McPeters Funeral Home Records 1934

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1934
Records were transcribed by Janice Switcher & Helah Wilson


Adams, Samantha Catherine
02-01-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Charles W. Adams
Daughter-Mrs. J.W. Payne
Father-William Clary-Ala.
Mother-Miss. Gady-Ala.
Evergreen Cemetery
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Page 26

Albright, Maude Mae
11-24-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-J.R. Albright
Son- Grady Albright
Father-Henry Holloway-S.C.
Mother-Miss. Ray
Berry Cemetery
Red Bay, Ala.
Page 257

Alexander, Minerva Ann
08-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Jim Alexander
Son-Marvin Alexander
Father-Anderson Alexander-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Wilkerson- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 191

Anderson, Aunt Mahulda (Colored)
03-21-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Friend-Annie Glaysen
Colored City Cemetery
Page 68

Arcutt, Charlie
09-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Ex-Wife-Laura Cross
Order by-Mark Crum
Oaks Cemetery
Near Theo, Miss.
Page 220

Austin, Elizabeth
53 yrs. of age
02-25-1934-Chewalla, Tenn.
Husband-Joe B. Austin
Order by-Joe D. Austin
Holly Cemetery
Page 46


Bain, Walter Henry
D. 05-06-1934- Jacinto, Miss.
Order by-W. H. Bain- Trenton, Tenn.
Father-John Bain-Ala.
Mother-Nancy Cooksey-Ala.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 101

Bankhead, John Grady
12-14-1934-Brownfield, Miss.
Wife-Louise Bankhead
Father-J.J. Bankhead-Ala.
Mother-Miss. Summer-Ala.
Burial in Amory Miss.
Page 270

Barnette, Clarence Jr.
10-27-1933-Corinth, Miss.
01-23-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Clarence Barnett-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Brown-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 18

Barnhill, Luke (Colored)
Widower of-Francis Barnhill
Order by-Nelson Ramer
Father-Allen Barnhill
Mother-Laura Barnhill-Tenn.
Tate Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 247

Basden, William Austin
09-13-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Wife-K. Basden
Order by-G.B. Basden
Antioch Cemetery
8 Mi. W. of Rienzi, Miss.
Page 212

Bass, Wiley Davis
04-24-1934- Corinth, Miss.
Brother-Sam Q. Bass
Father-J.J. Bass- N.C.
Mother-Miss. Eliza Mathis-Tenn.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
6 Mi. W. of Corinth, Miss.
Page 89

Bassham, Thomas J.
About74 yrs. old-Tenn.
01-12-1934- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Eliza Bassham
Son-In-Law-Brant Johnson
Father-John Bassham-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Melton-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 08

Beavers, Mrs. Maggie S.
11-23-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Charlie Beavers
Father-Wash Strickland-Miss.
Mother-Annie James-Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 256

Bevell, Elijah Albert
06-06-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Alice Bevell
Son-Birt Bevell
Father-Harrison Bevell-N.C.
Mother-Miss. Bray-N.C.
Pleasant Springs Cemetery
9 Mi. N.W. of Henderson,Tenn.
Page 134

Bishop, Harvie
Approx 85 yrs. old
07-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Order by-Oscar E. Bishop
Sister-Mrs. M.M. Rosemarei
& Daughter, all relatives lived at
Annadale, Staton Island N.Y.
Henry Cemetery
Page 156

Blackwell, Reba Jane
05-09-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Father-W.A. Blackwell-Miss.
Mother-Miss. McCord-Missouri
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 104

Blankenship, Nancy Ross
07-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Bud Blankenship
Son-T.L. Blankenship
Mother-Miss. Pipkin
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 157

Blankenship, Tennessee H.
02-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Ex-Husband-D.A. Blankenship
Order by-Mrs. John Berry
Father- William Hughes-Ky.
Mother- Miss. Barnett-Tenn.
Mars Hill Cemetery
6 Mi. N. of Adamsville, Tenn.
Page 40

Bowers, Mary “Mollie”
02-19-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-I.N. Bowers
Son-J.R. Bowers
Daughter-Bonnie Rickman
Father- Mr. Utley
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 41

Boyd, Mary Jane
04-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- G.L. Boyd
Nephew-W.M. Settle
Father-David Settle-N.C.
Mother-Miss. N.E. Lewis- N.C.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 92

Bradley, Amos Jackson
02-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widower of- Susie Bradley
Son-Will & Amos Bradley
Father-A.W. Bradley-Va.
Mother-Miss. Williamson-Va.
City Cemetery
Page 45

Bragg, John
11-01-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Addie Bragg
Order by-T.N. Coleman & J.J. Bragg
Father-Bass Bragg
Mother-Miss. Langston-Tenn.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 244

Bray, Susie Elizabeth
12-31-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-J.B. Bray
Father-John Baily-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Laster-Tenn.
Shady Grove Cemetery
Coles Mill Precinct
Page 282

Britton, Nancy Jane
03-31-1934-Hardin Co., Tenn.
Widow of-William Harrison Britton
Nephew E.G. Greer
Daughter-Miss. Blasingame
Father-Bart Greer-N.C.
Mother-Miss. McAfee
Mt. Olive Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 73

Brown, Nancy Elizabeth Settlemires
About 78 yrs. old-Miss.
03-07-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of-Will Brown
Son-Walter Brown
Father-James Settlemires
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 57

Brown, Virgie Ruth
09-26-1934-Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Arthur Brown
Mother-Miss. Grissom-Miss.
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 223

Bump, Dennis Fred
09-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Fred A. Bump-Vermont
Mother-Miss. Martha- Miss.
Parents Address- Decatur, Alabama
Henry Cemetery
Page 215

Bumpass, Joseph W.
37 yrs. old [1897]
07-17-1934-Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Magadaline Bumpass
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 170

Burnett, Sarah E.
06-24-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-T.F. Burnett
Family Names- Mrs. B.C. (Ilene), Hughes (Jackson, Tenn.) & A. Clay Boone (Springfield, Mo.) & Quida Fagan (Jackson, Miss.) Frank ?
Father-John Hamlin-S.C.
Mother-Miss. Blackwell-S.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 145

Burns, Arthur Taylor
05-14-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Maud Burns
Brother-D.W. Burns
Father-John S. Burns-ala
Mother- Miss. Bonds- Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 109

Burns, Bynum
12-23-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lessie W. Burns
Order by-Clyde Burns
Father-B.B. Burns-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Dunn-Miss.
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 280

Burns, Martha Ann
04-21-1934-Tishomingo, Miss.
Widow of- Francis Marion Burns
Daughter-Mrs. Eddie Daniel
Father-Richard Mann
Mother-Mary Ann Gallimore
Mingo Cemetery
8 Mi. E. of Tishomingo Co., Miss
Near Maud, Ala.
Page 88

Butlar, Bertha Ophelia
08-21-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Rome, Texas
Husband-W.C. Butlar
Order by-Fred & A.O. Jones
Father- George I. Jones-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Wallace-Tenn.
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 193

Butler, Martha
05-30-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Jim Butler
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Alcorn, Co., Miss.
Page 126


