Santa Anna, Orange Co., California
Father- Columbus Barker
Mother- Ann Jobe
Shipped here by- H.R. Brown Colonial Mortuary
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 52

Barnes, Lou Ida
About 71 years old- Mississippi
10-05-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Friend- Roy Miller
Order by- Tony Barnes
Father- Billy Barnes
Mother- Miss Rencher
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Page 174

Bennett, James Morris
12-23-1941- Corinth, Mississippi
02-03-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Roy J. Bennett- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Frances Taylor Bennett- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Other Name- Homer Bennett
Henry Cemetery
Page 21

Benson, Robert Boyd
06-08-1914- Lauderdale Co., Ala
08-04-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Nannie Dooley Benson [age 27]
Father- E.B. Benson- Hughes Co., Tennessee
Mother- Verdie Scott- Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 141

Bingham, Charles Ellis
09-23-1937- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Clifford Bingham- Pike Co., Arkansas
Mother-Vidia Bell Strickland, Mississippi
Fraley's Chapel Cemetery
Page 187

Bingham, Guy L.
02-15-1897-Kendrick, Mississippi
01-14-1943- Asheville; Buncombe, North Carolina
Residence- Huntsville; Madison Co., Alabama
World War I Veteran
Wife- Mrs. Evelyn Bingham
Brother-In-Law- Mr. Beene
Father- Alonza L. Bingham- Mississippi
Mother-Annie Nash-Tennessee
Babb / Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 09

Blakemore, John Haywood
02-20-1875- Humbolt, Tennessee
04-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Sanders Blakemore
Son- J. Haywood Blakemore
Father- John H. Blakemore- Trenton, Tennessee
Mother- Miss Chester- Weakley Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 77

Blasingame, David Marion
11-08-1863- Haywood Co., Tennessee
02-05-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Artimes Blasingame
Son- David Sylvester Blasingame
Father- James Blasingame
Other Name- Herbert King
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 22

Bonds, (Unnamed Girl)
02-19-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-20-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Gorman Bonds- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Caldwell -Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Uncle- Bobbie Caldwell
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 28

Bragg, Baxter
01-28-1892- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-03-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Andrew J. Bragg [died in 1940]
Son- Curtis J. Bragg
Father- P.S. Prince- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Louise Dubase (Dubose) - Alabama
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 102

Brawner, Joseph William
09-04-1876- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-12-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- German Town, Tennessee
Wife- Effie Alma Brawner [age 63]
Son- Herman E. Brawner
Son-in-Law- Eddie L. Coleman
Father- Billie Brawner- Mississippi
Mother- Ellen Ann Griffin- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 147

Brown, Audrey Mae Thrasher
27 years old (October) - Holmes Co., Mississippi
03-14-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Lexington; Holmes Co., Mississippi
Husband- Iva William Merideth Brown [age 59]
Order by- Howard Bunch
Father- L.L. Thrasher -Mississippi
Mother- Belle Rodgers- Mississippi
Harlands Creek Church Cemetery
15 miles S.W. of Lexington, Holmes Co., Tennessee
Page 43

Brown, Marion Sanderson
01-20-1875- Marion Co., Alabama
01-02-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Willie Brown [age 58]
Other Name- Mrs. Minnie Brown
Brother- D.T. Brown
Father- Marshall Sanderson Brown- Marion Co., Alabama
Mother- Patience Harris- Marion Co., Alabama
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 01

Burgess, Gemima P. Medford
10-30-1858- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-05-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Charlie G. Burgess [died 06-28-1930]
Order by- Mrs. R. Luther Swain (Daughter)
Father-John Medford- Georgia
Mother-Susan Box- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Ebenezer Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 143

Burrow, Frances Cordelia Mathis
10-19-1854- Corinth, Mississippi
04-14-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Joseph Eli Burrow [died 12-06-1922]
Daughter- Mrs. Cledie Bennett
Order by- Ishmael Burrow
Other Name- Mrs. J.B. Tennyson
Father- Tom Mathis- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha Jane Bell- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 72

Butler, Amanda Catherine Harris
01-16-1870- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-15-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William C. Butler [age 79]
Other Name- Cecil Butler
Order by- C.P. Butler (Son) & Ivey Butler
Father- Giles Harris- Tennessee
Mother- Sallie Massengill- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot # 48 East, Grave #1, Section P, Block # Haynes
Owner- Ivery Butler
Page 184

Byrd, William Mark
05-03-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Mollie Shelton Byrd [died 1913]
Son-Willie Jay "Broadway" Byrd
Daughter- Mrs. Bessie (J.W.) McCord
Father- M.M. Byrd- Mississippi
Mother-Miss McElhannon- Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 125


Calhoun, (Infant Boy)
08-22-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-23-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Hubert Calhoun- Tennessee
Mother- Della May White- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Grandfather- W.E. White- Tennessee
New Hope Cemetery
5 miles N. of Guys, Tennessee
Page 152

Campbell, Mrs. Emma Lee Watts
04-16-1872- Murfreesboro, Tennessee
08-12-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- William A. Campbell
Order by- Mrs. Louis Watts & Mary Lou White
Father- Louis Watts- Tennessee
Mother- Mollie Brown- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 148

Campbell, Joseph Alexander (Colored)
04-01-1862- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-16-1943- Guys, Tennessee
Widower of- Hester Ann Campbell [died 1939]
Sons' Preston & Uther Campbell
Father- Lee Campbell
Mother- Jane McPhearson
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 112

Carpenter, Elsie Loraine Derryberry
01-02-1887- Chewalla, Tennessee
08-25-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James E. Carpenter [age 58]
Daughter- Virginia & Mrs. Martin Shelton
Father- John C. Derryberry- Chewalla, Tennessee
Mother- Georgia McCully- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 155

Carter, Lydia White (Colored)
About 55 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-18-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Homer Carter [age 46]
Mother- Mattie Whit- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 27

Chase, Lt. Roy Morton
10-16-1920- Mississippi
09-21-1943- Dalhart, Texas Air Base
WWII Veteran
Residence- Holcut, Mississippi
Father- Claude M. Chase
Mother- Miss Wren
Spring Hill Church Cemetery
Page 168

Childers, Alice Alma Bray
03-29-1916- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-04-1943- Glen, Mississippi
Husband- Winston Childers [age 29]
Father- James B. Bray- Tennessee
Mother- Mississippi Baily- Tennessee
Shady Grove Cemetery
6 miles N.W. of Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 104

Childers, Natt Green
03-16-1877- Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-06-1943- Walnut, Mississippi
Wife- Josie Luna Childers [age 63]
Father Eli Childers- Tippah, Co, Mississippi
Mother- Sallie Sexton- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
2 miles N. of Walnut, Mississippi
Page 144

Choate, Infant Boy
Still Born- Corinth, Mississippi
01-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- G.M. Choate- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Alma Cofield- Franklin, Co., Alabama
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 12

Coffman, Infant Boy
Still Born
01-07-1943-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Father-James Alton Coffman- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother-Flora Miller- Waynesboro, Tennessee
Friend- J.E. Curtis
Center Hill Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 05

