McPeters Funeral Home Records 1929

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1929
Transcribed by Janice Switcher & Helah Wilson: March 27, 2007


Alexander, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tipett
02-19-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Marvin Alexander
Father- Eli Tippet
Henry Cemetery
Page 47

Archer, June
01-07-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Father- Harry L. Archer- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Pearl Johnson- Ohio
Holly Cemetery
Page 163

Armstead, Wilbur Teakle
09-11-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Emma Lemaster Armstead
Order by- Lemaster Armstrong
Father- Robert A. Armstead- Va.
Mother- Martha Savage- Va.
Henry Cemetery
Page 146

Austin, Celia L.
03-04-1929- Sardis, Tenn.
Father- Tim J. Austin- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Seaton- Tenn.
Lebanon Cemetery
Sardis, Tenn.
Page 52


Babb, Rev. Daniel W.
Father- M.J. Babb- N.C.
Mother- Sarah Coffman- N.C.
Brother- Eugene Babb
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 203

Bain, Johnnie La Fate
Approximately 28 years of age
Wife- Minnie Burcham Bain
Father- W.F. Bain-Ala.
Mother- Ella Newcomb- Miss.
Brothers- A.C. & H.C. Bain
Brother- H.C. Bain
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Burnsville, Miss.
Page 185

Barnes, Mrs. Belle
Father- D. Peters
Place Of Death- Birmingham Ala.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 57

Barnes, Thomas M.
04-22-1929- Kendrick, Miss.
Wife- Dollie Barnes- Miss.
Father- W.T. Barnes- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Gray
Order by- George & Ca. Barnes
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 85

Barnhill, Frances Patton
35 yrs. of age
04-17-1929- Corinth, Miss
Father- H. Patton- Miss.
Mother- Maggie Lawrence-Miss.
Order by- Ben Phillips & H "Chig" Gwyn
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 83

Bell, John Edwin
37 yrs. 5 Mo. of age
04-16-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Josh Bell- Tenn.
Wife- Emma Bell
Daughter- Bertha L. Miller- Jackson, Tenn.
Burial in Erin, Tenn.
Page 80

Benick, Mrs. Fronie
69 yrs. 1 mo. 20 days
Late Husband- Charlie Benick
Father- Mr. Page- Ala
Order by- Stewart Benick
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Page 56

Blackshire, Mrs. Bertie
Husband- B.H. Blackshire
Father- M.M. Watson- Ala.
Mother- Ms Ellen Crumbie- Ala.
Pebble Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 147

Bowden, Infant Boy (Colored)
Still Born
12-16-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Johnnie Bowen- Miss.
Mother- Okie Bran- Miss.
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 197

Brannon, George Washington
07-01-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father John Wesley Brannon- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Joiner- Miss.
Helton Chapel Cemetery
Henderson, Tenn. Chester Co.
Page 109

Briley, Mascol D. Ruth
11-11-1929 – Corinth, Miss.
Father- G. M. Briley
Mother- Vera Driskell
Uncle- Will M. Parker
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 183

Britt, Charles
Age 69 yrs. 4 mos. 18 days.
Mother- Miss. Cooper- Tenn.
Order by- H.R. Barron
Burial in Paris, Tenn.
Page 64

Brown, Mrs. Anna
37 years of age
09-03-1929 –Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- J.H. Brown
Father- John Sanders- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Emmons- Tenn.
Order by: Fred Sanders & W. A. Dixon
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 142

Burgess, Lacy (Son) (Colored)
10-25-1929- Kossuth, Miss.
Father- N.D. Burgess- Miss.
Mother- Ora Earnest- Miss.
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 168

Burnett, Leander Jackson
01-01-1929- Rienzi, Miss.
Uncle- Barney Burnett S.C.
Order by- William & Mrs. Burnett
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 02

Butler, Bubo
07-15-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Father- John Thomas Butler- Miss.
Mother- A. Farley- Tenn.
Order by- Henry Mask
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 119

Bynum, Mrs. Fannie D. “Mamm”
12-12-1929- Bradford Co. Biloxi, MS
Father- Col. A.B. Dilworth- N.C.
Mother- Sarah C. Taylor- N.C.
Order by: Mrs. Joe V. Bynum
No Cemetery Listed
Page 202


Caldwell, Joseph Sidney
07-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Edna Bass Caldwell
Father- J.T. Caldwell
Mother- Miss. Roberts
Order by- F. Caldwell & B.B. Bass
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 124

Calvary, Mrs. Mary
03-30-1929 –Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- W.R. Calvary- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Father- John Reed- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Daniel
Order by- L.R. Calvary, L.C., W.C. &
B.R. Pollard.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 74

Capooth, John Wesley
01-27-1929- Guys, Tenn.
Father- Jerry Capooth- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Johnson- N.C.
Order by- E.C. Capooth- Guys, Tenn.
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 169

Carroll, Mrs. Lucy
About 91 years of age
01-11-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Billie Carroll
Father- W. Matthews
Order by: Don Carroll
Camp Ground Cemetery
Chalybeate, Tippah Co. Miss.
Page 16