Caldwell, Earnest Luther
02-09-1934-Corinth, Miss.
World War Veteran
Wife-Mildred Caldwell
Order by-Jack Wagnon &
F. Caldwell
Father- J.T. Caldwell-Ala.
Mother- Mary Roberts-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 33

Canon, Mary Ruth
05-20-1934- Corinth, Miss.
Father- H.C. Canon-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Bingham- Miss.
Babb Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 114

Carroll, Samuel Egbert
01-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Callie Carroll
Father- D.H. Carroll-Tenn.
Mother- Sallie Graham-Miss.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 13

Cartwright, Mrs. Sallie
08-30-1934-Peconpaint ?, Ark.
Husband-G.B. Cartwright
Father-Garrett Gutlett
Mother-Miss. Prather-Miss
Black Land Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 199

Choate, Tennessee
About 88 yrs. old.-Miss.
03-25-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Dave Choate-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Hage-Tenn.
Alcorn County Farm Cemetery
Page 72

Clausel, Charles W.
03-01-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Myrtle Clausel
Brother-T.W. Clausel
Father-A.A. Clausel-Va.
Mother-Mary Powell-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 49

Cobb, William Thornton
02-07-1934-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Mrs. Kate Cobb
Father-E.D. Cobb-S.S.
Mother-Miss. Miller-Ala.
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 31

Coleman, Joseph W.
05-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Son- Eddie Coleman
Brother-J.B. Coleman
Father-S.M. Coleman-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Neely-Miss.
Antioch Cemetery
Page 102

Coleman, Sam (Colored)
About 92 yrs. old-Miss
09-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Alfred Coleman-N.C.
County Poor House Cemetery
Page 216

Conn, Mary James Martin
11-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Order by-W.D. Conn
Daughter-Mary Conn Harleston
Father-J.M. Martin-N.C.
Mother-Eliza Perkins-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 263

Cook, Agnes
About 26 yrs. old-Miss.
08-15-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Husband-Charlie Cook
Friend-W.F. Jobe
Father-John Ingram-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Sallie Lauderdale-Miss.
Services at-Gaston Church
Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 188

Cook, Ellie
About 79 yrs. old
09-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Henry Cook
Sons-J.T. & H.A. Cook
Daughter-Mrs. J.S. Switzer
Father-Mr. Scruggs
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 201

Cornelius, Infant Boy
09-04-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- H.O. Cornelius-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Bonnie Connor-Texas
Farley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 204

Counce, George Clayborn
06-04-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Jennie M. Counce
Daughter-Mrs. Poindexter
Nephew-Grady Castile
Father-Jim Counce-Tenn.
Mother-Mary Hoover-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 131

Counce, Infant Boy
09-14-1934-Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Lived 30 Min.
Father- Grady Counce-Tenn.
Mother- Tenni Childers-Tenn.
Order by-Corbin Counce
Center Hill Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 211

Cox, Emily
09-21-1934-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of-William Cox
Son-In-Law-E.S. Rinehart
Father-Mr. Keasley
Sardis Cemetery
Page 218

Craton, Ruby Mae (Colored)
06-03-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-George Crayton-Miss.
Mother-Vera Mae Franklin-Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 129

Crowe Geneva L.
12-22-1934- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Ray Crowe-Ala.
Mother-Addy Vinings-Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 278

Cumby, Dr. Robert Rollins
07-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widower of-Mrs. Nora K. Cumby
Daughter- Miss. Nora Cumby
Father-Jim Cumby-Miss.
Mother-Lou Barefoot-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 169

Curtis Edd M.
08-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Bell Curtis
Son- Archie Curtis
Father-John Curtis-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Hare-Miss.
Smith Cemetery
5 Mi. N.E. of Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 194

Curtis Raymond
About 18 yrs. old-Miss.
04-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Brother-Dock Curtis
Father-Tom Curtis-Miss.
Mother-Lena White-Miss.
Patrick Cemetery
Iuka, Miss.
Page 75


Dalton Martha Faye
07-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.T. Dalton-Miss.
Mother-Ruby Price-Tenn.
City Cemetery
Page 160

Darnell, Olga Deloach
12-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Tom Darnell
Father- Charles Deloach- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Cole-Tenn.
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 281

Davis, Dennis
About 78 yrs. old
06-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Order by-P.W. North & Booker T. Davis
Father- Booker Davis
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 151

Dillon, Dick Filmore
02-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Margaret A. Dillon
Daughter-Mrs. J.B. Wilson
Father- John Dillon-N.C.
Mother- Miss. Cassett-N.C.
Buna Vista Church Cemetery
2 Mi. W. of Bethel Springs
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 42


Eaton, Georgia May (Colored)
02-06-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Robert Eaton-Miss.
Mother-Della Walker-Miss.
Stockade Colored Cemetery
6 Mi. S. of Corinth
Page 30

Eaves, Mrs. Cynthia
02-28-1934-Waterloo, Ala.
Widow of-George Eaves
Father- William Branham
Mother- Miss. Higgins
Waits Family Cemetery
13 Mi. N. of Waterloo Ala.
Lauderdale Co.
Page 48

Edwards, Wilmer (Colored)
06-04-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Willie Edwards-Miss.
Mother-Jessie Morris-Miss.
Step-Grandfather-Paul Harris
Colored City Cemetery
Page 130

Elledge, William Frank
08-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Sister- Mrs. Helen Jones
Father- Walter L. Elledge-Miss.
Mother- Madge Madden-Miss.
Grandfather-W.L. Madden
Fulton Cemetery
Fulton, Miss.
Page 177

English, Mrs. Myrtle
06-24-1934 Meridian, Miss.
Husband- Lee English
Burial in Finger, Tenn.
Page 148

Enoch, Mary Bettie
07-30-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Widow of-J.V. Enoch
Son-F.A. Enoch
Father-JR Deberry-N.C.
Mother-Miss. Gibbs-N.C.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 174

Erwin, Infant Boy
07-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Samuel Lester Erwin-Miss.
Mother- Ruth Aline Price-Tenn.
Grandmother-Epp Price
Iuka Cemetery
Page 159

Evans, Marion Attelia
06-16-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Dr. J.T. Evans
Tom Sigman & R.E. Evans
Father-James M. Simmons- N.C.
Mother-Liddia Reed-N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 135

Everett, Ellie J.
About 44 yrs. old-Tenn.
04-30-1934-Chewalla, Tenn.
Husband-W.R. Everett
Father-J.C. McAlpin-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Morrison-Tenn.
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla Tenn.
Page 96

Evetts, Chester
11-03-1934-Memphis, Tenn
Residence- Ark
Order by- Jeff D. Furtick
Father- George W. Evetts-Ala.
Mother- Miss. V. Smith-Miss.
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 246


Fare, Mrs. Dovie
Husband-Clay Fare
Father-Tom Phillips-Miss.
Mother-Lela McPeters-Miss.
Order by-John H. Phillips
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 97

Farley, Pauline
01-23-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.A. Farley-Ala.
Mother-Myrtle Beavers-Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Lillie Norvell
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 19