Coke, Mary Elizabeth Steen
02-11-1876- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-20-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- R.F. Coke [died 1914]
Daughters- Inez McClamroch & Mary Lou Johnson
Father-William Thomas Steen- South Carolina
Mother- Elizabeth Frances Mask- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Lot #15, grave 1, Section F
Page 13

Collins, Frank Alvin
11-23-1868- Jackson, Tennessee
01-23-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Prior residence- Trenton, Tennessee
Wife- Deora Woodard Collins [age 68]
Brother- J.A. Collins
Father- J.A. Collins
Mother- Sallie Bivens
Burnsville Cemetery
Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 15

Colston, Margarette Druscilla Wilson
07-22-1905- Pope Co., Arkansas
03-24-1943- Meridian, Mississippi
Husband- W.B. Colston [age 46]
Father- W. G. Wilson-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lula Hall- Crockett, Co., Tennessee
Friendship Cemetery
6 miles S. of Henderson, Chester Co., Tennessee
Page 49

Copeland, Virgil Danny
10-11-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. - Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Virgil Copeland- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Rosa Lee Wilson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Lot #50 East, Grave #1, Section P, Block; Haynes
Owner- Virgil Copeland
Page 180

Cornelius, Perry Rex
06-08-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-11-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- L.H. Cornelius- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Audie Beckham- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Other Name- Slater Knight
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 146

Cox, Jerry David
02-22-1863- Mississippi
09-25-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
First wife is Maggie Jane Wrotten - married in Arkansas and had 3 children by the name Jones then married Mr. Cox
Wife- Eddie Cox [age 54] [third wife - had Mary Glen Cox “Louis”, and Lloyd David Cox “BUB”]
Son- Toy Cox
Brother- John Herman Cox [my father-in-law] by: Mrs. Eller Drew Cox
Father- W.W. Cox- South Carolina
Mother- Rebecca Long- Alabama
Sardis Cemetery
Page 169
*Highlighted areas are per Mrs. Eller Drew Cox*

Cross, Robert Edward
1865- 77 years old
03-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elizabeth Lamberth Cross [age 72]
Son- R.E. Cross- Belmont, Mississippi
Father- Wise Cross- Georgia
Oaks Chapel Cemetery
Page 47

Crow, John Thomas
01-09-1857- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-15-1943- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife-Martha L. Crow [died 1927]
Grandson- C.L. Wilhite
Father- Jim Crow- Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 183

Crum, John C.
02-06-1880- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-09-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lina Scott Crum [age 63]
Father- J.M. Crum- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Elizabeth Brock-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Shiloh Church Cemetery
12 miles E. of Falkner, Tippah Co., Mississippi

Crum, Mrs. Pearl Luvenia Hall
12-12-1894- Itawamba, Co., Mississippi
06-23-1943- Glen, Mississippi
Husband- Halbert N. Crum [age 49]
Father- J.T. Hall- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Mother- Alice Bohanan- Georgia
Whitehurst Family Cemetery
Page 117

Curtis, Newton
34 years old
08-22-1943- Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan
Shipped to Corinth, Mississippi by- J. Sutton & Son
Mother- Mrs. Belle Curtis- Biggersville, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Wheeler Grant
Brother- Oscar Curtis- Detroit, Michigan
Other Name- Jess Curtis
Smith Family Cemetery
Near Booneville Mississippi
Page 154


Dameron, Onie Alexander (Colored)
05-01-1922- Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-23-1943-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Harrison Dameron [age 27]
Father- Andrew Alexander- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Ethel Edgeston- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Black Rockhill Cemetery
5 miles S. of Chalybeate, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 188

Davis, Bettie George
About 78 years old- Tennessee
05-29-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.H. Davis [age 71]
Pebble Hill Cemetery
4 miles N. of Michie, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 95

Deen, George Washington
07-04-1858- Blue Mountain, Mississippi
04-15-1943- Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Wife- Parolee Godwin Deen [age 78]
Son- Othor W. Deen
Father- G.J. Deen- Georgia
Mother-Catherine Carnal- Mississippi.
Blue Mountain Cemetery
Page 73

Deen, Mrs. Lucindia Parolee
09-23-1864- Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-16-1943- Blue Mountain, .Mississippi
Husband- George W. Deen [died 04-15-1943]
Son-O.W. Deen
Father- Levi S. Godwin- Mississippi
Mother- Julia Frances Dickey- Alabama
Other Name- Mrs. J.L. Jones
Blue Mountain Cemetery
Page 111

Derryberry, William Wisdom
03-30-1857- McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-29-1943- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife- Annie Shelton Derryberry [died1906]
Son- Johnnie Derryberry
Father- N.L. Derryberry
Mother-Nancy Barnhill- Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 226

Dickerson, Mrs. Martha Jane
11-18-1858- Shelbyville, Tennessee
04-09-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Thomas I. Dickerson [died 1902]
Son- J.L. Dickerson
Father- Jasper Tankersley- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Anderson- North Carolina
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 67

Dickerson, William Lewis
11-07-1886- Savannah, Tennessee
08-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Wife- Nora Sisk Dickerson [age 45]
Father- George H. Dickerson- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Hettie L. Hurst-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 149

Dillingham, Charlie P.
1-17-1878- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-3-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Flora Dillingham [age 63]
Daughter-Lessie Conaway
Son-In-Law- Frank Conaway
Father- Josh Dillingham- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Coleman- Mississippi
Oaks Cemetery
Page 214

Dillingham, Jerry Wayne
10-10-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- M.E. Dillingham- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ruby Phillips- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oaks Cemetery
Page 163

Duncan, Philip Lafayette
03-26-1870- Tippah Co., Mississippi
03-23-1943- Tiplersville, Mississippi
Wife- Louisa Hopper Duncan [age 72]
Son -J.M. Duncan
Father- E.L. Duncan- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Braddock- North Carolina
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
10 miles S.E. of Tiplersville, Mississippi
Page 48

Duncan, Robert E.
10-07-1858- Georgia
07-26-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Julia Roberts Duncan [age 73]
Father-John Duncan- Georgia
Mother-Miss Gray- Georgia
Center Hill Cemetery
3 miles N.W. of Counce, Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 137


Easley, Beckie Wildman
About 79 years old- Wayne Co., Tennessee
12-28-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband- John Easley [age 72]
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 225

Eaton, Eugene (Eugenia) (Colored)
04-05-1907- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Audie Moore
Father- Robert Eaton- Mississippi
Mother- Essie Moore- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Other Name- Forrest Moore
Wade Black Cemetery
Page 75

Estes, Robert Thomas
05-07-1870- Chester Co., Tennessee
03-08-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lowrey Bills Estes [age 69]
Order by- Mrs. Estes, Garner & Margaret
Father- Anson Estes- Tennessee
Mother- Susan Muse- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 37

Evans, Peggy Sue
04-09-1943- 9:00 p.m. Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-10-1943- 2:00 a.m. Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- R. Frank Evans- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Catherine Jones- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Great Grandfather- B.F. Evans
Union Cemetery
Page 68


Felker, Girl
Stillborn- 10:00 p.m. - Rienzi, Mississippi
03-02-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- Thomas Vester Felker- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Helen Hamlin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather-T.Z. Felker- Rienzi, Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 32

