1922 McPeters Funeral Home Records

McPeters Funeral Home Records 1922
Records were transcribed by Janice Switcher & Helah Wilson; March 25, 2007

Acree, Olivia (Colored)
03-12-****- Miss
Age 26 Yrs. 5 days
03-17-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Bill Taylor- Miss
Mother- Sarah Buford- Miss
Father-in-law- Charles Acree
St. Luke Colored Cemetery
Page 153

Anderson, "Mammy" Lucy (Colored)
D. 06-06-1922- Corinth, Miss
Other names listed- Oscar Hamilton & Laura Dickerson
No Cemetery listed
Page 194

Arnett, Edna Inez
05-22-1922- Miss
10-22-1922- Miss
Father- A.E. Arnett
Mother- Emma Lindsey- Tenn
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 263

Atkins, Andrew B.
Age 75 yrs. 8 mos. 22 days
March 02-1922- Acton, Tenn
Order by- George Atkins
Father- Ruben Atkins- N.C.
Mother- Miss Mullens- N.C.
Coln Cemetery
Page 140

Atkins, Emma Dora Mrs.
Age 63 yrs. 2 mos. 20 days- Tenn
05-01-1922- Acton, Tenn
Widow of J.P. Atkins
Order by- J.P. Atkins, Jr.
Father- J. Ingram- Tenn
Mother- Nancy Johnson- Tenn
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 174

Atkins, Howard
03-29-1921- Miss
09-29-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Eugene Atkins- McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother- Kate Hardin- Alcorn County, Miss
Order by- Harris Hardin
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 247


Babb, Mrs.
D. 02-02-1922
Gravel Hill Cemetery
No other information
Page 132

Barker, Mrs. Jodie J.
D. 09-09-1922
Remains shipped here from Earl Arkansas
Order by- Taylor & Port Baker
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 242

Barnett, Harry (colored)
Age 121- Va
04-15-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Son- Andrew Barnett
Order by- Street Lawson
Cunningham Grave Yard
Page 165

Bates, Mose (colored)
About 65 years of age- Miss
02-09-1922- Corinth, Miss
Order by- Solomon Bates
Colored City Cemetery
Page 135

Bates, Lillie (colored)
B- N.C.
03-13-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Prince Holmes- S.C.
Order by- R. M. Warren
Colored City Cemetery
Page 152

Bennett, Paralee F. Mrs.
02-14-1855- Miss
03-04-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Andy Gatlin
Order by- H.C. Bennett
Ebenezer Church Cemetery
Hardeman Co., Tenn
Page 143

Blakney, Henry
D. 06-28-1922- Burnsville, Miss
No Cemetery listed
Page 207

Boone, Miss. Laura
69 yrs. 11 mos. of age- Alcorn Co., Miss
01-28-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ Ellis Young’s home
Father- B.F. Boone
Mother- Mary Mitchell
Order by- J.M. Boone
City Cemetery
Page 128

Brooks, Willie
About 27 yrs. of age- Miss
03-23-1922- Near Burnsville
Father- W.D. brooks- Ala
Mother- Mattie Sprouse- Miss
Bethel Church Cemetery
Page 160

Burns, infant boy (Colored)
08-31-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
09-01-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Oscar Burns- Tenn
Mother- Ada Hornburger- Tenn
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 234

Butler, Tiny
About 12 yrs. of age- Miss
01-11-1922- Chewalla, Tenn
Father- John T. Butler
Mother- Susie Whorley
Tuscumbia Church Cemetery
Page 120


Caldwell, Alberta (Colored)
12-**-1920- Tenn
@ Alex Caldwell’s Home
Mother- Fannie Caldwell- Miss
Order by- Alex Caldwell
Colored City Cemetery
Page 205

Calicutt, Ophelia Ruby (Colored)
About 24 yrs. of age- Miss
01-22-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Andy Roby
Colored City Cemetery
Page 126

Carter, Ershel Travis
11-26-1922- Miss
12-11-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- G.E. Carter- Miss
Mother- Pearl Putt- Miss
Order by- Lillie Putt
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 287