Felker, John Wesley "Bud"
07-16-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Nannie Felkner
Son- Sam Felker
Father- Mr. Felker
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 164

Fields, Bullie Wilson
Father-Will A. Fields-Tenn.
Mother-Edna Parker-Ala.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 236

Fields, James H.
02-25-1934-Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Ida Fields
Order by- Frank H. Fields
Father-Dick Fields
Mother-Martha E. Webb-Ala.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Page 43

Finch, Mary Jane
10-10-1934-Iuka, Miss.
Daughter- Ruth ?
Father- George Tankersley-S.C.
Mother- Mary Jane Harrison- Ala.
Paradise Cemetery
Near Tish., Co., Miss
Page 233

Floyd, John Franklin
07-10-1934-Burnsville, Miss.
Widower of- Rachel Floyd
Order by-John Floyd & Mrs. Blanch Smith
Father-Richard Floyd-Miss.
Mother Miss. Harris- Miss.
Crossroads Cemetery
Holcut,Tish.Co., Miss.
Page 161

Ford, Herman
06-25-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Cousin-W.W. Hardin
Father-Jim Ford-Tenn.
Mother-Stella Elmore-Tenn.
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 147

Fowler, Walter
02-07-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Birdie Fowler
Father-Millard Fowler-Ky.
Mother-Louise Kemp-Ky.
Henry Cemetery
Page 32

Fraley, Milliard Filmore
09-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Son-Dr. Jim J. Fraley
Father-James J. Fraley-Tenn.
Mother-Mary Sharp-Tenn.
Leodbetter Cemetery
Near Adamsville, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 225

France, Simon (Colored)
06-15-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Charlie France-N.Y.
Mother- Francis Flemmons-Miss.
Order by-Francis France Reynolds
Stockade Colored Cemetery
6 Mi. S. of Corinth
Page 139

Franks, Bobbie Eugene
12-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Luther Franks-Tenn.
Mother-Elizabeth Dickerson-Tenn.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 276


Gant, Mamie Serena
12-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-W.A. Gant
Father-Charlie Shutt-Tenn.
Mother-Nellie Mathis- Tenn.
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 275

Gardner, Sarah (Colored)
09-03-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-J.C. Gardner
Order by- Pleas Gardner & Kay Timlake
Father-Bob Marshall-Miss.
Mother-Rosa L. Warman-Tenn.
St. Luke Colored Church Cemetery
Page 203

Gatley, Nancy A.
08-16-1934-Near Shiloh, Tenn.
Husband-I.T. Gatley
Father-Crawford McDaniel
Mother-Miss. Inman
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 189

Gatlin, Calvin H.
01-03-1934-Corinth, Miss
Niece-Mrs. C.M. Jobe
Father- Felix Gatlin-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Derryberry-Miss.
Camp Ground Cemetery
Page 02

Glidewell, Frank
About 75 yrs. old
06-05-1934 Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Alice Glidewell
Farmington Cemetery
Page 132

Gray, Bettie Thomas
05-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-W.B. Gray
At home of Mrs. W.O. Mason
Grandson-Jim Merrin-Memphis, Tenn.
Father- Ranson Odom-N.C.
Mother- Miss. Robertson- N.C.
Baptist Cemetery
Hernando, Miss.
Page 98

Gray, Infant Boy
11-06-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- E.J. Gray-Miss.
Mother-Minnie Blakney-Tenn.
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Glen, Miss.
Page 248

Green, Cora
09-10-1934-Walnut, Miss.
Husband- W.F. Green
Father-J.L. Russell-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Bobo-Miss.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 207

Green, Joseph Cliford
01-21-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Ethel Green
Father-Jasper Green-Tenn.
Mother-Florence Clark-Miss.
Rienzi Cemetery
Page 17

Gresham, Robie Allen
09-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-A.J. Gresham
Daughter-Mrs. C.Porter Greene
Father-Dr. R. Charles Allen
Mother-Martha Ann Blythe-Miss.
Booneville Cemetery
Booneville, Miss.
Page 205


Hancock, Elbert Howard
12-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Order by- S.D. Johnson
Father- Elbert Hancock-Miss.
Mother- Kate Strickland-Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 266

Hands, Harriett (Colored)
04-14-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Jonnie Lee Hands
Father-Mr. Burton
Colored City Cemetery
Page 84

Hardin, Infant Boy
09-30-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Sam Hardin
Babb Grave Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 226

Hathcock, Isadore
05-14-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Brother-Odell Hathcock
Father-William Hathcock-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Janie South
Carter Cemetery
2 Mi N. of Michie School
at Gravel Pit.
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 110

Hartsfield, John A.
01-29-1934-Booneville, Miss.
Wife-Bell Hartsfield
Son-James Hartsfield
Father-James Hartsfield
Mother-Miss. Prince-Miss.
Other name-Miss. Melissie Yarber
Smith Cemetery
4 Mi. N.E. Booneville, Miss.
Page 23

Hearn, Dorothy Marie
11-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Hubert Hearn-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Shults-Miss.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 250

Helms, Addie M.
07-01-1934-Meridian Miss.
Son- Niles Helms
City Cemetery
Page 153

Hensley, Edward S.
About 48 yrs. old
01-28-1934-Winchester, Ky.
Order by- M.T. Lockman
Brother-Earl Hensley
Father-John E. Hensley-Tenn.
Mother-Lillie Kellam-Jasper, Ind.
Henry Cemetery
Page 25

Hilburn, Willie Leroy
12-10-1934-Tippah Co., Miss.
Father-Henry Hilburn-Miss.
Mother-Gladys Howey-Tenn.
Order by-Clebert Hilburn
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 268

Hill, Florence Miller
05-11-1934-Corinth, Miss
Husband- D.A. Hill
Daughter-Barbara Hill
Father- R.G. Miller-N.C.
Mother- Sara West Jansen- Mass.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 106

Hill, M.C.
05-20-1934-Tishomingo, Miss.
Widower of- Mrs. Mandy Hill
Son- In-Law-S.E. McDougal
Father- Mike Hill-Carolina
Dean Family Cemetery
Paden, Miss.
Page 115

Holderman, James Alva
04-09-1934-Corinth, Miss
At home of Mrs. McClure
Widower of-Annie Holderman
Daughter-Ester Kelley-Oakville,Tenn.
Father-Charles Henderson Holderman-Ky.
Mother-Sarah Frances Foster-Ky.
Henry Cemetery
Page 79

Holmes, Reece S.
02-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Nannie Holmes
Son-Sherrell & Altey Holmes
Father- William Marion Holmes-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Wilhite-Ala.
Wilhite Family Cemetery
Page 27

Holtsford, John Phillip
02-13-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Zora Holtsford
Daughter-Mrs. J.H. Harrington-Memphis, Tenn.
Father- Hermon Holtsford
Henry Cemetery
Page 36

Hooker, Mrs. Martha
04-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- W.F. Hooker
Daughter-In-Law-E.M. Hooker-St. Louis, Mo.
Father- Gilbert Woodard-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Hooker
Holly Cemetery
Page 85

