McPeters Funeral Home Records 1942

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1942


Adams, Mrs. Millie
11-15-1849- North Carolina
01-25-1942 - Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Resided in State- 75 years
Husband- Rufus Adams- [died 1911]
Grandson- Rufus Adams
Niece- Mrs. Bishop
Father- Jeremiah Johns- North Carolina
Mother-Rebecca Whisinout- North Carolina
City Cemetery
Page 19

Anderson, Mrs. Nancy B.
03-23-1848- Mississippi
01-03-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- William Anderson
Son- M.K. Anderson
Father-William Hammon- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Lewallen
Salem Cemetery
Page 02

Anderson, Mrs. Margaret Moorehead
08-26-1871-Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
02-26-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Orange Court Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Widow of- James Paul Anderson
Niece- Mrs. Mary Jane McCartney (A. J.) - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Father- Mr. Moorehead- Pennsylvania
Mother-Mary Ann Little- Ireland
Shipped to Carey Hand Funeral Home, Orlando, Florida
Burial in Lakeland, Florida
Page 44

Archer, Mrs. Joe Anna Derryberry
01-05-1868-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-22-1942-Mays Hospital, New Albany, Mississippi
Husband-Jim W. Archer [died 1910]
Son-Harry A. Archer
Father-Alex Derryberry-Tennessee
Mother- Miss Powell-Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 85

Ashcraft, Infant Boy
05-10-1942-Kossuth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Father-Herman Ashcraft-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Bertha Lancaster-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 103

Atchley, Mrs. Mary Eliza Martin
03-01-1885- Madison Co., Alabama
07-05-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- R.F. Atchley [age 56]
Father- J.W. Martin- Madison Co., Alabama
Mother- Miss Wilmore-Tennessee
Bethel Church Cemetery
New Hope, Madison Co., Alabama
Page 136


Babb, Joel Green
12-27-1862- McNairy Co. Tennessee
07-11-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Alice Whitehurst Babb [age 59]
Father- Green Babb-Tennessee
Mother- Miss Broom-Tennessee
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 137

Barber, Mrs. Emily E.
04-22-1861- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- S.J. Barber
Grandson-Walton Roy Moore
Father- E. Hall
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
4 miles east of Stantonville, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 9

Barnes, Vardie Lane (Twin)
03-17-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-19-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- James Alford Barnes- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lure Samples-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Grandfather- George W. Barnes
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 63

Barnes, James Hardy (Twin)
03-17-1942-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-02-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Father-James Alford Barnes- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lure Samples- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Grandfather- George W. Barnes
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 68

Barnett, Infant Girl
01-17-1942- 4:00 a.m.-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-17-1942-12:00 p.m.-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Jodie B. Barnett- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ruth Jolly- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Grandfather- R.H. Barnett
Hodges Chapel Cemetery
7 miles S.E. Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 11

Barnett, Burton Bishop (Colored)
01-04-1895- Corinth, Mississippi
05-07-1942- Calexico; Imperial County, California
World War Veteran
Brother -Arthur H. Barnett- Chicago, Ill.
Father- Henderson Barnett- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Mary Jane Willis- Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 112

Bass, Frank Lee
About 75- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-11-1942- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Brother- Fayette Bass
Nephew- W.A. Weaver
Father- Jeff Bass- Tennessee
Mother- Cyndia Mathis- Mississippi
Camp Ground Cemetery
Chalybeate, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 30

Bass, Miss Amanda
03-27-1875- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-27-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Ella Spears
Father- J.J. Bass- North Carolina
Mother- Eliza Mathis- Tennessee
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 185

Beaty, Sam Ponter
01-12-1873- Ripley, Mississippi
07-31-1942- Alcorn County Home
Wife- Robbie Earl Beaty [died 12-1937]
Step- Son-B.F. Kitchens
Father- W.G. Beaty- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Grissom- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Carolina Cemetery
6 miles W. Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 153

Bell, Mrs. Doshie Parish
About 49 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-10-1942- Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- Arnold Bell- [Age 50]
Father- Jiles Parish
Mother- Sealie Burrow
Ebenezer Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 158

Benion, Odie (Colored)
07-28-1900- Cockrell, Alabama
05-13-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Resided in State 16 years
Wife-Evelyn Harmon Benion [age 39]
Father- Tom Benion- Alabama
Mother- Amy Boins- Alabama
Colored City Cemetery
Page 107

Bills, Mississippi Annie
60 years of age
02-23-1942- Bolivar, Tennessee
Niece- Mrs. Garner Byars
Henry Cemetery
Page 41

Boatman, Mrs. Rachel Elizabeth Roten
10-16-1861- McNairy Co. Tennessee
01-18-1942-Middleton, Tennessee
Widow of- Dr. John A. Boatman [died 1940]
Daughter- Mrs. H.C. Boyett
Father- J.R. Roten- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Cynthia Russell- Tennessee
Middleton Cemetery
Middleton, Tennessee
Page 12

Bonds, Luther B. (Colored)
03-06-1930- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-09-1942- Corinth Mississippi
Father- Horace Bonds- Clay Co., Mississippi
Mother- Edna Short- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Other Name- Mattie McGee
Concord Colored Cemetery
Page 157

Booker, Mrs. Tommie Rose
01-13-1906- Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-18-1942- Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Husband- W.S. Booker [age 47]
Father- W.H. Moore- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Elizabeth Meeks- Tippah Co., Mississippi
New Salem Cemetery
3 miles W. of Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 81

Borden, Mrs. Florence
About 67 year’s old- Alabama
06-08-1942-Glen, Mississippi
Husband-John W. Borden [age 68]
Daughter- Mrs. Martha Feltman
Father- John Thomas Haynes-Alabama
Mother- Miss Lard
Little Flock Cemetery
Page 124

Bosman, Robert (Colored)
08-03-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided in State 25 years
Wife- Annie Bosman [age 55]
Son- Robert Bosman, Jr. - Paducah, Kentucky
Father- Adam Bosman
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
5 miles E. of Guys, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 155

Brawner, Dorothy Ann
12-06-1942-Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Stillborn-1:a.m.-Corinth, Hospital
Father-Marcus Wade Brawner-Alcorn Co.
Mother-Dorothy Doyle-Alcorn Co.
Uncle-Joe F. Brawner
Henry Cemetery Grave # 3 Owner-J.A. Brawner
Page 223

Brown, Lewis William
01-27-1856- Mississippi
06-18-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Sarah E. Brown [died 1927]
Son- A.L. Brown
Father- Hudson Brown
Mother- Mary Ragsdale
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 128

Brown, Joseph Perry
09-22-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Minnie Jordan Brown [age 65]
Father- M.S. Brown- Marion Co., Alabama
Mother- Patience Harris- Marion Co., Alabama
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 181

Brumley, Hoshaleen
01-08-1915- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
11-04-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- William Austin Brumley- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Myrtle Lillian Cunningham- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 202

Burns, Benjamin Franklin
11-10-1889- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
08-21-1942- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Wife- Mary Jaco Burns [age 51]
Father- Francis Marion Burns- Alabama
Mother- Martha Ann Mann- Alabama
Burns Family Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 165

Butler, 2nd Lt. James Martell
06-15-1919- Corinth, Mississippi
10-14-1942- Santa Barbara, California
World War II Veteran Naval Aerator
Father- J.B. Butler- Corinth, Mississippi
Order by- Ed Wilson
Shipped to Alcorn Co., by
McDermott’s Colonial Mortuary
Santa Barbara, California
Henry Cemetery
Page 194


Caldwell, Luke (Colored)
About 60 years old- Mississippi
06-27-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Alec Caldwell- South Carolina
Mother- Margaret Hampton- Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 133