Coke, Mrs. Blanch
About 26 yrs. of age- Miss
05-02-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- J.A. McAnally- Miss
Mother- Mattie Helms
Order by- H.T. Coke
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 175

Collier, Ben Emmett
34 years of age
09-23-1922- Memphis, Tenn
Order by- Mrs. A. L. Booth
No cemetery listed
Page 245

Collier, Joshua J.
D. 05-03-1922
Order by- M/M A. L. Booth
Henry Cemetery
In Ingle Lot

Cox, Truman
02-08-1920- Miss
08-22-1922- Miss
Father- Dave Cox- Tenn
Mother- Lydia Newman- Tenn
Babb Cemetery
Page 229

Crum, Ivy Pearl
Age 8 mos. of age- Miss
10-02-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Earnest Crum- Miss
Mother- Emma Rogers- Miss
Order by- M.L. Rogers
Lone Church Cemetery
Page 250

Crum, Thedas
D. 02-03-1922
School age child
Father- J. Luke Crum- Miss
Mother- Willie Fairchild’s
Order by- Jim Crum
Page 235

Cunningham, Mr. Elisha (Colored)
About 80 yrs. of age
06-14-1922- Miss
Order by- D.L. Oaks
Burial County Farm
Page 199


Davison, Mattie (Colored)
65 yrs. of age- Ala
01-05-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ Florence Brook’s home
Husband- Sam Davison
Burial in Birmingham, Ala
Page 116

Dean, Mrs. Sue
05-13-1848- Corinth, Miss
08-20-1922- Corinth, Miss
Sister- Mrs. R.F. Morrison
Father- A.G. Presson
Mother- Miss. Sanders
Order by- Walter & Will Callaway
City Cemetery
Page 228

Deese, Lloyd
Age 73 yrs.7 mos.
B. March – N.C.
10-13-1922- Kossuth, Miss
Father- Dempsey Deese- N.C.
Mother- Matilda Page- N.C.
Order by- Fred Dees
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 255

Doran, Hattie E. (colored)
About 34 yrs. of age- Miss
02-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Wife- Lessie Jordan
St. Rest Church
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 134

Doran, Rufus Murray
06-23-1883- Tenn
08-10-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ J.G. Doran’s home
Father- G.W. Doran- Tenn
Mother- Hattie East- Tenn
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 224

Doyle, Elmer Grady
Shipped here from Pennsylvania
Father- J.A. Doyle
Mother- Lucinda Doyle
Henry Cemetery
Page 119

Duncan, Mrs. Lou
64 yrs. of age- Tenn
11-03-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Hugh Gilbert
Order by- Jerry Duncan
No cemetery listed
Page 269

Dunn, Minnie Briggs
03-24-1886- Miss
09-06-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Henry S. Briggs- Miss
Mother- Miss Lee- Miss
Brother- John Briggs
Baptist Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 239

Dyer, Charles H. (Colored)
2 yrs. of age- Miss
01-15-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Eli Dyer
Mother- Mary Wilson
Order by- Ben Dyer
Pilgrims Rest Colored Church Cemetery
Page 124


Edgerton Annie Kenon (Colored)
Age- 51- Miss
D. 09-11-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
@ Miss Florence Hall’s home
Father- Ad Kenon- Miss
Mother- Cindia Story – Miss
Order by- Bose Edgerton
Tuscumbai Colored Cemetery
Page 243

Elliott, infant
Age 3 Mos.- Alcorn Co., Miss
10-19-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- W.F. Elliott- Miss
Mother- Johny Odle
Order by- Vietor Lancaster
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Page 262

Epps, Allie Miss
07-07-1907- McNairy Co., Tenn
12-05-1922- West Corinth
Father- Roscoe Epps- Tenn
Mother- Florence King- Tenn
Order by- John Bradley & (grandfather) George King
Henry Cemetery
Page 286


Farris James C.
Age 1 yr. 9 Mos. - Miss
01-12-1922- Miss
Father- Henry Farris- Tenn
Mother- Lena Hockady- Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 122