Felker, Mrs. Nancy C. Jobe
04-25-1862- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-30-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- J.W. Felker
Daughter- Mrs. Austin Miller
Father- Jack Jobe- South Carolina
Mother- Mary Lawson- South Carolina
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 97

Fields, William Carol
10-10-1891- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-19-1943- Allen Park, Wayne Co., Michigan
World War I Veteran
Wife- Georgia L. Fields
Shipped from- Orvel H. Teurfeld; Dearborn, Michigan
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 204

Flippo, Infant Girl
10-10-1943- 9:00 p.m. Corinth, Mississippi
10-11-1943- 3:00 a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Henry Flippo- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother- Flossie Lucille Duncan- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Child buried with Mother
Farmington Cemetery
Page 178

Flippo, Mrs. Flossie Lucille Duncan
03-18-1921- Hardin Co., Tennessee
10-11-1943- 3:00 a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Henry Flippo [age 23]
Father- C.A. Duncan- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Julia Wardlow- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother& Child buried together
Farmington Cemetery
Page 177

Fowler, Golbern W.
01-03-1900- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-27-1943- Kendrick, Mississippi
Wife- Margaret Eudora Morrison Fowler [age 43]
Sister- Mildred Fowler
Other Name- Lionel Morrison
Father- Will Fowler- Alabama
Mother- Alice King- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 208

Frazier, Charles
03-22-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Uncle- Leo Swinford
Father- Henry Frazier- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Annie Mae Null- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 71

Fry, Reece Jones
12-14-1899- Giles Co., Tennessee
08-18-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mildred Cooper Fey [age 41]
Father- R.J. Fry- Giles Co., Tennessee
Mother-Annie Prinn (Prenn) - Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot # 4, Grave 1, Section O, Block; Sharp
Owner- Mrs. R. J. Fry
Page 150

Fry, Elsie D. (Colored)
08-09-1916- Mississippi
11-24-1943- Columbus, Muscogee Co., Georgia
Father- Rev. C.L. Fry- Mississippi
Mother- Hattie Hoyle- Mississippi
Shipped from Georgia by; Sconiers’ Funeral Home
Colored City Cemetery
Page 207


Gable, Robert Lee
02-19-1867- Mississippi
05-04-1943- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Dennis, Mississippi
Wife- Rebecca Jane Gable [age 80]
Son- L.Y. Gable
Father- James Gable- South Carolina
Paradise Cemetery
4 miles E. of Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 82

Gammel, Havis Lee
05-27-1895- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-05-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Widower of- Dollie McDowell Gammel [died 1924]
Brother- Dean S. Gammel
Father- Havis Gammel- Mississippi
Mother- Rosa Basden- Mississippi
Children- Maggie Mae Gammel Hefner, Clara Faye Gammell Lee &
Floyee Ray Gammel (taken from papers in funeral directory book)
Pisgah Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 03

Gatlin, Howard Grundy
04-29-1884- Tippah Co., Mississippi
06-03-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mettie T. Gatlin [age 56]
Son- Troy L. Gatlin
Father- J.A. Gatlin- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Ragen- Mississippi
Campground Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Page 103

Gentry, Abner Boyd
11-07-1904- Union Co., Mississippi
11-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife (Divorced) - Pauline Stevenson
Father- S.O. Gentry- Union Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Cora Lee Bryson- Lee Co., Mississippi.
Lebanon Cemetery
6 miles W. of Baldwyn, Mississippi

Gray, Donald Edward
11-10-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
11-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Alton B. Gray- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Nelle Frances Henderson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandmother- Mrs. J.E. Gray
Henry Cemetery
Lot # 82, Grave 1, Section K, Block; Haynes
Owner Alton Gray
Page 202

Green, Johnnie Larkin
04-15-1877- Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-26-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Doshia Michael Green-59
Son-William Lester Green
Father- Martin Green- Mississippi
Mother- Jane Crawford- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Danville Cemetery
Page 190

Gwyn, Mrs. Rebecca James Clausell
07-17-1858- Old Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
120-04-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Z.T. Gwyn [died 1887]
Son- O.B. Gwyn
Father- A.A. Clausell-Virginia
Mother- Mary Ann Powell- Alabama
Holly Cemetery
Page 216


Hardwick, Myrtle Joyce
06-18-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-10-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Father- Milton Clyde Hardwick- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Helen Boyce Denley- Mississippi
Little Flock Cemetery
5 miles S. of Burnsville
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 122

Hall, John William
08-16-1862- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
12-04-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Leedy, Mississippi
Widower of- Mary Frances Sullinger Hall [died 1920]
Brothers- T.G. Red Bay, Alabama & I.R. Hall- Leedy, Mississippi
Father- David Hall- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Canwell- Tennessee
Berry Church Cemetery
4 miles E. of Red Bay, Franklin Co., Alabama
Page 215

Hammon, Mrs. Amelia Frances
02-07-1850- Holmes Co., Alabama
01-31-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- R.P. Hammon- [age 63]
Grandson- Roy Barry
Father- Elijah Rogers- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Hilliard- North Carolina
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 18

Harbor, Ethel (Colored)
09-10-1920- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-03-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James Edward Harbor [age 26]
Father-in-Law- Roy Ransom
Father-Frank Holland- Prentiss Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Majenette Dixon- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 34

Hardin, Mrs. Martha Louvernia Gipson
11-21-1866- McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.M. Hardin [age 86]
Son- Harris Hardin
Father- J.H. Gipson- South Carolina
Mother- Martha Meeks- South Carolina
Other Name- J. Frank Hardin
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 31

Harris, Charlie Roscoe
04-01-1884- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-0 3-1943- Glen, Mississippi
Wife- Bell Cole Harris [age 57]
Son- M.A. Harris
Father- Mose Harris- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miss McGaughy- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 120

Hartsfield, Mrs. Bell M.
11-01-1863- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-19-1943- Booneville, Mississippi
Widow of- John A. Hartsfield [died 1934]
Brother- H.B. Johnson
Father- R. Allen John Johnson- Prentiss Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Amanda Holley (Halley)- Prentiss Co., Mississippi.
Smith Family Cemetery
Booneville, Mississippi
Page 223

Harvel, Infant Boy
12-04-1943- McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-05-1943- 9:00 a.m.; Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Tony Harvel-Tennessee
Mother-Ora Farris- Tennessee
Carters Family Cemetery
Page 217

Hathcock, James T.
About 76 years old- Prentiss Co, Mississippi
5-2-1943- Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Widower of- Mollie Thomas Hathcock [died 1923]
Son- Louis Hathcock- Tyronza, Arkansas
Father- Jackson Hathcock
Mother- Miss Crabb
Little Brown Church
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 80

Hathcote, Jim Hunter
12-20-1872- McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-31-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Florence E. Hathcote [age 54]
Son- Cecil Hathcote
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Hayes, Mrs. Laura Belle Ward
10-12-1897- McNairy Co., Tennessee
3-28-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- J.C. Hayes [age 45]
Sisters- Nancy Ward & Mrs. Alf Dillon
Father-John Ward- Tennessee
Mother- Pearl Reed- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Oterh Name- Dorothy Barnes
Henry Cemetery
Page 58

