McPeters Funeral Home Records 1935

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1935


Adams, Jule (Colored)
06-13-1880- Miss.
02-14-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Niece- Annie Lasley
Colored City Cemetery
Page 42

Alberson, Mrs. Etta
01-15-1901- Miss.
08-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Ex-Husband- Rufus Alberson
Brother-Grover Rowland
Father- Will J. Rowland- Miss.
Mother- Mattie Luna- Miss.
City Cemetery
Page 170

Alexander, Sidney Alfred
12-03-1870- Tenn.
03-13-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Emma Alexander
Daughter- Mrs. Gasten Parchman
Father- Harvey Alexander-S.C.
Mother- Sarah Elizabeth Clifton- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 56

Alexander, Hannah (Colored)
About 55 yrs. old Tenn.
05-31-1935- Wenasoga, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Henry Alexander
Father- Jacob Strickland- N.C.
Mother- Easter Luster- Miss.
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 125

Allen, Kenion Ben
01-03-1848- Miss.
05-09-1935-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Ex-Wife-Mattie Allen
Daughter-Mrs. A.K. Babb
Father- Major Allen- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Holmes- N.C.
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 102

Anderson, Gladys Maurine
11-13-1924- Miss.
07-10-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.C. Anderson- Miss.
Mother- Miss. McClintock- Miss.
Grandfather-Mansel K. Anderson
Salem Cemetery
Page 154

Andrews, Bessie (Colored)
11-07-1903- Miss.
06-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Will Smith- Miss.
Mother- Lillie Campbell- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 141

Arnett, Mrs. Harriett
04-11-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- M.W. Arnett
Son- J. P. Cobb
Daughter- Mrs. J.M. Hines
Granddaughter-Cora Wilson Taylor- Iuka, Miss.
Stepson- M.A. Arnett
Father- Russell Butler- Ill.
Mother- Miss. Daniels- Ill.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 81

Ayers, Mrs. Hattie
08-16-1935-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Daughter- Mrs. (W.F.) Hancock
Father- Mr. Hayes-Ireland
Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 182

Ayers, Sam
09-18-1877- Miss.
10-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Laura O. Ayers
Brother-Will Ayers
Father- Jim Ayers- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Tarrant- Miss.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 222


Bailey, Washington George
About 68 yrs. old
04-20-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Son-Albert Bailey
City Cemetery
Page 85

Bain, L. Annie Mrs.
08-10-1897- Miss.
01-31-1935- Sheffield, Ala.
Husband- W.C. Bain
Father- Tom Harvill-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Wigginton- Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 27

Banks, Minnie (Colored)
12-17-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- John Banks
Father- Smith Luster- Miss.
Mother- Emma [Clardy ?] - Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 274

Barnes, Elsie Caroline
02-27-1902- Miss.
01-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- J.J. Barnes
Friend- John Lambert
Father- M.S. Nunley- Miss.
Mother- Alice Allen- Tenn.
Antioch Church Cemetery
1 Mile North of Burnsville, Miss.
Page 10

Barnes, Franklin Sam
09-07-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Ellen Barnes
Father- Tyson Barnes- Miss.
Mother- Beckie Ann Glisson- Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
8 Mile East of Corinth, Miss.
Page 197

Barnett, "Shine" Elmer (Colored)
10-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Bernice Norman Barnett
Father- Arch Barnett- Tenn.
Mother- Eliza Meeks- Tenn.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 221

Bass, Mrs. Cleo Burks
04-29-1935- Memphis, Tenn
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- O. Evan Bass- Memphis, Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 93

Bass, Dessie Ree
About 10 yrs. old- Miss.
12-29-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Morman Bass
Mother- Ruthie Jones- Miss.
Uncle-Clifford Jones
Camp Ground Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 289

Bass, Rev. Sam Q.
04-16-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Methodist Minister
Sons- O. Evan & Sidney Bass- Memphis, Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 84

Bass, Will R.
06-18-1935- Pocahontas, Miss.
Order by- Walter Coleman
Father- Bill Bass- Miss.
Camp Ground Cemetery
Chalybeate, Miss.
Page 139

Baylis, Gibbs (Colored)
05-22-1910- Miss.
08-27-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mattie Baylis
Father- Will Baylis- Miss.
Mother- Minnie Gibbs- Miss.
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 185

Bennett, Richard Floyd
02-26-1901- Miss.
12-07-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Corinne King Bennett
Father- Tom Bennett- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Richardson- Miss.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 266

Berkheiser, Mrs. Ida Maude
12-10-1865- Ind.
10-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Daughter- Miss. Alice Baker
Father- Mr. Shenonman-Ind.
Henry Cemetery
Page 211

Berry, Mrs. Ida Remmy
08-08-1862- Ohio
09-13-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- W.S. Berry
Son- Lial Berry
Father- Mr. Remmy- Germany
Mother- Born In Germany
City Cemetery
Page 202

Blakney, Mrs. Lannie
09-09-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Daughter- Mrs. Lillie McLemore
Father- H. Hawkins-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Larue-Tenn.
Pleasant Ridge/Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 199

Blythe, Mrs. Nannie J. Barber
12-17-1935- Biloxi, Miss
Daughter- Mrs. Minnie (Roy) Pardue
Father- James Jefferson Youngblood- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Penelope McClintock- N.C.
Grand Junction Cemetery
Page 276

Bolding, Shirley Vernice
12-13-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- A.H. Bolding- Tenn.
Mother- Mrs. Knight- Tenn.
New Hope Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 268

Bonds, Mrs. J. Maggie
05-15-1899- Miss.
09-01-1935-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Alex A. Bonds
Brother-In-Law- W.J. Plaxico
Father- Green Johnson- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Lumpkin- Ga.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 190

Boone, Willie K. (Colored)
06-19-1907- Miss.
12-15-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Will Boone- Miss.
Mother- Anna Bell McPeters- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 271

Boyd, Fletcher (Colored)
About 70 yrs. old- Miss.
06-12-1935- Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widower of- Ella Boyd
Order by- Bud & Grant Hampton
Other Names- Grant Whitmore & Eddie Hampton
Father- Wyatt Boyd
Mother- Ann Boyd
Old Danville Colored Cemetery
Page 132

Bragg, Miss. Susie
About 56 yrs. old- Miss.
09-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Abe Dilworth
Father- Ben Bragg
Mother- Mary Langston
Hinkle Cemetery
Page 193

Bumpas, John Marvin
04-22-1935- Miss.
10-28-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J. Grady Bumpas- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Vedie Veal- Ala.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 236

Burgess, Hubert Louis
05-04-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Frank Burgess- Ala.
Mother- Tiny Burgess- Miss.
Other Name- Mrs. J.F. Gish
City Cemetery
Page 97

Burks, Infant Boy
Stillborn- Tenn.
3-27-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Johnnie Burks- Tenn.
Mother- Thelma Wardlow- Tenn.
Service at Michie, Tenn.
Page 68

