McPeters Funeral Home Records 1930

McPeters Funeral Home, Alcorn County, Mississippi - 1930

Transcribed by: Janice Switcher & Helah Wilson - March 29, 2007


Adams, William Climer
01-24-1930- 8:30a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- Will Adams-Tenn
Mother- Ida Terry-Tenn
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 17

Allen, Mrs. Ida Lee
07-27-1930 1:a.m. Burnsville, Miss.
Husband- O.N. Allen
Father- John Epperson- Va.
Mother- Miss. Cochran- Miss.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 143

Andrews, Mrs. Rebecca Elizabeth
12-01-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss
Home of Mrs. Henry Meeks
Widow of -John Andrews
Father- W.C. Meeks- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Chambers- Tenn.
Order by- George Andrews- Okla.
Henry Cemetery
Page 211

Austin, Mrs. Ina Odel
04-24-1930- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband-Jesse Austin
Father-Bert Dildy-Tenn
Mother- Miss. Thomas- Miss.
Father-In-Law- C.M. Austin
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 80


Barber, Stephen Jackson
Wife- Emily E. Barber
Grandsons- F.L. Barber- Stantonville, Tenn. &
H.I. Lucy-Corinth, Miss.
Father- John Barber-
Shiloh National Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Page 227

Barnes, Mrs. Mary Jane
About 65 years of age
12-14-1930- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- W.L. Barnes
Grandson- G.C. Barnes
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Page 214

Barnes, Herman F.
07-13-1910- Miss.
10-16-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- B.C. Barnes- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Stovall- Tenn.
Order by Mable and J.R. Barnes
Henry Cemetery
Page 187

Barnes, Mrs. Mattie
About 43 years of age
06-19-1930- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Barnes - Miss.
Order by- J.E. Curtis
Center Hill Cemetery
Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 109

Barnhill, Prentiss (Colored)
About 30 years of age
06-03-1930- Ramer, Tenn.
Mother- Laura Barnhill
Order by- Nelson Ramer & J.C. Smith
Tate Colored Cemetery
Page 101

Beene, Mrs. Martha A.
02-19-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Home of Bob McIntyre
Widow of L.W. Beene
Father- Mr. Busby - Ark.
Mother- Miss. Barnes
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 44

Berlin, Nobel Edward
08-21-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Red Bay, Ala.
Father- J.P. Berlin –Tenn.
Mother- Julia Redman -Ala.
Burial at Red Bay, Ala
Page 160

Black, Mrs. Mollie
About 65 years of age
Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by H.T. Coke
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 191

Blankenship, R. Lesley
10-17-1902- Tenn.
09-04-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Lucille Blankenship
Father- H.H. Blankenship-Tenn
Mother- Miss Rogers-Tenn
Order by C.P. Buttar
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 169

Bobo, Mrs. Margarette McElhannon
02-12-1930 - Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-James McElhannon -Ga.
Mother-Emily Jones-N.C.
Order by- Miz McElhannon
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 33

Booth, Alvah Lee
63 Years of age
03-07-1930- Memphis, Tenn.
Wife- Mrs. Mai Sue Collier Booth
Henry Cemetery
Page 52

Bostic, Arthur (Colored)
08-16-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Order by Alec & Nell Bostic
Father- Arthur Bostic
Colored City Cemetery
Page 158

Boyd, Ella (Colored)
About 55 years of age
06-24-1930- 6:30 p.m. - Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- Gene Boyd
Father- Osborn White-Miss.
Old Danville Colored Cemetery
Page 113

Briggs, Pauline
About 3 years of age
12-17-1930- Cointh, Miss.
Father- John P. Briggs- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Nichols- Miss.
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 217

Brownlee, David
05-25-1930- 3 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father-Carl Brownlee-Ill.
Mother- Miss. Stubbelfield- Ill.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 96

Burnett, Thomas Franklin
05-11-1930- 5:30 p.m. – Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Sarah E. (Granny) Burnett
Father- Barney Burnett-N.C.
Mother- Miss. Jobe - N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 91

Burns, Paul Rozell
06-22-1930- 2a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- W.A. Burns-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Clyde Phillips-Tenn.
Order by- Chief Burns
City Cemetery
Page 111

Burris, Doffres Willie
11-13-1930- 2 a.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Effie Burris
Father- J.P. Burris- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Lou- Baldwin, Miss.
Osborn Cemetery
South of Wheeler, Prentiss Co. Miss.
Page 204


Cagle, C.M.
12-08-1930- Haleyville, Ala.
Phone Order by- S.E. Berry
Burial at Haleyville, Ala.
Page 212

Capooth, Luther E.
05-08-1930 2:35p.m.- German Town, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Rosa Derryberry Capooth
Henry Cemetery
Lot 6 Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 90

Carmon, Melvin Franklin
10-22-1930- 8 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- A.C. Carmon- Tenn.
Mother- Mary Stewart- Ala.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 189

Carpenter, John (Colored)
About 43 years of age
12-14-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Mack Wiley and Frank Patterson
No cemetery listed
Page 215

Carroll, Doshia
02-14-1930- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Husband-Frank Carroll
Father- James Hamilton -Ala.
Mother- Miss. Penny- Ala.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 37

Chambers, Mary T. (Colored)
05-21-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Zach T. Chambers
Father- Mr. Tank-Ala.
Order by- J.M. Page
Concord Colored Cemetery
Page 95

Chambers, Francis
8-10-1930- Corinth, Miss
Lived 30 Minutes
Father-Andrew Chambers-Tenn.
Mother-Rachel Lawrence-Miss.
Midwife-Harriett Barnett
Concord Colored Cemetery
Page 154