Carroll, Mrs. Frances F.
58 yrs. of age
01-19-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Joe Carroll
Father- Harvey King- Ga.
Mother- Miss Hendrix- Ga.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 29

Castleberry, Mrs. Aria Ann
03-07-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Waldron Hotel
Father- Ruben Atkins- N.C.
Mother- Lettie Mullens- N.C.
Order by- Mrs. E.T. McCullar
Henry Cemetery
Page 55

Cantrell, Mrs. Martha A.
02-03-1929-Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Residence: Pittsburg Landing
Widow of- J.P. Cantrell
Father- Wesley McDonald- N.C.
Mother- Miss Nancy Churchwell - Tenn.
Charge to: J.B. Cantrell- Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. &
B.J. Cantrell- Fulton, Ky.
Ledbetter Family Cemetery
Page 40

Carper, Thomas S.
74 yrs. of age
09-29-1929- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Wife- Sissie Carper
Father- Sam Carper- Tenn.
Order by- W.N. Lassiter
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 159

Clark, Mrs. Janie
11-07-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- J.C. Clark
Father- Mr. Walker-Tenn.
Order by- S. "Bud" Clark
Clark Family Cemetery
Page 11

Clark, Mary (Colored)
50 yrs. of age
Alcorn Co. Poor House Cemetery
Page 23

Cole, Andrew Jackson
07-21-1929-Burnsville, Miss.
Order by- J.O. Cole
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 122

Coleman, Aunt Jane (Colored)
About 60 yrs of age
07-15-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Order by- Cleveland Coleman
Colored City Cemetery
Page 118

Cox, William Howard
06-09-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Father- D.L. Cox- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Newman- Tenn.
Order by- J.M. Gilton & R.S. Newman
Babb Cemetery
Page 99


Donaldson, William Andrew
Daughter- Miss Annie Donaldson
Father- J.W. Donaldson S.C.
Mother- Miss Hill S. C.
Order by: Dick Smith
Burial near Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Page 189

Davis, Alton
07-21-1929- Colbert Co., Ala.
Father- R. L. Davis- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Goode- Ala.
Order by- C. M. & Eugene Martin
Burial in Tuscumbia, Ala.
Page 121

Davis, Francis
08-02-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Father- Sidney L. Davis-Miss.
Mother- Frances Conn- Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 129

Davis, Grace Mildred
01-19-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Father- G.O. Davis- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother- Nola Foust- Tenn.
Order by- Roy L. Davis
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 30

Davis, Avis Virginia
Residence: Kendrick, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Mr. Robert Davis-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother- Miss Polly Fields- Miss.
Babb Cemetery
Page 34

Davis, Freda Ann
09-06-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Father- I.D. Davis- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Priddy-Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 143

Davis, Grady Gilbert
09-07-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Father- Charlie W. Davis-Miss.
Mother- Miss Sanders-Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 145

Dees, Marjorie Caroline
07-12-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Father- G.O. Dees- Miss.
Mother- Jane Yates- Miss.
Lebanon Cemetery
Tippah Co., Miss.
Page 114

Dean, Infant Daughter
11-07-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Father- C.P. Dean- Ala.
Mother- Violet Messner-Pa.
Order by- Porter Dean
Henry Cemetery
Page 176

Deathridge, Mrs.
Order by Mrs. J.P. Huggins
Shipped to Alcorn County from Sheffield Ala.
in route to-Guntown Miss.
Hearst met train 03-15-1929
Page 63

Dick, Infant Daughter
10-28-1929-Chewalla, Tenn.
Father- Wess Dick- Tenn.
Mother- Willie Mullins-Tenn.
Order by- J. C. Smith, Gilbert Mullins
Indian Creek Cemetery, Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 173

Duke, Dave
01-10-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Order by Wash Parker
Shiloh Cemetery, Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 15


John Edge
No birth listed
Order by- Mrs. Jobe & Mrs. Edge
No Cemetery listed
Page 195

Ellis, Infant
09-07-1929- Corinth, Miss
Father- Thomas Ellis-.Miss.
Mother- Miss Mamie Creyton- Miss.
Order by- Mollie Creyton
No Cemetery listed
Page 144

Ellis, Miss. Arba
02-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.M. Ellis- La.
Mother- Miss. Jenkins- Miss.
Order by Miss. Mittie Ellis
Blythe Chapel Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss
Page 209


Faires, Ceylon E.
08 -22-1928
08-02-1929- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father- Rev. R.F. Faires- Tenn.
Mother- Ethel Williamson- Tenn.
Olive Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.