Caldwell, John Taylor
08-14-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of-Mary J. Roberts Caldwell [died-1909]
Sons-Oscar and Flavis Caldwell
Daughter- Mrs. A.D. McKinnon- Jackson, Tennessee
Father- Carroll Caldwell- South Carolina
Mother- Miss Johnston- South Carolina
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 160

Calvery, Lois Virginia
11-22-1940- Corinth, Mississippi
02-16-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Earl Calvery- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother-Mavis Carter- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 34

Campbell, James Duncan Franklin
03-23-1861-Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-23-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Willie E. Norman Campbell [died 1933]
Sons- John K. Campbell- Jackson, Tennessee
Father- B.F. Campbell- Williamson Co., Tennessee
Mother- Eliza Patton- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 196

Candler, Mary Elizabeth McKinney
About 59 years old- Iuka, Tishomingo Co. Mississippi
06-27-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Milton A. Candler Sr. [age 63]
Father- Capt. John B. McKinney- Lawrence Co., Alabama
Mother-Linda Jane McKnight- Lawrence Co., Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 132

Castleberry, Samuel Madison
05-13-1845- McNairy Co., Tennessee
09-30-1942- 5:p.m.Michie, Tennessee
Widower of- Martha Suggs Castleberry [died over 58 years ago]
Son-South Carolina Castleberry- Michie, Tennessee
Father- Isaac Castleberry- Georgia
Mother- Miss Pratt- Georgia
Liberty School Cemetery
3 miles S.E. of Michie, Tennessee
Page 187

Choate, Mrs. Martha Rosie Peters
07-15-1869- Jackson Co., Alabama
02-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Aaron Choate [died 1903]
Son -George Mark Choate
Father- Jack Peters
Mother- Bell Waters
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 33

Cobb, James Seth Columbus
03-04-1858- Lauderdale Co., Alabama
11-17-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Irene Cobb [age 85]
Daughter- Mrs. Laura Arnett
Father- Ed Cobb- Illinois
Mother- Miss Miller
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 212

Cornelius, Marvel O.
11-27-1885- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-25-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. Alvie Farris
Order by-Virgil and Mable Farris
Father- C.C. Cornelius- Mississippi
Mother- Mary Suggs- Mississippi
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 167

Counce, Walter Edwin
10-2-1918- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife-Mary Alice Greenwell Counce [age 21]
Father- J.W. Counce-Tennessee
Mother- Bettie Pearl McAfee- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 72

Cox, George, Jr.
08-30-1876- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-01-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife-Fannie Hillard Cox [born-3-23-1881]
Father- George Cox, Sr. - Huntsville, Alabama
Mother-Clara Connelly- New Burg, New York
Henry Cemetery
Page 97

Cox, Infant Boy
06-06-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Stillborn-4:00 p.m.-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Jim Cox- Alabama
Mother- Letha Voyles- Mississippi
Friend- A. F. Marlar
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 122

Cox, Mrs. Nancy Lucinda Reid
11-07-1866- Tippah Co., Mississippi
09-16-1942- Faulkner, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Husband- J.E. Cox [age 76]
Son- L.H. Cox- Lula, Mississippi
Father- Allen Reid-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Ann Clemmons- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Little Hope Cemetery
Faulkner, Mississippi
Page 177

Crow, Miss Lessie V.
Age 43- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-29-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Father- J.T. Crow- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Martha L. Miller- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Brother- D. Crow
Union Cemetery
Page 199

Crum, Obediah D.
10-30-1862- Mississippi
01-03-1942-Walnut, Mississippi
Widower of- Mrs. Lou Crum
Son-H.F. Crum
Father- Leonard Crum- Tennessee
Mother-Miss Muse
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 01

Crum, Mrs. Mary Jane Sargent
02-22-1880- Alabama
06-03-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Charlie Crum [died 2 years ago]
Daughter- Mrs. Mack Taylor
Father- Jim Sargent- Alabama
Mother- Miss Mathis- Alabama
Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery
Page 119


Davis, Noel Coleman
12-01-1930- Corinth, Mississippi
05-12-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Glen, Mississippi
Father- Hugh B. Davis- Cullman Co., Alabama
Mother- Clara Nicholson- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Farmington Cemetery
Page 104

Dilworth, Nelson (Colored)
About 45 year’s old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-03-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Cardelia Dilwortha [age 50]
Sister- Mary Dilworth
Mother- Bettie Dilworth- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 222

Dickson, Noah Orlando
03-02-1873- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
08-26-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Dora Ross Dicksona [age 65]
Order by- Miss Beecher Dickson
Father- J.C. Dickson- Alabama
Mother- Hannah Sweatt- Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 168

Dye, Mrs. Mattie Jane
10-19-1868- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-27-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- J. Dye [died 1937]
Daughter- Mrs. H.B. Billingsley
Father- R.W. Carr- Alabama
Mother- Elizabeth Lummus- Alabama
Fair Field Cemetery
Blue Springs, Union Co., Mississippi
Page 92


Eaton, Mary Elizabeth
02-27-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
02-28- 1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Sam J. Eaton- Mississippi
Mother- Oleta Lancaster- Mississippi
Grandfather- R.L. Lancaster
Union Cemetery
Page 45

Edge, Franklin Daniel
About 74 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-08-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Nephew- Clarence Edge
Niece- Helen Edge Perry
Father- W.W. Edge- Mississippi
Mother- Minerva J. White- Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 53

Edge, Mrs. Emmaline
08-27-1849- Georgia
07-31-1942- Middleton, Tennessee
Widow of- L.E. Edge [died about 30 years ago]
Daughter- Mrs. H.W. Seawright
Father- John Carter- Poke Co., Georgia
Mother- Jane McElroy- Georgia
New Salem Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 152

Ellis, Earl Jr.
05-13-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
05-15-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Earl Ellis- Bethel Springs, Tennessee
Mother- Mary Smith- Adamsville, Tennessee
Mud Creek Cemetery
6 miles N. of Adamsville, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 110

Emmons, Mrs. Della D.
Age 56 yrs. - No birth date
11-10-1942- New Albany, Mississippi
Residence- Columbia, South Carolina
Daughter- Miss Afrie Emmons- Columbia, South Carolina
Dunbar Funeral Home of Columbia, South Carolina delivered remains to
Smallwood Funeral Home of New Albany delivered
Remains to Walnut, Mississippi
Harmony Church Cemetery
Walnut, Mississippi
Page 207

Essary, Winford A.
11-05-1932- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
08-27-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Archie S. Essary- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Loveta Eaton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Uncle- W.B. Fryar
Union Cemetery
Page 170


Faust, Mrs. Florence Lee Epperson
01-26-1873- Tennessee
02-22-1942- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- W.J. Faust [age 78]
Father- William Epperson
Burnsville Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 40

Fish, Albert G.
Born-Union, Mo.
03-19-1942- Galveston, Texas
Wife- Lorena Fish
Sister- Mrs. W.A. Stephenson- Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Brother- Frank Hill
Shipped from Galveston by J. Levy & Brother, Undertaker
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 64

Fiveash, Mrs. Lethia Ann
About 49 year’s old-Mississippi
03-03-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Husband- C.E. Fiveash age 51]
Father- John T. Bragg
Mother-Miss Wingo
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 47

Floyd, William Neal
06-12-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-13-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- John William Floyd- Mississippi
Mother- Ruth Crow- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Aunt- Ivy Mae Doles
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 126

Follin, Richard Erwin
09-23-1904- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-21-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Wife- Virgie Crum Follin [age 38]
Brother- Kelsie Follin
Father- John Follin- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Clem Smith- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 214

Forbes, Mrs. Emma Julia Lorick
07-21-1865- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-29-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Widow of- J.D. Forbes [died 1940]
Son-In-Law- J.C. Droke
Father- W.G. Lorick- Charleston, South Carolina
Mother -Fannie T. Gates- Charleston, South Carolina
City Cemetery
Page 21

