McPeters Funeral Home Records 1921

McPeters Funeral Home
Alcorn County, Mississippi

McPeters Funeral Home
was one of the first funeral homes in Alcorn County, MS. Prior to operating a business as a funeral parlor, McPeters served the public as McPeters Merchants.
These records were transcribed by Janice Switcher and Helah Wilson. Sincere thanks go out to Bill and Judy McPeters for the reproduction of these records.
March 24, 2007


Ajax, Sarah
09-01-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Isaac Hearn
Mother-Sarah Hearn-England
Henry Cemetery
Page- 64

Allford, Infant Boy
05-09-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-G.W. Allford
Henry Cemetery
Page- 20

Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Age 89 yrs 11 mos. - Scotland
04-23-1921-Glen, Miss
Order by I.S. South
Hopewell Cemetery
Page- 18


Bain, M.D.
Age abt.60-Ala
11-26-1921-Leedy, Miss
Order by W.A. Bain
Father-John Bain
Mother-Mary Cooksie
Liberty Hill Church Cemetery
Page- 102

Barnett, Ethel McPeters (Colored)
03-20-1902- Miss
08-25-1921- Corinth, Miss
Father-Andy McPeters- Miss
Mother-Lizzie Parchman- Miss
Old Danville Cemetery
Page- 63

Baswell, Annie Elizabeth
10-09-1921-Biggersville, Miss
Order by D.H. Green of Rienzi, Miss
Father-George Baswell- Miss
Mother-Martha Baswell-Ala
New Hope Cemetery-Kossuth, Miss
Page- 76

Bray, Mrs. Mollie Baker
09-20-1846- North Carolina
12-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Riley Bray
Father-M.H. Baker
Mother-Sarah Poindexter- North Carolina
Hinkle Creek Church Cemetery
Page- 106

Burge, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Rogers
05-15-1921-Palemeto, Georgia
Husband-John Burge
Order by Paul T. & Ed. M. Jones
Father-Joseph Rogers- North Carolina
Mother-Betty Lanier-Ala
Henry Cemetery
Page- 24

Butler, Pearl
About 19 yrs. old- Miss
11-24-1921- Corinth, Miss
Brother- J.W. Butler
Guardian- W.B. Wilson
Father-John T. Butler-Miss
Mother-Susie Whorley-Miss
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page- 98


Capooth, Lucie Ola (Unreadable)
About 90 yrs. old-Tenn
07-12-1921-Ramer, Tenn
Order by Luther & W.W. Capooth
Mother-Mary Smith
Tate Grave Yard, Ramer, Tenn
Page- 41

Cherry, Bill
Age 54
Birth Place-Tenn
09-30-1921-Corinth, Miss
Home of Dan Lacy
Burial at Savannah Tenn
Page- 74

Clifton, Mrs. Bertha Petty
35 yrs. old-Hardin Co. Tenn
03-05-1921-Corinth, Miss
Husband-G.L. Clifton
Father-William Petty- Hardin Co., Tenn
Mother-Miss Browder
Other name- C.E. Clifton
Perkins Grave Yard- McNairy Co. Tenn
Page- 03

Copeland, Dr. Aleanda Ditt
03-12-1870-Itawamba Co. Miss
11-27-1921-Belmont, Miss
Order by Dr. Oscar Copeland
Father-Thomas E. Copeland-Ala
Mother-Alice Combs-Tenn
Certifying Physician- Jos. Copeland- Red Bay, Ala
No cemetery listed
Page- 103

Cunningham, Mrs. Mary A. Mitchell
06-11-1921-Corinth, Miss
Widow of-James W. Cunningham
Father-Houston Mitchell-Tenn
Mother-Martha Whittemore-Tenn
City Cemetery Corinth, Miss
Page- 31


Darnell, Susan V. Campbell
08-19-1848-Lawrence Co. Tenn
09-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Thomas Darnell
Children are:
Minnie V. Walker,
Pedro V. Walker and
Jennie V. Walker
Henry Cemetery
Page- 70

Doran, Hattie E.
11-16-1845-Hardin Co. Tenn
03-09-1921-Corinth, Miss
Place of death-home of J.G. Doran
Widow of-George W. Doran
Father-Ruben East
Mother-Harriette Young
Salem Grave Yard
Page- 04

Dunaway, Clyde
10-27-1921-N.O., La
Order by Will Dalton
Charged to Mrs. M.E. Dunaway
Shipped here from N.O., La
No cemetery listed
Page- 83