Chandler, Mrs. Effie Merrell
2-15-1930 8 a.m. Corinth, Miss.
Husband- E.S. Chandler
Father-Edwin Merrell-Ala.
Mother- Miss. Addie Lackey-Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 38

Clifton, L.D.
About 7 mos.
04-16-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Earl Clifton-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Willie McDonald- Texas
New Hope Cemetery
Page 74

Cobb, Mrs. Mary Jane
02-20-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Died at B.B. Bass Residence
Husband-W.H. Cobb
Father-Billie Martin
Order by-C.E. Cobb
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 45

Infant Girl Coffman
12-23-1930 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Lived 1 Hour-Premature
Father-Andrew Coffman-Tenn.
Mother-Eliza McMinn-Tenn.
Grandfather- J.H. Coffman
Oak Hill Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 222

Conway, Mrs. Mary
86 Yrs.9 Mos. 29 Days
Order by- J.S. Conway
Burial in Hackleburg, Ala.
Page 156

Cotton, Ada Jane (Colored)
08-04-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Chester Cotton- Miss.
Mother- Alberta Lindsey- Miss.
Order by- Sterling "Pig" Cotton
Midwife-,Sallie Beavers
Colored City Cemetery
Page 150

Creely, Martha Elaine
10-04-1930- Corinth, Miss
Died at- W.A. Stewart’ residence
Father- G.P. Creely- Miss.
Mother-Thelma Scott- Miss.
Puckett Family Cemetery
Amory, Miss.
Page 181

Crum, Hardy
25 Years of age
03-19-1930 11:30 a.m.
Father- Tom Lee Crum- Miss,
Mother-Miss. Mathis -Miss.
Order by- Jink Crum
Shiloh Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 56

Crum, Infant Girl
04-05-1930- Glen, Corinth, Miss
Father- H.N. Crum- Miss.
Mother-Pearlie C. Hall-Miss.
No cemetery listed
Page 66

Crum, Denia Tyress
Father-John Henry Crum-Miss.
Mother-Della Smith-Miss.
Uncle-H.A. Crum
Lone Oak Cemetery
Theo Community, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 192

Cummings, Mrs. Doss "Sallie"
About 30 yrs of age
07-25-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- J.T. Crow & Son
Burial at Savannah, Tenn.
Page 142


Davis, John T.
66 yrs of age
02-07-1930- 7 p.m.
Late Wife- Mamie Davis
Father- Jerry Davis-Miss.
Order by- G.E. Davis
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 30

Dees, Mrs. Louvenia
01-**-1876- Miss.
12-25-1930- 1:30 p.m.- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband-John T. Dees
Son- W.C. Dees
Father- Ben Kitchens- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Whisenant
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 223

Denton, John Polk
06-02-1930 11:15 a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Jennie B. Denton
Father- Jerry Denton-Tenn
Order by- W.R., Gene & Willie Strickland
Henry Cemetery
Page 100

Sampson A. Derryberry
03-22-1930- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mollie Derryberry
Father- P.M. Derryberry-Tenn.
Mother -Susan Carper-Tenn.
Liberty Church Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss.
East of Booneville, Miss.
Page 58

Dickey, Effie (Colored)
09-01-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- Ray Dickey & Jack Wagoner
Alcorn Colored Cemetery
Page 166

Dilworth, Mary C. Biggers
06-17-1930- 12 p.m. - Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-Jack Biggers- N.C.
Mother- Betty Morrison-Tenn
Order by- Mrs. Biggers Dilworth
New Hope Cemetery
Biggersville, Miss.
Page 107

Dowdy, William Franklin
11-28-1930- Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wife-Velma Peerey Dowdy
Order by- Grady Peerey
Father-Nathan Dowdy-Clifton, Tenn
Mother-Euna Baker-Tenn
Shipped From- Albuquerque, New Mexico
Henry Cemetery on Cobb Lot
Page 209

Dunn, Lessie B.
01-01-1920- Miss.
10-14-1930-7 p.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- John Dunn- Miss.
Mother -Minnie Briggs- Miss.
Uncle-W.J. Briggs
Order by- J.W. Briggs
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Near Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 186

Dyson, Ruby Estel
01-09-1930- 9 a.m. - Ramer, Tenn.
Wife-R.V. Dyson
Father-John Davis
Mother-Miss. Ramer-Tenn.
Olive Hill Cemetery
Ramer, Tenn.
Page 06


Eaves, Cessel S.
08-01-1930- Waterloo, Ala.
Husband- H.A. Eaves
Waits Grave Yard
10 Miles S.W. of Waterloo, Ala.
Page 148

Epperson, Dave
03-028-1854- Miss
02-15-1930 9 a.m. - Burnsville, Miss.
Wife-Ida Epperson
Father-John Epperson- N.C.
Order by- C.L. Epperson
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 39


Farris, Infant
8-24-1930- 8:30 p.m.
Father- Alvis Farris- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bowers- Tenn.
Grandfather- C.M. Bowers
Residence- Guys, Tenn.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 161

Farris, Infant Girl
10-24-1930 4 a.m. - Wenasoga, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- R.F. Farris- Tenn.
Mother- Ethel Williams- Tenn.
Olive Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 179,

Fitzgerald, Willie Walne
12-31-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Flonie Fitzgerald
Father- Dave Fitzgerald
Mother- Martha Wane-Va.
Order by- F.F. Anderson
Henry Cemetery
Page 230

Flake, Gewel (Jewel)
12-22-1930 1:15a.m. - Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss
Father- Will Flake- Miss.
Mother- Wardie Wilbanks Flake- Miss.
Providence Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 220

Fraley, A.D.
58 Yrs. 4 Mos.11 Days
08-12-1930- Osceola, Ark.
Order by- Millard Fraley
Remains Shipped To Alcorn Co.
From Osceola, Ark.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 155