Horton, Laura (Colored)
Husband-Andrew Horton
Order by-W.F. Rogers
Father-Horace Lewallen-Miss.
Mother-Betty Lewallen-Miss.
Alcorn Colored Church Cemetery
10 Mi. W. of Rienzi
Honnell Precinct
Page 252

Huggins, Billie Jean
About 5 yrs. old-Miss.
03-11-1934-Ramer, Tenn
Father-John Huggins-Tenn.
Mother-Bessie Jones-Miss.
Grandfather-J.D. Jones
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 61

Hughes, Fannie Jane
Husband- A.L. Hughes
Daughter-Mrs. Manis Lambert
Father- Wess Blogg-Miss.
Mother- Ms Chieves- Tenn.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
8 Mi. W. of Rienzi, Miss.
Page 44

Hunter, Infant Boy (Colored)
01-14-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-15-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- George Hunter-Ala.
Mother- Myrtle Anderson- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 11

Hunter, James Henry (Colored)
11-01-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Henry Hunter-Ala.
Mother- Mildred Harris- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 243


Ijams, Calvin Taylor
02-02-1934Corinth, Miss.
At the home of Mrs. Harry Stone
Widower of-Mary E. Ijams
Miss. Lillie & Children
Father- V. Ijams-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Smith-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 28

Inman, James Franklin
05-25-1934-Selmer, Tenn.
Wife-Emmie Inman
Father- Thomas Inman-Tenn.
Mother- Lizzie Chandler
Good Hope Cemetery
Selmer, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 118


James, Infant Boy
08-12-1934-Kendrick, Alcorn Co. Miss.
Order by- Sam Derrick & Will Marlar
Father- Unknown
Mother- Ruby James-Miss.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 186

James, Lois Barker
Husband- Elmer H. James
Father- W.O. Barker-Miss.
Mother-Bell Brewer-Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 179

Jobe, .L.
10-07-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Bernice Jobe
Father- W.F. Jobe-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Madden-Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 230

Jobe. Jane Melbry
06-24-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss
Widow of-W.F. Jobe
Daughter-Helen Edge
Son-W.F. Jobe
Father-William Walker-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Rorie-Tenn.
Antioch Church Cemetery
Page 143

Jones, Infant Boy
Lived 4 hrs.
Father- J.D. Jones-Miss.
Mother- Madie Jones-Miss.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 210

Jones Joseph Whitfield
02-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence-Burnsville, Miss.
Wife-M. Ada Jones
Son-Lloyd Jones
Father-Jas. Jones
Mother-Rachel Bush
Monte Vista Cemetery
12 Mi. N. Of Eupora, Miss.
Page 34

Jones, Martha M.
12-15-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Tiplersville, Miss.
Husband- G.W. Jones
Son- W.K. Jones
Daughter-Mrs. Drewery
Father-Dan Wilhite-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Smallwood-Miss.
Ebenezer Cemetery
East Of Tiplersville, Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 271

Joslin, Mrs. Elsie
05-10-1934-Burnsville, Miss.
Husband- Sam Joslin
Brother-James Leech
Father-John L. Leech-Ga.
Mother-Lucy Dancer-Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 105

Jourdan Warren Allin
06-02-1934-Coriinth, Miss.
Father-U.T. Jourdan-Tenn.
Mother-Cleo Forsythe- Tenn.
Sulphur Springs Cemetery
8 Mi. S.W. of Selmer, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 128


Keeton, Lorene (Colored)
09-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- John Allen Keeton-Miss.
Mother- Gertrude Patterson- Tenn.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 219

Kelley, Infant Boy
03-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Joe Kelley-Colorado
Mother-Annie Utley-Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 82

Kemp, John Franklin
About 78 yrs. old-Miss.
06-24-1934-Iuka, Miss
Residence- Booneville, Miss.
Wife-Rachel Kemp
Son-Willie Kemp
County Line Cemetery
Page 146

Kendrick, Frances E.
About 86 yrs. old
04-08-1934-Memphis, Tenn.
Widow of- Mansel Kendrick
Order by- Mrs. G. H. (Nannie) Banks &
Mrs. Joe Marlar
Oak Hill Cemetery
Kendrick, Miss.
Page 78

Kennedy, Harold Max
11-13-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Millard Kennedy-Miss.
Mother-Hullie Cornelious- Miss.
Grandfather-W.G. Kennedy
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 253

Kent, C. Gip
02-17-1934-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Mary Kent
Son-Ode Kent
Order by- Will Marlar
Father- John Kent
Bethel Church Cemetery
8 Mi. S. of Leighton, Ala.
Page 39

Kier, Sallie Harrington
12-16-1934-Corinth, Miss
Widow of-Charles Kier
Son-W.H. Kier
Father-Wm. Harrington-S.C.
Mother-Miss. O’Neall-S.C.
Burial in Crawford Miss.
Page 274

King, William Wesley
About 68 yrs. old-Tenn.
10-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Ella Sharp King
Father-J.R. King-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. McAfee-Tenn.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 228


Lambert, Infant Boy
08-09-1934-Burnsville, Miss.
5:00 p.m.
08-09-1934-Burnsville, Miss
8:00 p.m.
Father-Cody Lambert-Miss.
Mother-Alma Powers- Miss.
Grandfather-Charlie Lambert
Lambert Chapel Cemetery
1 Mi. N. of Burnsville
Page 182

Lambert, Daniel Few
09-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Sons-Mark & Clarence Lambert
Father-W.F. Lambert-S.C.
Mother-Miss. Susana Sorrell-Carolina
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
6 Mi. W. of Corinth
Page 217

Lasley, Scott (Colored)
Wife-Annie Lasley
Father-Aaron Lasley-Ga.
Mother-Adeline Jones- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 16

Leatherwood, Paul
D. 08-21-1934- San Angelo Texas
Order by-Mrs. Will Brown
Shipped here by-Johnson Funeral Home
San Angelo Texas
Oak Grove Cemetery
Iuka, Miss.
Page 196

LeHardy, Miss. Dorothea
11-24-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Dr. J.C. LeHardy- Decatur,Ga.
Mother-Doroetha (Clentenin) LeHardy
Burial in Atlanta, Ga.
Page 258

Liddon, Dr. Robert Caffey
10-13-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Anna Adams Liddon
Son-Robert C. Liddon Jr.
Order by-B.F. Liddon
Father-J.O. Liddon-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Hamlin-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 238

Lilly, William Thomas
03-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Mary Lilly
Order by-V.L. Lilly
Father- Thomas Lilly-Indiana
Mother- Miss. Morris-Tenn.
Mars Hill Cemetery
8 Mi. N. W. of Adamsville, Tenn.
Page 66

Livingston, George W.
05-16-1934-Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Wife-Lemmie Livingston
Son-R.A. Livingston
Father-Thomas Livingston-Ireland
Mother-Miss. Newby-S.C.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Near Pittsburg Landing
Hardin, Co., Tenn.
Page 111

Livingston, Mrs. Martha Jane
About 86 yrs. old
04-20-1934-New Site, Prentiss Co., Miss.
Son- J.T. Livingston
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
20 Mi. E. of Booneville
Page 86