Ford, Mrs. Minnie Earline Laird
07-01-1912- McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-10-1942- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- Taft Ford [age 32]
Father- Edgar Laird- Tennessee
Mother- Ora Bowers- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 55

Forrest, Mrs. Willie Provine
12-16-1863- Calhoun Co., Mississippi
02-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- A.W. Forrest [died 1915]
Daughter- Mrs. W. R. Lott
Father- John William Provine- Calhoun Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Hampton- Calhoun Co., Mississippi
Friendship Cemetery
Kilmichael, Montgomery Co., Mississippi
Page 43

Fowler, Mrs. Susan Brasher
12-07-1872- Shelby Co., Alabama
08-01-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.A. Fowler [age 76]
Father- H.C. Brasher- Alabama
Mother- Frances Trasener- Alabama
Chambers Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 154

Fraley, Mrs. Maranda Leona McDaniel
10-04-1857- McNairy Co., Tennessee
10-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided in State-20 years
Widow of- Millard F. Fraley [died 1934]
Son- Marcus Fraley
Grandson- Martin Fraley
Father- Wesley McDaniel- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Churchwill- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Ledbetter Family Cemetery
8 miles S .E. of Adamsville, Tennessee
Page 188

Franklin, Mrs. Ella May Duncan
02-26-1914- Marion Co., Alabama
04-22-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Luther Franklin [age 36]
Father- Mose Duncan- Alabama
Mother- Ida Lockhart- Alabama
Other Name- I.E. Johnson
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 87

Frazier, Mrs. Laura Kate Austin
09-06-1909- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-11-1942- Wenasoga, Mississippi
Husband- William Frazier [age 28]
Brother- Arthur Austin
Father- Luke Austin- Mississippi
Mother- Lou Ella Aday- Alabama
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 173

Fredrick, Burnice Carlyle
06-03-1914- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
10-25-1942- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Wife- Ophelia Fredrick [age 27]
Father- C.T. Fredrick- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Timbes- Mississippi
Midway Cemetery
Tishomingo, Mississippi
Page 198


Galyean, Mrs. Ara Loutishia
02-04-1872- Tennessee
02-16-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Bob Galyean [died 8 years ago]
Nephew- Edgar Hearn
Niece- Buna Brown
Father- Columbus Hearn- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Ogle- Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 35

Gammill, Mrs. Myrtle James
12-29-1909- McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-26-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Joe Gammill [age 33]
Father- Tom James- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Bell Love- Alabama
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 91

George, Infant Girl (Colored)
02-15-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Willie George- Mississippi
Mother- Anna Frances Davis- Mississippi
Other Name- Mark McGaha
Rienzi Colored Cemetery
Page 32

Gilmore, Curtis (Colored0
12-25-1918- Rienzi, Mississippi
04-05-1942- Peoria, Illinois
Father- Bud Gilmore- Rienzi, Mississippi
Mother- Inez Gilmore- Rienzi, Mississippi
Rienzi Colored Cemetery
Page 76

Gish, Mrs. Lena Liddon
11-16-1870- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- James F. Gish
Daughter- Mrs. Mary Gish McPeters
Father- J.O. Liddon- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miss Hamlin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Other Name- W. L. McPeters
Henry Cemetery
Page 209

Goodman, Benjamin Franklin
10-15-1870- Georgia
04-08-1942- Walnut, Mississippi
5 yrs prior resided in Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Manie Ollie Godwin Goodman [age 61]
Son- J.C. Goodman- Covington, Tennessee
Father- Frank Goodman- Georgia
Burial in Blue Mountain
Page 77

Gray, Marvin
11-22-1934- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
05-14-1942- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence- Burnsville, Mississippi
Father- Ralph Gray- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Cordia Hudson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 108

Gray, Mrs. Amy Elizabeth Doty
06-01-1861- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-25-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Widow of- J.A. Gray [died 1928]
Son- John Rufus Gray
Daughter- Mrs. Ray or Roy
Father- Mr. Doty- North Carolina
Mother-Nancy C. Green- North Carolina
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 131

Gray, Mrs. Lula Ann Gatlin
08-10-1883- Brownfield, Mississippi
12-14-1942- Memphis, Tennessee
Husband- Terry P. Gray [age 62]
Father- Albert Gatlin- Mississippi
Mother- Nan Keith- Mississippi
Campground Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 226

Gray, Mrs. Mallie Counce
08-19-1892- Hardin Co., Tennessee
12-18-1942- Burnsville, Mississippi
Husband- E.G. Gray [age 59]
Father- J.M. Counce- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mattie Wyatt- Hardin Co., Tennessee
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tennessee
Page 227

Green, Esbry (Colored)
About 30 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-01-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
10 Days prior resided in Memphis, Tennessee
Wife (Separated) - Frances Boyd
Brother-Lee Green
Father-Sam Green-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother-Jessie Panter-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Alcorn County Colored Cemetery
5 miles W. of Rienzi, Mississippi
Page 24

Greene, Mrs. Amanda H.
12-02-1862- Riverton, Alabama
11-22-1942- Guys, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Husband- E.C. Greene [age 82]
Daughter- Miss Willie Greene
Father- Oscar Hayes- Alabama
Mother- Miss Wilcox- Alabama
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 217

Greenhaw, Mrs. Millie Adel Barnes
01-05-1882- Colbert Co., Alabama
05-01-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- R.M. Greenhaw [Age 71]
Father- Robert E. Lee Barnes- Illinois
Mother- Etta Goins- Alabama
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 98

Greer, Ed (Colored)
About 48 years old- Mississippi
11-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maggie Greer [age 31]
Father- Frank Ross
Mother- Mary Greer- Iuka, Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 210

Gregory, Henderson (Colored)
06-03-1874- Okolona, Mississippi
12-22-1942- Guys, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Widower of- Lizzie Davis Gregory [died 1919]
Niece- Roxie Davis- Guys, Tennessee
Father- Brisco Gregory- Okolona, Mississippi
Mother-Annie Harris- Okolona, Mississippi
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Biggersville, Mississippi
Page 230

Grimes, John Virgil
09-21-1896- Tennessee
02-13-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Jennie Moore Grimes [age 40]
Father- J.B. Grimes- Tennessee
Mother- Lizzie Cook- Arkansas
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 31


Hambrick, Mrs. Eula Brooks
11-22-1909- Kilmichael, Montgomery Co., Mississippi
04-29-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- R.V. Hambrick [age 38]
Sister- Mrs. W.L. Faust
Father- J.T. Brooks- Mississippi
Mother- Alice Childers- Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 96

Harbor, Nathaniel Edward (Colored)
11-16-1941-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-30-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- James E. Harbor- Mississippi
Mother- Ethel Hollins- Mississippi
Grandmother- Glistine Ransom
Colored City Cemetery
Page 151

Harris, William Morton
03-10-1890- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-24-1942- Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi
Residence- Philadelphia, Mississippi
World War Veteran
Wife- Ruth Finch Harris [age 36]
Brother- Orville Harris
Father-J.T. Harris- Mississippi
Mother-Bettie Morton- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 114

Harris, Mrs. Martha Davenport Hornby
08-12-1864- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-30-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Widow of- R.O. Harris [died 1919]
Son- J.D. Harris
Father- John Hornby- North Carolina
Mother- Miss Davenport- North Carolina
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 186

Harrison, Luther Perry
02-16-1903- Benton Co., Mississippi
12-02-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Residence- Walnut, Mississippi
Sister- Mrs. J.Z. Skinner
Father- W.F. Harrison- Mississippi
Mother- Ida Shappley- Mississippi
Tiplersville Cemetery
Tiplersville, Mississippi
Page 221

Hinton, Infant Boy
Stillborn- Wenasoga, Mississippi
11-17-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Father- Granville Hinton- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Maxine Baker- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Aunt- Mrs. Ella Lee Archer
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 211