Forsythe, Ephraim H.
6-27-1930 2 p.m. - McNairy Co., Tenn.
Wife-Sarah Francis Forsythe
Father- William Forsythe
Mother- Miss. Elder
Order by- Ed Forsythe
No Cemetery Listed
Page 115

Fowler, Belle
50 Years of age
3-14-1930 8:30.a.m. - Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Will S. Fowler
Father- Millard Sweat-Tenn
Mother- Miss. Davis-Tenn
Babb Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 55

Fulks, Howard
04-15-1930- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Ruby Howard
Father- Case Fulks- Miss.
Mother- Medra Fulks- Miss.
Order by- Kennie Basham
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 73

Fullilove, Mrs. Eliza
01-17-1930- Meridian, Miss.
Husband- Rev. B.P. Fullilove
Residence- Rienzi, Miss.
Funeral at- Chalybeate,Miss.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 15

Fulton, Marie
D. 07-13-1930
Husband- Claude Fulton
Other information at
Blount Funeral Home
Livingston, Tenn.
Page 130


Galyean, Annie Elizabeth / William Thomas Galyean, III
11-04-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Died at her mothers home- Mrs. Davenport
Buried with her baby
Husband- William Thomas Galyean, Jr.
Father- W.E. Gladney-Miss.
Mother-Eunice Lambert-Miss.
City Cemetery
Lambert Lot- Left Side
Page 197

William Thomas Galyean, III
B. & D. 11-04-1930
Buried with Mother
City Cemetery
Lambert Lot- Left Side
Page 198

Gammill, Lorey R.
About 48 yrs. of age
01-18-1930- Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Connie S. Gammill
Father-Frank Gammill-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Shull- Tenn.
Order by- E.H. Thompson
New Hope Cemetery
Page 14

Gatlin, Barbara Rose Ann
07-11-1930 11a.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Died at Dock Smith`s home
Father- A.L. Gatlin- Miss.
Mother- Cleo Cora Smith- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 127

Geisler, Gus A.
06-27-1930- 6:20 p.m
Wife-Anna Geisler
Father- Mr. Geisler-Germany
Order by- Arthur and Wesley
Henry Cemetery
Page 116

Gibson, Synthia Lucretia Meeks
07-23-1930- 5:30 a.m. – Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Tom F. Gibson
Father-W.C. Meeks-Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Chambers-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 140

Glidewell, Ludia
09-03-1930- Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Richard Glidewell
Father- Charlie Adams
Mother- Miss. Davis
Order by- Richard and Eli Glidewell
Babb Cemetery/Fraley Chapel Cemetery
Page 168

Graham, Mrs. Virginia
01-07-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Charles S. Graham
Father- S.W. McCullar- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Smith- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 03

Greer, Minnie (Mary) Jane
1yr. 4mos.4 days
08-24-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Residence- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Jesse Greer- Tenn.
Mother- May Walker- Miss.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 162

Green, Emma
02-7-1930 3:55 p.m. - Paden, Miss.
Husband- R.J. Green
Son- W.S. Green
Father- John Stephens- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Wilson- Miss.
Burial in Paden, Miss.
Page 29

Green, Hardy Stricklin
02-12-1930 7:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Marcia Sloan Green
Order by- Sloan Green
Father- J.A. Green- N.C.
Mother-Miss. Stricklin- N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 34


Hanley, Annie Dora Louise
01-02-1930 11a.m. – Corinth, Miss.
Father- Ben H. Hanley- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Dora Lynch- Miss.
Order by- John & Pat
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 01

Harrison, Mary Francis
About 69 yrs. of age
02-23-1930- Poor House
Late Husband- Frank Harrison
Father- Dave Choate- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Pyle- Miss.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 46

Harrison, Dora Adeline
10-2-1930 3 a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Husband- W.L. Harrison
Son- W.B. Harrison
Father- A.J. McMahan- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Watson- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 178

Harbert, Infant Boy
08-09-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- James B. Harbert- Tenn.
Mother- Effie Mae Harbert
No Cemetery Listed
Page 153

Hathcock, Retha May
07-22-1930 6:00 a.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Thomas D. Hathcock- Tenn
Mother- Miss. Rickman- Miss.
Order by- J.S. Hathcock
Babb Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 138

Infant Boy Haynes (Colored)
02-18-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Chester Haynes- Miss.
Mother- Della Emma Monroe- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 41

Haynie, Miss. Libby
01-31-1930- 9:30 a.m. - Glen, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Ernestine Stevens
Father- M.E. Haynie- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Annie Strickland- Miss.
Haynie Family Cemetery
Page 25

Henry, William Daniel
04-20-1930 5 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Sarah L. Henry
Father- M.B. Henry- Va.
Mother-Margarette Wood
Order by- Rev. Gilbert
Henry Cemetery
Page 76

Hodge, Mrs. Eliza
D. 06-27-1930
Husband- J.D. Hodge
Order by- Will Hodge
Booneville, Cemetery
Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 114

Hudson, Mrs. Anne
4-27-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- O.W. Hudson
Children- A.P. and Clara Hudson
Father- A. Rugnor- France
Mother-May Stanley- Ireland
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 83

Hunt, Ed (Colored)
About 65 years of age
7-2-1930 7:30 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Brother- Andy Hunt
Father- Talvey Hunt- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 121


Irons, Louise (Colored)
06-20-1930 Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Joe Irons
Father- Dan Barlow- Miss.
Mother- Louisa Fisher- Miss.
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 110

Isom, Byrd Bryant
04-11-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Lillie P. Isom
Son- Leon Isom
Father- C.A. Isom- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Bran- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 72