Essary, Rebecca Graham
08-05-1921- Corinth, Miss
Son-Louis D. Essary
Father-Louis Graham
Oaks Cemetery, Theo, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page- 55


Fields, George Harrison
11-04-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-James H. Fields
Mother-Miss Miller
Coln Grave Yard-Acton, Tenn
Page- 87

Floyd, Mattie E. Threadgill
20 yrs. old-Born in Tishomingo Co. Miss
03-24-1921-Holcut, Miss
Husband-Jim Floyd
Page- 09

Floyd, W.W.
Birth unknown
08-07-1921-Sheffield, Ala
Order by Anna Floyd
Daughter-Bertha Williams-Gary, Indiana
Mt. Carmon Cemetery near Concord Church
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page- 57

Fowler, Laney
77 yrs. 6 mos. - 1844 McNairy Co., Tenn
Liberty Cemetery- Kendrick
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page- 39

Freeman, Odel
Age-26 yrs.7 mos.-Miss
03-27-1921-Corinth, Miss
Place of death- At Mother’s home in County
Husband-George Freeman
Mother-Mary Cliff-?
Dilworth Grave Yard
Page- 10

Freeman, Bob
About 39 yrs. old- Texas
11-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Waukomis Lake Road
Order by Dave Gooch
Other name- S.C. King
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page- 95


Gardner, Infant Boy (Colored)
11-02-1921-Corinth, Miss
7:45 a.m. to 8: a.m.
Lived 15 Minutes
Father-Mike Smith-Miss
Mother-Allie Gardner-Tenn
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 86

Garrett, Truman Jr. (Colored)
05-24-1921-Corinth, Miss
Grandmother-Virginia Slater
Father-Freeman Garrett
Mother-Carrie Slater
City Cemetery Colored
Page- 26

Gurley, M.C.
04-01-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by R.H. Goforth
Father-William Gurley-Miss
Union Cemetery
Page- 11


Hamlin, James N.
06-01-1872-Corinth, Miss
07-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by Oscar & W.W. Hinton
Father-Millard Hamlin-Georgia
Salem Church Cemetery
Page- 49

Hargrove, Minnie (Colored)
About 95 yrs. old
Widow of-Sam Hargrove
Order by Charles Putt & Elmer Sharp
St. Rest Cemetery
Page- 34

Henderson, Mrs. Emeline
82 yrs.11 mos. 20 days
11-17-1921-Kossuth, Miss
Order by Mat Dickson
Hinkle Creek Church Cemetery
Page- 92

Howell, W.T. Jr.
08-10-1921-Tulu., Tenn
Father-W.T. Howell- Tenn
Mother-Leonia Farris-Tenn
Carter School House Cemetery
Near Tulu., Tenn
Page- 58

Huggins, Sarah Della E. Sheffield
09-16-1921-Corinth, Miss
Husband-L.M. Huggins
Father- E. Sheffield- N.C.
Order by W.T. Howell
Henry Cemetery
Page- 68


Irvin, Samuel
09-21-1921-Guys, Tenn
Place of death at Alvie Irvin
Order by Joe Irvin
Pleasant Site Cemetery
Near Weatherford’s Store
Page- 71


Johnson, Ora Lee (Colored)
07-16-1921-Wright, Tenn
Place of death at Ab Raley's residence
Father-J.W. Holt-Tenn
Mother-Mary Garrett-Tenn
Carthion? Grave Yard
Near Wright, Tenn
Page- 44

Johnson, Infant Girl (Colored)
Father-Will Johnson
Mother-Lois Bolden
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 45

Johnston, David
07-15-1921-Horton, Okla.
Father- John McGraw Johnston
Mother- Valentine Henry Johnston
Grandfather-W.D. Henry
Henry Cemetery in Corinth, Miss
Page- 47

Jones, Estella (Colored)
04-11-1921-Corinth, Miss
Mother-Jennie Jones
Order by R.M. Mitchell
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 17

Jones, Robert Lafayette
09-15-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Jesse Jones-Ala
Mother-Mary Merchant-Ala
Order by Wiley G. Jones
Other names- J.D.B. & Mrs. L.F. Jones
New Hope Cemetery near Biggersville
Page- 66

Jones, Eurbie Aslie
11-25-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-H.B. Booker Jones-Tenn
Mother-Ava Marett- S.C.
Babb Grave Yard
Page- 99

Jones, Hessie Lindsey (Colored)
10-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Robert Lindsey-Georgia
Mother-Phillis Barnhill-Tenn
Order by Alex Jones
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 80