Hill, David Alexander
06-17-1859- York Co., South Carolina
11-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Florence Miller Hill [died 1934]
Daughter- Miss Barbara Hill-Corinth
Father- Lawson Hill- North Carolina
Mother- Barbara Whisenaut- York Co. South Carolina
New Hope Cemetery
Page 205

Hill, Gloria Lynell
10-09-1925- Corinth, Mississippi
04-03-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Clarence T. Hill- Kentucky
Mother- Ruby Bryant- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot #60, Grave 6, Section P, Block Haynes Addition,
Owner- C.T. Hill
Page 62

Holder, Fred Knowles
08-20-1894- Burnsville, Mississippi
11-04-1943- Hines, Cook, Co., Illinois
World War I
Remains Shipped from- Hines, Illinois by L. J. Cofferata Funeral Home
Brothers- T.O. & C.E. Holder
Father- Thomas Marion Holder- Burnsville, Mississippi
Mother- Minnie Smith- Burnsville, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery Corinth
Page 196

Hopper, Columbus R.
About 60 years old- Marshall Co., Mississippi
09-14-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of - Mary Carthan Hopper [died 1934]
Half Brother- H.H. Hopper
Father- Andrew Hopper- Marshall Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Mary Underwood- Marshall Co., Mississippi.
Glierfield Cemetery
2 miles West New Albany, Union County, Mississippi
Page 167

I- n/a


Jamieson, James McCarney
05-08-1859- Shelby Co., Tennessee
06-30-1943- Pinson, Tennessee
Widower of- Alice Jane Cooper Jamieson [died 1938]
Daughters- Mrs. George Davis- Pinson Tennessee &
Mrs. J.A. Bolton- Booneville, Mississippi
Father- David W. Jamieson- North Carolina
Mother- Analiza Henderson- North Carolina
Booneville Cemetery
Page 118

Johnson, Emmett (Colored)
57 years old
06-02-1943- Chicago, Illinois
Widower of- Clemmie Johnson [died 1940]
Daughter- May West- Chicago, Illinois
Shipped From Chicago Illinois by; A.A. Rayner Funeral Director
Colored City Cemetery
Page 105

Johnson, John Harry
07-19-1871- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maude Fink Johnson [age 56]
Father- George Johnson- Lee Co, Mississippi
Mother- Martha Rushing- Prentiss Co, Mississippi
Other Name- Rube Choate
Henry Cemetery

Johnston, Infant Girl
07-16-1943- 2:30 p.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Grady G. Johnston- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mamie Strickland- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 128

Jones, Infant Boy
01-22-1943- 11:00 p.m. Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Rufus Jones-Oklahoma
Mother- Effie Ray- Arkansas
Union Cemetery
Page 16

Jones, Clayton
05-13-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lived 3 hours
Father- Walter A. Jones-Tennessee
Mother- Lula Mae Sims- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 87

Jones, Mrs. Fannie McElhannon
07-07-1861- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-08-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Robert Y. Jones [died 1935]
Daughter- Mrs. Lee Gray- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Joseph McElhannon- North Carolina
Mother- Emily Jones- North Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 06

Jones, John Dee
03-31-1889- McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ida Bettie Dyson Jones [age56]
Father-John Jones
Mother- Elizabeth Trimm
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 30

Jones, Mrs. Mary Loutishie
03-01-1871- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- A.D. Jones [age 61]
Son- Baxter Jones
Father- Jim Gipson- Tennessee
Mother- Margarette Essary- Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 201

Jones, Nettie Burge
10-22-1867- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
10-28-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Sons- Harry, Thurston & Jack Jones
Husband- James T. Jones [age 77]
Daughter- Ione Jones McPeters
Father- William D. Burge- South Carolina
Mother- Henrietta Burris- South Carolina
Other Names- Harry & Jack Jones
Henry Cemetery
Page 193

Jones, William Clarence
05-03-1878- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
01-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lula Kay Jones [age 62]
Son- Hershal Jones
Son-in-Law- Clyde Thompson
Father- William H. Jones- Alabama
Mother- Catherine Meadows- Alabama
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 14

Jourdan, Infant Girl
09-06-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 1 hours
Father- Harmon Jourdan- Mississippi
Mother- Lucille Worley- Tennessee
New Lebanon
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 161


Kelley, Bobbie Joe
03-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Howard Kelley- Mississippi
Mother- Jewel Strickland- Mississippi
Friend- John McNair
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 45

Kelly, Joe E.
09-26-1868- Denver, Colorado
12-03-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Annie Jernigan Kelly [age 46]
Son- Willie B. Kelly
Father- John Kelly
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 211

Kellum, James M.
11-29-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-24-1943- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Ella Miller Kellum [age 62]
Son- Walter Kellum
Father- M. Kellum- Alabama
Mother- Sarah Crum- Mississippi
Union Cemetery
Page 51

Kennedy, Lottie Evelena
06-25-1897- McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-02-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- W.R. Kennedy- McNairy, County
Mother- Lorena Vickers- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Eureka Cemetery 4 miles N. of Pocahontas, Tennessee
Page 101

Kennedy, William Riley
07-01-1875- McNairy Co., Tennessee
07-15-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lorena Vickers Kennedy [age74]
Half Brother- C.E. Kennedy
Father- Obediah Kennedy- Alabama
Mother- Nancy Lassiter- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Eureka Cemetery
4 miles N. of Pocahontas, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 127

King, Mrs. Mary Alice
07-02-1867- McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-08-1943- Selmer, Tennessee
Widow of- Henry King [died 1939]
Son- Jess M. King
Order by- Mrs. T.R. King
Father- F. Monroe- Georgia
Sulphur Springs Cemetery
10 miles W. of Selmer, McNairy Co., Tennessee

Kyle, Loyd Willie
06-23-1925- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Lane Kyle
Sister- Mrs. Ruby Hudson
Father- Rufus Kyle- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother- Elna Adkinson- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot # 76 Grave #1 Section-P
Block # Haynes-Owner R.E. Kyle
Page 192


Lamberth, Mrs.Anna Eliza Meeks
09-02-1896- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Grady S. Lamberth
Father- M. B. Meeks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Estelle Underwood- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 10

Lang, Robert Franklin
03-05-1872- Bedford Co., Tennessee
06-14-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- M.L. Lang
Father- James Lang- Georgia
Mother- Virginia Chesire- Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 109

Lee, Mrs. Maggie Mae Knight
07-06-1881- Alcorn County
08-04-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- William Lee [died 12-24-1942]
Sons- Theodore & Fred Lee
Daughter- Lucille Lee
Father- Pink Knight- Prentiss, Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary McCarter- Carroll Co., Tennessee
Holley Church Cemetery
Page 142

Lentz, Bessie Pauline
04-29-1880- Hardin Co., Tennessee
07-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- W.A Lentz [age 66]
Father- Curren Jr.
Mother- Mollie Poindexter- Hardin, Co., Tennessee
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 124

Little, William Lafayette
08-12-1873- Alcorn County
08-28-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife- Sinda Howard Little [age 66]
Son- Robert C. Little
Father- Calvin Little- Tennessee
Mother- Anne Howie- Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 156