Jackson, Jack, Jr.
01-11-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.W. Jackson- Tenn
Mother- Miss. Cornelius- Ala.
Order by- H.A. Jackson
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 26

Jackson, Joe E.
06-09-1930- 5:15 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Emma Jackson
Son- Alfred Jackson
Daughter and Son-In-Law-Bertha & Jack Harrington
New Hope Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 105

Jennings, Lizzie (Colored)
About 49 yrs. of age
09-17-1930- 8:30 p.m. - Corinth, Miss
Husband- Jessie Jennings
Father- Joe Winningham- Ala.
Mother- Rena Winningham- Ala.
Other name- Isaac Winningham
Colored City Cemetery
Page 176

Jobe, William Wesley
87 yrs. of age
7-10-1930 6 a.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Matilda Jobe
Order by- J.B. & Children
Father- John P. Jobe- Ky.
Mother- Miss. Childers- Tenn.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 126

Johnsey, Arthur L.
Wife- Hazel B. Johnsey
Father- H.T. Johnsey- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 13

Jones, Henry “Booker” Bascomb
02-12-1930- Meridian, Miss.
First Wife- Mary Elizabeth Babb Jones
Second Wife- Ava Louella Marett Jones
Order by- Sam B. Jones
Another name- W.W. Jones
Babb Cemetery/Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 35

Jones, Jefferson Davis
About 70 yrs. of age
2-15-1930 7:30 p.m. Corinth, Miss
Wife- Ella Rogers Jones
Son-O.H. Jones
Father- John L. Jones- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Tims- Ga.
Henry Cemetery
Page 40

Jones, Lester E.
03-28-1930- Chewalla, Tenn.
Father- G.I. Jones- Tenn.
Mother- Lila Wallace- Tenn.
Order by- F.E. Jones
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 61

Jones, Mrs. Bettie
75 yrs. of age
5-18-1930- Washington, D.C.
Shipped From Washington D.C.
To Alcorn Co., by- Narvel K. Tabler
Order by- James and H.A. Jones
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 94

Jones, Claude
08-24-1930- Jackson, Miss.
Father- Jeff D. Jones- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Ella Rogers- Tenn.
Order by- M.L. & O.H.- Jones
Shipped To Alcorn for Burial
Henry Cemetery
Page 163

Jones, James Alex (Colored)
09-12-1930- 3p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- Alex Jones-Tenn.
Mother-Victoria Norman-Miss.
Order by- C.D. Meeks
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 173

Jones, Mrs. Lillie Ophelia
10-03-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Sam B. Jones
Father- James Parks- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Suitor- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 180

Jones, John L.
01-24-1848- Ala.
10-23-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn
Late Wife-Nancy Ann Jones
Father-John Jones- Ala.
Mother- Born- Ala.
Order by- T.L. Jones
Mt. Vinson Cemetery
North off Stantonville, Tenn.
Page 188


Kelly, Mrs. Katie
42 yrs.28 days
D-12-21-1930 8:30p m. Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband-R.L. Kelly
Father- L.B. Brotto?- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Milford- Ala.
Order by- J.C. Smith & J.A. Kelly
Oak Grove Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 219

Kemp, Edward Nathaniel
88 ys.4 mos.7 days
03-25-1930- E. St. Louise, Mo.
Sons- Edward and M.B. Kemp
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 60

Kennedy, Leroy Rowland
D. 12-30-1930- New Albany, Miss.
Order by- E.M. Hawkins
Wife- Florence McGill
Son- W.D. Kennedy- Columbus, Miss.
Burial in New Albany, Miss.
Page 228

King, Infant
5-19-1930 3p.m. - McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father- Jessie King- Tenn.
Mother-Pauline Bowen King- Tenn.
New Hope Cemetery
Page 92

King, L.J. (Probably assumed name)
About 70 yrs. of age
11-21-1930 10 p.m. Corinth, Miss.
Residence- St. Louis, Mo.
Registered at Cox Hotel
On 11-19-1930 @ 8:30 p.m.
City Cemetery
Page 207

Knight, Mrs. Leona E.
01-11-1930- Acton, Tenn.
Husband-W.T. Knight
Father- Calvin Coln
Mother- Miss. Doan
Order by- J.C. & R.L. Knight
Liberty Church Cemetery
Page 08

Knight, J.E.
12-26-1930- Michie, Tenn.
Order by- W.D. Knight
White House Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 224

Kyle, Rufus E.
02-19-1930 –Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Elenor O. Kyle
Father- William Kyle-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Qualls-Tenn.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tenn.
Page 43


Landfair, Sybel C.
07-17-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Wade H. Landfair- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Agnes Bradley- Miss.
Uncle- John Bradley
Other name- Marguerite
Henry Cemetery
Page 135

Laster, Mrs.Elizabeth
02-08-1930- Leedy, Miss.
Order by- B.C. Laster
Father- Bill Ashcraft- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Fisher- Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 31

Leatherwood, Mrs. Julia
01-25-1930- Ripley, Miss.
Died at home of- J.W. Wardlow
Husband- John V. Leatherwood
Order by- W.L. Leatherwood
Holly Cemetery
Page 22

Lesley, Mary Conzoda
01-24-1930- Milledgeville, Tenn
Father- A. Wigginton- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Spear- Ala.
Burial at Morris Chapel
Page 20

Lusk, Arthur (Colored)
12-29-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Tillman Lusk- Miss
Mother- Mary Dyer Lusk- Miss.
Pilgrims Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 226

Luttrell, Mrs. Minnie Massey
About 38 yrs. of age
1-13-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- J.L. Luttrell
Father- H.S. Massey- Miss.
Mother- Miss. McDougal- Miss.
Order by- Lipsey & Massey & Foote
Iuka Cemetery
Page 10