Locke, C. Peyton
03-25-1934-Booneville, Miss.
Residence-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Rosetta Locke
Brother-In-Law-George King
Father-Bob Locke-Tenn.
Mother-July Ann King-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 70

Loeb, William
06-12-1934-Corinth, Miss
Residence- Little Rock, Ark.
Wife-Eva Loeb
Niece-Mrs. Lee Rubel
Father- J. Loeb.-Ark.
Mother- Miss. Black- Ark.
Little Rock Ark.
Page 136

Lovel, John Walker
About57 yrs. old-Miss.
03-08-1934-Booenville, Miss.
Wife-Loney Lovel
Son-R.C. Lovel
Father-Wm. Lovel-Miss.
Liberty Church Cemetery
3 Mi. E. of Booneville
Page 65

Luster, Infant Boy
08-02-1934- Guys,Tenn.
Father- Bud Luster-Tenn.
Mother- Vera Campbell-Tenn.
Tate Grave Yd.
Page 175

Luster, Bertha Lee
04-14-1934-Guys, Tenn
Father- Will Luster
Uncle-Uther Campbell
No Cemetery Listed
Page 83

Luster, Sula May (Colored)
About 12 yrs. old
05-28-1934-Wenasoga, Miss.
Father- Decota Luster-Miss.
Mother- Hattie May Jumper-Miss.
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
1 Mi. N. of Wenasoga, Miss.
Page 124


Mahar, Syntha Emma
04-09-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Dock Mahar
Daughter-Dee Mahar
Father- James White-Tenn.
Mother- Mary Morrow-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 80

Maness Adie Mae
01-04-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Order by-Jim Maness
Father- John Wood-Miss.
Mother- Lovella Burcham-Miss.
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 03

Manning Decota (Colored)
About 34 yrs. old.
10-06-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Lucius Manning-Miss.
Mother- Ada Dilworth-Miss.
Liberty Colored Cemetery
2 Mi. N.E. of Kossuth
Page 229

Mars, Raymond Florine
05-21-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Raymond Mars-Miss.
Mother- Willie Lou Sanders- Ala.
Grandfather-T.M. Sanders
Other name- Mrs. Ester Sanders
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 116

Martin, John T.
05-09-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Daughter-Mrs. Jerry Phillips
Father-Jim Martin-N.C.
Mother- Miss. Palmer-N.C.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 103

Martin, Presha
Approx 62 yrs. old
10-11-1934- Kennett, Mo.
Lived with- W.B Brice
Order by- S.B. Martin
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 237

Martin Will
About 63 yrs. old
04-07-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Alcorn Co. Poor House Cemetery
Page 77

Mason, Lewis
08-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lizzie Mason
Order by: Frank Burcham
Union Church Cemetery
Page 178

Mayo, Rachel
Father- Prentiss Mayo- Miss.
Mother-Miss. Benson- Miss.
Cousin-Lee Cunningham
Little Brown Church Cemetery
12 Mi. E. of Booneville, Miss.
Page 10

Merryman, Jimmie Clyde
08-09-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- W.A. Merryman-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Hardin-Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 181

Merryman, Laura Josephine
08-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-J.H. Merryman
Order by-Will & Ella Merryman
Father-G.C. Meeks- Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Stanfield-Tenn.
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 192

Meyers, Dottie Joe
11-27-1934-Burnsville, Miss.
Father- J.W. Meyers-Texas
Mother- Viola Nixon-Miss.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 260

Miller, John I. (Colored)
05-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Joseph Miller-Tenn.
Mother- Ida May Alexander-Tenn.
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 122

Miller Quilla S.
About 33 yrs. old-Miss.
08-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Childbirth-Infant put in Casket with Mother
Husband-R.B. Miller
Father- Prim Shelton- Miss.
Mother-Florence Essary-Miss.
Union Cemetery
5 Mi. W of Kossuth, Miss
Page 198

Miracle, Mrs. Caroline
About 68 yrs. old
07-07-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Alcorn Co. Poor House Cemetery
Page 155

Mitchell, Ardie Dewey
10-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mae N. Mitchell
Father I.H. Mitchell-Ala.
Mother-E. Idell-Ala.
Holley Cemetery
Page 227

Mitchell, Millard Edward
11-6-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Lived In Shady Grove Community
Father-Audrey Mitchell-Tenn.
Mother-Ruby Dunn-Miss.
Order by-Sylvester Mitchell
Shady Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Page 249

Monroe, Bobbie
04-04-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Howard Monroe-Miss.
Mother- Velma McCoy-Miss.
Taler Cemetery
Page 76

Montgomery, Sula (Colored)
About 41 yrs. old
02-03-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Bob Montgomery
Colored City Cemetery
Page 29

Moore, Charlie E.
03-12-1934-Kossuth, Miss.
Wife-Tishie Moore
Order by- Mrs. Lorena Mattox
Father- Manuel Moore-N.C.
Mother-Miss. Fitzgerald-N.C.
Union Church Cemetery
Page 63

Morris Minnie
About 70 yrs. old-Miss.
07-17-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Husband- J.H. Morris
Son-E.C. Morris
Father-Abe Young
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 167

Mullins, Mollie
01-24-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of-W.J. Mullins
Order by-John Carter
Father-Mr. Mellon
Old Bethel Cemetery
Page 20

Murrell, Velmer Walker (Colored)
12-03-1934-Corinth, Miss
Husband- Oscar Merrell
Father- Jim Walker-Miss.
Mother- Carrie Dickey-Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 265

Muse, Jewell Lorena
03-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- T.K. Muse-Miss.
Mother- Ella Bratton-Tenn.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 54


McAfee, Meade
04-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Maude MacAfee
Father- W.W. MacAfee-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Stevenson-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 90

McCann, Lucy Ann
11-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Brother- J.R. Dempsey
Order by-Maude McCann
Father-John Dempsey-Ireland
Mother-Elizabeth Livingston-Miss.
Liberty School Cemetery
4 Mi. N.E. of Bethel Springs,Tenn.
Page 255

McCarter, John Henry
09-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Bell McCarter
Daughter- Mrs. W.C. Herbal
Father- James P. McCarter-Tenn.
Mother- Susan Graham-Miss.
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 206

McClain, Jessie Mack
08-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Leonna McClain
Sons-C.M. & Frank W. McClain
Father-Sam McClain-Ala.
Mother-Miss. Walker-Ala.
Other name-S.A. McClain
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 185

McClanahan, Lois
09-01-1934-Thrasher, Miss
Husband- H.A. McClanahan
Sister-In-Law-O.W. Gregory
Father- George Still-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Brown-Miss.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 200

McCord, Lawranzi Price
08-09-1934-Rienzi, Miss.
Wife-Annie McCord
Son-J.W. McCord
Father-Mr. McCord-S.C.
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 180

McCrary, Ottie Mae
02-15-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Arnold McCrary-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Meeks- Miss.
Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery
Page 37