Holmes, Nannie (Colored)
02-08-1875- Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-08-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- James Holmes [died 1939]
Daughter- Myrtle Holmes
Father- Amzie Smith- Mississippi
Mother- Amanda Whiteside- Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 06

Horn, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth
01-19-1869- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
10-29-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband- L.A. Horn [died 1929]
Son- H.J. Horn
Father- Richard Fendley- Georgia
Mother- Amanda England- Mississippi
Siloam Church Cemetery
12 miles S.E. Booneville, Mississippi
Page 200

Horton, Kirmit, Jr. (Colored)
10-19-1941- Rienzi, Mississippi
07-17-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Order by- Kirmit Horton Sr.
Father- Kirmit Horton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Jeffie Owens- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Alcorn County Colored Cemetery
Page 143

Huggins, Elmer
03-15-1883- McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-04-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Mittie Hamm Huggins [died 1927]
Sons- Leonard & Leboth Huggins
Father- M.S. Huggins- Tennessee
Mother- Caroline Farris- Tennessee
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 49

Huggins, Mrs. Margaret Frances Hubbard
11-12-1877- Iuka, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
09-24-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- J.E. Huggins [Age 69]
Father- Frank Hubbard- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Miss Hill- Mississippi
New Hope Cemetery
Page 182

Hines, Albert Lafayette
About 65 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-14-1942- Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Widower of- Dora Jean Hines [died 1939]
Son- C. Gertude Hines
Father- John Hines- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Mathis- Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
7 Mi. N.E. of Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 127


Irons, Mattie Fay (Colored)
03-04-1922- Mississippi
03-13-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Eddie Irons [age 36]
Father- Luther Dickey
Mother- Jennie Phillips
St. Rest Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 56

Isom, Charles Rayford
10-11-1936- Corinth, Mississippi
06-25-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Clyde C. Isom -McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Ruby Kirk- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot 6 Grave # 1 Section Haynes
Block P Owner- Clyde C. Isom
Page 130


Jackson, John Oscar
About 69 years old- Hardin Co., Tennessee
03-09-1942-P ocahontas, Tennessee
Wife- Blanch McMurry Jackson [died 1922]
Son- Hershel Jackson
Father- Tom Jackson- Tennessee
Mother- Arie Gilbert- Texas
Oak Hill
Page 54

Jennings, Will (Colored)
About 50 to 52- Tennessee
02-06-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widower of- Zettie Jennings [died 1939]
Sister-in-Law- Sarah Jennings
Father- Ephenoun Jennings- Tennessee
Mother-Eliza Lindsey-Tennessee
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 27

Johns, James Henderson
08-20-1853- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife Mary Francis Johnson Johns
Son- George W. Johns- Haleyville, Alabama
Father- Jerry Johns- North Carolina
Mother- Rebecca Whitsmont- North Carolina
Order by T.H. Johns
Johns Family Cemetery
Page 50

Johnsey, Edmund M.
42 years of age
02-06-1942- Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio
US Veteran
Enlisted In Army- 06-19-1917
Discharged- 07-18-1919
Shipped From-Magetti Funeral Home-
Dayton, Ohio - Otto Headley
Wife- Mrs. E.M. Johnsey-Ohio
Father- Mr. Walter Johnsey
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 28

Johnson, Nick Walker
09-07-1859- Tennessee
04-03-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Wife- Nancy Odom Johnson [died-01-14-1928]
Daughter- Mrs. W. D. Dees
Sons -C.M. Johnson, W.A. Johnson & E.P. Johnson
Father- Joe Johnson- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Henson- Tennessee
New Hope Cemetery
Page 69

Johnson, Frank Freeman
10-20-1870- Rome, Georgia
04-22-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Jennie Johnston Johnson [age 67]
Son- C.A. Johnson
Father- Martin V. Johnson- Georgia
Mother- Nanny Baker- Georgia
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 86

Johnson, Clementine Evans (Colored)
03-31-1886- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-16-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Husband- Emmitt Johnson [Age 62]
Daughter- May West- Chicago, Illinois
Mother- Sarah Foote- Mississippi
City Colored Cemetery
Page 178

Johnson, Jesse Andrew
12-07-1858- Georgia
11-02-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Martha Johnson [died 06-01-1933]
Son- D.L. Johnson- Kilgore, Texas
Daughters- Mrs. J.B. Holley &
Mrs. Sam Taylor; both of Corinth
Father- M.V. Johnson- Georgia
Mother- Nancy Baker- Georgia
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 201

Jones, Mrs. Rhonda Barnes
10-23-1899- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-09-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Husband-Rev. Daniel Wyatt Jones [age 48]
Father-Thomas Barnes- Tennessee
Mother- Miss Kimbrell-Texas
New Lebanon Church Cemetery
1 miles West of Holcut,
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 04

Jones, Mrs. Isabelle
01-30-1880- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Thomas Jones [died 1934]
Brother- J.R. Layton
Father- J.H. Layton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Sarah Pipkin- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Camp Ground Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 08

Jones, Mrs. Ada Chandler
09-01-1907- McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-21-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Hubert C. Jones [age 37]
Father- T.C. Chandler- Tennessee
Mother- Lula Barber- Tennessee
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 16

Jones, Sebe L.
11-11-1853- Mississippi
04-06-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife-Mary James Jones [age 77]
Father- Quine Jones- Mississippi
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 75

Jones, Mrs. Worda Doran
03-24-1904- Tyronza, Ark
05-09-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-Hubert C. Jones [age 38]
Father- Harry H. Doran- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mary Sue McFalls- Wayne Co., Tennessee
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 102

Jones, Emmitt Virgil
03-10-1871- Cedar Grove, Tennessee
08-18-1942- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife- Mintie Mathis Jones [age 69]
Brother -J.P. Jones
Father- Tom Jones-Tennessee
Mother- Harriett McCarter- Mississippi
Camp Ground Cemetery
Near Walnut Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 163

Jourdan, Melvin Mascle "Mack"
04-24-1921- Tishomingo, Co., Mississippi
01-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- C.A. Jourdan- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Rose Crain-Marion Co., Alabama
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 18

Jumper, Henry Samuel
05-03-1877- Tippah Co., Mississippi
03-18-1942- Rienzi, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Wife-Julia Jumper [age 63]
Son- Columbus Jumper
Father- M.D. Jumper- Mississippi
Mother- Ann Windum- Mississippi
Jumper Town; 8 miles W. Booneville,
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 62


Kemp, Hardy Wilson
08-22-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Hardy Wilson Hill- Mississippi
Mother- Loraine Kemp- Corinth, Mississippi
Grandfather- Ruey Kemp
Henry Cemetery
Page 166

Keys, Shirley Sue
09-25-1938- Corinth, Mississippi
01-29-1942- Jackson, Mississippi
Father- S.K. Keys- Illinois
Mother- Lois Farr Keys- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 20

King, Edwin Oscar
09-29-1861- Holmes Co., Mississippi
04-29-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Theo Bell Howell King [age 57]
Son- J.E. King- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Daughter- Mrs. Stanley Bennett
Order by- Earl O. & J.G. King
Father- Mr. King -Mississippi
Mother -Martha Edwards- Mississippi
Falcon Cemetery
6 miles S. of Selmer, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 95

Klyce, Marion Randolph
01-06-1915- Corinth, Mississippi
07-18-1942- North Reading, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
World War II Pilot 1st. Lt. US Air Corps
Ft. Devens, Massachusetts
Wife-Clara Bickley Klyce [age 19]
Father -Eugene O. Klyce- Corinth, Mississippi
Mother- Estella Waethall- Booneville, Mississippi
Remains Shipped From Lowell, Massachusetts by;
H. Louis Farmer & Son Funeral Home-
Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Henry Cemetery
Page 150