Freeds, Ruth
B. Tenn
School age child
D. 01-07-1922- Kendrick, Miss
Father- J. H. Freeds- Ala
Mother- Willie D. Houston- Tenn
White Sulphur Cemetery
Counce, Tenn
Page 118

Fulton, Woodrow
10 Yrs. of age- Tenn
11-10-1922 – Ramer, Tenn
Father- J.R. Fulton- Tenn
Mother- Minnie Sweat
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn
Page 271


Gant, Thelma
B. Tenn
D. 03-03-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Will Gant- Tenn
Mother- Minnie Shook- Tenn
New Hope Church Cemetery
Page 141

Gillentine, Thurman, Jr.
09-25-1922- Corinth, Miss
10-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Thurman Gillentine- Miss
Mother- Omie May Perkins- Tenn
Order by- W.F. Perkins
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 253

Grisham, Mack
65 yrs. of age- Miss
12-13-1922- Corinth, Miss
Order by- Mary Grisham
Babb Grave Yard
Page 288

Gurley, J. Clarence
Age 26 yrs. 8 mos.- Alcorn Co., Miss
07-04-1922- Chewalla, Tenn
Father- James B. Gurley- Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother- Sallie Martindale- Alcorn Co., Miss
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn
Page 210

Gwyne, Mary Jane (Colored)
04-16-1906- Miss
@ Matilda Pollards Home
Father- Huley Gwyn
Mother- Lula McCord
Colored City Cemetery
Page 190


Hado, Webster (Colored)
Approximately 77 yrs. of age. - Miss
06-23-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Son- Zeffer Hado
Father- George Hado
Mt. Carmon Colored Cemetery
Page 205

Hall, Wealthy May
11-08-1903- St. Louis, Mo
03-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Ed Hall
Mother- Annie Belle Dilworth
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 146

Hall, Mrs.
D. Meridian, Miss
Sent to Red Bay, Ala
Page 222

Hearn, Mrs. Maggie
10-04-1894- Miss
10-18-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband- Claude Hearn
Father- R. P. Vanderford- Miss
Mother- Miss Harris- Tenn
Other Name- Mrs. W. I. Young
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 260

Henderson, Lon Exum
08-03-1902- Fulton, Ky
07-05-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Lon Henderson- Tenn
Mother- Miss Emma Dalton- Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 211

Henderson, Lon
05-14-1877- Tenn
05-14-1922- Corinth, Miss
Wife- Emma D. Henderson
Father- John Henderson
Mother- Miss Walker- Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 182

Hendrix, James S.
10-30-1855- Miss
08-02-1922- Leedy, Miss
Father- Noah Hendrix- Tenn
Mother- Miss Beshears- Miss
Jacinto Cemetery
Page 220

Henry, Warren
D. 04-19-1922- Glen, Miss
Order by J.C. Finger
By- Burnsville Mercantile Co.
Page 167

Henson, Hazel Lee
09-**-1919- Miss
08-01-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- A. M. Henson- Miss
Mother- Dolly Turner- Miss
Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery
Page 218

Hignite, Jim Rogers
12-06-1858- Tenn
10-14-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Other names- Mrs. Lillie Haynie, C. P. King & H.L. Haynie
Page 257

Hindmon, Mrs. Fannie
04-02-1876- Tenn
10-28-1922- Acton, Tenn
Husband- T.J. Hindmon
Father- J.R. Bradshaw- Ala
Mother- Margarette Presley- Miss
Pisgah Church Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn
Page 266

Hodges, Luther (Colored)
51 yrs. of age- Tenn
01-23-1922- Corinth, Miss
St. Rest Colored Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 127

Howell, Holsey (Colored)
08**-1912- Miss
06-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- J.D. Howell
Mother- Sophia Booker
Burial in Shannon, Miss
Page 198

Howell, ??
Residence- Holcut, Miss
No other information
Page 136

Hudson, Emily Jane
84 yrs. of age- Ala
04-29-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by- J.F. Hudson & J.N. Frost
No cemetery listed
Page 173