McDonald, Vina Sue
04-30-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Residence-Guys, Tenn.
Father- Charlie P. McDonald-Tenn.
Mother- Minnie Patterson- Tenn.
Grandfather-J.R. Patterson
New Hope Cemetery
McNairy Co.,Tenn.
Page 95

McElhannon, John
About 79 yrs. old-Miss.
05-19-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Daughter-Mrs. J.M. "Bud" Suitor
Father- Jim McElhannon-N.C.
Mother- Emily Jones- N.C.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
10 Mi. W. of Corinth
Page 113

McElhannon, Mrs. Mattie Jane
03-05-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of-William McElhannon
Daughter- Mrs. Lessie Smith
Father- Alfred Erwin McElhannon
Mother- Miss Turner-Miss.
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery.
Page 55

McElhannon, Robert Stewart
07-12-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Grace McElhannon
Father- James McElhannon-Ga.
Mother- Emily Jones- N.C.
Wheeler Cemetery Alcorn
Page 162

McHughes, E.T.
03-26-1934-Michie, Tenn.
Father- W.B. McHughes- Tenn.
Mother- Edna Shields- Miss.
Sister-Maye McHughes
Pebble Hill Cemetery
Page 71

McNair, Lula
09-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- G.W. McNair
Order by-Ed & R.W. McNair
Father- G. Overton-Ala.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 222

McVey, Mary Helen
05-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
1:00 p.m.
05-06-1934-Corinth, Miss.
7:00 a.m.
Father- F.D. McVey-Miss.
Mother- Minnie Hardin-Miss.
Grandfather- John Hardin
Timmons Family Grave Yd.
5 Mi. N.W. of Jacinto, Miss.
Page 100


Oaks, Mary Alice
06-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Frank P. Oaks-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Doll-Miss.
Oak Grove Cemetery
Page 140

Odle, George Wayne
Father- George Odle-Ala.
Mother- Mittie Beavers- Tenn.
Uncle-D.B. Odle
Ramer Cemetery
Page 35

O`Kelley, Ervin David
About 61 yrs. old
01-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Nancy O`Kelley
Sons-George & W. O`Kelley
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 07


Paden, Miss. Sallie A.
07-15-1934-Paden, Miss.
Father- T.G. Paden-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Thompson- Miss.
Brother-D.W. Paden
Bethany Cemetery
Page 163

Parker, Mildred Cullister
05-29-1934-Alcoen Co., Miss.
Widow of-G.C. Parker
Father- Lawson Hays-Tenn.
Mother-Colister Cantrell-Tenn.
Other names-W.G. Parker, Edgar Gann,
J.F. & D.L Parker, Paul M. Parker, J.L Dickerson
Henry Cemetery
Page 125

Patterson, David Roosevelt (Colored)
About 6 yrs. old-Miss
04-12-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-James Patterson- Miss.
Mother-Rosetta Moore-Tenn.
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 81

Payne, Robert Weaver
12-21-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Son- Fred Payne
Father- Robert Payne
Mother- Miss. Weaver-Ala.
Allsboro Cemetery
Colbert Co., Ala.
Page 277

Pearson, Howard
10-10-1934-Jacinto, Miss.
Wife-Martha Pearson
New Hope Cemetery
Page 235

Perkins, Sam Howard
05-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Hazel G. Perkins
Brother-Lester Perkins
Father-J.S. Perkins-Tenn.
Mother- Birtie Walker-Miss.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 107

Phelps, Benjamin A.
01-01-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Son-J.N. Phelps
Father-Billy Phelps- Ga.
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 01

Phillips, Infant Girl
Lived 1 hr.
12-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Ralph L. Phillips-Ala.
Mother-Annie Lou Barker-Miss.
Order by-Elbert Hilburn
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Miss.
Page 267

Phillips, Webster Franklin
10-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-H.L.T. Phillips-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Rhinehart-Miss.
Blakney Grave Yd.
3. Mi. S. of Glen, Miss.
Page 242

Pitts, Samantha E.
12-11-1934-Booneville, Miss.
Widow of- H.B. Pitts
Order by- H.B. Pitts
Father- John Allen-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Milligan-Ala.
Liberty Church Cemetery
3 Mi. E. of Booneville, Miss.
Page 269

Poindexter, Pedro (Colored)
03-12-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Preston Poindexter-Missouri
Mother- Mozella Johnson-Tenn.
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 62

Porterfield, Mack
11-07-1934-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ed Porterfield-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Stanley-Tenn.
Porterfield Grave Yd.
Page 251

Potts, Joseph Pascal
07-20-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mary Potts
Son-Henry Potts & Sisters
Daughter-Susie Potts
Father-Mack Potts-Tenn.
Mother-Elizabeth Ijams-Miss.
Other name-Robert ?
Henry Cemetery
Page 171

Pounds, Wanza Isola
About 4mo. old
07-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Felix Pounds-Tenn.
Mother-Pauline Hix-Ohio
Friend-L.D. Lucas
Salem Cemetery
Page 168

Pratt, Susie E.
12-16-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Daughter-L.E. Brown
Father- Billie Ross-Va.
Mother-Born in Va.
Shiloh Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tenn
Page 273

Price, William D.
About 54 yrs. old-Tenn.
01-29-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Residence- 5 miles N.E. of Chalybeate, Miss.
Wife- Sarah Price
Father-John Price
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 24

Prince, Infant Boy
About 11mos. old
06-19-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Great Uncle-J.A. Roten
Father-Hubert Prince-Miss.
Mother-Fannie Roten-Miss.
Brush Creek
Page 141

Prince, Fannie Wroten
About 37 yrs. old
Husband-Hubert Prince-Miss.
Father-Fate Wroten-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Bobo-Miss
Friend-Earlie Smith
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 165

Prince James M.
08-22-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Hubert Prince-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Fannie Roaten-Miss.
Nephew-Allen Elam
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 195

Price, James Wiley
10-07-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Annie Price
Father-James Price-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 231

Purvis, Clara Alice
03-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Robert Purvis-Chicago, Ill.
Mother-Lita Butter-Miss.
Uncle-George Purvis
Henry Cemetery
Page 59

Putt, Maudie Jane
04-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-J.Newt Putt
Father- C.H. Putt-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Jones-Ala.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 94


Ragan, Sue J.
02-27-1934-Corinth, Miss
Husband-G.Frank Ragan
Order by- Frank, Mrs. Marlar & Taylor Ross
Father-F.F. Johnson-Ga.
Mother-Jennie Johnston-Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 47

Rainey, Jossie
About 30 yrs. old
08-11-1934-Walnut, Miss.
Husband-Cless Rainey
Order by-W.F.Thrasher
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 183

Reed, Mattie Philips
05-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Ex-Husband-Winston Reed
Order by-Hill Phillips
Father-Sam Phillips-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Nabors-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 120

Rencher, Henry Washington
01-06-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Emily Rencher
Son-Sidney Rencher
Father-William Perry Rencher-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Streetman
Union Cemetery
Page 04

Reynolds, Leander
10-11-1934-Corainth, Miss.
Wife-Mary A. Reynolds
Father-Millage Reynolds
Mother-Nancy Flat
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 234

