Corinthian Clippings for January 23, 1930


P.S. Weaver, capitalist and man of much activity, recently purchasing the O.C. Meeks property at the corner of Waldron and Cass streets, was here Wednesday from Tupelo, looking after details preparatory to beginning work at an early date.

The first thing to be done, advises Mr. Weaver, is to secure a lot upon which to place the buildings that will necessarily be removed before construction work can get under way.

The blue prints as adopted for the new structure represent a building 58x96 feet, brick veneer and trimmed with a profusion of stone and marble. The building will consist of forty-eight rooms and will be divided into four separate apartments of twelve rooms each. Each apartment will be complete with all modern appliances that appeal to an ideal home. The building will be three stories in height and when completed will present an imposing and attractive appearance, possibly one of the most handsome structures in Corinth, a building of which all Corinth may feel justly proud.

Mr. Weaver spent Wednesday in the city and advises that materials will be assembled and actual work be gotten under headway about March 1.

Bids upon several features to be incorporated in the building will be sought from Corinth contractors. The structure will face on Cass street and the grounds will be beautified upon the completion of the job.

Corinth welcomes the bringing of capital to Corinth and trusts to some not distant day to enroll this valued man as a permanent resident here.


An appeal is being made today in solicitation for aid for the Waddell family who were the victims of misfortune Saturday morning when fire destroyed the Henry Sharp residence, lying immediately west of Henry cemetery in which the Waddell family lost every article of household goods, bedding and wearing apparel with the exception of one bed. The good people of Corinth are asked to contribute such articles that will aid in the restoration of a home for the unfortunate family. Bedding, furniture, clothing and such items of a like nature will be highly appreciated.

The family is temporarily located in the home of George Smith, near the scene of the fire.

Dr. T.W. Young, president of the local welfare association was seen this morning and advises that the association will render such assurance as the restricted means will permit.

The situation is serious with this family. The loss coming at a time when weather conditions are severe and anyone who cares to help can either send donations to the home of Geo. Smith or to the office of the welfare association at the court house.


The body of Mrs. Nancy Paralee Gilton will be laid to rest at Babb’s cemetery northeast of Corinth this afternoon, the burial service being directed by Tyson undertakers.

Mrs. Gilton died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Julia Bingham, 7 miles northeast of the city. She was 81 years of age; a member of the Christian church and a woman loved and respected by everyone with whom she was acquainted.

She is survived by one son, J.M. Gilton and three daughters, Mrs. Julia Bingham with whom she made her home; Mrs. Mattie Lambert and Mrs. Ludell Knight. The funeral services will be conducted by Elder S.P. Copeland. Deceased was the widow of James Gilton, whose death occurred seven years ago.

Corinthian Clippings for January 23, 1930



W.L. Sweat, realtor, made a trip to Tupelo Friday afternoon and closed a deal with P.S. Weaver for a lot on Bunch street between Cass and Madison streets. The lot acquired by Mr. Weaver measures 40x73 feet and will take care of the building recently acquired in the purchase of the O.C. Meeks property at the corner of Waldron and Cass. The Meeks old home will be moved and in the process of repair will be remodeled to some extent and transformed into a structure that will enhance the property perceptibly. Mr. Sweat says it is the intention of Mr. Weaver to begin the construction of the 48-room 3-story apartment on the site now occupied by the Meeks home just as soon as materials can be assembled.


We have posted our lands against hunting or trespass of any kind. Prosecution will be instigated against violators.

C.G. Miller

J.F. Miller

V.G. Miller

W.A. Mattox

J.H. Mattox

M.L. Mattox


A deplorable tragedy took place Saturday afternoon about 3 o’clock near Biggersville, about 8 miles South of Corinth on the Gulf Highway that has brought sadness into one home and plunged another into trouble resulting in the arrest of Burt Henderson charged with manslaughter in the killing of L.R. Gammel, 50, who was hit while crossing the highway by the car driven by Henderson.

It is stated that Henderson, an employee of Galtney Motor Co., was going South on the highway, driving a Ford car, in answer to a call for a mechanic from the home of Perry Lucken in the Hinkle Creek community, several miles South of Biggersville.

Gammel, together with Gene Latch, Estes McLemore and possibly another party had been to the Biggersville Mercantile Co., to make certain purchases and Gammel got into a wagon with the others and rode to a point on the highway some one hundred yards south of the top of Biggers hill when he got out to walk to his home a short distance from the highway and possibly one half mile from the store.

It is stated that a few minutes after he left the wagon one of the party looked back about the time the passing car came in contact with the unfortunate man and exclaimed, "Oh Lord, they have killed him." Gammel either stepped in front of the car or the driver hit the man and did not realize what was happening until too late.

The impact threw Gammel against the radiator and in falling was caught underneath and dragged a distance of approximately ninety feet, when the car sped on and left the unfortunate man lying in the road mangled and in a dying condition. One leg showed a break in three places; the other leg was broken and one eye knocked out. He never regained consciousness and died within fifteen minutes.

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