Joyce, Infant Girl
10-31-1921-Corinth, Miss
Lived 5 minutes
Father-Herring Joyce
Mother-Floy Harrison
City Cemetery
Page- 85


Kellogg, Mrs. V. La Berdetta
08-03-1921-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband-C.N. Kellogg
Burial- Indianapolis, Ind.
Page- 52

Key, Winnie Rogers (Colored)
05-**-1863-New Albany, Miss
12-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-George Rogers-Va
Mother-Jane Jamison-Va
Son-in-law- Walter Lawhorn
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 109

Killough, Infant
03-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
03-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by Jim Wegman
Father-Fred Killough-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Quilla Wegman-Alcorn Co., Miss
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page- 08


Leatherwood, Sarah Virginia
04-24-1921-Chewalla, Tenn
05-09-1921-Chewalla, Tenn
Father-Clarence V. Leatherwood-Miss
Mother- Mrs. Olive-Tenn
Brother-in-law- William Leitch
Holly Cemetery
Page- 21

Lietch, William Adel
06 Mo. & 2 days Old
Aunt- Mrs. Jim Potts (Lietch)
Father-Wm. Lietch-Miss
Mother-Ella Crow-Miss
Hopewell Church Cemetery
Page- 114


Mabry, Frank (Colored)
12-22-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by Taylor & Charles Mabry
Father-Wash Mabry
Concord Colored Cemetery
Page- 108

Meadows, Willie Edward
07-17-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by A. U. Meadows
Father-William Ed Meadows-Miss
Mother-Miss Delia Austin-Tenn
Indian Creek Cemetery- Chewalla, Tenn
Page- 46

Messner, Charles Arthur, Jr.
Born 1916
5 yrs. 9 mos. 13 days
Father-Arthur Messner-Pa
Mother-Annie Wileman-Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page- 82

Mincy, Bobby
Age 13-Miss
05-17-1921-Kossuth, Miss
Order by-J.T. Mills
Father-Will Mincy-Miss
Mother-Josie Mills-Miss
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page- 25

Mitchell, William Henry
11-20-1839- South Carolina
11-04-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by Charles Mitchell
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page- 88

Monroe, Mollie Emma (Colored)
1 yr. 6 mos. 15 days
10-14-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-James Monroe- Miss
Mother-Nellie Crayton-Miss
Other name(s) Lula Walker
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery
Page- 78

Monroe, Bob
Birth not listed
Order by Lee Gray
No Cemetery listed
Page- 35

Moore, Amos (Colored)
About 40 yrs. old-Miss
06-18-1921-In Camp near Biggersville, Miss
Order by-J.R. Sturdy
Burial in Starkville, Miss
Page- 32

Moseley, Fannie Beatrice (Colored)
Born about 1907 -Miss
14 yrs. old
03-02-1921-Corinth, Miss
Charge to-J.K. Jones
Father-Will Moseley-Miss
Mother-Jennie Elkins-Miss
Corinth Colored City Cemetery
Page- 01


McCarter, Infant Girls (Twins)
12-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
12-20-1921-Corinth, Miss
Lived 2 hours
In the home of Jno. T. Morris
Father-D.H. McCarter-Ala
Mother-Fleebie Phillips-Miss
Holly Cemetery
Page- 107

McIntyre, James Robert
12-30-1921-Finger, Tenn
Place of Death: R.A. McIntyre
Father-Robert T. McIntyre- North Carolina
Mother-Miss Weaver-Tenn
Remains Shipped to Finger, Tenn
Page- 113


Nelson, Samuel L.
08-16-1846-Anderson Co., South Carolina
11-25-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-W.W. King
Father-W.R. Nelson
Mother-Ellen M. Skelton
Henry Cemetery
Page- 101

Nichols, Andrew Jackson
09-24-1921-Corinth, Miss
On the Joe Smith Place Bro. of Ebb Smith
Father-Isaac Nichols
Mother-Margaret West
Holly Cemetery
Page- 72

Norton, Euna Elizabeth
10-26-1869-Hazlehurst, Miss
09-06-1921-Tishomingo, Miss
Husband-Henry B. Norton
Father-D.D. McLehony-Miss
Mother-Matilda May
Burial-Hazlehurst, Miss
Page- 65


O`Kelly, Herman
Age 8-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-05-1921-near Pleasant Hill Church
Order by-Street Lawson
Father-E.D. O`Kelly-Ala
Mother-Nancy Hardin-Ala
Uncle- A.D. O`Kelly
Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery
Page- 53