Riddell, Charles Edward
11-25-1934-Hardin Co., Tenn.
Father-Doyle Riddell-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Curtis-Miss.
Uncle-J.E. Curtis
Center Hill Cemetery
Page 259

Robbins, Zeno
Other name-Annie T. Robbins
Father-J.L. Robbins- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Gann-Tenn.
Order by-W.E. Wood
Pebble Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 187

Robertson, Infant Boy
05-05-1934-Glen, Miss.
Father-Wallace Robertson- Ala.
Mother-Jessie Nagle-Miss.
Grandfather-M.E. Nagle
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 99

Robison M.E. (Dense)
Age 77 yrs. old- Miss.
03-03-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Tippah Co., Miss.
Widower of-Lucenda Robison
Son-In-Law-A.A. Mathis
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 53

Robinson Quilla (Colored)
05-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Von Robinson
Mother-Ora Mae Carter or
Dess Robinson- Miss.
Order by-Joe L. Carter
Colored City Cemetery
Page 119

Rogers, Bessie M.
11-16-1934-Corinth, Miss
Residence-Memphis, Tenn.
Husband-E.M. Rogers
Niece-Mrs. Paul Murrah
Sister-Mrs. J.T. Barnes
Father- Wm. Mabry-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Wyatt-Tenn.
Other name- Doss Mabry
City Cemetery
Page 254

Ross, Mrs. Callie
05-31-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-J.F. Ross
Father-Ruben Collins-N.C.
Mother-Prude Harmon-N.C.
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 127

Ross, William Thomas
05-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-W.A. Ross-Miss.
Mother-Mary E. Smith-Va.
Uncle-E.H. Ross
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 121


Sanders, Alford
03-14-1934-Somervilee, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Brother-J.W. Sanders
Father-T.M. Sanders-Ala.
Mother- Ester Brown-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 64

Sanders, Mrs. Martha E.
05-17-1934-Corinth, Miss
Widow of -J.R. Sanders
Daughter-Mrs. Joe Wilson
Order by-John Sanders
Father-Joe Donall-N.C.
Mother- Adeline Meeks-Tenn.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Page 112

Sasser, Effie
12-23-1934-Middleton Tenn.
Order by-Mrs. J.T. Nolen (Annie)
Father- Nat Watson- Ky.
Mother-Miss. Hardin-Miss.
Burial in Middleton Tenn.
Page 279

Selman, Ina Meryl
09-13-1934-Kellogg, Idaho
Father-Rev. W.S. Selman-Ala.
Mother-Ollie Livingston-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 213

Settle, James Rufus
11-02-1934-Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son-Will M. Settle
Father-David Settle-N.C.
Mother-Elizabeth Lewis- S.C.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 245

Sharp, Mrs. Mary Moore
05-25-1934-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Roy Sharp
Father- C.B. Massey-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Latha
Oak Grove Cemetery
Iuka, Miss.
Page 117

Sims, Tommie (Colored)
01-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mattie Sims
Cousin-Frank [Crumby?]
Father-Geo. Sims- Miss.
Mother- Sarah McDuffy-Tenn.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 22

Smith, Denna Owens
03-31-1934-Jacinto, Miss.
Husband-Carroll Smith
Father- Bud Owens-Miss.
Mother- Mary Childers-Miss.
Vanderford Grave Yard
Page 74

Smith, Mrs. Francis
09-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-R.L. Smith
Order by-Will Marlar & Elgin Crum
Father-A.J. Storment-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Forester-Tenn.
Paradise Cemetery
8 Mi. E. of Tishomingo, Miss.
Page 202

Smith Joseph Edman
07-22-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mollie Smith
Father-Taylor Smith-Tenn.
Mother- Mary F. Starn-N.C.
Order by- Cleve Smith
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
10 Mi. W. of Corinth
Page 172

Smith, Odelee
5 yrs. 5 mos. 19 days-Miss.
07-01-1934-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Newton Smith-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Rickett-Miss.
Uncle-Earlie Smith
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 154

Sory, Alford Harris
08-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Tabby Sory
Father- Mr. Sory-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Hutton-Tenn.
Other name-W. H. Sory
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 176

Southard, Jimmie (Colord)
About 40 yrs. old
10-16-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Jim Southard
Mother-Alice Fenley
Brother-In-Law-Will Robertson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 239

Spencer, Walker M.
About 75 yrs. old
09-25-1934-Booenville, Miss.
Widower of-Mrs. R.R. Spencer
Booneville Cemetery
Page 221

Steen, Miss. Mary Katherine
01-19-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Rev. I.D. Holt
Father-W.T. Steen- S.C.
Mother-Francis Craig-Ga.
Henry Cemetery
Page 15

Stevens, Wm. J.
12-03-1934-Booneville, Miss.
Order by-A.W. Stevens
Father-John Stevens- Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
4 Mi. E. of Booneville
Page 264

Stewart, Ruth Mae (Colored)
About 7 yrs. old-Miss.
06-23-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Anderson Stewart-Miss.
Mother- Gertrude Barnes- Ala.
Step Father-Jim Ivey
Baldwyn Cemetery
Page 142

Strachan Myrtle Mary
06-14-1934- Corinth, Miss
Father-Charles Strachan-Miss.
Mother- Ann Brown-Miss.
Aunt-Mrs. Ella Strachan
Hopewell Church Cemetery
8 Mi. E. of Corinth
Page 137

Strickland, Perry
04-21-1934- Corinth, Miss.
Father- R.P Strickland-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Burcham-Miss.
Brother. W.R. Strickland
Blakney Cemetery
Page 87

Studdard, L. Robert
03-23-1934-Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Effie Studdard
Father-Roe Studdard-Ala.
Friend-O.L. Jones
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 69

Surratt, Genette Mrs.
About 68 yrs. old-Miss.
03-02-1934-Corinth, Miss
Widow of-J.M. Surratt
Son-S.G. Surratt- Memphis
Father-Rev. M. Harrison
Mother-Miss. Bradberry- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 52

Switcher, Ely D.
03-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Epsie Deese Switcher
Sons-Henry Shackelford, Ben Lawrence & John Switcher
Other Information by:Helah Switcher Wilson-G.G. Daughter
Grandsons-J.R. & Clarence Switcher
Granddaughters- Katie V. Switcher Ross, Beatrice Switcher Barker,
Overton & Mae Henri Switcher Taylor
Daughter-In-Law- Sally Bonds Switcher wife of Henry Switcher
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 56


Taylor, Frank Jr.
01-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Frank Taylor-Miss.
Mother-Stella Mae Scott-Miss
Cousin-Sam Taylor
Shady Grove Methodist Cemetery
Page 06

Taylor, James
04-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence-Pocahontas, Tenn.
Wife-Mintie Taylor
Son-Joe Taylor
Father- Mr. Taylor
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 93

Thompson, Andrew James
10-23-1934 Corinth, Miss.
Father- Sam Thompson-Miss.
Mother-Edna Calhoun
City Cemetery
Page 240