Huggins, Louise
04-01-1921- McNairy Co., Tenn
06-11-1922- McNairy Co., Tenn
Father- R. L. Huggins- Tenn
Mother- Nannie (Cheshire?)
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 195


Isbell, Mrs. Martha
B. - Ala
D. 08-25-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Son- W.W. Isbell
White Hurst Family Cemetery
Father- A. Holt
Page 232


Jackson, Mrs. Blanch
40 yrs. of age- Miss
10-27-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Mr. McMurray
Order by- Lum & J.A. Jackson
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 267

Jackson, Eber C.
Age 24 yrs. 11 mos.- Tenn
09-05-1922- Tenn
Father- Jim Jackson- Tenn
Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 240

Jobe, Mrs. Sue
01-11-1886- Prentiss Co. Miss
06-21-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- J.B. Ellis
Mother- Maggie McNair
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 203

Jones, Cal
80 yrs. of age- IL
04-22-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 170

Jones, Lucille (Colored)
03-15-1922- Miss
03-22-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Curtis Jones- Miss
Mother- Mary Jane Williams
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 158

Jones, Fannie Sue (Colored)
04-23-1917- Miss
11-23-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- John K. Jones- Miss
Mother-Della Betts- Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page 274

Jordan, Dan (Colored)
Approximately 34 yrs. of age
D. 02-07-1922
Wife- Lessie Jordan
St. Rest Colored Church Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 134


Kemp, infant son
06-11-1922- Miss
06-12-1922- Miss
Father- W.E. Kemp- Miss
Mother- Essie Reed- Ala
City Cemetery
Page 197

King, Reba Lee
09-01-1922- Miss
12-01-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- C.L. King- Miss
Mother- Gertrude Woodruff
Order by- W.T. Seago
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 282

Knight, G.L.
Age 32 yrs. 11 mos. 23 days- Tenn
04-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Rufus Knight- Tenn
Mother- Mollie C. - Tenn
Brother-in-law- George King
Burial in Selmer, Tenn
Page 161

Krannichfeld, Mrs. Emma Cora
D. 06-04-1922
Other Family Members B.C. Krannichfeld- Murphysboro, Ill &
Carl H. Krannichfeld- Jackson, Tenn
Order by- John Thompson &
Voss Krannichfeld- Murphysboro, Ill
Burial in John Thompson Lot
Cemetery un-listed
Page 193


Lewis, Hawking
12-25-1905- Prentiss Co., Miss
09-21-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Jim Lewis- Ala
Mother- Josie Vanstory- Miss
Brothers- Zeb Lewis
Order by- Austin Lewis
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 244

Lewis, Ida (Colored)
32 yrs. of age
07-20-1922- Jackson, Tenn
Order by- Allie Chambers & Neelie Lewis
No cemetery listed
Page 215

Liddell, Joe D. (Colored)
Approximately 6 yrs. of age- Miss
06-05-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Henry Liddell- Miss
Mother- Madora Liddell- Miss
Order by- Mose Liddell
Colored City Cemetery
Page 192

Lowrey, Grace (Colored)
57 yrs. of age- Miss
01-11-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- William (Davis?) S.C.
Order by- Bill Lowery
No cemetery listed
Page 130


Madden, Lena Bell Myers
01-20-1888- Miss
03-12-1922- Corinth, Miss
Husband- William L. Madden
Father- George Myers- Miss
Order by- A.A. & W. L. Madden
Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery
Page 151

Maddox, Nolie Reggie
11-29-1896- Miss
03-09-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ home of J.D. Romine
Father- George Maddox- Miss
Mother- Mary Flanagan- Miss
Order by- Mrs. Dovie Maddox
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 148

Martin, Gene O.
06-17-1907- Miss
08-04-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- William Martin- Ala
Mother- Miss Evans- Ga
Palestine Church Cemetery
Near Paden, Miss.
Page 221

Melton, William N.
03-09-1850- Tenn
05-10-1922- Corinth, Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page 179

Miller, Mrs. Mary
01-03-1905- Alcorn Co., Miss
05-17-1922- Corinth, Miss
Husband- John J. Miller
Father- J.A. Ginn
Mother- Sarah Ann Mitchell
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 183