Mahaffey, George Washington
05-01-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife-Mollie Mahaffey
Father- Mr. Mahaffey
Order by- Rev. Arthur H. Mahaffey- Plantersville, Ala.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 86

Malone, Emeline E.
09-05-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Husband- R.D. Malone
Father- J.B. Berry, Sr.- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Asbill- Tenn.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 170

Martin, Nancy J.
04-03-1930- Meridian, Miss.
Late Husband- Bob Martin
Order by- J.W. Slaughter & May Kendrick
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 64

Mathis, Mrs. Mollie Ann
76 yrs. of age
10-11-1930- Miss.
Late Husband- Bill Mathis
Son- J.T. Mathis- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband-Bill Mathis
Father- J.W. Derryberry- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Drewery- Miss.
Order by- A.A. Mathis
Shiloh Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 185

Mattenlee, Benjamin Franklin
07-24-1930- Kansas City, Mo.
Died at the home of Mrs. Maude Dearing
Wife-Maggie Mattenlee
Father- Dr. B. F. Mattenlee- Ky.
Mother- Miss. Green Mattenlee- Ky.
Forrest Hill Cemetery
Kansas City, Mo.
Page 141

Medford, Mrs. Susan Jane
01-25-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Isom Medford
Father- P. Hopper- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Mathis- Tenn.
Order by- J.A. Medford
Medford Family Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 19

Meeks Lula,
04-07-1930- Memphis, Tenn.
Father-John. T. Meeks- Miss.
Mother- Sarah D. McPeters Meeks-Miss.
Order by- H.E. and Johnnie Meeks
Henry Cemetery
Page 69

Meeks, Rufus Argel
D. 07-04-1930- Chewalla, Tenn.
Father-H.J. Meeks-Tenn.
Mother- Rachel Wilmeth Meeks
Brothers- M.P. & T.B. Meeks
White Oak Cemetery
Cypress, Tennessee
Page 123

Meeks, Mary Elizabeth Wren
Husband- T. Benton Meeks
Father- Newt Wren- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Mitchell- Tenn.
White Oak Cemetery
Cypress, Tennessee
Page 225

Melvin, Mrs. Carrie E.
Died at the home of daughter- Mrs. Mark McElhannon
Late Husband- James Melvin
Father- Mr. Doggett- N.C.
Order by- Mrs. Hal Conn
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 216

Miller, Willena
Lived 8 hrs. (3 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
04-07-1930- Rienzi, Miss.
Father- C.G. Miller- Miss.
Mother- Ivy Wilhite- Miss.
Union Cemetery
Page 68

Mills, Mary Levern
08-08-1930-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Jim Mills- Miss.
Mother- Jessie Johnson- Miss.
Grandfather- L.A. Johnson
Other name- Lester Talley
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 151

Mitchell, Javers Reed
11-19-1930- Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Linnie Horton Mitchell
Father- J.S. Mitchell
Mother- Sallie Hancock- Miss.
Order by- Lionel Mitchell
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 206

Moffett, Herman Buford
Father- W.O. Moffett- Tenn.
Mother- Ada Rowe-Tenn.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 137

Monroe, Sallie A.
09-14-1930- Allsboro, Ala.
Late Husband- J.R. Monroe
Son- W.E. Monroe
Father- Sam Hartsell- N.C.
Burial in Allsboro, Ala.
Page 174

Morgan, James W.
05-24-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Ellen Morgan
Brother- G.M. Morgan
Father- J.H. Morgan- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Bain- Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 97

Moore, Bob (Colored)
About 54 yrs. of age
07-20-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Josie Moore
Daughter- Inez Freeman
Son-In-Law- Dewitt Patterson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 136

Moore, Henry Clay
07-25-1930- Chicago, Ill.
Order by- Miss. Bonnie, Henry & Bob Caffey
& Bob Moore
Henry Cemetery
Page 145

Moss, Francis S.
05-03-1930-Corinth, Miss.
Died at home of- Mrs. H.E. Meeks
Father- W.F. Lambert- Ga.
Mother- Susan Sarell- Ga.
City Cemetery
Page 87

Moss, Mrs. Martha
About 71 yrs. of age
09-17-1930- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Husband- W.J. Moss
Son- C.E. Moss
Father- Sam Moss
Mother- Miss. Butler
Other name- Covett Burris
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 175


McCormack, Thomas Lindsey
04-29-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Wife- Liddy McCormack
Father- Lafayett McCormack- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Grant- N.C.
Order by- G.R. McCormack
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Eastview, Tenn.
Page 85

McCarter, Miss Izora
About 27 years of age
04-25-1930- Middleton, Tenn.
Father- J.W. Mccarter-Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Casey- Tenn.
New Hope Cemetery
Hardeman Co., Tenn
Page 82

McDonald, Mrs. Emiline
06-28-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- N.B. McDonald
Father- Hughey Jones- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Jernigan- Miss.
Carter Family Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 118

McDonald, Claudie
10-09-1911- Tenn.
10-09-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Pearl Kelly
Father-John McDonald- Ala.
Mother-Miss. Hamilton- Ala.
Brother-J.C. McDonald
Oak Grove Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 184

McDonnal, Eliza
About 85 years of age
04-07-1930- 5 a.m.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 67

Steve A. McDougal
About 47 years of age
1-16-1930 5 a.m. - Tishomingo, Co., Miss.
Wife- Pauline Jordan McDougal
Father- Tim McDougal-Miss.
Prospect Cemetery
Page 12

McGee, Catherine(Colored)
19 years of age
05-27-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Peter McGee- Miss.
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 98

McKenzie, Martha E.
11-30-1930 8:a.m. - Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- A.E. McKenzie
Son-In-Law- S.T. Mathis
Father- Mr. Buckley
Chalybeate Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 210

