Pensioners for 1918

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The Board of Pension Commissioners met September 9, 1918 where the following
members and officers were present, to wit,
Brown W.M. from 2nd District
Bynum G.W. from 1st District
Hinton O.M. Clerk
McAnulty J.W. from 4th District
Powell W.P. from 3rd District
Rogers W.V.S. from 5th District
When the following proceedings were had, to wit.
The Board reviewed the Roll for 1917 and found that the following Pensioners
have died to wit:
Austin J.W. Form 4
Burrow A.H. Form 4
Dobbins C.F. Form 4
Ginn Jackson Form 4
Miller Cynthia Form 6
Murdough Horace Form 5
Parker David Form 4
Smith Amanda Form 6
On examination of the new applications it was found that the following
were all the new applications to wit:
Austin Kate Form 6 Allowed
Burrow Martha J. Form 6 Allowed
Dilworth Margarete E. Form 6 Allowed
Ginn Sarah E. Form 6 Allowed
Jones W.H. Form 4 Allowed
Miller Bettie Form 6 Allowed
Streetman G.W. Form 4 Allowed
The Board then adjourned to meet Wednesday,
September 11, 1918 at 9 o'clock a.m.
The Board met Wednesday
September 11, 1918 at 9 o'clock a.m. pursuant to adjournment,
when all members were present and where the following proceeding were had,
to wit:
On examination of the Roll it was found that the following
pensioners had died since compiling the Roll 1917, to wit:
Austin J.W. Form 4
Burrow A.H. Form 4
Ginn Jackson Form 4
Miller Cynthia A. Form 6
Murdough Horace Form 5
Murrah M.H. Form 4
Parker David Form 4
Smith Amanda Form 6
It was also found that the following had been transferred, to wit:
Johnson Martha Form 6 Removed to Meridian
The Board then adjourned to meet Thursday,
September 12, 1918 at 9 o'clock.
The board met Thursday, September 12, 1918 at 9 o'clock a.m.
pursuant to adjournment when all members and officers were
present and when the following proceedings were had to wit:
The following is declared to be the Pension list for 1918.
Anderson Ann W. Form 6
Austin Kate Form 6
Baker Sarah A. Form 6
Barker W.C. Form 4
Barnes W.L. Form 4
Barrett Martha Form 6
Barton S.W. Form 6
Bennett C.D.? Form 6
Bingham Martha Form 6
Boales E.J. Form 6
Bobo Rosa Ann Form 6
Bonds Davie A. Form 6
Boone Nancy A. Form 6
Burcham W.S. Form 4
Burns? L.E. Form 6
Burrow Martha J. Form 6
Burus? L.E. Form 6
Bynum W.M. Mrs. Form 6
Cameron M.C. Form 4
Carter Lydia A. Form 6
Cayce Fannie G. Form 6
Chase S.E. Form 6
Cheek E.L. Form 6
Chilcoat Martha M. Form 6
Clark S.P. Form 6
Clemmons Dorcas L. Form 6
Coleman Tiny Form 6
Crow M.A. Form 6
Crum Ann Form 6
Cunningham W.M. Form 4
Dalton T.B. Form 4
Daltons Lizzie Form 6
Dees Jno. P. Form 4
Dick W.H. Form 4
Dillingham Sarah Form 6
Dilworth M.E. Form 6
Driver Tennie Form 6
Duncan C.P. Form 4
Eaker Mary E. Form 6
Enoch M.B. Form 6
Fields R.J. Form 6
Forsyth Creasy Form 6
Galyean Bettie E. Form 6
Gibbs E.D. Form 6
Gilton J.R. Form 4
Glover E. Form 6
Grace V.A. Form 4 dead
Grammer F.M. Form 4
Greenhaw J.E. Form 4
Guthrie Mary E. Form 6
Harris W.P. Form 4
Haynie Rachel M. Form 6
Hearn C.C. Form 4 dead
Hembree Dollie Form 6
Henry Belle Form 6
Honnoll? Alice Form 6
Hooker A.M. Form 4
Hudson L.C. Form 6
Hyneman B.F. Form 4
Jones G.O. Form 4
Jones M.E. Form 6
Jones Sarah A. Form 6
Jones W.H. Form 4 dead
Joslin Mariah Form 6
Killough Esther Form 6
Kincaid J.R. Form 4
Klyce Lucy R. Form 6
Lamberth M.J. Form 6
Leatherwood Sarah Form 6
Leatherwood W.V. Form 4
Leigh J.J. Form 4
Lena? Mollie Form 6
Lewis William Form 4
Little Calvin Form 4
Long W.C. Form 4
Lowry G.W. Form 4
Martin Nannie J. Form 6
Mathis J.C. Form 4
McCluskey H.?N.? Form 6
McNeely Martha Form 6
Melvin Carrie E. Form 6
Miller Bettie Form 6
Miller Cynthia A. Form 6 dead
Mincy J.M. Form 4
Mitchell W.H. Form 4
Monroe S.J. Form 6
Moses M.C. Form 6
Moss Angeline Form 3
Nash Elizabeth Form 6
Nelms Nancy Form 6
Owens W.M. Form 4
Pettigrew W.R. Form 4
Petty Drucilla Form 6
Phillips Emma Form 6
Porterfield John Form 4
Posey John Form 4
Potts John Form 4
Potts Margaret T.? Form 6
Price J.A. Form 4
Reynolds Cleo Form 6
Reynolds Melissa J. Form 6
Richardson Amanda Form 6
Robison S.T. Form 4
Rogers M.I.? Form 6
Rogers Nancy Form 6
Sanders C.C. Form 6
Savage M.L. Form 6
Scarberry Manirva Form 6
Scott Jarrett Form 4 dead
Searcy Mary Jane Form 6
Shaw B.B. Form 4
Sims Tiny Form 6
Smith Amanda Form 6
Smith H.C. Form 4
Smith J.H. Form 4
Smith Sarah E. Form 6
Steen F.E. Form 6
Stephenson Sarah E. Form 6
Stockton Tennie Form 6
Streetman G.W. Form 4
Strickland E.C. Form 6
Strickland G.W. Form 4
Strickland Julia A. Form 6
Taylor M.E. Form 6
Taylor M.J. Form 6
Thompson Nannie? A. Form 6
Thrasher J.T. Form 4
Trimble R.C. Form 4
Trimmier? C.T. Form 4
Vanderford A.T.? Form 4
Vandiver E.?B. Form 4
Voyles Elizabeth Form 6
Wade Ellen Form 6
Walker F.A. Form 6
Warren Lizzie Form 6
Watts A.B. Form 4
Whitehurst A.E. Form 6
Wigginton John Form 4
Wilbanks Angelina Form 6
Wilbanks E.W. Form 4
Wilson Eddie Form 6
Wilson J.K. Form 4
Yarbrough T.?R. Form 6
The Board then adjourned
Brown W.M.
Bynum G.W.
McAnulty Jno. W.
Powell W.P.
Rogers W.V.S.
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