Mills, Ida Ruth
08-24-1920- Alcorn Co., Miss
06-14-1922- McNairy Co., Tenn
Father- Same E. Mills- Hardin Co., Tenn
Mother- Dora Haddock- McNairy Co., Tenn
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 201

Mincy, Annie Elizabeth
09-15-1921- Miss
01-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- W.W. Mincy
Mother- Mirta Storment- Tishomingo Co., Miss
Order by- J.F. Mincy
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 115

Monroe, T. Franklin
08-09-1848- Miss
04-15-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Bill Monroe
Order by- B.F. Monroe
Danville Cemetery
Rienzi, Miss
Page 164

Monroe, Luda Ella Mrs. & infant
Buried together
12-09-1885- Miss
08-24-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- J.T. Rinehart- Mo
Mother- Ella Amos- Ga
Order by- J.D. Rinehart & B.F. Monroe
New Hope Church Cemetery
Page 230

Montgomery, Sallie (Colored)
50 yrs. of age
03-08-1922- Jackson, Miss
Other names- Irene Reece & S.B. Whitaker
No cemetery listed
Page 147

Morris, Alex (Colored)
67 yrs. of age- Miss
06-11-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother- Peggy Morris
Order by- Nath Morris
Stockade Colored Cemetery
Page 196

Morris, John
Approximately 70 yrs. of age- Ga
07-16-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 212

Moseley, Freddie (Colored)
14 yrs. of age
04-17-1922 –Jackson, Tenn
Order by- Will Moseley
Colored City Cemetery
Page 166

Moss, John
40 yrs. of age- Miss
12-03-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 283


McAnulty, John W.
10-12-1840- Tenn
06-14-1922- Alcorn Co., Ms
Father- M.A. McAnulty
Mother- I. Davis
Order by- L.T. Monroe & J.W., McAnulty Jr.
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 200

McBride, infant son (Colored)
Father- Jake Johnson
Mother- Stella McBride
Colored City Cemetery
Page 208

McDonald, Edith (Colored)
03-18-1899- Tenn
08-24-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Dan McDonald- Tenn
Mother- Ada Wheeler-Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page 231

McGee, Warren (Colored)
B. South Carolina
D. 05-02-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
@ Home of Mattie McGee
Colored City Cemetery

McGuire, Mrs. Nan
Res. Alcorn County, Miss
D. 10-12-1922
Indian Creek Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 254

McKewen, J.W.
04-28-1922- Ripley, Miss
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 172

McLemore, infant daughter
10-19-1922- Miss
10-24-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- J.M. McLemore- Miss
Mother- Lula (Burress?)- Prentiss County Miss
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 265

McLeod, William Ed.
D. 07-17-1922- Chicago, Ill
Order by- C.W. Galbreath & Mrs. Ed McLeod
No cemetery listed
Page 213

McNair, Jesse C.
29 yrs. of age
Order by- L.M. Burton
Burial in Crump, Tenn
Page 188


Nash, infant son
Still born 04-21-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- hardy Nash
Mother- Ella Cupples
Order by- Mrs. M.C. Nash
Henry Cemetery
Page 169

Nelson, Alberta Johnson (Colored)
07-02-1901- Miss
05-22-1922- Corinth, Miss
Husband- G. Nelson, Jr.
Father- Ed Johnson- Miss
Mother- Grace Skelton, Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page 186

Newcomb, Mrs. Mary E.
03-10-1844- Ky
12-01-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- George Brown- Ky
Mother- Mrs. Brown- Ky
Henry Cemetery
Page 281

Newman, J.H.
74 yrs. of age- Miss
10-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Adam Newman
Order by- J.L. Newman
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 249

Nichols, Mrs. Malissa
03-10-1843- Tenn
10-30-1922- Michie, McNairy Co., Tenn
Father- Richard Rushing
Mother- Annie Huggins
Daughter- Mrs. Marion Emmons
Gravel Hill Cemetery
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 268