McKewen, Edward Thomas
69 years of age
11-03-1930 1:30 p.m.- Memphis, Tenn.
Residence- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Rufus McKewen
Died in Memphis, Tenn.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 195

McLead, A.
About 75 years of age
07-22-1930- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Moore Family Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 139

McNeil, Thomas O.
43 years of age
11-11-1930- Saltillo, Miss.
Wife-Tat McNeil
Father-Frank McNeil- Miss.
Mother-Miss. Burgess- Miss.
Order by- John Esterliving
Euclatubba Cemetery
Saltillo, Miss.
Page 202


Nagle, Mrs. Mandy Ray
Husband- M.E. Nagle
Brother- K. Ray
Father- A. Ray- Scotland
Mother- Miss. David- Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 81

Nash. Freeman P.
Born- Miss.
D. 08-30-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- D. Bell Nash
Order by- Hardy & Asberry Nash
Father- Peter Nash- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Jones- Tenn.
City Cemetery
Page 164

Nelms, Lottie May
05-29-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Cranford Nelms- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Lillie Rogers- Miss.
Grandfather- W.C. Rogers
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 99

Nethery, Dock
About 82 years of age
D. 01-14-1930 10:p.m.
No Family Listed
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 11

Newcomb, John Howard
3-7-1930 11:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Ella R. Newcomb
Son- R.A. Newcomb
Father-Vide Newcomb- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Vanhoose- Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 51

Newson, Katie (Colored)
01-26-1930- Miss.
01-30-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father-Sidney Newson- Ala.
Mother-Clara Wooder- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 23

Norton, Mary (Colored)
About 57 years of age
D. 04-04-1930 12a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Mack Norton
Father- H. Sullener- Miss.
Mother-Hannah McCord- Miss.
Order by- Mack & Mattie Norton
Colored City Cemetery
Page 65


Palmer, Mrs. Laura Lillian
06-17-1901- Ky.
05-07-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- William A. Palmer
Father- Miles Fuqua- Ky.
Mother- Miss. Aldridge- Ky.
Burial in Hawesville, Ky.
Page 89

Parker, Mrs. Sarah
11-14-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Widow of- J.T. Parker
Son-W.R. Parker
Father- Mr. Morris
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 205

Parrish, Eli Lafayette
06-17-1873-Kossuth, Miss.
08-02-1930 6:30 a.m. Alcorn County, Miss.
Wife- Madgie Brewer Parrish
Son- J.C. Parrish
Other name- Mrs. Bert Henderson
Father- Giles P. Parrish-Miss.
Mother- Miss. Burrow-Miss.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery

Parrish, Annie Pearl
12-18-1930- Counce, Tenn.
Father- D.A. Parrish- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Flawie Robinson- Miss.
Uncle- C.E. Parrish
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tenn.
Page 218

Perkins, Mrs. Mattie Alla
4-5-1861- Tenn.
3-3-1930 2:30 a.m. - Corinth, Miss
Widow of- Ebb S. Perkins
Son-In-Law- Charles Perkins
Father- Dave Michie- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Via- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 48

Penna, James Porter
11-09-1930- Booneville, Miss.
Order by- S.C. Penna
Little Brown Cemetery
9 Miles E. of Booneville,
Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 199

Peters, Julian
1 yr.7 mos.
D. 11-3-1930- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Henry Peters- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Reece- Miss.
Order by- D. Peters
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 194

Phillips, John Austin "Levy"
04-08-1930 12p.m. - Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- John Phillips- Ga.
Mother-Miss. Goodwin- S.C.
Brother- A.J. Phillips
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 70

Poole, Jim P. "Dave"
07-29-1930- Texas (Date of entry in book)
Wife-Viola Hooker
Shipped From- Wichita Falls, Texas
Burial in Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 147

Post, Charlie
06-28-1930 12:p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- Mr. Post- Pa.
Mother- Miss. Gand- Miss.
Order by- Mrs. C.M. Carr
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 117

Pounds, Mrs. Mary Ann
03-10-1930- Memphis, Tenn.
Order by- Tom B. Pounds & Mrs. Terry Pounds
Henry Cemetery
Page 54

Putt, Mrs. Mable
1-8-1930 1:a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Husband-Elmer Putt
Father-Joe M. Faulkner-Tenn.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 04


Quinn, Mrs. Ollie
4-29-1930 7 a.m. Corinth, Miss.
Died at- Mrs. (W.S.) Maude Strickland
Father- J.K. Wilson- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Mollie Romines- Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 84


Rawles, S.T.
About 43 years of age
04-02-1930 3:30 p.m. - Cox Hotel
Burial- Springfield, Tenn.
Page 63

Reed, Florence Lillian
Father- Arthur Reed- Ala.
Mother- Ruth Jones- Miss.
Grandfather-G.W. Jones
Order by- Eva Mauldin
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Near Strickland Community
Page 157

Rickman, J.D.
06-18-1930 11:a.m- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- A.S. Rickman- Tenn.
Mother- May Malone- Tenn.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 106

Roberts, David Henry
07-12-1930 10:30:p.m. - Counce, Tenn.
Wife-Ada Roberts
Order by- J.A. Roberts
Father- D.G. Roberts- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Adkins- Tenn.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Page 129

Alexander Robinson,
01-18-1930 1:p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Bettie Robinson
Son-E.G. Robinson
Father- Wm. Robinson-Ala.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 16

Robinson, Ace (Colored)
About 75 years of age
03-29-1930- Alcorn County
Son- Millard Robinson
Colored City Cemetery
Page 62

Robinson, Sarah (Colored)
D. 07-05-1930- Jackson, Tenn.
Brothers-George & Henry Hunter
Colored City Cemetery
Page 124