Kohlkeim, Lorene Hursey (Colored)
08-06-1912- Lee, Co., Mississippi
05-06-1942- Milan, Tennessee
Father- Alonza Northington- Alabama
Mother- Zora Hursey Kohleim- Blue Springs, Mississippi
Baldwyn Colored Cemetery
Baldwyn, Mississippi
Page 99


Lacy, Mrs. Kate Petty
12-19-1860- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
01-30-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Prentiss Co.
Husband- C.R. Lacy [age 83]
Daughter- Tommie Lacy Thomas- Kansas City, Missouri
Father- A.W. Petty- North Carolina
Mother- Mary Floridake- South Carolina
Booneville Cemetery
Page 22

Lancaster, Shirley Wayne
03-28-1942- Water Valley, Mississippi
04-18-1942- Tillatoba, Mississippi
Father- Willie Lancaster- Mississippi
Mother- Opal Reynolds- Mississippi
Antioch Cemetery
Page 83

Langston, William J.
05-15-1875- Alabama
07-17-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
Wife- Nettie Ann Langston [age 64]
Father- William J. Langston
Mother- Miss Bragg
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 144

Lee, William Washington
10-15-1878- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
12-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maggie May Lee [age 61]
Son- Fred Lee
Father- Joe Lee- Georgia
Mother- Lou White- Georgia
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 232

Leggett, Charlie Royce
12-01-1906-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-23-1942-Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Father-J.L. Leggett-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Tillie Bennett-Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 88

Leonard, John Smith
08-18-1878- McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-29-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided In State 30 Years
Wife- Mollie Dancer Leonard [age 55]
Daughter- Mrs. M.F. Hamlin- Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee
Father- Robert Lindsey Leonard- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mollie Armstrong- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot 30 East End Grave # 1
Section O Block # Sharp
Page 117

Lewis, Conchita Montana
05-08-1942-8:45a.m.Corinth Mississippi
05-09-1942-6:30 a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Hooper Lewis- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Lola White-Hardin Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 101

Lindsey, Henry
03-09-1873- Bryantsburg, Kentucky
09-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Hettie Lander Lindsey [age 56]
Son- Buck Lindsey
Father- William W. Lindsey-Marshall Co., Kentucky
Mother- Nellie Story-Marshall Co., Kentucky
Henry Cemetery-
Page 183

Little, Infant Girl
10-16-1942- 9:a.m.
10-16-1942- 11:a.m. - Corinth, Mississippi
Father -Robert Cal Little- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Tina Hendrix- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 192 (Sister Below)

Little, Yovnne
10-16-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
12-01-1942- Burnsville, Mississippi
Father- R.C. Little- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Tina Hendrix- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 220

Livingston, Joseph T.
About 68 -Tennessee
07-26-1942-Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Wife-Samantha J. Livingston [age 67]
Son-C.F. Livingston
Father-Young Livingston-Tennessee
Mother-Nancy Easley
Mt.Pisguah-7 miles S.E. Booneville
Page 149

Locke, Johnnie W.
01-09-1865- McNairy Co., Tennessee
01-21-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided In State 35 years
Wife- Roxie Lockman Locke [age 72]
Father- John Locke- North Carolina
Mother- Tedia Marshall- Indiana
Oak Hill Cemetery
Selmer, Tennessee
Page 17

Lokey, Mrs. Sarah Jane Essary
About 42 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
11-19-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Bob Lokey [age 43]
Brother- James M. Essary
Father- James Essary- Tennessee
Mother- Mollie Blackburn- Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 213

Loyd, Thomas Irvin
04-29-1939- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-04-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Thomas Allen Loyd-Alcorn Co.
Mother- Hilda Inez Stewart-Alcorn Co.
Salem Cemetery
Page 48


Manuel, Carrie
Residence-Acadia Co.,
Crowley-Church Point, La
Husband-Lee Manuel [died 11-1941]
Daughter-Willie B. Lumpkin
Note in Book-Roxie Jackson-
Santa Barbara, Ca
Emma White-East St, Louis, Ill
Leola Jackson-Church Point, La
Service at St. Marks Church
No Cemetery Listed
Shipped Here From Church Point La
Page 105

Mathis, Katherine Mae
04-18-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-08-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Father- Malley Mathis- Mississippi
Mother- Ruby Lee Waldon- Mississippi
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 123

Merryman, Mrs. Della Albatine
08-10-1907- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-12-1942- Walnut, Mississippi
6 months prior lived in Memphis, Tennessee
Husband- L.E. Merryman [age 41]
Father- J.L. Layton-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Mathis-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Harmony Church Cemetery
Page 125

Milan, William E.
02-23-1866- Alabama
01-15-1942- Saltillo, Mississippi
Wife- Lillie Daxis Milan [age 71]
Step-Grandson- Russell Keaton
Father- Thomas P. Milan-Alabama
Mother- Elizabeth Crockett- Mississippi
Burial at Saltillo, Mississippi
Page 10

Mitchell, Sylvester
11-16-1903- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Wife- Nancy Butler Mitchell
Father- L.A. Mitchell-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Sarah Starnes- McNairy Co., Tennessee
City Cemetery
Page 134

Morrow, Mrs. Lillie May
03-08-1900- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-14-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband-Dock Morrow [died 1930]
Father- J.H. Henderson- Tennessee
Mother- Millie Wren- Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 07

Mosley, Annie (Colored)
About 70years old -Mississippi
04-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Ex-Husband- Mose Stewart
Friend- Jim Allen
Father- Tony Powell
Mother- Harriett Powell
Colored City Cemetery
Page 78

Myers, Mrs. Martha Ann
Age 76
03-15-1942- Mobile, Alabama
Sister- Mrs. Sam Dame
Shipped From Mobile, Alabama
By Higgins Mortuary
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 60


McAnally, Samuel Clinton
05-13-1891- Mississippi
04-18-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Ester Woods McAnally [age 52]
Father- R.B. McAnally- Kentucky
Mother- Etta Burton -Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 82

McAnulty, John William
10-14-1879- Corinth, Mississippi
02-10-1942-Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife- Rose Bud Morrison McAnulty [age 46]
Sister- Mrs. Mary Kendrick
Father- J.W. McAnulty- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Mother- Julia Hargroves- Madison Co., Alabama
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 29

McCarter, Mrs. Ada Farris
01-6-1875- McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-16-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Husband- R.S. McCarter [age 66]
Father- W.C. Farris- Tennessee
Mother- Mary Anna Emmons- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 79

McGee, Kenneth Wade
08-10-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
08-11-1942- 6: am- Corinth, Mississippi
Premature- Lived 8 Hours
Father- Everett McGee- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Allie Bell Kirk- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 159

McKinney, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth
09-19-1861- Tennessee
02-21-1942- Counce Hardin Co., Tennessee
Husband- W.H. McKinney [died 16 years ago]
Son- George McKinney
Daughter- Mrs. Irene Robinson-Counce Tennessee
Father- George Sanders
Mother- Drew McKee- Kentucky
White Sulphur Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 38

McMiller, Lorena (Colored)
03-31-1900- Chickasaw Co., Mississippi
05-14-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Husband (Separated)- Alfred McMiller [age 50]
Sister- Addie Bell Henley
Father- George Cauthers (Caruthers) - Mississippi
Mother- Julia Logon- Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 109

McMurry, Mrs. Belia
01-08-1906- Mississippi
03-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Dave W. McMurry [age 54]
Father- Jim Weathers- Alabama
Mother- Annie Gray- Mississippi
Lambs Chapel Cemetery
4 miles E. Kendrick, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 58

McNeely, Miss Annie Delano
06-06-1872- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
05-07-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Niece- Mrs. Gladys Vanderford
Father -J.A. McNeely- Tennessee
Mother- Martha Lambert- Mississippi
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 100