Fields, Mrs. Martha Emily
12-27-1929- Counce, Tenn.
Father- Mr. Webb- Ala.
Mother- Miss, Beasley- Ala.
Order by- Jim Fields- Kendrick, Miss.
White Sulphur Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 211

Ferrell, Wesley
85 Years of age
Father- Joe Ferrell- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Hill- Tenn.
Order by- Mrs. Jennie Burgess
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 31

Fowler, William James
03-22-1929-Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Gabe Fowler- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother- Margaret Morrison- Miss.
Grandfather- Will Fowler
Box Chapel Church Cemetery
Page 67

Forman, Clayton Franklin
08-30-1929 Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- N.C. Forman- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Thrasher- Miss.
Oaks Cemetery
Page 140

Mrs. Minnie L. Fortune
10-17-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Tolbert C. Fortune
Father- W.M. Robinson- Tenn.
Mother- Bell McCrary- Tenn.
Eurica Church Cemetery
Pocahontas, Tenn.
Page 166

Freeman, Mrs. Viola
02-04-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- W.F. Freeman
Father- W.L. Hardin- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Hurst- Tenn.
Order by- Lonnie Freeman
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 42


Garrett, Mrs. Mattie (Colored)
01-19-1929- Tenn.
Father- Robert Wade
Order by Robert G. Gray
Liberty Hill Colored Cemetery
Page 27

Garrett, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane
05-27-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- Maj. G.W. Garrett
Father- R.L. Burton- N.Y.
Mother- Ms Gibson- N.C.
Order by- L.F. Garrett, Mrs. H.E. Ray& Mrs. Kenneth Ray
Henry Cemetery
Page 96

Gibbs, Mrs. "Dee"
09-18-1929 3am-Corinth, Miss.
Widow of- William Gibbs
Father- Mr. Mitchell- Ga.
Order by- Walter C. Smith & Mrs. John Voyles
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 148

Glisson, Claudie Virginia
05-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- William E. Glisson- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Bonds- Miss.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 94

Gray, Tom
11-23-1929-Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Michie, Tenn.
Son- Opal Gray
Father- G.W. Gray- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Cochran- Ala.
Shiloh Cemetery, Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Page 188

Griffin, Charles Edwin
Wife- Emma E. Griffin
Father- Charles Griffin- Mich.
Order by- Mrs. Cleft & Mrs. Adams
Buried in Little Rock, Ark.
Page 158

Grissom, Mrs. Ruth Cleveland
01-08-1929 -Corinth, Miss.
Husband- E.M. Grissom
Father- Mr. Pace -Miss.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 14

Gurley, Henry H.
73 years of age
05-06-1929- Ramer, Tenn.
Order by- Mrs. Lena Gurley
Father- Ben Gurley- Ga
Mother- Miss Parks- Ga
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn.
Page 89

Gurley, Buford Max
12-18-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Will Ed. Gurley- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Maracle- Miss.
Order by: W.D. Thompson
Union Church Cemetery
Page 205

Gober, W.T. & Daughter
D.12-24-1929- Red Bay, Ala.
Residence- Belmont, Miss.
Little Flock Cemetery
Page 210

Gwyn, Charlie W. (Colored)
12-27-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Sarah Gwyn
Father- Andy Gwyn- Miss
Mother- Freda Gwyn- Miss
Order by- W.F. Gwyn
Old Liberty Cemetery
Page 212


Harris, Wilburn Edward
03-25-1929- Burnsville, Miss.
Father- C.E. Harris- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Watson- Miss.
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 71

Harrison, Y.H.
03-29-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Bettie Harrison
Charge to J.A. Patey & R.W. Harrison
Shady Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Page 73

Harrison, Miss. Belle
49 years of age
03-11-1929- Corinth, Ms
Father William Young Harrison- Ala.
Mother- Miss Broyles- Ala.
Order by- R.W. Harrison & J.A. Potter
Shady Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Page 60

Harville, Maudie Margaret
About 1 yr. 2 mo. 24 days old
01-31-1929- Leedy, Miss.
Father- A.D. Harville- Miss.
Mother- Maude Patterson- Miss.
Order by- Lester Legion
New Hope Cemetery
Page 35

Hall, Zach
65 years of age
12-02-1929- Walnut, Miss
Residence- Walnut, Miss.
Wife- Katie Hall
Father- E.J. Hall- Miss.
Mother- Miss Brooks- Miss.
order by- H.T. Houston & H.Q. Hall
Brock Family Cemetery
Page 194

Haynes, Charlie W.
Father- Hiram Haynes- Tenn.
Mother- Sarah Haynes- Tenn.
Morris Chapel Cemetery
Page 45

Haynie, Vera Aline
Father- Allen Haynie- Miss
Mother- Estelle Coleman- Miss
Order by- H.L. Haynie- Glen Miss
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 48

Haynie, Mrs. Buna Vista
04-03-1929 Strickland, Miss.
Father- Mr. Phillips- Ga.
Mother- Mrs. Phillips- S.C.
Order by- M.D. Haynie, Miss Little & Mrs. Depoyster
Haynie Family Cemetery

Hudson, Billie Edward (Colored)
09-23-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Jim Hudson- Ala.
Mother- Leona Barnes- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 153

Huff, Infant
12-20-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- E.A. Huff- Miss.
Mother- Mary Huff- Miss.
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 206

Huggins, Meredith S.
02-27-1929-McNairy Co., Tenn.
Daughter- Mrs. North
Father- Leroy Huggins- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bowers- Miss.
Order by Elmer & Brother
Gravel Hill Cemetery, McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 50

Hurley, George Henry
07-05-1929- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Father- Tom Hurley- Miss.
Mother- Miss Cantrell- Tenn.
Order by- L.Z. Hurley- Okolona, Tenn.
Burial at Shiloh, Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 112