Page, Charles Vivian
11-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
Sharps place near Henry Cemetery
Father-Jessie W. Page-Miss
Mother-Ellen McDuffey-Tenn
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page- 94

Parker, J. Thomas
Age 70 yrs. 3 mos. -Tenn
05-01-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by-Luther Shelton
Charge to-W.R Parker
Father-Jesse Parker
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page- 19

Perkins, Geraldine
Father-Jim F. Perkins-Tenn
Mother-Ora E. Martindale-Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page- 97

Perkins, Infant Girl
06-14-1921-Corinth, Miss
06-20-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-J.F. Perkins
Father-Charlie M. Perkins-Miss
Mother-Dee Sweatt- Miss
Holly Cemetery
Page- 33

Peterson, Sarah Bennett
08-11-1921-Corinth, Miss
Widow of-J.T. Peterson
Order by-Eliza Peterson
Father-John R. Davis- Tishomingo Co., Miss
Mother-Laura Joshlin- Tishomingo Co., Miss
Little Flock Cemetery Leedy, Miss
Page- 59

Poindexter, Gladys L.
Birth unknown-Miss
Age about 7 mos.
11-26-1921-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Order by O. H. Poindexter
Father-Tom-Poindexter- Tenn
Mother-Nola Young-Tenn
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page- 100

Powell, William Walter
01-10-1921-Paris, Tenn
Order by M.A. Powell
No Cemetery listed
Page- 90

Powell, William (Colored)
About 90 yrs. old
07-04-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Henry Powell
Cemetery not listed
Page- 37



Ramer, Thomas Prather
08-03-1857-McNairy Co., Tenn
03-13-1921-Corinth, Miss
Residence-Ramer, Tenn
Order BY-J.W. Ramer
Wife-Rebecca Ramer
Father-Wm. Ramer-North Carolina
Mother-Rachel Prather- North Carolina
Burial in Ramer, Tenn

Reese, Will (Colored)
07-27-****- Miss
35 yrs. 11 mos. 23 days
07-20-1921-Corinth, Miss
Place of death-Fannie Buford’s Mother
Father- George Reese- Tenn
Mother- Fannie Britton- Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page 48

Renfroe, James (Colored)
Place of death-Memphis, Tenn
Order by-Will Renfroe
Burial date listed as 03-16-1921
No other information Listed
Page- 06

Riggs, Maberry
02-04-1842-Scott Co., Miss
07-22-1921-Corinth, Miss
Daughter- Mrs. C.M. Turner
Father-John L. Riggs-Tenn
Mother-Nancy Sullivan
National Cemetery
Page- 50

Roberts, David G.
04-08-1921-Counce Town Tenn
Order by J.A. Roberts
Father-Richard Roberts
White Sulphur Springs
Page- 16

Romine, Willard Bethel
12-13-1898-Age 22 yrs.10 mos. & 13 days
10-30-1921-Braggs Crossing, Arkansas
Railroad Fireman
Father-John Romine
Farmington Cemetery
Page- 84

Ruse, Will (Colored)
07-20-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-W. Lee Madden
Father-George Ruse-Tenn
Mother-Fannie Britton-Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 48


Sadler, Louella (Colored)
02-02-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-04-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Dill Sadler-Tenn
Mother-Leander Boyd-Miss
Danville Cemetery
Page- 13

Scally, Henry Pryor
08-07-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-George Scally
Father-Pryor Scally-North Carolina
Mother-Riddy Ragsdale-Tenn
Holly Church Cemetery
Page- 56

Sharp, Mrs. Idotha
05-26-1842-Humbolt, Tenn
07-15-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Elmer Sharp
Widow of-Sam Sharp
Henry Cemetery
Page- 42

Simington, Frederick (Colored)
04-06-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Zack Simington-Miss
Mother-Eugenia Walters-Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 15

Smith, Jack
11-23-1921-Kendrick, Alcorn, Miss
Order by-C.V. Smith
Son-Allen Smith
Father-Lige Smith- South Carolina
Mother-Tabitha Smith-Georgia
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page- 96

Spencer, Ruthie (Colored)
Age 56-Tenn
09-18-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Doc and Joe Spencer
Mother-Ruthie Patterson
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 69

Street, William Fred (Colored)
12-26-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Annie Street Pelton
Father-Romeo Street
Mother-Annie Usler
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 111