Trantham, Sam Tom
01-17-1934-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Emma Trantham
Son- Josh Trantham
Father- Zack Trantham-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Chambers-Ky.
Jumpertown Cemetery
Page 14

Thompson, Andrew James
Still Born
10-23-1934 Corinth
Father- Sam Thompson- Miss.
Mother- Edna Calhoun
City Cemetery
Page 240


Vanderford, Richard P. (Dock)
05-28-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widower of-Joe Anna Vanderford
Son-In-Law-W.H. Walker
Father-Joe Vanderford-N.C.
Vanderford Family Cemetery
8 Mi. N.E. of Jacinto, Miss.
Page 123

Vandiver, Walter Charlie
06-27-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Carrie Vandiver
Son- Hugh Vandiver
Father- J.M. Vandiver-N.C.
Mother- Miss. Barmon ?-N.C.
Camp Creek Cemetery
West of Guntown, Lee Co., Miss.
Page 149

Voyles, Cora Mrs.
09-11-1934-Burnsville, Miss.
Husband- T.E. Voyles
Order by-A.N. Voyles
Father-Joe Brown-Ala.
Mother- Miss. Joslin
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 208

Voyles, Jane Martha
06-30-1934- Bolivar, Tenn.
Father-Isom Graham- S.C.
Mother-Martha Babb-Tenn.
Brother-Will Graham
Uncle-J.G. Babb
Other name- A. L. Graham
Carter Family Cemetery
McNairy Co., Miss.
Page 152

Voyles, Sherrill
12-15-1934-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Claude Voyles-Miss.
Mother-Hazel Mathis-Miss.
Uncle-Ed Voyles
Union Church Cemetery
Page 272


Walker America "Aunt" (Colored)
About 99 yrs. old-Va.
04-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-Abe Walker
Son-Eugene Walker
Walker Colored Family Cemetery
Page 91

Walker, Lorena (Colored)
About 16 yrs. old-Miss.
01-06-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Henry Walker-S.C.
Mother-Mary Ann Walker-Ala
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 05

Wardlow, Jewell
01-13-1934-Crump, Tenn.
Father-Lacy D. Wardlow-Tenn.
Mother-Lillie Wilson
Aunt-Mrs. Turner & Mrs. Martindale
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 09

Wardlow, Heseph Pinkney
05-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Mary S. Wardlow
Father-J.R. Wardlow-Tenn.
Mother- Mary Ann North-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 108

Watson, Boys (Twins)
11-27-1934-Corinth, Miss
1st. Died-11-28-1934
10:00 p.m.
2nd. Died-11-29-1934-Corinth, Miss.
3:00 a.m.
Midwife-Granny Dixon
Father- Tom Watson-Ala
Mother- Lizzie Ellsworth-Miss.
Salem Church Cemetery
Buried together
Page 261

Watson, Clarence James
10-08-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Burnsville, Miss.
Father-J.C. Watson-Miss.
Mother-Estalee Wilson-Tenn.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 232

Wayne, Belzora Miss.
72 yrs. old (1862)-Ga.
03-02-1934-Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-J.A.J. Wayne-Ga.
Mother-Miss. Chamley-Ga.
Nephew-Dr. B.W. Williams
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 51

Wayne, Mrs. Bettie Mae
09-18-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband-V.J. Wayne
Father-John Hathcock-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Elsie Fowler-Tenn.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 214

Weathers , Tressie Irene
3-11-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father- E.M. Weathers-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Bonds- Ms
Mt. Gillard Cemetery
4 M. S.W. of Iuka, Miss.
Page 60

Webb, Mrs. Rebecca
08-28-1934-Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- T.E. Webb
Father- Mr. Moore
Pisgah Church Cemetery
Page 197

Webster, Elston Martin
07-24-1881-Salem, Ill.
06-14-1934-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Virginia F. Webster
Father-G.W. Webster-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Grace Martin-Ill.
Park View Cemetery
Alexandria, Ind.
Page 138

Weeks, Mrs. Laura Elizabeth
03-02-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Husband- J.B. Weeks
Order by-Mrs. R.E.L. Mitchell
Father-W.G. Thompson-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Ferrell-Miss.
Other name-C.E. Thompson
Henry Cemetery
Page 50

Weeks, Solomon Emanuel
02-15-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widower of-Amanda Weeks
Order by-John Weeks
Father-Gary Weeks-N.C.
Mother-Miss. Rhoads-N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 38

Weibel, Infant Boy
08-17-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Charles O. Weibel-Ind.
Mother-Mildred Henry- Ind.
Henry Cemetery
Page 190

White, Ceolla (Colored)
06-05-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Sire White-Miss.
Mother-Alice Sheffield-Ala
Colored City Cemetery
Page 133

Whitted, Mrs. O’Leavy Gail
03-21-1934- Miss.
Husband- B.H. Whitted
Order by-Corbit & Clyde Burns
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 67

Wilbanks, Jessie W.
01-**-1842- S.C.
11-29-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Nellie Wilbanks
Father- Mr. Wilbanks- S.C.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 262

Wilbanks, Jimmie
About 2 yrs. old-Tenn.
06-27-1934-Pocahontas, Tenn.
Father- Hubert Wilbanks-Miss.
Mother-Willie Miller-Miss.
Order by- Jess Forsythe
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 150

Wilbanks, O.M.
About 4 Yrs.-Miss.
03-09-1934 –Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Laura Wilbanks-Miss.
Mother-Ara Jones-Miss.
Uncle-N.W. Wilbanks
Union Church Cemetery
Page 58

Willingham, Margarett Evelan
09-13-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Wm. Willingham-Ala.
Mother- Dora Adams-Tenn.
Aunt-Minnie Miller
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 209

Willis, James
About 58 yrs. old-Miss.
06-24-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Father-Andrew Willis
Nephew-B.W. Willis
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 144

Wilson, George Washington
07-10-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Sallie Wilson
Sons-A. David, R., & W. Wilson
Father-Robert Wilson- Miss.
Mother-Martha Dinney-Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 158

Wilson Mrs. Maggie C.
10-26-1934-Birmingham, Ala.
Order by- Mrs. May W. (J.T.) Moore
Father-J.D. [Coneeson ?]
Mother-Lillie Price-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 241

Wood, Bob
01-16-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mrs. Lou Wood
Father-Jack Wood
Mother-Miss. Storment-Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 12

Wood, Lewis Daniel
09-26-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Son-A.B. Wood
Father-R.L. Wood-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. McCreary-Tenn.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Tish Co., Miss.
Page 224

Woodruff, Thomas Oleany (Wright)
07-16-1934- Paden Miss.
Husband-P.T. Woodruff
Father-Wesley Wright-Miss.
Mother-Lovella Baley-Miss.
Palestine Cemetery
Near Paden, Miss.
Page 166


Yarbrough, Mrs. Lou Rita
07-24-1934-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of-C.C. Yarbrough
Grandson-Elbert Yarbrough
City Cemetery
Page 173

Yarbrough, Artie Jennette (Colored)
08-11-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Hezekiah? Yarbrough-Miss.
Mother-Lillie Page-Miss.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 184
Alcorn County Home
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