Burney, Wallace Wade
08-08-1934- Miss.
06-07-1935- Burnsville, Miss.
Father- Wallace A. Burney- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Inez Wade- Miss.
Bethel Cemetery
Page 129

Burns, Carl
07-07-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Oscar Burns-Tenn.
Mother- Adis Hornberger- Miss.
St. Rest Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 151

Byrd, Infant Boy
11-06-1935- Counce, Tenn.
Order by- B.W. Byrd
Father- J.M. Byrd- Tenn.
Mother- Inez Counce- Tenn.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tenn.
Page 242


Caldwell, Uncle Alex (Colored)
About 80 yrs. old
11-24-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- A.K. Weaver, Jr. & Brock Walker
Father- Bery Caldwell- N.C.
City Colored Cemetery
Page 257

Cardwell, Jefferson Andrew
03-27-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Lived in Miss. For 12 Yrs.
Wife- Margarett Cardwell
Son- Earl Cardwell
Father- Tom Cardwell-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Arnold
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 66

Carelock, Clinton
01-05-1891- N.C.
11-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Marshville, N.C.
Order by- Capt. Farnham- Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Sister-Lena Davis- Albemarle, N.C.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 248

Carpenter, Luther Vanburan
06-03-1862- Miss.
09-01-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mary F. Carpenter
Order by- Pink Carpenter
Father- L.V. Carpenter- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Skillman
Henry Cemetery
Page 191

Carroll, Ann Eunice
01-08-1935- Tenn.
02-14-1935- Hardin Co., Tenn
Father- Odell Carroll-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Coffman-Tenn.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 41

Carter, Mrs. Eliza Jane
08-16-1872- Miss.
05-05-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- John R. Carter
Father- Mark Mullins- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Rosa Turner- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 98

Castleberry, Samuel Williams
06-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Sam Castleberry- Miss.
Mother- Mary Williams- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 144

Causey, Fredrick Lamar
12-03-1935- Covington, Ky.
Wife- Alene Causey
Cousin- Mrs. Ed East
Father- Joseph Causey- Miss.
Mother- Julia Box- Miss.
Other Name- E.B. Causey
Farmington Cemetery
Page 265

Childs, Infant Boy
30 minutes of age
Order by- Mrs. Grace Schelben
Father- Bill Childs- Miss.
Mother- Eleanor Milstead- Tenn.
City Cemetery
Page 111

Clark, Mrs. Nancy
82 yrs. 6 mos. 8 days
12-01-1935-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Wm. Clark
Other Name- Sally Clark
Antioch Cemetery
Page 261

Cole, Mrs. Ada
About 66 yrs. old- Ark.
05-03-1935-Booneville, Miss.
Husband- W. J. Cole
Son- In-Law- Andrew Jones
Father- Mel Simmons
Walden Family Cemetery
12 Miles North East of Bonneville, Miss.
Page 96

Collins, Mrs. Mary
About 55 yrs. old- Miss.
11-18-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- H.E. Collins
Father- Mr. Hearn
County Poor Home Cemetery
Page 250

Counce, Mrs. Martha Frances
12-21-1935- Counce, Tenn.
Widow of- L.M. Counce
Father- Griff Johnson-N.C
Mother- Polly White-N.C.
Son- J.L., J.W., Lee & Ed Smith
Other Name- Mrs. Pearl Counce, Virgie Fields
& D.F. Stockton
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tenn.
Page 279

Cox, Miss. Elizabeth “Bettie”
About 83 yrs. - Miss.
11-22-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- C. P. Cox, Gladys Davis
& Lillian Walker
Father- John Washington Cox- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Long
Sardis Cemetery
Page 256

Crum, George Marcus
44 Yrs. 9 Mos. 14 Days
03-14-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Other Name- Mrs. Mary Crum
Brother- Jink Crum
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 60

Crum, John Leonard
About 54 yrs. old- Miss.
07-29-1935-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Abe Crum- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Berryman- Miss.
Lancaster Cemetery
Page 167

Crum, Mit
05-03-1910- Miss.
07-08-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.H. Crum- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Corgie Williams- Miss.
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 150

Cumby, Patsie M. (Colored)
02-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Frank Cumby- Miss.
Mother- Vester Nance- Miss.
Grandfather- Cleve Nance
Colored City Cemetery
Page 33

Cummings, Bettie Lou
07-31-1935- Miss.
08-01-1935- Wenasoga, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Arthur Cummings- Ala.
Mother- Georgia Hall- Tenn.
Holly Cemetery
Page 169

Cummings, Mrs. Francis
07-14-1935- Burnsville, Miss.
Order by- J.L. Cummings
Father- Hugh Hartley-Ala.
Mother- Miss. Griffith ?- Ala.
Antioch Church Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss.
Page 156


Dalton, Mrs. Miram Jane
11-26-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Memphis, Tenn.
Husband- T.B. Dalton
Sons- Tom, Will & Jess Dalton
Father- Jesse Grimes- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Starks- N.C.
City Cemetery
Page 258

Davis, Infant
02-08-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Millard Davis- Miss.
Mother- Annie Adams- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 38

Davis, Ira D.
07-20-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Daughter- Miss. Ira Davis
Father- Jay T. Davis- N.C
Mother- Miss. Butlar- N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 161

Davis, Mrs. Martha Katherine
08-**-1864- Tenn.
Husband- J.H. Davis
Father- William Eliff- Tenn.
Shiloh Cemetery
Page 269

Davis, T.H.
Age 66 yrs. 8 Mos. 8 days
10-16-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Order by- Vernon Key
Father- Henry Davis- Miss.
Gaston Church Cemetery
Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 224

Dean, Emily Leannah
07-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- L.E. Dean
Order by- Mrs. Sam Dean & Children
Father- Charles M. Porter-Va.
Mother- Eliza C. Coulfield- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 164

Deen, Luther Baars
03-20-1935- Miss. State Hospital
Residence- Blue Mountain, Miss.
Brother Arthur W. Deen
Father- George W. Deen-Ms
Mother- Parolee Godwin- Miss.
Burial in Blue Mountain, Miss
Page 64

Deloach, Adeline
08-01-1871- Tenn.
World War Veteran
Brother-Charlie A. & William Lou Deloach
Father- Erastus H. Deloach- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Dunn- Miss.
Other Name- William E. Deloach
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 148

Deloach, Violet
12-15-1900- Miss.
12-02-1935- Mark Tree, Ark.
Father- Louis Austin-Tenn.
Mother- Docia Deloach Austin- Miss.
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 263

Derrick, James
06-07-1934- Miss.
09-04-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Willie Derrick- Miss.
Mother- Bessie James- Miss.
Uncle-Sam Derrick
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 194

Devers, Mrs. Minnie Bell
11-05-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- A.H. Devers
Father- John D. Spence- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Patterson
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 241

Dickey, George Arch
Sister- Mrs. C.E. Orr
Father- James Walter Dickey- Miss.
Mother- Libby Vanderford- Miss.
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 180