Nichols, Sarah Catherine
Age 58 yrs. 10 mos. of age- Tenn
07-22-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Son- Clarence Nichols
Father- Mr. Foster
Order by- Joe P. Smith
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 216

North, P.W., Sr.
08-24-1833- N.C.
10-23-1922- Corinth, Miss
Mother- Jennie Harris- N.C.
Order by- P.W. & Jim North
New Hope Church Cemetery
McNairy Co., TN
Page 264


Owens, Minnie (Colored)
Approximately 67 yrs. of age- Miss
02-18-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ Home of Mike Smith’s
Mother- Easter Crum
Order by- Ollie Smith & R. M. Weaver
Colored City Cemetery
Page 137


Parker, Octavius Adolphus
09-26-1850- Tenn
09-02-1922- Corinth, Miss
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 236

Patterson, Elmer James (Colored)
12-30-1921- Miss
10-15-1922- Corinth
Father- Willie Patterson- Miss
Mother- Clara Northcross- Miss
Order by- Mable Murphy
Pilgrims Rest Colored Cemetery
Page 258

Patton, Harrison (Colored)
50 yrs. of age- Miss
04-13-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by- Ulysses Patton & L. J. Barry
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 162

Penrow, Fred (Colored)
14 yrs. 2 mos. 14 days of age- Miss
11-28-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ home of Mat Hurnton
Father- E. Penrow- Miss
Mother- S. Scaler- Miss
Burial in Baldwyn, Miss
Page 278

Perkins, Donnie D.
09-08-1919- Miss
11-25-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- W.F. Perkins- Miss
Mother- Bessie Gillentine- Tenn
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 276

Peyton, Franklin (Colored)
Age 27 yrs. 10 mos.- Miss
Father- Green Peyton- Miss
Mother- Agie Spence
Order by- Vess Spence
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 277

Pollard, Matilda (Colored)
12-11-1889- Miss
12-19-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Horace Gwyn- Miss
Mother- Lucy Spence- Miss
Order by- Jim Pollard
Colored City Cemetery
Page 289

Powell, William Preston
04-20-1844- Miss
08-02-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- William Powell- S.C.
Mother- Miss Wade- Virginia
Order by- W. H. Powell
Old Danville Cemetery
Rienzi, Miss
Page 219

Putt, Katherine Irene
04-31-1921- McNairy Co., Tenn
10-01-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Elmer Putt- Miss
Mother- Mable Faulkner- McNairy Co., Tenn
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 248


Rogers, Simon
2 yrs. of age- Miss
09-25-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- W.F. Rogers
Mother- Bertie Jobe- Miss
Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery
Page 246

Rogers, Wm. V.S.
88 yrs of age- N.C.
03-17-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Russell Rogers
Order by- W. Young Rogers
Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery
Page 150

Rogers, Ola
05-12-1920- Miss
05-14-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Lon Rogers- Miss
Mother- Josie Mills- Miss
Order by- J.T. Mills
Lone Oak Church Cemetery
Page 181

Rogers, infant
Age 1 Mo. 6 days
03-06-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- J.T. Rogers- Ala
Mother- Sallie Forrester
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page 145

Ross, infant
11-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Bud Ross
Mother- Mary Whitmore
Order by- George Galloway & Fannie Walker
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 270

Ryan, James Hollis
11-19-1922- Miss.
11-30-1922- Corinth, Miss
@ Mrs. Ruf Adams home
Father- George H. Ryan- Miss
Mother- Mattie Wooley
Henry Cemetery
Page 280


Sanders, Vance (Colored)
Approximately 70 yrs. of age- Md
06-17-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Joe Sanders- Md
Order by- Walter Sanders
Stockade Colored Cemetery
Page 202

Settle, Mazie (Colored)
27 yrs. of age- Miss
04-23-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- John Settle- Miss
Mother- Frances Stafford- Miss
Order by- C. Arther Stafford & J.S Smith
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 171

Short, John (Colored)
27 yrs of age
08-26-1922- Ill
Order by- Alex Lee
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 233

Shorter, Victoria (Colored)
90 yrs. of age- Ga
05-19-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
@ Home of Andrew Walker
Late husband- Paul Shorter
Order by- W. A. J. Walker & V. Shorter
Page 185