Loeb, Eva Klotz
05-30-1873- Hazlehurst, Mississippi
01-04-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- William Loeb [died 1934]
Niece- Mrs. Lee Rubel
Father- Frank Klotz- Alcase Lorraine, Europe
Mother- Hanna Fredenburg- Germany
Sent to Drummond Funeral Home
Jewish Cemetery
Little Rock Arkansas
Page 02

Lowe, Sulu (Colored)
About 54 years old- Mississippi
06-12-1943- Corinth Mississippi
Husband- Rev. Coleman Lowe [age 54]
Father- George McGaughey- Mississippi
Mother- Lucrecia Combs- Mississippi
Trice Cemetery
5 miles N.E. of Okolona, Mississippi
Page 107


Mann, Joseph (Colored)
About 74 year’s old- Alabama
03-13-1943- Ramer, Tennessee
Wife- Mary Elizabeth Harris Mann
Sons- George & Willie D. Mann
Fathers Name Unknown- Alabama
Mother- Sydia Watson- Alabama
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 42

Maricle, America Victoria
01-25-1865- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-02-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- William H. Maricle [age 78]
Son- J. Alex Maricle
Father- Rev. J.H. Byrd- Alabama
Mother- Nancy Gann- Alabama
Union Cemetery
Page 100

Marlar, Lon
02-02-1886- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-21-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Modenia South Marlar [age 52]
Daughter- Mrs. Ruby Burks
Father- John Marlar- Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
Mother- Jennie Petty-Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery

Mask, Leonard
08-24-1921- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-08-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- M.D. Mask- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Alice Herron- Alabama
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 175

Mathis, Pamela Ann
10-30-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Father- William Tell Mathis- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Pauline Follin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 194

Meeks, Willie T.
04-12-1910- Walnut, Mississippi
Army Discharge States b. 1909
12-10-1943- Tucson, Arizona
Father- James David Meeks- McNairy, Co., Tennessee
Mother- Ora Garrett Meeks- Walnut, Mississippi
Harmony Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah, Co., Mississippi
Page 221

Mercer, Mrs. Martha Addie
04-15-1861- Mississippi
04-26-1943- Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- J.T. Mercer [age77]
Son- F.L. Mercer
Father- A.J. Scott- Scotland
Mother- Mrs. Downey- Illinois
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 76

Mercer, Nettie Pearl
10-10-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lived 12 hours- Walnut, Mississippi
Father- Lloyd J. Mercer- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Edith A. Hodum- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather- Monroe Hodum
Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery
Other Name- Mrs. Eubanks Monroe Hodum
Walnut, Tippah, Co., Mississippi.
Page 176

Meteer, James Hamilton
10-09-1866- Ohio
10-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elizabeth Berthel Meteer [age 66]
Son- R.L. Meteer
Father- Frank Meteer- Ohio
Mother- Miss Likey- Ohio
Henry Cemetery
Page 171

Michael, David Daniel
03-12-1872- Corinth, Mississippi
09-12-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife- Arletha Smith Michael [age72]
Daughter- Mrs. M.F. Goforth & Mrs. June Eaton
Father- Bud Michael- Mississippi
Mother- Mrs. Carpenter- Mississippi
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah, Co., Mississippi
Page 165

Milligan, Mrs. Susie Josephine Greer
02-18-1856- Hardin, Co., Tennessee
04-12-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- G.W. Milligan [age 86]
Daughter- Edith Milligan
Father- Bartlett Greer- North Carolina
Mother- Miss MacAfee- North Carolina
Pisgah Cemetery
Hardin, Co., Tennessee
Page 69

Mills, Emma C.
12-01-1863- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
01-19-1943- Middleton, Tennessee
Widow of- W.R. Mills [died 1910]
Son- J.S. Mills- Raleigh, Tennessee
Father- Solomon Grantham- Tennessee
Mother- Emma Emily Sorrier- Tennessee
Reeves Cemetery
3 miles N. E. of Middleton, Tennessee
Page 07

Mills, Johnie Tillman
06-10-1867- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-08-1943- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Emma Collins Mills [age 73]
Son- Caige Mills
Father- Tom Mills- North Carolina
Mother- Polly Streetman- North Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 38

Mitchel, Infant Boy
05-03-1943-12:00 p.m. Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lived 6 hours
Father- Luke Mitchel- Mississippi
Mother- Ector Dunn- Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Church Cemetery
14 miles S. W. of Corinth
Page 81

Moore, Alexander Park
12-24-1880- Middleton, Tennessee
02-09-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother- Robert B. “Bob” Moore
Sister- Mrs. T.A. Reed
Father- J.M. Moore- Charlotte North Carolina
Mother- Loetitia Hearne- Pinson, Tennessee
Middleton Cemtery
Middleton, Tennessee
Page 24

Moss, Mrs. Rheua Ann
12-25-1868- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-29-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Owen Moss [age 69]
Daughter- Ester Moss
Father- Rheua Ann Crow
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 227

Mullins, John Monroe
12-12-1870- Alcorn County
09-12-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Margaret E. Solomon Mullins [age 72]
Sons- Allen, J.S., M.V. & A.M. Mullins
Father- Jim Mullins- North Carolina
Mother- Margaret E. Nabors- South Carolina
Oaks Grave Yard

Murchison, Betricha Ann
10-09-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
01-15-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Walter Franklin Murchison- Madison Co., Tennessee
Mother-Lucille Ree- Shelby Co., Tennessee
Burial in Milan, Tennessee

Murphree, Robert Porter
05-16-1877- Benton, Co., Mississippi
11-29-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Order by- R.F. Murphree
Wife- Sally Smith Murphree [age 66]
Daughter- Miss Elizabeth Murphree
Father- Jim Murphree
Mother- Miss Cottrell
Other Name- R.F. Murphree
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 210


MacAfee, Mrs. Susie Annie Rhea
03-28-1861- Hardin Co., Tennessee
03-07-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- T.J. MacAfee- [died 10-1908]
Daughter- Mrs. Maude MacAfee
Father- Billy Rhea- South Carolina
Mother- Annie Smith- Lawrence Co., Tennessee
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 36

McBride, William
08-18-1943- Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
Wife- Mabel McBride
Sisters- Mrs. W.L. Butram & Mrs. John White
Henry Cemetery
Page 151

McCarter, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Jackson
03-28-1866- Tennessee
07-22-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.D. McCarter [age 82]
Children- J.C., L.R., F.R., J.R. McCarter
Mrs. Willingham, C.M. Barr, Willie D. McCarter
Father- Bob Jackson- Tennessee
Mother- Mary McAlister- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 135

McClellan, John (Colored)
03-29-1943 (Date of entry in book)
Father- Rev. Newton McClellan- Paducah, Kentucky
Ship Remains from A.Z. Hammock
Paducah, Kentucky
No other Information
Page 57

McFadden, Mrs. Belle Fitzgerald
11-04-1849- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- W.A. McFadden [died 1888]
Daughter- Mrs. Frank C. Smith
Father- O.D. Fitzgerald- North Carolina
Mother- Martha Thomas Walne- North Carolina
City Cemetery
Page 99

McKinney, James Alexander
01-16-1866- Mississippi
12-20-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Emma Jane Gookin McKinney [age 74]
Daughter- Louise McKinney
Father-William Carroll McKinney- Alabama
Mother- Sarah Enlow
Henry Cemetery
Page 224