Strickland, Edgar B.
11-11-1921-Acton, Tenn
Order BY-C.A. Strickland
Father-Noah Strickland
Henry Cemetery
Page- 91

Surratt, L.E. Jr.
08-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-L.E. Surratt-Sr. Tenn
Mother-Ada Coleman-Tenn
Burial in Falcon, Tenn
Page- 61

Swett, Benjamin Jackson Jr.
01-**-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-19-1921-Corinth, Miss
Age 2 Mo.
Order by-William L. Swett
Father-R.H. Swett-Union Co., Miss
Mother-Stella O’Neil-Indiana
City Cemetery
Page- 07


Thomas, Infant Girl
07-05-1921-Michie, Tenn
08-05-1921-Michie, Tenn
Father-T.S. Thomas-Tenn
Mother-Ellen Dickerson-Tenn
Liberty Cemetery
Page- 54

Thomas, Todd
Age 57-Born in Tippah Co., Miss
09-16-1921-Kossuth, Miss
Order by Hubert Whorley
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page- 67

Tucker, Infant
10-14-1921-Corinth, Miss
Stillborn/ Dr. Honnoll
Order by J.D. Biggers
Father-E.G. Tucker-Ala
Mother-Lena West-Ala
New Hope Cemetery
Near Biggersville, Miss
Page- 77

Turner, William Lee
12-27-1921-Corinth, Miss
12-28-1921-Corinth, Miss
Lived 11 hours
Father-Abe Turner-Tenn
Mother-Ella Irene Hinton-Miss
Salem Church Cemetery
Page- 112

Tyler, Eddie Lou (Colored)
No birth Date Listed-In School
07-02-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ed Tyler-Miss
Mother-Jessie Nelson-Tenn
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 36


Utley, Martha J.
06-03-1921-Corinth, Miss
Son-J.D. Utley
Father-John Flatt
Mother- Mrs. Kimbell
Salem Church Cemetery
Page- 30



Walker, Willie Frank (Colored)
08-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-R.M. Mitchell
Father-Andrew Walker-Miss
Mother-Mary Annie Walker-Miss
Colored City Cemetery
Page- 62

Ward, John Thomas
05-21-1921-Corinth, Miss
05-25-1921-Corinth, Miss
Father-Charles Ward
Mother-Lillie Cannon
City Cemetery
Page- 27

John Ward (Colored)
Birth unknown
05-11-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Joe Coleman
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page- 29

West, B.J. (Colored)
Age unknown
Order by Scip? Gaines
Father- Bonnel? West-Ala
Mother-Nancy Gaines-Ala
Stockade Grave Yard
Page- 73

White, Minnie Lee (Colored)
Residence-Decatur, Ala
Age 38 yrs. 8 mos.10 days
05-13-1921-Corinth, Miss
Order by Georgia D. Gardner
Husband-Ross White
Father-Douglas Johnson
Mother-Mary Harris
Shannon Cemetery, Shannon, Miss
Page- 22

Whitehurst, Mrs. Annie Eliza
Age 74 yrs. 1 mo. – Miss
Residence-Burnsville, Miss
03-02-1921-Jacinto, Miss
Widow of-Frank Whitehurst
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page- 02

Wiginton, John
10-18-1921-Glen, Miss
Order by M.J. Wiginton
Father- Mr. Wiginton
Liberty Hill Cemetery, Glen, Miss
Page- 79

Williams, Bertha (Colored)
Age 32-Hardin Co., Tenn
05-13-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by James Williams & Cooper Neal
Father-Jack Neal-Tenn
Mother- Perthena Thompson-South Carolina
No Cemetery listed
Page- 23

Wilson, Rufus Edward
Age 25-Tishomingo Co., Miss
07-05-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
Charge to -Bill Wilson
Father-Sam Wilson-Miss
Mother- Hannah Kennedy-Miss
Sardis Cemetery near Jacinto, Miss
Page- 38

Woodruff, Tommy Richard
Age 12-Tishomingo Co., Miss
07-31-1921-McRae Clinic, Corinth, Miss
Residence-Burnsville, Miss
Father-A.F. Woodruff
Mother-Miss Beard
Bethel Cemetery N.E. Burnsville, Miss
Page- 51



Young, Lenora Chambers (Colored)
10-26-1880- Tenn
04-04-1921- Corinth, Miss
Husband- Ben Young
Father- Jack Chambers- Tenn
Mother- Monty Tank- Ala
Mt. Carmon Cemetery
Page 12

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