Dobbins, Mrs. Chirena Emily
05-11-1935- Corinth, Miss
Son- Elmer Dobbins
Father- B.B. Shaw- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Downey- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 104

Doll, Mrs. Alice Ann
12-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- J.A. Doll
Son- Arch Doll
Daughter- Mrs. Oaks
Father- John Byler- Oklahoma
Mother- Eleanor Hydel
Farmington Cemetery
Page 264

Dorsey, Lizzie (Colored)
About 50 yrs. old- Miss.
Widow of- Frank Dorsey
Friend- Amy Johnson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 251

Doty, Miss. Helen
02-02-1935- Selmer, Tenn.
Residence- Truman, Ark.
Father- P.G. Doty
Mother- Rosa Doty
Uncle- J.D. Blakney
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 29

Dowd, Mrs. Kate
07-14-1935- Tishomingo, Miss.
Residence- Glen, Miss.
Father- Bobby McAnally
Mother- Miss. Brown
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 155

Downs, Lula Avis
02-05-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Malcolm Downs- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Hancock- Miss.
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 36

Dudley, Bettie Lou
04-**- 1935
12-22-1935- Pickwick, Tenn.
Father- Geo. E. Dudley- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Watson- Texas
White Sulphur Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 278

Dunaway, W.A.
02-18-1935- Miss.
06-04-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Davis Dunaway- Miss.
Mother- Ethel Watson- Ala.
City Cemetery
Page 128


English, Leonidas
02-08-1884- Tenn.
04-06-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Widower of- Mrs. Myrtle English
Father- John English- Ill.
Mother- Miss. Hamm- Tenn.
Sister- Daisy Nagle
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 76

Erwin, Nicholas DeKalb
03-17-1857- Tenn.
11-04-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widower of- Zilpah Erwin
Son- Lacy Erwin
Father- Alec Erwin- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. McKenzi- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 239


Farmer, Forrest
07-20-1900- Texas
12-28-1935- Colbert Co., Ala.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Effie M. Farmer
Father- James Farmer
Mother- Etta Shaw- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 288

Fields, John Wesley
03-09-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Nephew- Claude F. Driver
Father- David Fields- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Becky Morgan- Ala.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 55

Fields, Sam
11-29-1918- Tenn.
02-02-1935- Counce, Tenn.
Father- Will A. Fields- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Parker- Ala.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Page 30

Fink, Sarah J.
03-16-1845- Tenn.
02-27-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Martin Fink
Son- J.H. Fink
Father- William Harper- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Peoples- Tenn.
Olive Hill Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 49

Foote, Thomas Jefferson
12-07-1868- Miss.
08-04-1935- Iuka, Miss.
Father- W.F. Foote- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Kay- S.C.
Service at Methodist Church in Iuka, Miss
Oak Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Page 171

Ford, Mrs. Stella
About 53 yrs. old
04-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Jim Ford
Daughter- Mary Rickman
Father- Francis Elmore
Babb Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 90

Forman, John Robert
02-24-1935- Miss.
06-26-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- N.C. Forman- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Bell Thrasher- Miss.
Order by- Dutch Morgan
Oaks Grove Cemetery
Page 147

Forsythe, Mrs. Sarah F.
D. 10-10-1935- Memphis, Tenn
Widow of- E. Forsythe
Order by- Ed Forsythe
Father- W.E. Cobb- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Ellis- Ala.
New Hope Church Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 219

Fowler, Infant
07-01-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Friley Fowler- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Rhodes- Texas
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 149


Gann, Mildred Christeen
05-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- W.N. Gann- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Vaughn- Ala.
Brother-In-Law- J.E. Horner
Farmington Cemetery
Page 110

Garvin, Miss. Nellie B.
10-16-1935- Memphis
Father- L.L. Garvin- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Vandeiander ?- Miss.
Massey Family Cemetery
Page 225

Gipson, Thomas Franklin
11-13-1870- Tenn.
04-20-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Joe Gipson- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Sutton-Tenn.
Cousin-Charles Perkins
Henry Cemetery
Page 86

Graham, Charles Samuel, Sr.
05-08-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- G.W. Graham- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Louvia Smith- S.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 100

Green, Mrs. Lucile Glover
01-05-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Husband- A.J. Green
Father- L.A. Glover- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Miller- Miss.
Order by- W.E. Rickets
Hodges Chapel Cemetery
5 miles South of Booneville, Miss.
Page 02

Green, W. Joseph
01-16-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife- Mrs. Jennie Green
Order by- J.F. Green & Mrs. Ed Marecle
Father- Isaac Green
Mother- Ann Watson
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 15

Green, William
01-07-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife- Zelphia Rogers Green
Father- W.F. Green- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Russell- Miss.
Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery
Page 04

Green, Albert William
07-14-1886- Ala.
02-14-1935- Red Bay, Ala.
Wife- Mrs. Alva Green
Father- Rev. A.W. Green- N.C.
Mother- Orpha Jackson- S.C.
Red Bay Cemetery
Red Bay Ala.
Page 43

Griffin, Wendal Claudell
12-08-1934- Miss.
01-24-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Choked To Death
Father- D.S. Griffin- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Osie Akers- Tenn.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 21

Grubbs, Edna Pauline
About 5 yrs. old
12-23-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Horace Grubbs- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Jones- Ala.
Neighbor- W.M. Glidewell
Union Church Cemetery
Page 281


Hamlin, Elbert
58 yrs. old- Miss.
12-09-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- Joe & Mrs. Hamlin
Father- Millard Hamlin- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Stegar- Miss.
New Hope Church Cemetery
Page 267

Haney, Lester Earl
11-05-1914- Miss.
08-28-1935- Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- Mr. Nash & Johnnie Thompson
Father- Grover Haney
Mother- Miss. Holloway- Miss.
Other Name- S.J. Holloway
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss
Page 187

Hardwick, David Orlando
10-21-1932- Miss.
05-29-1935- Jacinto, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Napoleon Hardwick- Miss.
Mother- Edna Gober-Ala.
Little Flock Cemetery
Burnsville, Tishomingo Co.
Page 120

Hearn, Leland
10-01-1919- Miss.
11-30-1935- Corinth, miss.
Father- Hubert Hearn
Mother- Miss. Pace- Miss.
Other Name- Bud Pace
City Cemetery
Page 260

Henry, Thomas E.
05-26-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widower of- Laura G. Henry
Father- Milton B. Henry- N.C.
Mother- Eliza Woods- N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 117

Hodge, Frank (Colored)
01-01-1832- Ga.
09-11-1935- Corinth, Miss.
World War Veteran
Daughter- Clara Wesson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 200

Hodum, Mrs. Lula
03-02-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- R.D. Hodum
Father- Joe Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Rogers- Miss.
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 52

Hodum, Pleasant Andy
04-11-1850- Miss.
11-08-1935- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Widower of- Nancy P. Hodum
Sons-J.H. & P.A. Hodum
Father- Mr. Hodum
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 244