McMins, Shirley Jean
11-20-1933- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-09-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- H.S. McMins- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Callie Cobb- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 23

McAnally, Rufus Mitchell
05-17-1899- Paden, Mississippi
09-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Wife-Lula Adams [age 40]
Brother- T.A. McAnally
Father- Robert B. McAnally- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Etta Bruton (Burton)- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Palestine Cemetery
Paden, Mississippi
Page 159


Nabors, Mrs. Mary P.
10-28-1858- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-15-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Jim Nabors [died 1932]
Niece- Mrs. Ethel Mathis
Father- Ben Carter- Georgia
Mother- Lydia Owens- Georgia
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 44

Nash, Winfield Hardy
01-04-1888- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-30-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ella Cupples Nash [age 50]
Order by- Mrs. Nash, Mack and Clyde
Father- Willis J. Nash- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mattie Ellington- Prentiss Co., Mississippi.
Other Name- J.J. Franklin
Henry Cemetery
Page 139

Nelms, Infant Girl
Stillborn-1:00 a.m.
05-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Thomas Herman Nash- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Dorothy Paysinger- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 79

Nelms, Walter Harrison
11-30-1871- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Emma Mullins Nelms [age 67]
Order by- Mrs. Nelms, Tress & Mrs. Boone
Father- Sam Nelms- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Mother- Elizabeth Regan- Tippah Co., Mississippi.
Henry Cemetery
Page 129

Newcomb, Miss Harriett Leah
64 years old
03-25-1943- Jacksonville, Duval Co., Florida
Sister- Mrs. H.M. McAmis
Shipped From Florida by- Hardage and Williams Funeral Home
Henry Cemetery
Page 54

Norman, Roosevelt (Colored)
04-15-1903- Corinth, Mississippi
05-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Bernice Walker
Father- Jake Norman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Hattie Wedsworth- Alabama
Colored Cemetery
Page 89

Null, Mrs. Nancy Jane
08-28-1857- Mississippi
03-09-1943- Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- Columbus Null [age 96]
Son- O.H. Null
Father- Bill Nelms- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Shannon- Tennessee
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 40

Nunley, Harry Gilbert
02-12-1896- Colbert Co., Alabama
12-8-1943- Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi
Wife- Margaret Blaylock Nunley
Brother- R.W. Nunley- Iuka, Mississippi
Father- Mark W. Nunley
Mother- Emma V. Blanton
Shipped From Meridian, Mississippi,
By- Webb Funeral Home
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 219


Odom, Mrs. Mattie Fugitt
05-06-1880- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-16-1943- Marietta, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Husband- J.O. Odom [age 73]
Son- W.H. Odom
Father- John Fugitt
Mother- Levicy England
Siloam Cemetery
4 miles N.E. of Marietta, Mississippi
Page 88


Patterson, Bernard Jackson
11-18-1913- Belmont, Mississippi
03-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Belmont, Mississippi
Wife- Geraldine Bryam Patterson [age 27]
Father- Bonnie Patterson- Belmont, Mississippi
Mother- Bell Jackson- Prentiss, County
Belmont Cemetery
Page 55

Phelps, Milo Parker
About 73 years old- Mississippi
05-05-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Elizabeth Spears Phelps [age 46]
Son- Charlie Phelps
Holley Church Cemetery
Page 83

Phillips, James Blanton
06-29-1888- Corinth, Mississippi
09-06-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Brother- Joe Phillips
Father- Joe M. Phillips- North Carolina
Mother- Bettie Moore- Holley Springs, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 162

Poer, John Burgess
02-23-1891- Hill Co., Texas
12-08-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Wife- Gertrude Newman Poer [age 57]
Father- Joel Poer- Hill, Co., Texas
Mother- Ellen Burgess- Hill, Co., Texas
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 218

Price, David Martin
07-10-1852- Alabama
04-06-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Louise Price [died 1936]
Daughter- Mrs. Lula Mitchell
Order by- Mrs. J.W. Shelton, Martin & Mrs. Bertha Shelton
Father- C. Price- North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Owner of lot- Mrs. Luther Shelton
Page 64

Puckett, Shella Mae
09-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 9 hours
Father- Odis N. Puckett- Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
Mother- Flora Wood- Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
Grandfather- Ernest Wood
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
Page 160



Richardson, Miss Lucy
05-03-1868- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. J.W. Rankin
Other Name- Mrs. Annie R. Moser
Father- Lafayette Richardson- Tennessee
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Moser- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 74

Rickman, Donald Eugene
03-05-1943- Kendrick, Mississippi
03-09-1943- Kendrick, Mississippi
Grandfather- J.T. Rickman
Father- Leon Rickman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Jamie Evelyn Marlar- Tennessee
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 39

Roberts, William Curry
05-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife-Ida Mae Roberts [age 52]
Father- Lewis Roberts
Mother- Miss Cunningham
Farmington Cemetery
Page 92

Robertson, Infant Girl
03-29-1943- 4:30 p.m. Memphis, Tennessee
Uncle- Edwin Ray
Father- Jerome P. Robertson-Tennessee
Mother- Jane Ray- Corinth, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 60

Rodgers, Joseph Edgar
11-02-1870- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-22-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Effie Mae (Hal L.)Robbins
Father- David W. Rodgers- North Carolina
Mother-Cornelia (Carnelia) Ann Karr- Alabama
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 134

Ross, Mrs. Mary Alice
05-10-1871- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
07-07-1943- Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Widow of- A.C. Ross [died 1941]
Daughter- Mrs. Nellie Whitfield
Father- Greenville Parson
Little Flock Cemetery
4 miles S. of Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 121

Ross, Mrs. Stevie Angie
11-23-1872- Texas
04-05-1943- Cache, Alex Co., Illinois
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- E.H. Ross [died 1937]
Son- C.H. Ross- East St. Louis, Missouri
Other Name- Ed Kemp
Father- Steven Alsup- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Stephenson- Alabama
City Cemetery
Page 63

Rowsey, John W.
11-14-1875- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-29-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Nephew- Arlin Nash
Father- John Rowsey- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Tempie Strickland
Sardis Cemetery
Old Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 228

Rush, Simon (Colored)
11-20-1943-Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Charrie (Cherrie) Rush [died 1938]
Son- Five Rush
Granddaughter Ozie W. Patterson- Chicago, Illinois
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
5 miles E. Guys, Tennessee
Page 203

Russell, Logan Andrew
01-02-1873- McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-09-1943- Meridian, Mississippi
Wife- Nannie Spencer Russell [age 67]
Father- Alf Russell
Mother- Martha Jane
Harmony Cemetery
1 Mile N. of Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 85


Sagely, Infant Boy
10-25-1943- 1:00 a.m.; Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 2 hours- Kendrick, Mississippi
Father- Herman Sagely- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Florence Hutcheson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 189

Sagely, James Calvin
03-04-1941- Hardin Co., Tennessee
02-16-1943- Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee
Uncle- Lenord Sagely
Father- Gordan Sagely- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Vester Cole Sagely- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 26

Schoggen, Francis Magary
02-13-1868- Lamar Co., Alabama
12-18-1943- Marietta, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Son- A.C. Schoggen- Columbus, Mississippi
Widow of- W.F. Schoggen [died 1931]
Father- Mike Barton- Ireland
Mother-Lizzie Gallop- Lamar Co., Alabama
Marietta Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi.
Page 222