Hurley, William Cletus
02-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Vina M. Hurley
Father- G.E. Hurley- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Kendrick- Tenn.
Henry Cemetery
Page 49

Henson, Mrs. Grace
35 years of age
01-06-1929-Burnsville, Miss.
Husband- W.L. Henson
Father- J.W. Vaughn- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Holloway- Miss.
Chapel Hill Cemetery, Burnsville, Miss.
Page 09

Higginbottom, Mrs. Louis Ann
05-25-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- John P. Higginbottom- Miss.
Mother- Miss Blakely
Order by- J.W. Kennedy-Glen, Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 95

Hill, Miss. Martha Ellen
09-24-1929 - Corinth, Miss.
Father- Thomas Hill- Prentiss Co., Miss
Mother- Ollie Maxwell- Miss
Meadow Creek Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss.
Page 155

Holmes, Mrs. Almedia
Husband- John Holmes
Order by- Troy Smallwood & E.D. Holmes
Prospect Cemetery
East of Selmer, Tenn.
Page 10

Hopper, John A.
11-29-1929-Tupelo, Lee Co., Miss.
Father- D.H. Hopper- Tenn.
Mother- Alice McClure- Miss.
Order by- Dan & Mrs. Mamie Hopper
Shipped to Corinth, Miss.
Henry Cemetery

Howerton, George Taylor
10-25-1929- Jackson, Miss.
Spouse- Lula Doan Howerton
Father- Joel D. Howerton- Ala.
Mother- Melissa Butler- Ala.
Order by- E.W. Wright
Shipped to Corinth From Jackson, Miss.
Iuka Cemetery
Iuka, Miss.
Page 170

Howard, Mrs. Emily
05-21-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- O.L. Howard
Father- Mr. Cook
Mother- Miss. Dunahoo
Son- W.D. Howard
Order by- Mrs. John Coleman
Little Flock Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Page 93

Susan Hoyle (Colored)
12-04-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- Sam Hoyle
Order by- A. F. Hoyle
Old Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 196


Jackson, Kelley Clark
03-29-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.W. Jackson- Vina, Ala.
Mother- Miss. Gilland- Ala.
Order by- J.W. Rogers- Vina, Ala.
Burial in Vina Alabama
Page 71

Jobe, Thomas Jefferson
02-11-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- Georgia V. Jobe
Father- John Jobe- N.C.
Mother- Miss. Lawson- Miss
Order by- Burt Barker, Joe Parker & Mrs. Tom Jobe
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 46

Johnson, William A.
85 years of age
Spouse- Tilda Gray Johnson - Glen, Miss
Order by: Perry Nash
Lambs Chapel Cemetery
Page 20 (see Spouse on Page 79)

Johnson, Mrs. Tilda
78 years of age
04-16-1929- Burnsville, Miss.
Late Husband- William A. Johnson
Father- Mr. Gray
Order by- C.W. Nash
Lambs Chapel Cemetery
Page 79

Johnson, Mrs. Mollie
65 Yrs 6 Mo. 20 Days
03-14-1929- Thrasher- Miss.
Father- Allen Johnson- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Holly- Miss.
Order by: Brant Johnson
Smith Family Cemetery
East of Booneville, Miss.
Page 62

Johnson, Curtis
03-25-1929 – Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Lottie Flanagan Johnson
Brother-Dock Johnson
Father- Marcus Johnson- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Hamilton- Miss.
Order by- Pud Johnson
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 69

Johnson, John Marvin
05-20-1929 – Glen, Miss.
Spouse- Alice Johnson- Glen, Miss.
Order by- D. Johnson- Glen, Miss.
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 92

Johnson, L.N.
08-26-1929- Tishomingo Co., Miss.
Father- Marvin Johnson- Miss.
Mother- Ms Holloway- Miss.
Order by- J.W. Dancer- Tish. Co., Miss.
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 139

Jones, Miss. Althea
approximately 50 yrs. of age
06-03-1929- Michie, Tenn.
Sister- Mrs. Lee Campbell
Residence- Nashville, Tenn.
Order by- Mrs. W.B. Lipscomb- Nashville, Tenn.
Burial in Houston, Texas
Page 98

Jones, Thomas Alford
5 yrs. 6 mo.
11-08-1929- Guys, Tenn.
Father- Alford Jones- La.
Mother- Miss. Davis- La.
Order by- Miss. Lindsey
Buried in Arcadia, La.
Page 177

Jones, John Milton
11-10-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late Wife- Susan Frances Jones
Father- Perry E. Jones- Ark.
Mother- Miss. Buttan- Tenn.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 182

Jordan, Miss. Ruby
15 years of age
12-10-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.P. Jordan- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Sowell- Tenn.
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Hardin, Co. Tenn.
Page 200


Kelley, Infant Son
Father- Clyde Kelley- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother- Miss. Cannon- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Grandfather- Clayton Cannon
Babb’s Cemetery/ Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 149

Kelly, John
67 years of age
10-27-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- John Kelly- Tenn.
Mother- Ms Melton- Tenn.
Order by- R.L. Kelly
Oak Grove Cemetery
Page 172