Holder, Mrs. Amanda Jane
02-11-1857- Miss.
10-16-1935- Burnsville, Miss.
Husband- Austin Holder
Nephew- Claude Boothe
Father- John C. Boothe- Va.
Mother- Miss. Powell- Va.
Holder Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss.
Page 226

Holman, Mrs. Lenora
01-16-1935- Birmingham, Ala.
Husband- Wm. T. Holman
Order by- Tom Holman & Don Watkins
Father- Prof. C.C.W. Morgan- England
Mother- Rebecca Patterson- N.Y.
Henry Cemetery
Page 17

Hooker, Mrs. Isola
05-10-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- D.W. Hooker
Brother- John W. Campbell
Father- C.L. Campbell- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Drewry- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 103

Hoover, Charlie P.
12-20-1866- Tenn.
10-28-1935- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife -Mary Hoover
Order by- John Morris
Father- John Hoover-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Counce-Tenn.
Center Hill Church Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 235

Howell, James W.
Born in Mississippi
D. 10-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Lacy Cross Howell
Father- M.H. Howell-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Ervin- Tenn.
City Cemetery
Page 230

Huff, Infant Boy
12-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Odell Huff- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Ilie Mae Jeffery’s -Tenn.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 275

Huff, Oliver S.
07-28-1935- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Wife- Bettie Webb Huff
Brother-Odis Huff
Father- Henry A. Huff- Ga.
Mother- Lizzie Butram-Tenn.
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 166

Huggins, James K. Polk
08-29-1873- Tenn.
02-05-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Birdie Huggins
Father- John Huggins- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Littlejon- Tenn.
Other Name- J.R. Franks
Pebble Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 35

Humphrey, J. Frank
01-13-1935- Atlanta, Ga.
Wife-Nettie Humphrey
Father- Judge Humphrey- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Crockett- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 11

Harris, Orren L.
07-30-1880- Miss.
08-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- W. Mart Harris
Father- J.T. Harris- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Morton- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 184


Inlow, Melvin Leyfoe
04-23-1935- Iuka, Miss.
Father- Elmer Inlow
Mother- Mrs. Inlow
Toe Nail Cemetery
Iuka, Miss.
Page 88

Inman, Elbert Ruben
09-23-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.F. Inman-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Ford- Tenn.
Good Hope Cemetery
Page 205


Jackson, Infant Boy
01-29-1935- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Odell Jackson- Tenn.
Mother- Lena Preston- Tenn.
Order by- David Jackson & Corbin Counce
Pisgah Church Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 25

Jackson, Lottie (Colored)
32 yrs. old
08-15-1935- Corinth, Miss
Husband- Will Jackson
Father- Jim Tolbert- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Mitchell- Miss.
Wiley Grove Colored Cemetery
Page 181

Jobe, Bobbie Jack
09-16-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Jack Jobe- Miss.
Mother- Jewell McCoy-Tenn.
Order by- Jack & Elmo Jobe
Gains Chapel Cemetery
Page 203

Jobe, Mrs. Matilda
03-23-1849- Tenn.
07-09-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- G.B. Jobe
Father- James Childers
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 153

Johnsey, Quida Alien
2 mos. 20 days- Miss.
03-14-1935- Rienzi, Miss.
Father- W.F. Johnsey - Miss.
Mother- Lillian Crow- Miss.
Order by- H.B. Johnsey
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 58

Johnston, Edgar Travis
02-08-1900- Miss.
05-30-1935- Iuka, Miss.
Wife- Louise Johnston
Order by- C. M. Lipsey & Alton Johnston
Father- C.P. Johnston- Ala.
Mother- Annie McCorkle- Tenn.
Iuka Cemetery
Page 123

Jones, John Alexander
07-11-1862- N.C.
10-10-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Residence- Brownfield, Miss.
Wife- Laura Jones
Father- Lex Jones- N.C.
Mother- Martha Brooks- N.C.
Harmony Cemetery
Walnut, Miss.
Page 218

Jones, Edgar Johnson
54 yrs. 3 mos. 10 days
11-30-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Irma Jones
Son- Earnest Jones
Father- John H. Jones- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Emily Tarrant- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 259

Jones, J.B.
03-26-1917- Tenn.
04-14-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- T.L. Jones- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Wyatt- Miss.
Pleasant Site Cemetery
Selmer, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 82

Jones, John H.
01-14-1935- Atlanta, Ga.
Wife- Emmie Jones
Son- John H. Jones, Jr. - Amsterdam, Oregon
Father- Paul Tudor Jones- Bolivar, Tenn.
Order by- H.N. Young
Mother- Jane Wood- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 12

Jones, Mrs. John H., Jr.
Born in- Louisiana
D. 09-17-1935- Atlanta, Ga
Husband- John H. Jones, Jr.
Order by- H.N. Young
Henry Cemetery
Page 204

Jones, Mrs. Mary Alma Jones
03-**-1864- Ala.
02-13-1935- Counce, Tenn.
Husband- David A. Jones
Son-V.W. Jones
Father- Mr. McKinney- Va.
Mother- Miss. Nelson- Va.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Page 39

Jones, Mrs. Leitha Ellen
05-17-1904- Miss.
12-17-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- R.C. Jones
Father- J.B. Mellon- Miss.
Mother- Docia Dunn
City Cemetery
Page 272

Jones, Nannie Mrs.
03-20-1880- Tenn.
04-23-1935 Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- Sam Jones
Father- Jeff Dick-Tenn.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 87

Jones, Young Robert
11-10-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Fannie Jones
Children- Fred & H.M. Jones & Mrs. Lee Gray
Father- Albert Jones- N.C.
Mother- Martha Suitor- N.C.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 247

Jones, Miss. Stella
09-04-1935- Albuquerque, New Mexico
Brother- W.H. Jones
Father- David Jones
Mother- Alma Mullins
Pleasant Site Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 198

Jones, Mrs. Susan
03-30-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Brothers-Terrell, & R.L. Jones
Father- J.J. Jones- Va.
Mother- Miss. Gordon- Ala.
Lebanon Church Cemetery
Page 73

Joslin, Ella Jean
11-**-1931- Miss.
03-26-1935- Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- C.E. Joslin- Miss.
Mother- Flora Wadkins- Miss.
Uncle- P.H. Wadkins
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 67


Kemp, Infant Girl
Stillborn- Corinth, Miss.
03-27-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Ruey H. Kemp- Miss.
Mother- Myrtle McNatt- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 69

Kilcrease, Harry William
02-06-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Wesley Kilcrease- Miss.
Mother- Ellen McAnally- Miss.
Uncle-M.E. Kilcrease
Other Name- K.C. Bain
Liberty Hill Cemetery
5. M. N. of Jacinto, Miss.
Page 37

Killough, David Harris
06-19-1878- Miss.
11-04-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widower of- Clemmie Killough
Daughter-Effie Jackson
Father- Tom Killough
Mother- Miss. Holloway- Miss.
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 240