Scott, Andrew Burk
05-04-1881- Mississippi
08-10-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife- Effie Rinehart Scott [age 51]
Order by- Will Johnson
Father- Forrest Scott- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Susie Michael- Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 145

Scott, Pvt. Ovid F.
06-11-1923- Red Bay, Alabama
06-12-1943- Atlantic City, New Jersey
World War II Veteran
73rd Training Group
Mother- Sallie Pace Scott
Shipped by- George H. Wimberg
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 110

Shaw, Mary Lucerita Rhodes
06-28-1869- Tennessee
08-03-1943- Savannah, Tennessee
Widow of- R.L. Shaw [died 1937]
Brother- J.H. Rhodes
Sister- Mrs. Bonee
Father- Allen C. Rhodes- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Wilkins- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 140

Shelton, SSgt. Rubel Wilson
09-17-1919- Belmont, Mississippi
09-23-1943- Camp Lejeune Fields Hospital
New River, Onslow Co., North Carolina
U.S. Marine Corp. World War II
Sister- Beatryce Lowery
Father- Archie D. Shelton- Tupelo, Mississippi
Mother- Miss Cross- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped by- Snow-Harris Funeral Home
Oaks Cemetery
Page 170

Shields, James Robert
02-22-1873- McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-31-1943- Meridian, Mississippi
Wife- Hattie Long Shields [age 69]
Son- Sam Shields- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Tom Shields- Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Shults, Infant Boy
10-11-1943: 3:15 p.m.- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- J.B. Shults- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Beulah May McAnally
Henry Cemetery
Page 179

Sims, William Marion
09-21-1856- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-28-1943- Booneville, Mississippi
Widower of- Emma Holly Sims [died 05-1921]
Sons- W.A., Aught, & Alvie Sims
Father-Henry J. Sims- Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Johnson- Tishomingo co., Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
12 miles E. of Booneville, Mississippi
Page 56

Slater, Virginia (Colored)
10-29-1866- Columbus, Mississippi
01-07-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- General Slater [died 1930]
Sons-Will & Bailey Slater
Father- Mr. Boseman- Mississippi
Mother- unknown- Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 04

Smart, William Gifford
04-05-1863- North Carolina
03-28-1943- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Annie Frances Smart [age 72]
Son- W.H. Smart
Father- William Smart- North Carolina
Jumper Town Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 59

Smith, Bertha Faye Williams
07-15-1878- Monroe Co., Mississippi
10-02-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Richard W. Smith [age 65]
Uncle- R.W. “Dick” Smith
Father- J.C. Williams- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Louise Donaldson- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 172

Smith, Franklin Charles
11-18-1869- Illinois
08-24-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mattie Lou McFadden Smith
Father- Charles S. Smith- Missouri
Mother- Frances Allen- Ohio
Henry Cemetery
Page 153

Smith, Mary Theo Doshie
06-11-1868- West Port, Tennessee
03-24-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Son- Cecil Eubanks
Widow of- Littleton Smith [died 1905]
Mother- Miss Horn
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 50

Steen, Billie Ray
05-09-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
05-16-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- J.L. Steen- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Vance Eldridge- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 91

Stewart, Mary Littie (Colored)
07-21-1888- Chester Co., Tennessee
10-11-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Oscar Stewart [age 56]
Sons- Jimmie, Walton, & Robert Stewart
Father- Henry Buckley- Chester, Co., Tennessee
Mother- Amelia Buckley- Chester, Co., Tennessee
Colored Cemetery
Page 181

Stockton, Holland Scally
07-02-1879- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- John Stockton [died 1923]
Order by- Mrs. A.L. Gurley
Father- Henry P. Scally- Mississippi
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Humphrey- Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 126

Stockton, Shirley Ann
07-02-1943- Hardin Co., Tennessee
07-02-1943 10:00 p.m.- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Uncle- Claude K. Rickman- Paden, Mississippi
Father- Bedford W. Stockton- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lizinka Rickman- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 119

Strachan, Virginia Ruth
04-13-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-20-1943- Glen, Mississippi
Other Name- John Ray
Father- L.G. Strachan- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Irene Ray- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 113

Strickland, Ethel South
12-12-1896- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-30-1943- Joiner, Mississippi Co., Arkansas
Wife- Willie J. Strickland
Father- Mary South- Tennessee
Mother- Pearl King- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shipped by- Citizens Funeral Home
Salem Cemetery
Page 157

Striplin, Wheeler Divine
07-20-1870- Clay Co., Alabama
01-11-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Mary M. Striplin [died 1933]
Sons- Wilbur & Gene Striplin
Father- William Marcus Striplin- Clay Co., Alabama
Mother- Laura Armstrong- Clay Co., Alabama
Other Name- W. W. Striplin
Henry Cemetery
Page 08

Suggs, Nicie Louellen
04-05-1867- McNairy Co., Tennessee
07-11-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- A.J. Suggs [died 1903]
Daughter- W.G. Sewell
Sons- Leonard Suggs
Father- Harvey Derryberry- Maury Co., Tennessee
Mother- Miss Butler- Lawrence Co., Tennessee
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tennessee

Sweat, Josephine Ray
03-13-1874- Alabama
04-29-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- John Sweat [died 1923]
Daughters- Vonnie Mitchel Key & Mrs. J.L. Wade
Father- Oliver Ray- Alabama
Mother- Bell Pierson- Alabama
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 78

Switcher, Epsie Emma Dees
03-10-1865- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-17-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Eli Switcher [died 1934]
Son -John M. Switcher
Father- John Deese- North Carolina
Mother- Martha Ann Beard- South Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 130


Tankersley, Alton Brooks
07-15-1904- Hardin Co., Tennessee
07-19-1943- Whiteville, Tennessee
Wife- Ada Clement Tankersley [age 38]
Order by- Carl Hamm
Father- Will Tankersley- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 131

Taylor, Matthew Franklin
02-02-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-12-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mattie Kirkland Taylor [age 63]
Father- Zacharier Taylor-Mississippi
Mother- Miss Ann Whittle- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 70

Taylor, Missouri Ollie Woodruff
79 years old
11-12-1943- Clarksdale, Mississippi
Widow of- Marcus E. Taylor [died 1942]
Son- Raymond M. Taylor
Shipped to: Corinth by McInnis Porter Funeral Home
Phillips Family Cemetery
3 miles S. of Glen, Mississippi
Page 198

Taylor, Thomas Leander
09-24-1874- Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
04-03-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife- Sally Cummings Taylor [age 61]
Daughter- Mrs. Leona Ellis
Father- Jack Taylor- Alabama
Mother- Hulda Moore- Alabama
Roland Mills Church Cemetery
Page 61

Taylor, William Howell
09-10-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-19-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Alice Green Taylor [age 57]
Sister- Dollie Hardin
Father- W.C. Taylor- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Whittle- Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 185

Thomas, Alice Carroll
09-30-1852- Pickens Ville, Alabama
11-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Sam J. Thomas [died 1920]
Son- R.C. Thomas
Father- John Carroll- North Carolina
Verona Cemetery
Verona, Mississippi
Page 209