McPeters, Dakota (Colored)
About 42 years old- Corinth, Mississippi
05-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Brother -Noon McPeters
Father- Andy McPeters- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lizzie Dillingham- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 115


Nelms, James Joseph
06-25-1849- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
10-17-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Wife-Kate Jobe Nelms [age 43]
Son- R.L. Nelms
Father- Capt. Mathias Nelms- Georgia
Mother- Hannah Kennedy- Georgia
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 193

Nelms, Gary Don
12-05-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-09-1942 -Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Hampton Brose Nelms- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Frances Louise Haygood- Lee Co., Mississippi
City Cemetery
Page 224

Newcomb, Earskin
01-7-1884- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
02-21-1942- Glen, Mississippi
Divorced- Pearl Greenhaw [age 59]
Sons- Oscar and Obie Newcomb
Father- Bud Newcomb- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Sallie Vanhoose- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 39

Newcomb, William James
09-18-1875- Mississippi
03-17-1942- Glen, Mississippi
Cousin- Robert Clark
Father- Lyrie Newcomb
Mother- Miss Clark
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 61

Nichols, Joseph Franklin
11-30-1903- Bessmer, Alabama
03-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Raphael Lawson Nichols [age 29]
Father- William Franklin Nichols- Mississippi
Mother- Pardie Jones-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Lot 47 Grave # 1 Section-P
Page 57

Nichols, Joseph Lamar
04-26-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
Father- A.B. Nichols- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lorene Bumpass- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 90

Nichols, Mrs. Augie Bell Johnson
02-25-1899- Lee Co., Mississippi
11-06-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Husband- Coy J. Nichols [age 44]
Sister- Irene James
Father- T.J. Johnson-Lee Co., Mississippi
Mother- Maggie Bell Maddox- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 204

Northern, Charles E.
08-03-1896- Bibb Co., Georgia
11-03-1942- East Chicago, Indiana
WWI Veteran
Wife- Cora Whit Northern [age 50]
Father- Elijah Northern- Bibb Co., Georgia
Mother- Janie Leary- Bibb Co., Georgia
Shipped From Nicholson Funeral Home
East Chicago, Indiana
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 203

Nunley, William Newton
01-29-1864- Cheatham Co., Tennessee
07-15-1942- Thrasher, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Wife- Mary C. Tucker Nunley [age 73]
Sons- C.R. & W.L. Nunley
Father- J.J. Nunley- Alabama
Mother- Nancy Ann Sitton- Nashville, Tennessee
Booneville Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 140


Odom, Elsie Lee
03-20-1930- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
11-29-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Father- J.K. Odom- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother -Minnie Seago -Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Holder Cemetery
3 miles S. of Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Page 218

Orich, Lon (Colored)
About 54 years old- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
02-18-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Viola Anderson Orick [age 53]
Son- John Orick- Guys, Tennessee
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
4 miles E. Guys, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 36


Page, Willie B.
01-15-1908- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
03-07-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Martha Barnes Page
Father-in-Law- O.L. Barnes
Father- Dave Page- Mississippi
Mother- Minnie Adkins- Mississippi
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 51

Palmore, Mrs. Mary Ann
02-07-1874- Waverley, Tennessee
09-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided In State 13 years
Husband- R.B. Palmore [age 72]
Daughter- Mrs. Pearl Lewis
Father- David Crockett Wolverton- Tennessee
Mother- Elizabeth Sherard- Tennessee
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 174

Parks, Jerry
07-04-1865- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
02-02-1942- Middleton, Tennessee
Cousin- W.Y. Rogers
Father- Dougan Parks
Mother- Miss Yopp- Tennessee
Reeves Cemetery
Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Page 25

Patterson, Jessie Robert
08-02-1878- Hardin Co., Tennessee
01-18-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided in State 22 years
Wife- Willie Davis Patterson [age 56]
Father- Dawn Patterson- Tennessee
Mother- Mattie Gardner- Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Patterson, Ida May Jones (Colored)
05-15-1916- Corinth, Mississippi
02-20-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- John Willie Patterson
Friend- George Williams
Father- Usher Jones- Mississippi
Mother Freda Thompson Gilmore- Mississippi
Colored City Cemetery
Page 37

Peak, Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth
08-06-1859- Tennessee
01-19-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband-S.T. Peak [died 1932]
Daughter- Mrs. Lottie Swain
Father- Henderson Levan- Tennessee
Mother- Bettie Boss or Bass- Tennessee
Ramer Cemetery
Ramer, Tennessee
Page 14

Pennington, John Wesley
09-23-1855- Alabama
10-08-1942- White Co., Bradford, Ark
Son- H.W. Pennington- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- John Pennington- Alabama
Mother- Adeline Townsend- Alabama
Shipped by Cecil Funeral Home Batesville, Arkansas
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 189

Phillips, Docia (Colored)
About 43years old- McNairy Co., Tennessee
05-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Widow of- Charlie Claybon-
Son- Uther Claybon
Father-J ack Phillips- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Laura Strickland-McNairy Co., Tennessee
Other name- Benton Phillips
Ramer Colored Cemetery
Ramer, Tennessee
Page 111

Pinson, Mrs. Flora McCutchins
12-13-1877- Alabama
11-13-1942- Paden, Mississippi
Widow of- J.A. Pinson [died 1929]
Sister- Mrs. S.V. Tennison
Father- Robert McCutchins- Alabama
Mother- Catherine Loveless- Georgia
Forked Oak Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 208

Plaxico, Joane
01-25-1940- Corinth, Mississippi
07-16-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Arnold Plaxico- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Leottie Morgan- Chickasaw Co., Mississippi
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 142

Price, Jessie Audra
02-27-1911- McNairy Co., Tennessee
06-30-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Maye Houston H. Price [age 25]
Mother-in-Law- Mrs. Jim Humphries
Father- Felix L. Price- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Bertha Bell King- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Henry Cemetery
Lot 25, Grave 1, Section Haynes Block P
Page 135

Pruner, Mrs. Tennie
01-01-1866- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-20-1942- Pocahontas, Mississippi
Widow of- Jim Pruner [died 1929]
Daughter- Dollie Leatherwood
Father- Jim Kelly
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 129


Ramer, Clifford (Colored)
02-10-1911- McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-02-1942- Whitfield, Mississippi
Order by- Willie Cannon
Father- Will Lustre
Mother- Julia Ramer
Son- Jessie Ramer
Names on papers in book- Julia Scuggs Sanders,
Ivy Reynolds & Lee Bailey
Shipped from Jackson, Mississippi
By Frazier and Collins Funeral Home
Colored City Cemetery
Page 70

Ramer, Cecil Philip
08-29-1877- Moscow, Hickman Co., Kentucky
08-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Inez Roebke Ramer [age 50]
Father- Lewis Ramer- Kentucky
Mother- Jackie Mangram- Kentucky
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 162

Ramsey, Mrs. Maud Collier
64 years old
01-07-1942- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Adams Funeral Home- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Henry Cemetery
Shipped by Adams Funeral Home, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Page 05

Ray, Mrs. Kate Wilbanks
02-13-1876- Tippah Co., Mississippi
05-28-1942- Booneville, Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Residence- Tiplersville, Tippah Co., Mississippi
Husband- Bob Ray [age 72]
Father- Ferris Wilbanks- South Carolina
Mother- Mary Powell- South Carolina
Providence Cemetery
Page 116

Ray, Nancy Carolyn
10-15-1935- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
09-15-1942-Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- Buford Ray- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Margurette Monroe- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Uncle- Amos Monroe
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 176

Rencher, Erbie Eugene
07-12-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
07-14-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Mid-Wife- Mrs. Annie Tatum Box- Walnut, Mississippi
Father- Erbie Rencher- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Oretta Downs- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Union Church Cemetery
Page 139