King, Charles Lee
03-06-1897- Miss.
05-18-1935- Corinth, Miss.
U.S. Veteran
Order by- Mrs. Gertrude King
Father- Bill King- Miss.
Mother- Tressie Ann Utley- Miss.
Salem Cemetery
Page 108

King, Christine (Colored)
About 20 yrs. old- Miss.
01-09-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Babe Lyle (Mother)
Father- Chastain King- Miss.
Mother- Ethel Ford- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 19

Knight, James Floyd
11-10-1933- Miss.
06-13-1935- Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Charlie Knight- Miss.
Mother- Louvenia Strachan- Miss.
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 133


Lambert, Rev. Abbner
01-20-1935- Middleton, Tenn.
Wife-Julia Lambert
Son- J.L. Lambert
Father- Jake Lambert-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Jane Huddleston-Tenn.
Hebron Church Cemetery
7 Mile N. of Middleton
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 20

Lancaster, Trudell Miss.
12-26-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Sister- Mrs. W.E. Moore
Father- Will E. Lancaster- Miss.
Mother- Anna Mae Barker- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 282

Lard, Mrs. Mary Love
02-09-1875- Ala.
06-18-1935- Waterloo, Ala.
Husband- James H. Lard
Father- Henry J. Carson- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Waits- Ala.
Carson Family Cemetery
Page 140

Leatherwood, Jimmie Gordon
07-16-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Brother-Tommie Leatherwood
Father- Frank Leatherwood- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Quinn - Miss.
Other Name- R.F. Leatherwood
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 157

Lewis, Troy Ezra
02-02-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Austin Lewis- Ala.
Mother- Dovie Kemp- Miss.
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 31

Lilly, Mrs. Mary
03-14-1866- Tenn.
05-29-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- W.T. Lilly
Daughter- Mary Lou Lilly
Mars Hill Cemetery
Page 121

Little, John Z.
02-01-1935- Jacinto, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mary Little
Son-J.C. Little
Father- Mr. Little- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Lambert- Tenn.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 28

Lynch, John Francis
01-29-1869- Miss.
10-18-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widower of- Martha E. Lynch
Order by- Wallace, Johnnie & Robert Lynch
Father- John Franklin Lynch-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Adkins- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 228

Lynch, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth
07-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- John F. Lynch
Children-Wallace, Johnnie & Robert Lynch
Father- J.M. Wallace-Texas
Mother- Miss. Marshal-Texas
Henry Cemetery
Page 162


Monroe, Infant Boy
10-28-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Howard Monroe- Miss.
Mother- Bertha McCoy- Miss.
Grandfather- C.F. Monroe
Old Danville Cemetery
6 Mi. N. of Rienzi, Miss.
Page 234

Moore, Lovena
09-13-1856- Tenn.
05-16-1935- Ramer, Tenn.
Widow of- George Moore- Tenn.
Son-J.A. Moore- Odessa, Texas
Father- John Moore- Tenn.
Mother- Martha Moore- Tenn.
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 107

Moore, Wilma Dean
08-15-1935- Miss.
10-07-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Mother- Mabell Moore- Miss.
Grandfather- W.F. Moore
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 217

Morrison, Israel (Colored)
About 90 yrs. old- Miss.
04-06-1935- Rienzi, Miss.
Widower of- Louzenia Morrison
Nephew- Jim Dilworth
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 78

Morrison, Louzenia
About 90 yrs. old- Miss.
02-14-1935- Rienzi, Miss
Husband- Israel Morrison
Nephew- H.W. Dilworth
Father- Mat Davis- Miss.
Mother- Artie Davis- Miss.
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 34

Myers, Mattie A.
Born in Miss.
03-13-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- M.B. Myers
Brother- M.S. Allen
Father- Sam Allen- Miss.
Mother- Mollie Muckelroy- Miss.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 57

Myles, John (Colored)
About 75 yrs. old
11-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Chenett Myles
Son- Johnnie Miles
City Colored Cemetery
Page 249

Myles, Lottie Ann (Colored)
10-02-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Lorenza Myles- Miss.
Mother- Ada Pullion ?- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 210


McNally, Mrs. Margaret Ann
01-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Daughter- Mrs. Donavan
Father- Luther Bernett- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Reid- N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 231

McCann, Walse Tine
12-28-1877- Miss.
01-30-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Son-Roy L. "Hank" McCann
Father- T. M. McCann- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Holeman- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 26

McCormack, Infant Boy
D. 07-08-1935- Guys, Tenn
Lived 12 hours
Father- Woodrow McCormack- Tenn.
Mother- Christine Tate- Tenn.
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 152

McDonald, David (Colored)
D. 07-15-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Lillie Smith
Son- Chester & Kenneth McDonald
Father- Mr. McDonald- Tenn.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 158

McDonald, Infant Girl
Still Born
09-28-1935- Guys, Tenn.
Father- Clayton McDonald
Mother- Hazel Barnes- Miss.
Order by- J.L Barnes
New Hope Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 208

McKinon, Bessena (Colored)
01-22-1929- Miss.
09-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Percy McKinon- Ala.
Mother- Daisy Gaines- Ala.
Pilgrim Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 206

McLean, Rebecca Jane
01-27-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife of- R.W. McLean
Father- R.M. Kerr- Miss.
Mother- Julia McClintock- Miss.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 22

McRae, Dr. William Wallace
04-13-1865- Miss.
05-05-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. W.W. McRae
Order by- M.H. McRae
Father- Daniel McRae- S.C.
Mother- Rosa Paden- S.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 99


Nabors, Frank
About 69 yrs. old- Miss.
01-07-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Lloyd Nabors
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 05

Nelms, John F.
01-17-1855- Miss.
05-31-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Son- T. Nelms
Father- M. Nelms- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Richardson- N.C.
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 124

Nelms, Mary
01-04-1855- Miss.
05-09-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- J.F. Nelms
Son- M.N. Nelms
Order by- Thos. Nelms
Father- B. Leatherwood- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Franklin- S.C.
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 101

Newcomb, Dillie
04-08-1852- Miss.
01-20-1935- Jacinto, Miss.
Widow of- Tary ? Newcomb
Son-W.J. Newcomb
Father- Miss. Clark- Va.
Mother- Miss. Cole- Miss.
Liberty Church Cemetery
6 Mi. N. E. of Jacinto
Page 18

Nichols, William J.
05-12-1869- Miss.
12-26-1935- Tecumseh, Oklahoma
Wife- Bettie Nichols
Brother- Charlie Nichols
Father- William Nichols- Miss.
Mother- Nancy Caroline Parker- Tenn.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 286

North, Seargeant James Floyd
12-21-1935- Mare Island, California
U.S. Marine Corps
Wife- Mildred K. North
Father- Jim North- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 285


Oakley, George Washington
04-30-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Otis S. Spain
Son- J.P. Oakley
Osborn Creek Cemetery
4 Mi. S. of Booneville, Miss.
Page 95

Odle, Dee Barney
About 43 yrs. old
05-12-1935- Corinth, Miss
Father- J.R. Odle- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Evans- Ala.
Brother- J.A. Odle
Union Church Cemetery
Page 105


Paden, Martha Charlotte
11-20-1935- Tishomingo, Miss.
Father- John McDougal- S.C.
Granddaughter- Flora Paden
Bethany Cemetery
Tishomingo, Miss.