Simington, Jimmie (Colored)
Approximately 40 yrs. of age- Miss
05-08-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Harrison Simington- Tenn
Mother- Ellen Cunningham- Ky
Colored City Cemetery
Page 178

Simpson, Maude (Colored)
B. Tenn
02-21-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Frank Hodge
Mother- Elmira Coleman
Order by- W. T. Armstead
Colored City Cemetery
Page 138

Smith, Cassie (Colored)
07-**-1907- Miss
08-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Ed Smith- Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by- Rob Smith
Colored City Cemetery
Page 223

Smith, Mary (Colored)
Age 56 yrs. 11 mos. 24 days- Tenn
10-14-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Isom Hussey
Order by Rick Smith & Jesse Simmons
Colored City Cemetery
Page 256

Smith, Eugene
07-11-1894- Miss
10-05-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Taylor Smith- Ms
Order by- Sanford, Joe & Tom Smith
Baptist Shiloh Church Cemetery
Page 251

Sparks, May Margarette
02-22-1922- Miss
10-07-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Ben F. Sparks- Ala
Mother- Fana King- Ala
Henry Cemetery
Page 252

Spencer, Mrs. Martha Ora
10-11-1876- Booneville, Miss
06-04-1922- Corinth, Miss
Husband- L.G. Spencer
Father- W.M. Spencer- Miss
Mother- Emily Jones- Miss
Burial in Booneville, Miss
Page 191

Stegar, Miss. Alice
53 yrs of age- Miss
11-28-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
@ Home of Elbert Hamlin
Father- Jim Stegar- Miss
Order by- G. M. Hinton
New Hope Church Cemetery
Page 279

Stevens, Mrs. Jane Cook
12-07-1874- Ill
04-21-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband- M. Stevens
Father- George Cook- Ky
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 168

Stovall, Lize (Colored)
75 yrs. of age
01-05-1922- Kossuth, Miss
Order by- Tom Coleman
No burial site listed
Page 117

Strickland, Miss. Emily C.
12-05-1840- Ga
03-18-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Joe Haynie- Ga
Mother- Miss Taylor- Ga
Order by- M.E. Taylor
Haynie Cemetery
Page 155

Strickland, "Aunt" Ester
100 Yrs. of age
09-09-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by- Rick Wade & Millard (Cozart ?)
Tate Grave Yard
McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 241

Swett, Robert H.
39 yrs. of age- Miss
10-17-1922- Parkin, Ark
Order by- William R. Swett
City Cemetery
Page 261


Taylor, Etolia (Colored)
07-01-1905- Miss
03-23-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Tom Taylor- Miss
Mother- Gertrude Spencer
Order by- Verlen Taylor Dickey
Colored City Cemetery
Page 159

Thompson, Birdie
01-06-1885- Ala
01-31-1922- Corinth, Miss
Late husband- Hillie Thompson
Father- Mit Taylor
Mother- Mrs. Taylor
Order by- John H. Thompson
City Cemetery
Page 129

Thrasher, Orban Bilbo
05-08-1917- Miss
12-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Jake Thrasher- Miss
Mother- Docia Leatherwood
Order by- J. B. Tennyson
Lone Oak Church Cemetery
Page 285

Tatum ,Will (Colored)
Res. Savannah, Tenn
19 yrs. of age
02-28-1922- Corinth, Miss
Order by- Dan Tatum
No burial site listed
Page 139

Tucker, George Bailey
72 yrs. 7 mos.
Born in March
10-18-1922- Acton, Tenn
Order by- J.B. Berry
Liberty School Cemetery
Page 259

Turner, Mary Agnes
B. Tenn.
01-21-1922- Corinth, Miss
Husband- J. Dale Turner
Father- Jim Jones- Va
Mother- Blan (Gerdo?)- VA
Order by- D.F. Turner
Lebanon Cemetery
Page 125

U- N/A


Vance, Jack (Colored)
Approximately 45 yrs. of age
05-12-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by- R. Grimes
Tuscumbia Colored Cemetery
Page 180