Robinson, Lucinda
About 66 years of age
Born About 1866- Alcorn Co., Miss.
12-14-1930- Tippah Co., Miss.
Husband- M.E. Robinson
Father- Jim Gipson
Order by- M.D. Wilhite, W.C. & Ezra Gurley
Union Church Cemetery
Page 213

Rogers, Mary Ann
09-10-1930- Hardeman Co., Tenn.
Husband- F.M. Rogers
Father- P.H. Glisson- N.C.
Mother- Evy Ork- S.C.
Order by- H.S. Glisson
Shiloh Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 177

Rushing, Alice
07-22-1880- Tenn.
08-30-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Husband- R.O. Rushing
Father-John Lambert-Miss.
Mother-Miss. Adcock-Tenn.
Liberty Cemetery
Page 165

Rutherford, Frank Sr. (Colored)
About 75 years of age
12-31-1930 12:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Cal Shaver
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 229


Sanders, Infant Boy
01-28-1930- Kossuth
Father- Jess Sanders- Miss.
Mother- Willie Mae Ayres- Miss.
Grandfather- Will Ayres
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 21

Sanders, Melina Josephine
66 years of age
05-04-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- J.C. Sanders
Son- Fred Sanders
Father- Nick Emmons- Tenn.
Mother- Rebecca Jones- Ga.
Pleasant Site Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 102

Sanders, Fred Elmer
11- 07-1902
07-15-1930- 8:30 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Father- John Sanders- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Emmons
Bro-In-Law- Will Jones
Pleasant Site Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 134

Sargent, Gertrude
01-09-1930- Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband- Noah Sargent
Father- Joe Smith- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Austin- Miss.
Brush Creek Church Cemetery
Page 05

Sealy, George (Colored)
About 75 years of age
04-21-1930- 3:00 p.m.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 77

Sharp, Ruby K. Gilton
08-09-1930- Walnut, Miss.
Late Husband- W.D. Sharp
Daughter- Grace Scheeden
Father-William Gilton- Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Gates-Tenn.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 152

Dora Smallwood
04-22-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Clarence Smallwood
Father- E.J. Martindale- Miss.
Mother-Miss. Richardson- Miss.
New Salem Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 78

Smith, Willie Ophelia
06-23-1930 11:15 p.m. - Corinth, Miss
Husband- Arthur T. Smith
Father- David Robins- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Godwin- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 112

Smith, Hardie Alvis
7 mos.
Father- Kelce Smith- Miss.
Mother- Ruby Wilbanks- Miss.
Order by- E.H. Rogers
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 193

Settle, Cornilla Smith (Colored)
11-09-1930 6:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Bob Settle
Daughter- Lillie Settle
Father- Green Smith- Ala.
Mother- Fannie Walker- Va.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 200

Smith, Mrs. Mary Lee
09-06-1902- Miss.
11-21-1930- 10:40 p.m. – Oakville, Tenn.
Husband- N.J. Smith
Father- Almer Rogers-Miss.
Mother- Gladys Franks-Miss.
City Cemetery
Page 208

South, Millard
15 years of age- Miss.
02-07-1930- Paden, Miss.
Father- J.W. South- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Fredrick- Ala.
Brother- E.T. South-Residence Paden, Miss.
Forked Oak Cemetery
Page 28

George Washington Sowell
75 years of age
07-13-1930 4:30 a.m. - Hardin Co., Tenn.
Wife- Margarette Sowell
Son- R.G. Sowell- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- B.G. Kiddy
Father- George Sowell- Tenn.
Mother-Miss. McCullar-Tenn.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 131

Spear, Charlie
About 75 years of age
05-03-1930- Glen, Miss.
Wife-Libby Spears
Father-Dock Spears
Mother-Miss. Tate
Order by- Jeff & J.A. Spear
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 88

Spencer, Synthia (Colored)
About 60 years of age- Miss.
Daughter-Marie Kelly
Parents- George & Caroline Taylor- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 172

Stewart, James T.
06-06-1930- Walnut, Miss.
Wife- Maggie Stewart
Father- John Stewart- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Jeans- Miss.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 103

Stewart, Franklin
10-26-1930 10:15 a.m. – Corinth, Miss.
Father- Frank Stewart- Ala.
Mother- Pearl King- Miss.
Order by- R.C. King
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 190

Strange, George W.
76 years of age- Miss.
07-12-1930- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Order by- J.W. Strange
Father- E. Strange- S.C.
Mother- Ellie Peach- Ala.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 128

Sweat, Sarah “Sallie” F.
About 73 years of age- Ala.
10-5-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Z.T. Sweat
Order by- Miss. Dora Sweat
Henry Cemetery
Page 182

Swinford, Mrs. Rosa Hatch
30 years of age
D. 01-24-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- John Swinford
Father- Isiah Hatch-Tenn.
Mother-Lela Vicker-Tenn.
Order by- Mrs. Lorena Kennedy
Eurica Cemetery
Pocahontas, Tenn.
Page 18

Sulephen, Andrew J.
17 years of age
D. 04-17-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- John Sulephen- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Castile- Tenn.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 75


Taylor, James W.
01-12-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Sarah M. Taylor
Father-W.M. Taylor- Tenn.
Mother-Miss. Gilbert- Ala.
Order by- Will & Jim Taylor
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 09

Taylor, William Wesley
09-18-1893- Miss.
03-24-1930- Dawson Springs, Ky.
Wife- Mrs. Taylor
Father- George Calvin Taylor- Miss.
Mother- Ada Williams- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 59

Taylor, Elliott Lee or Eddie Lee
About 30 years of age
06-17-1930 2:p.m .- Corinth, Miss.
Came Here From Selmer,Tenn.
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 108