Killough, Mrs. Martha G.
01-31-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Near Scally School
Spouse- Dave Killough
Father- G.P. Parrish- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Burrough- Miss.
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 36

King, Allen
04-02-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Susie King
Father- Jeff. D. King- Miss.
Mother- Ms Taylor- Miss.
Chambers Cemetery
McNairy Co. Tenn.
Page 75


Lambert, Virgle
02-01-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Green Lambert- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Gelton- Miss.
Order by- Eva Davis
Liberty Cemetery
Page 38

Lambert, Mrs. Martha E.
03-23-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- L.W. Beene
Mother- Miss. Walden
Order by- W.T. Lambert
Burial; Jerusalem Church Cemetery
Page 68

Lambert Thomas, Jr. (Colored)
08-08-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Thomas Lambert- Miss.
Mother- Irene Walker- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 134

Lambert, Infant
Phone Order
Order by- J.C. Finger- Burnsville, Ms
No other information
Page 138

Lambert, Annie Lee
1 Yr. 4 Mo.
09-25-1929- Burnsville, Miss.
Father- James Lambert- Tenn.
Mother- Mollie Holder- Miss.
Antioch Cemetery
Page 157

Lawrence, Henry
03-17-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- George Lawrence- Miss.
Mother- Essie Lindsey- Tenn.
Order by- Jim Lawrence
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Page 65

Leatherwood, Mrs. Sarah Frances
06-23-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Died at home of Will Rogers
Late Husband- J.F. Leatherwood
Father- John W. Meeks- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Dick - Tenn.
Order by- Buster Leatherwood
Oaks Cemetery
Page 107

Long, Mrs. Pauline Elizabeth Choate
01-05-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Died at the home of Bob Long
Spouse- Jerry Long
Father- J.M. Choate- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Strachan- Miss
Order by- Jerry Long & J.M. Long
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page 05

Loyd, Infant Girl
Father- Riley Robinson- Miss.
Mother- Leon Loyd- Miss.
Order by- Joe Loyd
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 04

Love, Lucille
08-01-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.L. Love- Tenn.
Mother- Myrtle Love- Tenn.
Burial in Hardin Co. Tenn.
Page 127

Lynch, Charles Garvin
11-29-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- John F. Lynch- Miss.
Mother- Elizabeth Wallace- Texas
Henry Cemetery
Page 192


Macon, Henrietta (Colored)
08-07-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Fred Bynum- Miss.
Mother- Mary Williams- Miss.
Aunt- Mary Bynum Coleman
Stockade Colored Cemetery
Page 133

Martin, Harlin
09-26-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.H. Martin- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Voyles- Tenn.
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page 156

Meador, Mrs. Helen Lowry
04-03-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- W. Meador
Father- Joseph Lowry- S.C.
Mother- Miss. Clinton- S.C.
Order by- Miss. Irene Meador
Henry Cemetery
Page 76

Meeks, Orval C.
D. 03-29-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Elizabeth Cox Meeks
Father- W.C. Meeks- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Lane
Order by- Lane G. Meeks
Henry Cemetery
Page 72

Meeks, Mrs. Rebecca Jane
11-10-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- Col. Wiles C. Meeks
Father- C.L. Chambers- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Adkins- Tenn.
Order by- Lane Meeks
Henry Cemetery
Page 181

Miller, William James
07-12-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Alice Miller
Father- James Miller- Tenn.
Mother- Miss Campbell- Tenn.
Other name- William J. Miller
Henry Cemetery
Page 116

Moody, infant girl
08-10-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Residence-Near Wenasoga, Miss.
Father- Lige Moody
Mother- Tally Evans
Order by- H. Gwyn
No Cemetery listed
Page 136

Moore, Henry C., Jr.
05-06-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Katie Moore
Father- G. W. Moore- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Michie- Tenn.
Brother- Charlie Moore
Brother-in-Law- W.R. Mills
Henry Cemetery
Page 88

Henry Clay Moore, III
07-19-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Place of death- Mr. Tom McCullar
Father- Henry C. Moore- Tenn.
Mother- Mrs. Reams- Miss.
Order by- Mrs. Robert Caffey & Mrs. Moore
Henry Cemetery
Page 120

Moss, Annie Grace
B. & D. 08-14-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Lived 3 hrs.
Father- L.M. Moss- Miss.
Mother- Mildred Sharp
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 137

Mullins, Mrs. Sallie
06-11-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Andy Mullins
Father- Mr. Dowdy- Ala.
Order by- A.F. Dowdy & Mrs. Walter Nelms
Old Bethel Cemetery
Page 101

Murphree, James Polk
08-09-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Samuel Murphree- Ala.
Mother- Phebia Nateer- Miss.
Order by- J.A. & Lon C. Lowe
Burial in Houston, Texas
Page 135

Myers, Casey Bishop
01-06-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Will Myers- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Mask- Miss.
Order by- Fred Smith, Mrs. Regan, Miss Lillian & W.L. Madden
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 08


McAmis, Hugh McCord
09-23-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Annie Newcomb McAmis
Father- James McAmis- Tenn.
Mother- Laura McCord- Ala.
Order by- J.A. McAmis
Henry Cemetery
Page 152