Paden, Robert W.
4-21-1863- Miss.
08-30-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Residence, Tishomingo, Miss.
Widow of- Melvina Paden
Daughter- Flora Paden
Father- William Paden- Miss.
Mother- Miss. McDougal- Miss.
Bethany Cemetery
Tishomingo, Miss.
Page 188

Paisley, Nanny Walker
05-09-1860- Tenn.
01-11-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Dr. Williams & Harvey Lee
Husband- J.M. Paisley
Father- Creed Walker- Tenn.
Mother- Bettie Ross- Tenn.
Sister- Mrs. F.C. Williams
Savannah Cemetery
Savannah, Tenn.
Page 9

Palmer, Infant
12-15-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- W.T. Palmer- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Blackshear- Ga.
Henry Cemetery

Portenberry, James L.
About 59 yrs. old
10-6-1935- Ramer,Tenn.
Wife- Mary E. Portenberry
Father- Jack Portenberry- Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Kirchen- Tenn.
Nephew- J.S. Portenberry
Friendship Church Cemetery
Page 215

Portenberry, Mary Elizabeth
About 57 yrs. old
10-6-1935- Ramer, Tenn.
Husband- James L. Portenberry
Order by- J.S. Portenberry
Father- Mr. Medford
Friendship Church Cemetery
Page 216

Patterson, Pearl (Colored)
06-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Christene Dilworth
Father- Jack Sweeny- Miss.
Mother- Lou Taylor- Miss.
Rienzi Colored Cemetery
Page 143

Patton, Cyress "King Berry"
D. 4-28-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- William C. Patton- Missouri
Mother-Martha Mitchell- Tenn.
City Cemetery
Page 91

Paysinger, Floyd
04-01-1901- Miss.
12-15-1935- Tuscumbia, Ala.
Residence- Sheffield, Ala.
Order by- Vonnie Paysinger
Father- George Alexander Paysinger- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Coke - Miss.
Olive Chapel Cemetery
2 Miles West of Guys Tenn., McNairy County
Page 273

Paysinger, Johnnie Franklin
12-26-1935- Tuscumbia, Ala.
Residence- Sheffield, Ala.
U.S. Veteran
Wife- Edna Paysinger
Father- George Alexander Paysinger- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Clester Coke - Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 283

Perkins, Luther M.
About 73 yrs. old- Tenn.
08-27-1935- Michie, Tenn.
Wife- Ella Perkins
Son- John Perkins
Father- John Perkins
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 186

Peters, John M.
About 83 yrs. old
11-06-1935- Alcorn County Home
Father- Jack Peters- Ala.
Mother- Asbeel Waters- Ala.
Alcorn Co. Home Cemetery
Page 243

Peters, William Earl
05-27-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Richard Peters- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Jackson- Miss.
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page 116

Petty, Ruby Bell
11-08-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- L.J. Petty
Father- C.J. Wheeler
Mother- Jennie Gaddis- Miss.
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 245

Petty, William Brodie
02-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Bertha Petty
Father- Jim Petty- Tenn.
Mother- Eliza Hannah-Tenn.
Lebanon Church Cemetery
5 Miles Northeast Milledgeville, Hardin County, Tenn.
Page 48

Phillips, Jerry Porter
03-15-1871- Miss.
07-19-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Ola Martin Phillips
Son- J.S. Phillips
Father- Ros Phillips - Miss.
Mother- Miss. Rogers- Miss.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 160

Pitts, Edna Louise
08-06-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Kaye Timlake
Father- W.H. Hill- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Vines- Ala
City Cemetery
Page 172

Potts, Rev. Wesley John
06-13-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Willard O. Potts
Father- Elisha Potts- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bovie- Miss.
Hopewell Church Cemetery

Prather, Emma Mrs.
05-24-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- J.R. Prather
Daughter- Mrs. Mattie Swain
Father- Mr. Shields
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Page 112

Prather, James (Colored)
10-29-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Etta Mae Lumpkin Prather
Brother-In-Law- Willie Prather
Father- Buddy Prather-Tenn.
Burial in Ramer Cemetery
Page 237

Prince, Mary (Colored)
About 60 yrs. old- Miss.
10-06-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Daughter- Quilor Sesson
Father- Mack Louns-Texas
Colored City Cemetery
Page 214

Pruitt, Anna (Colored)
About 80 years old
11-01-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Grandson- Lemon "Jaybird" Pruitt
Colored City Cemetery
Page 238


Rorie, James Fredrick
02-28-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Cliff Rorie
Father- William Rorie- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bonds- Miss.
Antioch Church Cemetery
8 Miles South of Corinth, Miss.
Page 50

Ray, Albert Earle
04-28-1878- Miss.
04-06-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Nannie G. Ray
Order by- Hugh S.C.
Mother- Margery Northcross - Miss.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 77

Rencher, Hattie
10-05-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Brother-In-Law- W.R. Rencher
Father- Ben Lancaster- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Essary- Miss.
Union Church Cemetery
Page 213

Reynolds, Hallie
05-27-1893- Miss.
01-27-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Father- J.J. Whitaker- Miss.
Brother- Shaw B. Whitaker
Memphis Memorial Cemetery
Memphis, Tenn.
Page 23

Reynolds, Tenner (Colored)
08-30-1909- Miss
07-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Ben Reynolds - Miss.
Mother-Francis Flemmons- Miss.
Stockade Cemetery
Page 163

Reynolds, Infant Son
08-20-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Mother- Tenner Reynolds
Grandmother- Francis Reynolds
Colored City Cemetery
Page 183

Rinehart, John Thomas
10-12-1855- Mo.
03-14-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Maebell Rinehart
Order by- Mrs. J.T. Rinehart
New Hope Cemetery
Page 59

Rhoads, Frankie Jean
02-16-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- John S. Rhoads
Mother- Betsie Rainey- Ark.
Sister- Mrs. Greenberry Burcham
Jerusalem Church Cemetery
Page 44

Riddle, Charles David
01-24-1852 - Miss.
12-28-1935- Michie, Tenn.
Order by-Vernon Riddle
Father- C. Riddle
Mother- Miss. Pace
McKeys Creek Cemetery
14 Miles East of Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 284

Roberts, Baby Girl
01-15-1935- Miss.
01-15-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Roy Roberts- Ala.
Mother-Miss. Onada Mathis- Miss.
Grandfather- Lloyd Mathis
Union Church Cemetery
Page 14

Robertson, Georgia May
10-26-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Henry Ham
Mother-Lettie Robertson - Miss.
Lebanon Cemetery
Page 232

Robinson, Squire Thomas
01-18-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Grandson- Jim Robinson
Sardis Church Cemetery
Page 16

