Pensioners for 1916

Confederate Pensioners for Alcorn County for 1916
(Typed and submitted by Vicki Burress Roach.)
(Copies can be ordered from the ACGS, P.O. Box 1808, Corinth, MS 38835-1808.)
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Be it remembered that the Board of Pension Commissioners of Alcorn County,
met in the Chancery Clerk’s office in the City of Corinth, said County and
State, on the 11th day of September, 1916, when there were present the
following Members, to-wit;

Major G.W. Bynum, for the First District,
W.M. Brown for the Second District,
H.C. Powell, for the Third District,
J.W. McAnulty for the Fourth District,
W.V.S.Rogers, for the Fifth District,

Who and each of whom took and subscribed the
following Oath, to-wit:
The State of Mississippi
County of Alcorn.
This day personally appeared before me, the undersigned Chancery
Clerkof Alcorn County, Mississippi, County Pension Commissioners
of said County, who being by me first duly sworn according to law,
took and subscribed to the Oath required by Section 2 of Chapter
124 Laws of 1916, to-wit;
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully support the constitution
of the United States, and of the State of Mississippi; that I am not
disqualified from holding the office of Pension Commissioner; that
I will faithfully discharge my duties as a commissioner, and that I
will not vote to place upon the Pension Rolls any person unless I
am fully convinced that such person is justly entitled to participate
in the distribution of the pension fund, so help me God,

G.W. Bynum
W.M. Brown
H.C. Powell
Jno. W. McAnulty
W.V.S. Rogers
County Pensioner Commissioners.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the 11th
day of September, 1916.
O.M. Hinton, Chancery Clerk.

Having taken and subscribed to the above oath, they
then proceeded to organize by electing one of their number
Chairman, when John W. McAnulty was unanimously elected chairman,
and when the following proceedings were had, to-wit:
The Commissioners took up the inspection of the new applications
and spent the day in such examination and allowed 42 claims.
The adjourned to meet Tuesday September 12th 1916 at 9 o’clock A.M.

The Board met Tuesday Sept. 12th 1916 at 9 o’clock A.M. pursrant
to adjournment, when all members and officers were present and when
they took up the examination of the applications and passed upon
62 claims and adjournment to meet Wednesday Sept. 13th,
1916 at 8 o’clock A.M.

The Board met Wednesday Sept. 12th, 1916 at 8 o’clock A.M.
pursuant to adjournment when all members and officers were
present and when the work of examination of the new applications
was continued, and when the following were disallowed:

No. 4 W.J. Voyles on account of having too much property.
No. 4 Dave Choate on account of being supported by county.
No. 4 J.H. Busby on account of having too much property.
No. 6 Anna Holmes on account of insufficient proof.
No. 6 Martha Oldham on account of insufficient proof.

The following having been examined and allowed is
declared the Pension list for Alcorn Co. 1916.

No. 2 Pettigrew, W.R.
No. 2 Trimble, R.C.

No. 3 Moss, Angeline
No. 3 Phillips, Emma
No. 3 Smith, Flora Ann Dead
No. 3 Sanders, Cynthia C.

No. 5 Baptist, Bob
No. 5 Murdough, Horace

No. 4 Austin, J.W.?
No. 4 Barnes, W.L.
No. 4 Bynum, G.W.
No. 4 Burcham, W.S.
No. 4 Barton, J.W. Dead
No. 4 Barker, W.C.
No. 4 Burrow, A.H.
No. 4 Cheek, W.D. Dead
No. 4 Cameron, M.C.
No. 4 Dees, John
No. 4 Dobbins, C.T.?
No. 4 Dick, W.H.
No. 4 Duncan, C.P.
No. 4 Dalton, T.B.
No. 4 Grace, V.A.
No. 4 Ginn, Jackson
No. 4 Gilton, J.R.
No. 4 Grammar, F.M.
No. 4 Greenhaw, J.E.
No. 4 Harris, W.P.
No. 4 Hyneman, B.F.
No. 4 Hearn?, C.C.
No. 4 Hooker, A.M.
No. 4 Jones, G.O.
No. 4 Jones, James
No. 4 Kincaid, J.R.
No. 4 Lewis, William
No. 4 Leigh, J.J.
No. 4 Leatherwood, W.V.
No. 4 Luna?, W.C. Dead
No. 4 Long, W.C.
No. 4 Lowry, G.W.
No. 4 Little, Calvin
No. 4 Mathis, J.C.
No. 4 Mincy, J.M.
No. 4 Murrah, M.H.
No. 4 Mitchell, W.H.
No. 4 Owens, W.M. Added December 20, 1916
No. 4 Porterfield, Jno.
No. 4 Potts, John
No. 4 Price, J.A.
No. 4 Pasey?, John
No. 4 Parker, David
No. 4 Robison, S.T.
No. 4 Smith, H.C.
No. 4 Shaw, B.B.
No. 4 Scott, Jarrett
No. 4 Smith, J.H.
No. 4 Strickland, G.W.
No. 4 Tapp, V.J. Dead
No. 4 Tremmier?, C.T.
No. 4 Vanderford, A.T.
No. 4 Vandiver, E.B.
No. 4 Wigginton, John
No. 4 Wilson, J.K.
No. 4 Wilbanks, E.W.