Robertson, Mary Ann
09-07-1942-3:00 a.m.
09-07-1942-11:00 a.m. - Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Dr. Harold Robertson
Mother- Virginia Bolden- Kentucky
Page 172

Robinson, Mollie Allen
12-04-1884- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
04-23-1942- Okolona, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi
Wife- Margaret Butler Robinson [age 46]
Father- William Robinson- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Mother- Lula Young- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Booneville Cemetery
Page 89

Robinson, Mrs. Fredonia Lula Young
09-12-1860- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
08-06-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- William Robinson [died 1933]
Order by- Mrs. Allen Robinson, Elizabeth & Lady Joy
Father- Joseph Young- North Carolina
Mother- Matildia Bell- North Carolina
Booneville Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Page 156

Robinson, Nora Lee
09-06-1942-9:30 a.m. - Kossuth, Mississippi
Father- Cletus Robinson- Mississippi
Mother- Leola Rencher- Mississippi
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 171

Rogers, Malitus C.
06-01-1868- Tippah Co., Mississippi
10-20-1942-Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Rogers [age 56]
Brother- Tom Rogers
Father- Bob Rogers- Mississippi
Mother- Emily Tucker- Mississippi
Union Church Cemetery
Page 195

Romine, Mrs. Mary Olivia Jones
02-01-1896- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-25-1943-Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Robert J. Romine
Father- H.B.B. Jones- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Babb- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery-
Page 65


Sagely, James C.
08-30-1862- La Mar Co., Alabama
12-24-1942- Memphis, Tennessee
Residence-Hamburg, Tennessee
Spanish American War
Enrolled In Army: 06-27-1898 Bedford, Alabama
Discharged-10-31-1898 @ Birmingham, Alabama
Wife- Mrs. Puss Parrish Sagely
Son- Gordon Sagely
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 233

Sanders, Benjamin Lee
03-15-1866- McNairy Co., Tennessee
04-04-1942- Acton, Tennessee
Wife- Peggy May Sanders [age 54]
Daughters- Mrs. Sam Taylor & Mrs. Pete Qualls
Father- B.F. Sanders-Tennessee
Mother- Mary Browder-Tennessee
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 71

Sanders, Lon
Death-11-08-1942- St, Louis, Mo
Shipped by Alexander and Son
Funeral Home in St. Louis
Wife- Ida Sharp Sanders
Other names- Sam & Billy Sharp
Henry Cemetery
Page 206

Senter, Infant Boy
11-21-1942- 8:00 p.m. Corinth, Mississippi
11-22-1942- 5:00 a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- H.V. Senter- Gipson Co., Tennessee
Mother- Mable Sharp- Corinth, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 216

Shapley, Edwin Elwin
09-29-1867- Mississippi
07-20-1942- Memphis, Tennessee
Wife- Mrs. Etta Rich Shapley [died 08-1940]
Daughter- Mrs. R.A. Dawkins- Memphis, Tennessee
Cosmopolitan Funeral Home Memphis, Tennessee
Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 147

Sharp, Elmer Clinton
09-05-1877- McNairyCo., Tennessee
11-30-1942- St. Louis, Missouri
Wife- Louise Sharp [age 46]
Father- Major Sam Sharp- Virginia
Mother- Idotha Fulghum- Tennessee
Shipped from Alexander and Son
Funeral Home St. Louis, Missouri
Service at Mrs. Lon Sanders
Henry Cemetery
Page 219

Shaw, James Elbert
05-30-1884- Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-19-1942- Kossuth, Mississippi
Wife -Minnie Glover Shaw [age 55]
Son- Hoyt Shaw
Father- John Shaw- Tennessee
Mother- Nancy Eubanks- South Carolina
Union Church Cemetery
Chalybeate, Mississippi
Page 84

Singleton, George Washington
04-09-1864- McNairy Co., Tennessee
03-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Mrs. Bell Singleton [died 1932]
Son- A.C. Singleton- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- Samuel Singleton- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 59

Sitton, Infant Boy
07-18-1942-11:00 p.m. Glen Mississippi
07-19-1942-6:00 a.m. Glen, Mississippi
Father- Homer Lee Sitton- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Anice Harville- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 146

Slaughter, James Robert
04-04-1895- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-25-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Brother- J.W. Slaughter (Wife-Marie)
Father- W.A. Slaughter-Mississippi
Mother- Anna Kerr- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Henry Cemetery- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Page 66

Smith, Phelps
04-18-1857- Tennessee
01-19-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Nephew- Homer Smith
Father- Dock Smith
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 15

Smith, Arthur Terrell
01-28-1882- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-30-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Stock Room Man-Weavers Pant Co.
Wife- Sara Jane Spear Smith
Brother- Bryan Smith
Father- J. Frank Smith- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother-Josephine Hooker- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 67

Smith, Mrs. Sarah Watkins
08-01-1860- Wellsville, Kansas
04-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Residence-Wellsville, Kansas
Husband- J.A. Smith [age 83]
Daughter- Mrs. J.Y. Bell- Corinth, Mississippi
Father-Watkin Watkins- Wales
Mother- Margarette Coonfair- Ohio
Order by Mrs. Bell and Dave Palmer
Burial: Wellsville, Kansas
Page 73

Smith, Bettie Joe
04-26-1937- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
05-17-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- John H. Smith- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Ruth Joyner
Clear Creek Church Cemetery
Page 113

Smith, Elbert Bryan
11-25-1927- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-18-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
Father-B.B. Smith- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Kate House- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 145

Smith, Wanda Lee
12-23-1942- McNairy Co., Tennessee
12-27-1942-Guys, McNairy Co., Tennessee
Father- R.L. Smith- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Mother-Evie Williams- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Uncle- Dean Gammill
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
2 1/2 miles N.E. Ramer, Tennessee
Page 234

Snow, James Bodyne
10-27-1887- Fulton, Kentucky
08-12-1942- Corinth, Alcorn Co. Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Wife- Hattie Mae Manley Snow
Brother- Guy Snow- Arkansas
Druggist- Employer J.O. Bryan
Father- L.S. Snow- Kentucky
Mother- Miss Ramsey- Kentucky
Burial Fulton, Kentucky
Page 161

Spencer, Mrs. Gemima Louisa Smith
About 80 years old- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-14-1942- Glen, Mississippi
Husband- A.L. Spencer [age 72]
Father- H.M. Smith- North Carolina
Mother- Susan Elam- North Carolina
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 138

Stevens, Wilma Ireda
07-07-1941- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
03-08-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- George B. Stevens- Illinois
Mother- Ernestine Haynie-Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Stevens Family Grave Yard
Glen, Mississippi
Page 52

Stevens, James Everett
08-06-1896- Tippah Co., Mississippi
04-06-1942- New Albany, Mississippi
Wife- Mary Lou Renfrow Stevens [age 36]
Father- David Young Stevens-Tippah Co., Mississippi
Mother- Alice Elizabeth Rutherford- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Burial Tiplersville, Mississippi
Page 74

Stewart, Infant Girl
Stillborn-6:00 a.m.
05-14-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- George T. Stewart- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Maudie Brooks- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Sardis Cemetery
Page 106

Stewart, Jessie Williams
01-20-1897- Kemper Co., Mississippi
09-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Wife- Separated- Maggie Spears Stewart
Friend- Ethel Stephenson
Brother- James Stewart
Father- George Stewart- Kemper Co., Mississippi
Mother- Penny Hullon- Kemper Co., Mississippi
Black Water Church Cemetery
10 miles S. of DeKalb, Mississippi
Page 175

Strickland, Mrs. Martha Ann James
07-14-1874- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- G.W. Strickland [age 70]
Son- Earlie Strickland- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Thomas Clark James- England
Mother- Mary Jane Willis- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 42