McLemore, Lida Trim
07-23-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- T.W. McLemore
Son- J.E. Trim
Father- Collin Srygley- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Malone- Ala.
Holley Church Cemetery
Page 123


Narvell, Mrs. Malinda Francis
06-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Late Husband- D.C. Narvell
Father- W.P. Miller- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Wilson- Miss.
Order by- Miss. Lillie Narvell
Henry Cemetery
Page 108

Newman, A.B.
3 Years of age
07-07-1929 - Corinth, Miss.
Father- A.F. Newman- Tenn.
Mother- Ms Hicks- Tenn.
Order by- T.J. Newman
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 113

Norton, James O’Neal
10-05-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- E.P. Norton- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Steward- Tenn.
Burial in Middleton, Tenn.
Page 161


Odum, Infant Son
Still born
10-29-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Frank Odum- Miss.
Mother- Kate Latch- Miss.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 174


Parsons, Mrs. Sullar C. Jones
03-20-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse - L.L. Parsons
Father- James Jones
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 66

Parsons, Mrs. Lucendia
11-22-1929 – Paden, Miss.
Late Husband- J.P. Parsons
Father- Jack Taylor- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Wayne- Ala.
Order by- Mark 7 brother
Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., Miss.

Perkins, Lanning
01-17-1929- Birmingham, Ala.
Father- W. Forster Perkins- Trenton, Tenn.
Mother- Bessie Gillentine- Tupelo, Miss.
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 28

Peters, Virginia Christine
01-08-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Res. near Jacinto- Rienzi, Miss.
Father- John Peters- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Thompson- Miss.
Order by- John Able
Farmington Baptist Church Old Cemetery
Page 13

Pinkston, Mrs. K.L.
D. 11-29-1929- Tyronza, Ark.
Husband- K.L. Pinkston
Father- J.B. Romine
Shipped to Corinth from Tyronza, Ark.
No Cemetery listed
Page 193

Plunk, Raymond Herbert
06-12-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Mat Plunk- Tenn.
Mother- Edna Arlene Lipford Plunk- Tenn.
Rose Hill Cemetery
Bethel Springs, Tenn.
Page 102

Plunk, Mrs. Edna Arlene
approximately 28 yrs. of age
06-17-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Mat Plunk
Father- Frank Lipford- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. (Gage ?)- Tenn.
Order by- Troy Lipford
Rose Hill Cemetery
Bethel Springs, Tenn.
McNairy Co., Tenn.
(Note) Her child on p.102
Page 103

Phillips, Mrs. Parolee M.
01-12-1929- Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late husband- John H. Phillips
Died at the home of Tom Phillips
Father- Neal Morrison- N.C.
Mother- Sarah Rushing- N.C.
Order by- Mrs. J.D. Biggers &
Mrs. W.A. Hinton
Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery
Page 18

Lawrence Phillips
01-17-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- A.J. Phillips- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Hayes- Ga.
Order by- Joe Cates
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 24

Prather, Lozalia (Colored)
Approximately 50 years of age
08-05-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Mr. Gray- Miss.
Order by- Archie Campbell
Tuscumbia Colored Cemetery
Page 131

Preston, Odel M.
06-11-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J. F. Preston- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Bradshaw- Tenn.
Pisgah Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn.
Page 100

Priddy, Raymond
12-08-1929- Robstown,Texas
Father- H.D. Priddy
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 199

Pruner, J.M.
01-13-1929- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Order by- W.L. Dixon
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 21

Potts, Mrs. Margaret
03-09-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late Husband- E. Potts
Order by- Rev. John Potts
Father- Charles (Barney?)- N.C.
Mother- Lizzie Robinson- N.C.
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 58


Rainey, Charlie I.
78 Yrs. 11 Mo.
04-06-1929- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Wife- Julia Rainey- Pocahontas, Tenn.
Order by- L.B. Rainey & Chad Archie
Oaks Grave Yard.
Page 78

Rather, William Baker
01-05-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. (Hidie?) Rather
Father- Capt. John Rather- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Ellett- Ala.
Order by- Mrs. Emma Baker Palmer
Page 06

Reed, John
Wife- Mary Reed
Order by- W.E. Kemp
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 111

Reynolds, Mrs. Pearl Phillips
Husband- J. Edgar Reynolds
Father- J.K. Phillips- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Van Pelt- Tenn.
Order by- J. Edgar & Miss Maude
Henry Cemetery
Page 61

Reynolds, Mrs. Cleo
11-08-1929- Greenville, Texas
Late Husband- G.W. Reynolds
Father- E.G. Chastain- Ga.
Order by- Miss. Jeff D. Reynolds
City Cemetery
Page 180

Rice, James Madison
09-21-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- DeLong Rice - Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Carr- Tenn
Order by- Robert & Delong Rice, Jr., Mrs. & Mary C. Rice
Henry Cemetery
Page 151

Rice, DeLong Sr.
09-24-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Residence- Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Wife- Mrs. Mary Rice
Father- Davy Rice- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Crabtree- Tenn.
Order by- Robert & Delong, Jr. Rice
Henry Cemetery
Page 154