No. 6 Anderson, Ann W.
No. 6 Bobo, Rosa Ann
No. 6 Brewer, M.J. Dead
No. 6 Boales, E.J.
No. 6 Boone, Nancy A.
No. 6 Bingham, Martha
No. 6 Burns, L.E.
No. 6 Bonds, Dovie A.
No. 6 Bennett, C.D.
No. 6 Baker, Sarah A.
No. 6 Barrett, Martha
No. 6 Burrow, Martha J.
No. 6 Clark, S.P.
No. 6 Cayce, Fannie G.
No. 6 Carter, Lydia A.
No. 6 Crum, M.A.
No. 6 Chilcoat, Martha M.
No. 6 Clemmons, Dorcus L.
No. 6 Crum, Ann
No. 6 Coleman, Tiny
No. 6 Driver, Tennie
No. 6 Dalton, Lizzie
No. 6 Dillingham, Sarah
No. 6 Enoch, M.B.
No. 6 Eaker, Mary E.
No. 6 Fields, R.J.
No. 6 Forsyth, Creasy
No. 6 Glover, E.
No. 6 Galyean, Bettie E.
No. 6 Guthrie, Mary E.
No. 6 Hudson, L.C.
No. 6 Honnoll, Alice
No. 6 Haynie, Rachel M.
No. 6 Henry, Belle
No. 6 Hembrie, Dollie
No. 6 Jones, Sarah A.
No. 6 Joslin, Mariah
No. 6 Jones, M.E. Added December 20, 1916
No. 6 Killough, Esther
No. 6 Klyce, Lucy R.
No. 6 Leatherwood, Sarah
No. 6 Lamberth, M.J.
No. 6 McNeely, Martha
No. 6 McCluskey, H.?N.
No. 6 Melvin, Carrie E.
No. 6 Monroe, S.J.
No. 6 Moses, M.C.
No. 6 Miller, Cynthia A.
No. 6 Martin, Nannie J.
No. 6 Nash, Elizabeth
No. 6 Nelms, Nancy
No. 6 Potts, Margaret F.
No. 6 Petty, Drucilla
No. 6 Richardson, Amanda
No. 6 Rogers, M.J.
No. 6 Rogers, Nancy
No. 6 Reynolds, Malissa J.
No. 6 Reynolds, Cleo
No. 6 Stockton, Tennie
No. 6 Smith, Amanda
No. 6 Savage, M.L.
No. 6 Stepenson, S.E.
No. 6 Strickland, E.C.
No. 6 Searcy, M.J.
No. 6 Strickland, Julia A.
No. 6 Sims, Tennie
No. 6 Steen, F.E.
No. 6 Smith, Sarah E. Dead
No. 6 Taylor, M.J.
No. 6 Taylor, M.E.
No. 6 Thompson, Nannie A.
No. 6 Voyles, Elizabeth
No. 6 Wilson, Eddie
No. 6 Whitehurst, A.E.
No. 6 Walker, F.A.
No. 6 Warren, Lizzie
No. 6 Willbanks, Angeline
No. 6 Wade, Ellen
No. 6 Yarbrough, L.R.

Having disposed of all applications filed
and there being no further work before the Board,
it is ordered that the Board do now adjourn.

Signed by Commissioners:
J.W. McAnulty
G.W. Bynum
W.M. Brown
H.C. Powell
W.V.S. Rogers
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