Vanderford, Amanda Jane
01-23-1852- Ark
07-01-1922- Corinth, Miss
Daughter- Mrs. Will Province
Husband- A. T. Vanderford
Father- T. Guthrie- Ky
Mother- Miss McCormack
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 209

Vandyke, Bob (Colored)
100 yrs. of age
03-05-1922- Guys, Tenn
Order by- T. J. Sharp
No cemetery Listed
Page 144

Voyles, Docia
20 yrs. of age- Miss
11-24-1922- McNairy Co., Tenn
Father- W.O. Voyles- Miss
Mother- Angie Crow
Union Church Cemetery
Page 275

Voyles, Ernest Cecil
21 days of age
01-14-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Cecil Voyles- Tenn
Mother- Dovie Thorn- Miss
Order by- Andrew & Cecil Voyles
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page 123


Wagnon, Andrew Jackson
07-18-1922- Miss
07-19-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Jack H. Wagnon- Ala
Mother- Miss. Anderson- Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page 214

Wagnon, Mrs. Anna
08-02-1880- Miss
09-04-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- William Anderson
Order by- Jack Wagnon
Henry Cemetery
Page 237

Ward, Jennie (Colored)
Age 29 yrs. 8 mos. 27 days- Miss
11-10-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Minor Coleman- Ga
Mother- Lizza Murdock
Order by- Lon Dilworth & Jim Gant
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 272

Warren, Mrs. Lizzie
09-26-1835- S.C.
09-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Trinton Hall- S.C.
Mother- Ruth Clark- S.C.
Order by- Miss Florence hall
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 238

Warren, Samuel, Jr. (Colored)
01-06-1922- Miss
05-31-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Sammie Warren- Miss
Mother- Ollie Robinson- Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page 189

Watkins, Rev. Daniel (Colored)
12-02-1922- Corinth, Miss
Order by- Mary Roberson & S.B. Whitaker
No burial site listed
Page 284

Watkins, Mark
68 yrs. of age- Ala
02-06-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Jim Watkins
Order by- Don Watkins
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 133

Wayne, Miss. Eldorado
50 yrs. of age- Ga
03-18-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Jack Wayne- Ga
Mother- Miss. Chambley
Order by- Dr. B.W. Williams
Oak Hill Church Cemetery
Page 156

Wells, infant son
06-26-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- W. Ely Wells- Miss
Mother- Willie Gurley- Miss
Order by- Sid Caldwell & Jno. Gurley
Page 206

Whitmore, infant (Colored)
11-04-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Bud Ross
Mother- Mary Whitmore
Liberty Colored Cemetery
Page 270

Wiginton, John Edward
29 yrs. 6 mos. of age- Miss
Born in August
03-04-1922- Leedy, Miss
Father- George Wiginton- Miss
Mother- Louisa Cathey- Miss
Order by- Mrs. Louise Wiginton
Liberty Hill Church Cemetery
Page 142

Willingham, George
Approximately 80 yrs. of age
11-17-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Emery Willingham
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 273

Wilson, Mrs. Nancy W.
08-09-1857- Tenn
07-04-1922- Burnsville, Miss
Father- Hyram Trigg
No burial site listed
Page 217

Winters, Mariah (Colored)
51 yrs. of age
08-15-1922- Savannah, Tenn
Order by- S. B. Whitaker
Burial in Savannah, Tenn
Page 226

Wood, Dave (Colored)
80 yrs. of age
08-18-1922- Alcorn County
Alcorn County Poor House Cemetery
Page 227


Young, Mary (Colored)
05-15-1896- Miss
03-16-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Harry Barnett- Va
Mother- Hannah Suitor- Miss
Order by- Andrew Barnett
Cunningham Colored Cemetery
Page 154

Young, Ila May (Colored)
07-14-1906- Miss
05-28-1922- Corinth, Miss
Father- Ned Young- Miss
Mother- Ella S. Young- Miss
Mt. Carmel Colored Cemetery
Page 187

Z- N/A
Alcorn County Home
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