Rickard, Maudie Lee
12-10-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- W.E. Rickard
Father- Mr. Morris- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Sutton- Ala.
Order by- John Essary
Farmington Cemetery
Page 201

Rickman, Mrs. Hettie Switcher
05-09-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- John T. Rickman
Father- Mr. Switcher- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Knight- Miss.
Babb Cemetery/Fraley Chapel Cemetery
Page 91

Richardson, William A.
01-08-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- Gretta Francis Richardson
Father- William R. Richardson- Ga.
Order by- Mrs. George Wilhite
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 12

Richardson, Mrs. Gretta Frances Underwood
01-12-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late Husband- William A. Richardson
Order by- T.H. Underwood, Children & Mrs. George Wilhite
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 19

Mrs. Mary Richardson Houston
Approximately 85 years of age
06-18-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- W. M. Richardson
Son- D. W. Richardson
Father- Henry Houston- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Rorie- Tenn.
Sardis Cemetery
Page 104

Roberts, Mrs. Sarah
Approximately 68 years of age
11-08-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late Husband- Jim Roberts
Father- Mr. Palmer- Miss.
Son- Ross Smith
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 178

Rogers, Marie
02-05-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- T.R. Rogers- Tenn.
Mother- Ruth Smith
Grandmother- Mrs. Mattie L. Rogers
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 41

Rogers, Mrs. Della
07-03-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- E. D. Rogers- Alcorn Co. Miss.
Father- R.F. Coke- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Mother- Delia Stephenson- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Henry Cemetery
Page 110

Romine, R.J., Jr.
10-20-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Robert J. Romine- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Holley- Prentiss Co. Miss.
Order by- R.J. Romine & Mrs. Nash
Henry Cemetery
Page 167

Rowsey, Mary Catherine
01-02-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Leroy Rowsey- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Phillips- Tenn.
Order by- G.W. Rowsey
New Hope Cemetery
Page 03

Rushing, William Staton
76 Years of age
12-13-1929- Tenn.
Shipped here by- J.T. Horton
Order by- Nichols & G.A. Rushing
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 204

Russell, James Lewis
73 Yrs. 3 Mo. 25 Days.
Spouse- Mary Russell (divorced)
Father- Rawell Russell
Mother- Miss. Muse- Miss.
Son- W.R. Russell
Farmington Cemetery
Page 86


Sartin, Elvie Calvin
25 years of age
Father- L.F. Sartain- Ala.
Mother- Ms Campbell- Miss.
Joel Family Cemetery
Dennis, Miss.
Page 150

Scally, Dr. George Washington
08-06-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Alice Sadlin Scally
Father- W.H. Scally- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Earnest- Miss.
Order by- Mrs. J.C. Meeks & Mat Dickson
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 132

Scott, Mrs. Mahala P.
04-22-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Late Husband- J. Scott
Order By- Rev. Wilbanks
Bethlehem Church Cemetery
Page 84

Scott, Nellie Kate
08-04-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Guy Scott- Miss.
Mother- Minnie Campbell Scott- Miss.
Order by- Fred Scott
Henry Cemetery
Page 130

Stephenson, Joseph Johnson
12-22-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Matilda Stephenson
Order by- E.B. Stephenson
Father- W.F. Stephenson- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Roeland- Ireland
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 207

Stone, Shirley May
07-12-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Thomas J. Stone- Va.
Mother- Miss. Gill- Mo.
Order by- Mrs. Dixie Watson & Mrs. Devine
Henry Cemetery
Page 115

Smith, Mrs. Margarette A.
01-01-1929- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Widow of J.R. Smith
Father- Jim Walker- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Young- Tenn.
Order by- Lesley R. Smith
Shiloh Cemetery
Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Page 01

Smith, James K.
81 years of age
01-17-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- James M. Smith- N.C.
Order By- W.J. Miller
City Cemetery
Page 22

Smith, Infant Son
01-18-1929- Corinth, Miss
Father- Hugh Smith- Tenn.
Mother- Ms Gladys Davis Smith- Miss.
Lot- Mrs. L.I. Morrison
Henry Cemetery
Page 26

Smith, Mrs. Virgie Ophelia
06-19-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- J.C. Smith
Father- Wm. Haley
Mother- Emma Canada- Ala.
Henry Cemetery
Page 105

Spears, James Calvin
65 years of age
05-07-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Mary Spears
Father- J.C. Spears
Mother- Mary Plunk
Order by- Sam Spears
Burial in Crump Tenn.
Page 90

Springer, Samuel L.
10-27-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Order by- M.P. Carroll
Oak Hill Church Cemetery
Page 171

Sutton Miss. Maggie
D. 04-16-1929- McNairy Co., Tenn.
Father- William J. Sutton - Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Erwin- Tenn.
Order by- Henry Klyce
Mt. Zion Cemetery
Page 82


Talley, Infant Girl
01-27-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Roy Talley- Miss.
Mother- Viola Rogers-Miss.
Order by- Will Rogers & J.L. Talley
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 32

Tankersley, Mrs. Mary Coleman
12-06-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Husband- Dewey L. Tankersley
Father- Joe W. Coleman- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Ella George- Miss.
Order by- Dewey & Daisy
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 198