Rogers, Dollie Elizabeth
06-04-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Will C. Rogers
Father- Louie Carter
Lone Oak Church Cemetery
Page 127

Rolins, Charlie
About 76 yrs. old
05-31-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- Jess Forsythe
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 126

Ross, Charity (Colored)
About 67 yrs. old- S.C.
08-09-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Robert Ross
Widow of- Bob Ross
Father- Henry Lusk- S.C.
Pilgrims Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 176

Rowsey, Lewis Tucker
09-05-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Tom Rowsey-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Walker-Miss.
Brother- John Bell Rowsey
Sardis Church Cemetery
Page 195

Russell, John Harvie
11-22-1935-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Residence- Okolona, Miss.
World War Veteran
Wife- Nettie Russell
Father- Alexander Russell-Tenn.
Mother- Kittie Dixon-Tenn.
National Cemetery
East of Flag # 5762
Section A
Page 255


Sample, Buford
10-17-1934- Miss.
01-11-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Porter Sample- Miss.
Mother- Lula Guntharp- Miss.
Order by- W.R. Sample
Bethel Church Cemetery
3 M. W. of Belmont, Miss.
Page 08

Sanders, Anna (Colored)
06-10-1888- Tenn.
12-28-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Claud Sanders
Sister- Ella Lacey
Father- Wilburn McClain- Tenn.
Mother- Nannie Shelby- Tenn.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 290

Sanders, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth
03-01-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Son- John Sanders
Daughter- Mrs. O.E. Spencer
City Cemetery
Page 51

Sanders, Mrs. Rebecca Null
09-28-1851- Miss.
04-29-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- M.T. Sanders
Order by- Walter & Gertrude Sanders
Father- William L. Duncan
Mother- Rebecca Null
City Cemetery
Page 92

Seigrist, Miss. Emma
06-19-1861- Miss.
05-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Ella Burns, Will & Walter Kimble
Father- Martin Seigrist- Switzerland
Mother- Mary Pheffner- Switzerland
City Cemetery
Page 113

Settle, Seamam (Colored)
About 21 yrs. old- Miss.
04-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Bob Settle- Miss.
Mother- Josephine Johnson- Miss.
Brother-Robert Settle
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 89

Sherard, Felix Wasden
05-25-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Ben Sherard
Father- B.W. Sherard- N.C.
Mother- Ann Pipkin- Tenn.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 115

Smith, Bettie Jean
03-11-1935- Miss.
06-10-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Walter Smith- Miss.
Father- Miss. Mask- Miss.
Lebanon Cemetery
Page 130

Smith, Bill
02-24-1875- Miss.
08-11-1935- Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Lou Smith
Son- Melvin Smith
Father- Levi Smith- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Choate- Miss.
Phillips Grave Yard.
Page 179

Smith, Estelle
05-14-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Clarence Smith- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Watkins- Miss.
Stepfather-Carroll Jernigan
Farmington Cemetery
Page 106

Smith, John (Colored)
01-26-1909- Miss.
10-10-1935- Corinth, Miss
Wife- Alton Davis Smith
Father- John Smith- Miss.
Mother- Lizzie Brewer Smith- Miss.
St. Luke Colored Cemetery
Page 220

Smith, Miss. Mary E.
06-12-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- A.M. Smith- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Johnson- Miss.
Iuka Cemetery
Page 131

Smith, Mrs. Nancy Ann
03-03-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- C.E. Smith
Father- Jasper Tankersley- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Anderson
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 54

Smith, Sarah Lorena
06-21-1935-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- William I. Smith- Miss.
Mother- Ester Jane Lynch- Miss.
Sister-Velma Smith
(Smith) Family Cemetery
Page 145

Smith, Whitfield Columbus
07-18-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Ursula Smith
Nephew-Ben Sherard
Father- Wm. Smith- Miss.
Mother- Jane Mask- N.C.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 159

Snow, Mrs. July "Julia"
About 82 yrs. old
08-31-1935-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- Eli Snow
Daughter- Mrs. L.L. Bennett
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 189

Stacy, Lawrence
About 3 - 6
12-02-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Oscar Stacy-Ala.
Mother- Miss. Free- Miss.
Sardis Cemetery
Page 262

Stafford, Tal (Colored)
05-06-1869- Miss.
05-27-1835- Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Goldie Stafford
Father- Willie Stafford
Mother- Sue Stafford
Wheeler Grove Colored Cemetery
Page 118

Stanley, Mrs. Gladys
12-10-1899- Miss.
08-07-1935- Walnut, Miss.
Order by- Morgan Stanley
Father- Clay Taylor- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Benjamin- Miss.
Overton Grave Yard
Page 173

Stanley, Mrs. Minnie Wofford
06-16-1935- Las Angeles, Calif.
Order by- Cullen E. Stanley, Jr.
Father- J.L. Wofford
Mother- Octavia Torsey- Miss.
City Cemetery
Page 142

Stegall, Jane
About 75 yrs. old
03-18-1935- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father- Abe Patterson- Miss.
Home Grave Yard On Own Farm
14th. District
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 62

Stennett, Vawdry A.
11-19-1935- Tishomingo, Miss.
Charge To- Mrs. Finch
Father- T.A. Stennett- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Green- Miss.
Massey Grave Yard
14 Miles E. of Booneville-Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 252

Storment, William S.
05-28-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Residence- Tishomingo, Miss.
Order by- Susie Storment
Father- A.J. Storment- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Foster- Tenn.
Paradise Church Cemetery
Tishomingo, Miss.
Page 119

Struder, John C.
06-26-1935- Jackson, Tenn.
Order by- Julia Ann Struder
Son- R.L. Struder- Burmis, Tenn.
Father- Billie C. Struder- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Singleton- Miss.
Selmer Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 146

Suitor, Infant
Father- Ray Suitor- Miss.
Mother- Velma Wherley- Miss.
Grandfather- W.R. Suitor
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 47

Suitor, Mrs. Annie E.
01-28-1935- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Geo. M. Suitor
Daughter- Miss. Edith Suitor
Father- Leander L. Story- Miss.
Mother- Miss. C. Reeves- Miss.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 24

Sweeney, Alvin (Colored)
About 45 yrs. old
Wife- Nellie Sweeney
Father- Rhodes Sweeney- Miss.
Mother- Mary Foster- Miss.
Asberry Colored Church Cemetery
3 Miles North of Baldwyn, Miss.
Page 03

Sweeney, Lizzie Mae (Colored)
01-15-1935- Guys,Tenn.
Father- Earl Sweeney- Miss.
Mother- Ada Gregory- Miss.
Order by- Henderson Gregory
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 13

Swindle, Margaret
04-02-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- M.D. Wilhite
Father- Hirum Crum- Ky.
Mother- Mary Ellen Timmons
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 75


Tacker, William Robert
12-20-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Thacker & Children
Father- William Riley Tacker- N.C.
Mother- Mary Jane Wilford- N.C.
Other name- Annie ??
Henry Cemetery
Page 277