Thompson, Robert Lee
4-11-1867- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
5-23-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mittie Thompson [age 73]
Son- Charlie N. Thompson
Father- W.W. Thompson- North Carolina
Mother- Clara C. Emmons- Tennessee
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 94

Turner, John
03-20-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ruby Lee Turner [age 25]
Antioch Cemetery
Page 46

Tyson, Hazel L. Farmer
10-01-1907- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-23-1943- Jackson, Tennessee
Husband- Ben O. Tyson
Father- Jim Farmer- Texas
Mother- Edda Shaw- Savannah, Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 206



Voyles, Andrew B.
02-04-1857- Prentiss, Co., Mississippi
07-23-1943- Meridian, Mississippi
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Kizzie Hardin Voyles [died 1942]
Order by- Will Miller
Father- James Voyles- Georgia
Farmington, Cemetery
Page 138

Voyles, Infant Boy
11-10-1943- 5:45 p.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Hubert E. Voyles- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lillie May Ray- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 197


Walker, Leroy (Colored)
10-19-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-20-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father -Grady Walker- Mississippi
Mother- Claudie Lee Gwyn- Mississippi
Alcorn County Colored Cemetery
10 miles South of Kossuth, Mississippi
Page 186

Wallace, Homer Franklin
12-01-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
12-03-1943 7:00 p.m.- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Homer Wallace- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Kathrine Mary Kiddy- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Grandfather- J.F. Kiddy
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 213

Wardlow, Gerald Roach
06-17-1909- Corinth, Mississippi
06-22-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Joe Taylor Lancaster Wardlow [age 34]
Sister- Virginia Beck
Father-C.W. Wardlow- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Callie Lee Roach- Union City, Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot 12, Grave #1, Section J
Owner: C. W. Wardlow
Page 115

Wardlow, Robert Young
05-23-1871- McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-31-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence, Hamburg, Hardin Co., Tennessee
Niece- Miss Pearl Pratt
Friend- Martin Fraley
Father- Mr. Wardlow- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Miss Sutton- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 229

Watkins, Helen Marie
09-16-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-30-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Fred Stanley Watkins- Mississippi
Mother- Veda Frazier- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 195

Wells, Luberta (Colored)
04-**-1895- Mississippi
06-12-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Matthew Wells [age 49]
Father- Wesley Craft- Mississippi
Turned Over to Colored Undertaker From
Page 108

Whitaker, Hugh H.
About 83 years old- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-03-1943- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Osceola, Arkansas
Wife- Lucy Lewis Whitaker
Granddaughters-Vernice May Bangren (Corinth, Mississippi)
Other Name- Peggy
Smith Family Cemetery
5 miles N.E. of Booneville, Mississippi
Page 212

White, John Barber
01-08-1869- Illinois
04-07-1943- Selmer, Tennessee
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Lula White [age 58]
Brother- George W. White
Father- J.H. White- Illinois
Mother- Miss Goodson- Illinois
Henry Cemetery
Page 65

White, Thomas Noble
01-12-1861- Lee Co., Mississippi
01-27-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Minnie McCarter White [age 52 ]
Father- J. White- Virginia
Mother- Miss Gideon- Alabama
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 17

Whitsitt, Estell Bowdry
09-14-1872- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
10-05-1943- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife of- Lawton Whitsitt [died 1907]
Stepdaughter-Miss Albert J. Wilckes
Father-James Bowdry- Tennessee
Mother- Martha Taver- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Remains Taken To McMillan Funeral Home
Booneville Cemetery
Page 173

Whittemore, Bettie Ruth
10-28-1940- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-06-1943- Rienzi, Mississippi
Grandfather- J.J. Whittemore
Father- H.H. Whittemore- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ruby Duncan- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery

Wiginton, Mary Ann Bowling
02-03-1873- Lawrence Co., Alabama
03-03-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- J.R. Wiginton [age 72]
Half-Sister-Miss J.B. McCutchen- Iuka, Mississippi
Father-James Bowling-Al
Mother-Mary Ann LeMay-Al
Forked Oak Cemetery
3 miles W. of Paden, Mississippi
Page 33

Wiginton, Myra Allen
11-13-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-26-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Residence- Glen, Mississippi
Father- A.J.Wiginton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Georgia Leggett- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 53

Wilhite, Mattie F. Suitor
06-27-1873- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-0 7-1943-Kossuth, Mississippi
Husband- W.J.Wilhite [age 71]
Daughters- Lillian Smith (Booneville, Mississippi)
Mrs. Hubert Sanders (Kossuth, Mississippi)
Father- Jim Suitor- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 84

Wilkins, Marvin Ray
12-16-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-07-1943- Glen, Mississippi
Father- Carl Wilkins- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Little- Mississippi
Grandfather- J.C. Little
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 66

Williams, Guy D.
4-6-1908- Texas
2-2-1943- Rutherford Co., Tennessee
Residence- Nashville, Tennessee
Wife- Lila Davis Williams [age 35]
Order by- Mrs. Bob Hancock & Mrs. Sam Felker
Father- Sidney Williams- Madison Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mary Sharp- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Shipped From Nashville by- Phillip Robinson Funeral Home
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 20

Willis, Miss Mollie
12-07-1868- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Nephew- E.L. James & R. L. Willis
Father- Jack Willis
Mother- Millie Mitchell
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 86

Wilson, Sula Sanders
7-6-1873- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-14-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- J.M. Wilson [died 01-1936]
Daughter- Mrs. Lillie Wardlow
Father- Rook Sanders- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Martha Donald- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 182

Wood, Judie W.
12-25-1865- Alabama
07-19-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- John W. Wood [died 1932]
Son- W.O. Wood- Counce, Tennessee
Father- William Sanders- Alabama
Mother- Miss Morgan
Center Hill Cemetery
4 miles W. of Counce, Tennessee
Page 132

Wood, Judith Bernice
03-27-1943- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-25-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Johnnie M. Wood- Mississippi
Mother- Bernaline Miller- Alabama
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 136

Woodruff, Adolph Ferdinand
03-04-1874- Paden, Mississippi
05-29-1943- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- Varie Beard Woodruff [age 65]
Daughter- Mae Woodruff
Father- Frank Woodruff- Paden, Mississippi
Mother- Rebecca South- Paden, Mississippi
Bethel Church Cemetery
5 miles N. Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 96

Wren Effie, Carolyn Rutledge
01-23-1865- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
06-23-1943- Holcut, Mississippi
Widow of- W.F. Wren [died 1926]
Children- Mrs. Sidney Holly (Potts Camp, Mississippi) J.D. Holder, Mrs. D.D. Martin
& Mrs. C.M. Chase (Holcut, Mississippi)
Father- John Rutledge- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Nancy Wallace Harvey- Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Bethany Cemetery
2 miles S. Tishomingo, Mississippi



Young Roy, Leighton
03-12-1874- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
09-13-1943- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maggie H. Young
Order by- Mrs. Young, Hoyle & Gene Striplin
Father- T.K. Young- Marshall Co., Mississippi
Mother- May Hoyle- Cleveland Co., North Carolina
Henry Cemetery
Page 166

Alcorn County Home
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