Taylor, Rufus Compton
02-02-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Henry Taylor- Ill.
Mother- Miss. Marshall- N.C.
Order by Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. R.C. Taylor
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 39

Taylor, George C.
07-30-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. Ada Taylor
Father- C.A. Taylor- Ga.
Mother- Miss. (Hoigh?)
Order by- Miss. Mildred Calvin
Henry Cemetery
Page 126

Taylor, Infant Son
11-27-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- “Buck” Leonard Taylor- Miss.
Mother- May Robins- Miss.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 190

Tidwell, John
60 years of age
03-03-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Mrs. T. Tidwell
Father- M.J. Tidwell- Ala.
Mother- Miss. Josie (Torry?)- Ala.
Brother- H.W. Tidwell- Dennis, Miss.
Joel Family Cemetery
Burial at Dennis, Miss.
Page 53

Tolor, Mrs. Sallie
72 yrs. 9 mos. 3 days
01-05-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Husband- Soney Tolor
Father- E.T. Whitmore- Ga.
Order by- J.R. Rowsey
Sardis Cemetery
Page 07

Trotter, William M.
10-12-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Spouse- Mrs. Agnes Trotter
Order by- M.J. Emmons
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 164

Tucker, Millard Robin
01-03-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- John Tucker- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. May Wood- Tenn.
Brother- C.B. Tucker
Liberty Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn.
Page 160


Walker, William “Bill” (Colored)
Age 85 years of age
06-18-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Ex-Wife- Anna Walker
Daughter- Eva Tinnes
Order by- Col. Ben Society
Dilworth Colored Cemetery
Page 106

Walker, John Winford
07-27-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- John H. Walker- Miss.
Mother- Minnie Wesson- Miss.
Order by- George Wesson
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 125

Ward, Charles Franklin Sr.
02-06-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Wife- Lillie Ward
Father- Thomas H. Ward- Permo
Mother- Mary P. Cook- Ohio
Order by- Mrs. Wood & Mrs. Hahn- Indian
Henry Cemetery
Page 43

Watkins, Alma Gene
09-03-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Ivy Watkins- Miss.
Mother- Pauline Sharp- Ill.
Grandfather- D.C. Watkins
Snowdown Cemetery
Iuka, Miss
Page 141

Wegmann, Edward Hurshel
01-29-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Jess Wegmann- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Whorly- Miss.
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 33

Westbrook, John Perry
12-21-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Charles O. Westbrook- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Putt- Miss.
Order by- Luther J. Westbrook
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 208

Wilbanks, John Thomas
02-08-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Wife- Lucy Wilbanks
Sons- L.E. & Louis Wilbanks
Father- Whit Wilbanks - S.C.
Mother- Janie Briley - Miss.
Ebenezer Cemetery
Page 44

Wilbanks, Infant Girl
04-29-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- W.J. Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Ida Miller- Ala.
Cumberland Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 87

Wilbanks, Vada
10-04-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Spouse- Jerry Wilbanks- Kossuth
Father- Miles Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Wilbanks- Miss.
Order by- Kelsey Smith
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 162

Wilbanks, Miss. Mary
School age child
D. 11-09-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- J.F Wilbanks- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Burrell- Miss.
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 179

Wilburn, Hosea Monroe
01-31-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- O.C. Wilburn- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Azzie Cook- Ga.
Order by- Albert Mills- Kossuth
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 37

Wilburn, Infant Son
11-22-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- O.C. Wilburn- Ga.
Mother- Azzie Cook- Ga.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 187

Wildman, Manuel Ruben
11-15-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- B.B. Wildman- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Yates- Miss.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 184

Wiginton, Mrs. Louise
Approximately 62 years of age
03-25-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Son- C.T. Wiginton
Late Husband- G.F. Wiginton
Father- Tom Cathey
Mother- Miss. Vanderford
Order by- Will Little
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 70

Wilhite, Infant
Lived 6 hrs.
Father- Clyde L. Wilhite- Miss.
Mother- Miss. Lela Lancaster- Miss.
Union Church Cemetery
Page 17

Williams, William J.
02-28-1929- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Father- Mr. Williams- Ga.
Mother- Miss. Dalton- Ga.
Order by- Barto Williams- Hardin Co., Tenn.
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 51

Williams, Miss Fronie Inez
04-10-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- J.A. Williams- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Holt- Miss.
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Iuka, Miss
Page 81

Williams, Henry
Place of Death- Co. Farm
Order by- H.C. Poindexter
Funeral Services at
Alcorn Co. Poor House
Page 97

Williams, Infant Son (Colored)
07-14-1929- Corinth, Miss.
Father- Jordan Williams- Tenn.
Mother- Jettie Scumpert- Miss.
Colored City Cemetery
Page 117

Wilson, Carl
03-10-1929- Alcorn Co., Miss.
Father- Late William P. Wilson- Tenn.
Mother- Miss. Phillips- Ala.
Brother- W. F. Wilson- Kossuth
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 59


York, Ruby Jewel
10-14-1929- Cypress, Tenn.
Father- J.E. York- Tenn.
Mother- Virgie Carter- Tenn.
Oak Grove Cemetery
Page 165
Alcorn County Home
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