Tanner, General Forest
07-21-1903- Tenn.
03-29-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Myrtle Tanner
Father- W.T. Tanner- Tenn.
Mother- Lela McCullar- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 71

Taylor, William Oscar
03-17-1904- Miss.
06-18-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Wife- Minnie Bell Taylor
Cousin- H.C. Harling
Father- W.L. Taylor- Miss.
Mother- Nancy Pollard- Miss.
Carter Family Cemetery
Page 138

Taylor, Mrs. Emily Parolie
03-03-1856- Miss.
02-13-1935- Miss. Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- Marion Taylor
Grandson- Mack Taylor
Granddaughter- Mrs. Walter Nelms
Father- John Mullins
Mother- Miss. Lieton
Overton Family Cemetery
22 Miles West of Corinth, Miss.
Page 40

Taylor, Mrs. Evalinah
02-17-1853- Miss.
12-21-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Sam Taylor & Wife
Father- S.P. Smith
Mother- Elizabeth Gellinwaters- Va.
Smith Family Cemetery
Page 280

Taylor, Murray
11-15-1858- Miss.
05-28-1935- Strong, Ark.
Nephew- Murray Taylor
Father- J. Murray Taylor- Miss.
Mother- Born in Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 122

Thorn, Geneva Earl J.
10-28-1913- Miss.
09-03-1935- Corinth
Husband- R.D. Thorn
Father- E.A. Jackson- Miss.
Mother- Vonnie Blackwell- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 192

Treadway, Estell (Colored)
03-30-1935-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Andrew Treadway-Tenn.
Mother- Mary Liddell- Miss.
Brother- Eston Treadway
Children- Louise & Carolee Treadway
Colored City Cemetery
Page 72

Turner, Robert William
03-04-1905- Europe
06-16-1935- Corinth, Miss
Lived here 2 Mos.
Father- John W. Turner- Budapest Europe
Mother- Anna Sakach- Budapest Europe
Shipped to- E.B. Mann Funeral Home
Burial in Knoxville Tenn.
Page 137


Underwood, Annie
03-28-1935- Memphis, Tenn.
Husband- G.B. Underwood
Daughter- Mrs. W.H. Sanders
Father- Theopolus Robertson- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Tyler- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 70

Utley, J.D., Jr.
04-18-1935- Miss.
05-24-1935- Miss.
Father- J.D. Utley-Tenn.
Mother- Georgia Blakney-Tenn.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 114


Voyles, Billie Joe
Father- A.N. Voyles- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Edith Idella Morgan- Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 53

Voyles, Ethel Idella
03-04-1895- Miss.
02-17-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- A.N. Voyles
Father- Bill Morgan- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Sanders- Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 45

Vuncannon, Annie Jane
03-24-1935- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Sherman Vuncannon- Ala.
Mother- Gertrude Henderson- Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 65


Wade, Solon (Colored)
About 3 yrs. old
08-07-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Ganenar Wade- Tenn.
Mother- Flora Warren- Miss.
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 174

Walker, Charlie (Colored)
12-03-1878- Miss.
04-16-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Sister- Laura Walker
Other Name- Gene Walker
Father- Abe Walker- S.C.
Mother- America Fulks- Va.
Walker Colored Family Cemetery
Page 83

Walker, Rorph (Colored)
10-27-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Joe Walker-Ms
Mother- Josie Garrett- Miss.
Walker Colored Family Cemetery
2 miles West of Corinth, Miss.
Page 233

Wallace, William Faircloth
06-16-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Walter Baker Harris
Father- William Wallace- Ala.
Mother- Ann Faircloth- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 135

Watts, Mrs. Emiline
About 75 yrs old
08-10-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- A.B. Watts
Order by- T.M. Watts
Father- Mr. Helens- N.C.
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 178

Whitaker, Infant Girl
09-12-1935- Burnsville, Miss.
Father- Herman Whitaker- Miss.
Mother- Lessie Smith-McNairy Co., Tenn.
Grandfather- M.L. Whitaker
No Cemetery Listed
Page 201

White, Josie (Colored)
About 44 yrs. old- Florida
05-18-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Lizzie Davidson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 109

Whitfield, George W.
06-18-1858- Miss.
09-06-1935- Burnsville, Miss.
Wife- Mollie Whitfield
Son- W.S. Whitfield
Father- W.S. Whitfield
Mother- Miss. Langford
Rolling Hills Cemetery
6 Mi. S. of Burnsville, Miss.
Page 196

Wilbanks, Mrs. Lillie
08-07-1935- Walnut, Miss.
Husband- H.L. Wilbanks
Son- Sherman Wilbanks
Father- Leonard Crum- Miss.
Services at Mt. Pleasant
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 175

Wiley, Jim (Colored)
02-27-1873- Miss.
09-28-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Son-Rich Wiley & Aron Wiley
Daughter- Beulah Wiley
Father- Henry Wiley- S.C.
Mother- Josephine Wiley- S.C.
Pilgrims Rest Colored Cemetery
5 Miles South of Corinth, Miss.
Page 209

William, Charles Fred Jr.
07-25-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Charles Fred Williams- Tenn.
Mother- Louise Simpson-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 165

Williams, Jessie (Colored)
02-06-1895- Miss.
10-18-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- H.W. Williams- S.C.
Mother- Rosa Rowan- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 227

Wilson, Baby Girl
09-27-1935- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Woodrow Wilson-Tenn.
Mother- Bernice Barnes-Tenn.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 207

Wilson, Herbert
03-30-1889- Miss.
08-10-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Maggie Ray Wilson
Father- S.C. Wilson- Miss.
Mother- Eddie Cox- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 177

Wimbs, Margarett (Colored)
04-15-1886- Miss.
Husbands- Bud Wimbs
Other name- Freddie Wimbs
Father- Ira Neal- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 07

Wims, Albert (Colored)
04-30-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Niece-Corene Norman
Order by- Bud Wims
Father- Jerry Wims- Ga.
Mother- Safhia Bailey
Colored City Cemetery
Page 94

Winters, Infant Boy
03-10-1935- Miss.
03-10-1935- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Hubert Winters- Miss.
Mother- Evia Trimble- Miss.
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 63

Wise, Everett (Colored)
About 31 yrs. old- Miss.
01-10-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Jessie Wise- Miss.
Mother- Fannie War Miss.
Other- Lilly May
Colored City Cemetery
Page 06

Wooten, Mattie Lee
10-18-1935- Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Husband- Arthur Lee Wooten
Father- Mr. Martindale- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 229

Word, John Robert
06-16-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Joe David Ward- Ala.
Mother- Myrtle Wright- Ala.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 136



Young, Mrs. Mary
04-08-1935- Booneville, Miss.
Daughter-Mrs. Ella Cartwright
Father- Oliver Lewellen- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Johnson- N.C.
Carolina Church Cemetery
Page 80

Younger, Aubrey Kendrick
03-17-1935- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mattie Viola Younger
Father- W.C. Younger- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Mattie Kendrick- Tenn.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 61

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