Taylor, Samuel Houston
12-23-1930 4:p.m.- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father-Sam Taylor-Miss.
Mother- Rodie Sanders-Tenn.
Order by- Sam & Jim
Farmington Cemetery
Page 221

Tillie, Fannie Lucille
About 32 years of age
07-05-1930 4:a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Bob Tillie
Father- Louis Linville- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bell Linville- Tenn.
Jowers Cemetery
Olive Hill, Tenn.
Page 125

Thornton, William Henry
09-07-1930 2:p.m. - Walnut, Miss.
Wife- Dessie Thornton
Order by- N.J.L. Thornton
Father- C.C. Thornton- N.C.
Mother- Miss. McCoy- N.C.
New Salem Cemetery
Page 171


Utley, Joseph Cletus
11-25-1929- Miss.
11-04-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.D. Utley- Miss.
Mother- Georgia Blakney- Miss.
Order by- Jim Coln
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 196


Vinings, Mrs. Nancy Ann
D-4-10-1930 8:30 a.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- W.H. Vinings
Order by- Miss. Addie Vinnings
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 71

Voyles, Monroe Allen
02-13-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mollie Pyles Voyles- Leedy, Miss.
Father- Newt Voyles- N.C.
Mother- Ellen Deathridge- Tenn
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 36

Voyles, Dr. James S.
05-20-1930 1:30 p.m. - Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Lillie Meeks Voyles
Father- Eli Voyles- N.C.
Mother- Caroline Wallace- N.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 93

Rufus G. Voyles,
06-30-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Josie Brown Voyles
Order by- T.E. Voyles
Father- Newton Voyles- Ala.
Mother-Miss. Deathridge- Ga.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 119

Vuncannon, John G.
07-14-1930- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Laura Vuncannon
Father- N.C.
Mother- Tenn.
Lebanon Church Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 132


Waddell, Guilford Lee
03-05-1930 5:30 a.m.
Father- M.F. Waddell- Ala.
Mother- Myrtle Crowe- Ala.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 49

Waggoman, Mrs. Martha J.
07-26-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- F. Waggoman
Father- Mr. Hendrix- Va.
Mother- Miss. Smith- Va.
No Cemetery Listed
Page 144

Walker, Baby (Colored)
About 10 mos.
5-**-1929-Born- Alcorn Co., Miss.
3-10-1930 7:30 a.m.- Corinth, Miss
Mother- Mary Lee Walker- Miss.
Grandfather- Jim Walker
Colored City Cemetery
Page 53

Walker, Zelphia (Colored)
About 84 years of age
08-21-1930- Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Other name- Jack Walker
Father- Giles Walker- N.C.
Mother-Miss. Dilworth
Wheeler Grove Colored Cemetery
Page 159

Walker, Baby Boy
11-11-1930 9:p.m. - Biggersville, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father-William Walker-Miss.
Mother- Henrietta Dickey Walker- Miss.
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 203

Watkins, Mary Ann
08-08-1842- France
01-31-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- E.P. Watkins
Order by- E.W. LaGard
Parents Unknown
Both were born in- France
Burial in Saltillo, Miss.
Page 24

West, Mrs. Martha
D. 03-20-1930-Jackson, Miss.
Ex-Husband-Will West
Order by- Bill, J.F. & Charles Perkins
& Nellie
Holly Cemetery
Page 57

West, George (Colored)
About 50 Yrs.Old
07-03-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Donna West
Father- John West
Order by- Amos & A. J. Bradley
Colored City Cemetery
Page 122

Weaver, Tom B.
07-14-1930 3:45 p.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- R. M. W. & Brooks W.
Henry Cemetery
Page 133

Weaver, Mrs. Rie Low
70 years of age
03-06-1930 11:55 p.m. Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Tom Weaver
Order by- Lester Jones
Father- Jeff Barr- Miss.
Mother- Sudie Mathis- Miss.
Camp Ground Cemetery
Chalybeate, Miss.
Page 50

Whitaker, Mrs. Mary Susan
01-10-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- H.H. Whitaker
Father- E. Church- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Terry- Ala.
Smith Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 07

Whitehurst, Fannie Ruth
07-29-1930- Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- M.H. Whitehurst- Miss.
Mother- Minnie King- Miss.
Babb Cemetery/ Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 146

Wilson, William Benton
8-17-1861- Ala.
2-23-1930 3:45p.m. Corinth, Miss.
Wife-Mattie Wilson
Father- J.B. Wilson- N.C.
Mother-Miss.Walker- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 47

Williams, Blanch (Colored)
About 27 years of age
04-24-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Randolph Williams- Miss.
Mother-Jenny Guyson- Miss.
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 79

Williams, Martha S.
70 years of age
10-05-1930- Atwood, Ala.
Late Husband- W.J. Williams
Son- G.A. Williams
Father- Tom Burnley- N.C.
Mother-Miss.Clemmons- N.C.
Burial at Atwood, Ala.
Page 183

Wood,John Riley
01-05-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Nicie A. Wood
Father- Benton Wood
Mother- Miss. Busby-Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Pearl Turnbow
Jerusalem Cemetery
Page 02

Wynn, Jaissie (Colored)
About 104 years of age
D. 06-07-1930 11:30a.m.- Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Lushron Adams
Colored City Cemetery
Page 104


Yarber, Odie Chester
11-10-1930- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Nora Curtis Yarber
Father- L.B. Yarber- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Tuberville- Miss.
Father-In-Law- D.H. Curtis
Iuka Cemetery
Tishomingo Co.
Page 201

Young, Nanny Jane
Late Husband- Dr. L.D. Young
Father- Steven D. Dalrymple- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Connor- S.C.
Henry Cemetery
Page 120
Alcorn County Home
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