1910 Civil War Application by Mrs. Melissie Aldridge widow of J. L. Aldridge

Form No. 6
Application for Indigent Widow of Soldier or Sailor of the late Confederacy Under Chapter 102, Code of 1906.
Transcribed by Vicki Burress Roach

Mrs. Melissie Aldridge widow of J.L. Aldridge

  1. What is your name? Mrs. Melissie Aldridge

  2. What is your age? 58 or 38-difficult to read

  3. Are you a bona fide resident of the State of Mississippi? yes

  4. How long have you resided in Mississippi? all of life

  5. In what county do you reside? Tippah

  6. What is the name of your postoffice? Ivy

  7. What was your husband’s name? J.L. Aldridge

  8. When were you married? May 23rd 1880

  9. In what State and county did he reside when he enlisted in the service of the Confederate States? Tippah county, Miss.

  10. What was the date of his enlistment? I don’t know.

  11. What was the name of the company and regiment or vessel in which he enlisted? 23rd Miss. Infantry

  12. How long was he in actual service of the Confederacy? 3 years 3 months

  13. What were the names of the officers of the company, or regiment, or vessel, during the time he was in the service? Col. Davidson, Capt. Mose McCarley

  14. Did he die in service or did he serve till close of the war? Served to the close

  15. Was he honorably discharged? Yes

  16. When was he discharged? 3 mos. before surrender

  17. Where was he discharged? Do not know

  18. Did he serve until the surrender? No was discharged on account of wound.

  19. Where did he die? Tippah County, Miss.

  20. What regiment or vessel did your husband belong to at the time of his death? Not in service at death

  21. The name of the commander? See above

  22. What company did your husband belong to at the time of his death? See above

  23. Who was the captain of the company? See above

  24. When did he die? July 23rd 1908

  25. Have you married since your husband’s death? No

  26. Do you apply for a pension because you are indigent and unable to earn a livelihood? Yes

  27. Do you hold any State, United States, County or City office from which you are receiving as salary or fees the sum of three hundred dollars per annum? No

  28. Have you any property in your own right? Little

  29. What is its true, just and correct value? $50.00

  30. Have you a home of your own? None paid for

  31. If not, with whom do you live? At home

  32. Is the person you are now living with a relation? See above

  33. If so, what relation? See above

  34. Have you any relations; if so, what relation? 1 son 4 daughters

  35. Have you any relations or connections whose legal or moral duty it is to provide for you? No

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 8th day of Sept. A.D. 1910.

C.R. Lacy, signature of officer Melissa Aldridge (X), signature of applicant

G.B. Kimbell, signature of witness

W.? Lacy, signature of witness

H.C. Bearden, president of Board

John Lee

J.K. Vandevander

J.H. Doty

C.R. Lacy, chancery clerk

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