Strickland, Judith Ann
10-21-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
10-25-1942- 2:a.m. Corinth, Mississippi
Father- A. Grady Strickland- Mississippi
Mother- Juanita Gullet- Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Lot West , # 55, Grave 1, Section J
Page 197

Stutts, William Dempsey
09-22-1865- Tennessee
01-03-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Wife- Nancy Rogers Stutts [age 60]
Son- J.T. Stutts
Father- Jack Stutts
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 03

Surratt, Elmer Kyle
08-12-1907- Aberdeen, Mississippi
07-15-1942- Aberdeen, Mississippi
(Separated) Wife- Hester McCarter Surratt [age 32]
Father- Elmer Surratt- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Mary Ella Kyle- Okolona, Mississippi
Henry Cemetery
Page 141


Tacker, Mrs. Lydia Jane
08-09-1858- Old Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
11-07-1942- Tupelo, Mississippi
Husband- W.E. Tacker [died 8 years ago]
Daughter- Mrs. Hettie (C.A.) Duncan- Tupelo, Mississippi
Father- Daniel Barnett- Georgia
Mother- Miss Gitting- North Carolina
Shiloh Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 205

Talley, Effie Ann
01-31-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-06-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Willie Orval Talley- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Hazel Carter
Grandfather- John Carter
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 120

Taylor, Marcus Edmond
82 years of age
12-20-1942- Clarksdale, Mississippi
Son- Raymond M. Taylor- Clarksdale, Mississippi
Shipped from Clarksdale, Mississippi by- McInnis Porter Funeral Home
Phillips Family Cemetery
Glen, Mississippi
Page 229

Taylor, Mrs. Mary Bett Epps
12-27-1872- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
12-23-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- T.J. Taylor [Age 71]
Father- J.A. Epps- Tennessee
Mother- Mary Burnett-Mississippi
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 231

Thomas, Prettyville Larage (Colored)
08-15-1903- Prentiss Co., Mississippi
10-14-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- Marshall Thomas [died 9 years ago]
Half-Sister- Goldie Stafford
Father- George Larage- Mississippi
Mother- Lula Floyd- Mississippi
Other Names- Eddie Clifton & Eugene Stafford
Wheeler Grove Colored Cemetery
Page 190

Turner, Marcus Chester
07-26-1894- Chewalla, McNairy Co. Tennessee
09-19-1942- Rain Bow- McNairy Co., Tennessee
World War I Veteran
Brother- Paul Turner- Chewalla, Tennessee
Father- C.C. Turner- Chewalla, Tennessee
Mother- Martha A. Dixon
Dixon Family Cemetery
1 miles W. of Chewalla, Tennessee
Page 179

Tyson, Julia Irene
02-28-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Lived 2 hours
Grandfather- J.W. Tyson
Father- Thomas Hilton Tyson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Hazel Lowrey- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 46


Vanderford, Charles Howard
09-27-1904- Mississippi
09-22-1942- Memphis, Tennessee
Sister- Mrs. Ed Morgan
Father- A.J. Vanderford- Mississippi
Mother- Dollie King- Mississippi
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 180

Voyles, Mrs. Kizzie Hardin
02-13-1870- McNairy Co., Tennessee
02-05-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Resided in State 40 Years
Husband- A.B. Voyles [age 85]
Niece- Mrs. K.C. McKinnon- Memphis, Tennessee
Father- L.A. Hardin- Georgia
Mother- Miss Richey- Tennessee
Farmington Cemetery
Page 26

Vuncannon, Mrs. Mary J.
02-28-1882- Marion Co., Alabama
12-10-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- W.K. Vuncannon [died 1936]
Son- Jefferson Clayton
Mother- Cynthia Hendon- Alabama
Baptist Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 225


Waldrop, Willie Frank
09-10-1887- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-28-1942- Burnsville, Mississippi
Wife- Nora Woodley Waldrop [age 52]
Son- W.O. Waldrop
Father- J.F. Waldrop- North Carolina
Mother- Drucilla Rowsey- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Burial in Burnsville, Mississippi
Page 94

Walker, Amy Alford
07-06-1873- Tippah Co., Mississippi
08-26-1942- Pocahontas, Tennessee
Wife- Phebe E. Garrett Walker [died 16 years ago]
Stepdaughter- Mrs. R.L. Hopper
Father- T.J. Walker
Mother- Sarah Hughey
Burial in Tiplersville, Mississippi
Page 169

Wallace, Taylor A. (Colored)
11-16-1906- Portageville, Madrid County Missouri
12-29-1942- Portageville, Madrid County Missouri
Uncle- Gus Mabry- Corinth, Mississippi
Shipped To Alcorn Co., Mississippi
By- De Lisle Funeral Parlor
Portageville, Missouri
Colored City Cemetery
Page 235

Watson, Richard C.
03-10-1893- Tippah Co., Mississippi
11-20-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
World War I Veteran
Wife- Allie Watson [age 47]
Daughter- Edna Earl Watson- Ripley, Mississippi
Father- Fred Watson- Mississippi
Mother- Delia Ragan- Mississippi
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 215

West, R.C. (Colored)
06-11-1927- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
01-31-1942- McNairy Co., Tennessee
Brother- George D. West
Father- George West
Mother- Callie Hunt-Tenn
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tennessee
Page 23

West, Raynor Lamar
11-07-1894- Itawamba Co., Mississippi
05-30-1942- Booneville, Mississippi
World War Veteran
Bertha Jordan West [age 45]
Father- C.W. West- Mississippi
Mother- Hattie Raynor- Mississippi
City Cemetery
Red Bay, Alabama
Page 118

West, William Lee
10-19-1880- Ripley, Mississippi
10-15-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Evelyn Wilbanks West [age 25]
Son- Britt West
Father- William West- Tippah Co., Mississippi
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 191

Whirley, Grady Lavaughn
06-02-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
06-06-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Father- Grady Whirley- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Mother- Ruby Wicks- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 121

Wilbanks, William Larkin
03-10-1871- Tippah Co., Mississippi
12-19-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Corinth Hospital
Wife- Pliner Wilbanks [age 65]
Daughter- Mrs. Louella Dillinger
Father- Whit Wilbanks- North Carolina
Mother- Elizabeth Eubanks- North Carolina
Other Name- J.T. Wilbanks
Union Cemetery
Tippah Co., Mississippi
Page 228

Wilkins, Mary Lue
03-17-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
04-17-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- James Franklin Wilkins- Tishomingo Co., Mississippi
Mother- Willie Hudson- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 80

Williams, Dorthine (Colored)
01-20-1942- Alcorn Co., Mississippi
07-24-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Father- Dolfus Williams- Mississippi
Mother- Enola Eddings- Mississippi
Mt. Pleasant Colored Cemetery
Page 148

Wood, Mrs. Ida Vanderford
03-25-1880- Mississippi
08-20-1942- Corinth, Mississippi
Husband- J.M. Wood [died 27 years ago]
Daughter- Josephine Brown
Father- A.T. Vanderford- Mississippi
Mother- Miss Guthrie- Georgia
Vanderford Family Cemetery
Page 164

Wood, George Washington
08-25-1867- Hardin Co., Tennessee
09-27-1942- Hamburg, Hardin Co. Tennessee
Wife- Ella Johnson Wood [died age 23]
Daughter- Mrs. J.F. Holloway- Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee
Father- John Wood- Hardin Co., Tennessee
Mother- Caldonia Tank- Hardeman Co., Tennessee
Pisgah Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tennessee
Page 184


Yarbrough, Lula (Colored)
About 64 yrs old- Mississippi
04-27-1942- Rienzi, Mississippi
Husband- Luther Yarbrough [age 61]
Father- Marshall Williams- Mississippi
Mother- Rachel Buttar
Rienzi Colored Cemetery
Page 93
Alcorn County Home
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