Corinthian clippings for 1908

Corinthian Clippings for 1908


The circus hasn’t as yet showed up.

Miss Erin Patrick is visiting in Booneville.

Mrs. Bradley Price is visiting in Booneville.

J.L. Coolidge of Memphis is a visitor here today.

E.L. Sutton from West Point is in the city today.

Mrs. A.L. Epps is spending a few days in Memphis.

Dick Williams of Memphis is visiting Ed and Will Henry.

Frank Taylor and wife left yesterday for a visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Mrs. A.L. Johnsey and son are spending a few days with friends in Booneville.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. McLeran of Grand Junction, Tennessee were visitors here yesterday.

Mrs. L.M. Broyles is entertaining her Sunday School class with a picnic at Kimmons’ spring today.

Mrs. E.S. Candler, Jr., left last night for Hot Springs, Arkansas. She was accompanied as far as Memphis by her sister, Mrs. A.S. Hazlewood.

Chas. H. Delp and Sons had the misfortune to lose one of their horses last night. It was one of the blacks used in the transfer service and they had only recently purchased him.

Fairyland Park in Memphis burned at an early hour this morning. The fire started in the theatre and burned rapidly until all the buildings were destroyed. The loss is over $20,000.

T.E. Henry, the local strawberry king, has been busy with his crop the past week or so, marketing, as usual, the premium berries grown in this section. He presented "The Corinthian" a box yesterday, the berries something similar in size to the hailstones that recently fell in our midst.

Murry Carleton of St. Louis is in the city.

Mrs. W.E. Harris is spending a few days in Verona.

Miss Vonnie Hailey, visited in Booneville yesterday.

Walter Ballard of Tupelo was a visitor here yesterday.

C.J. Rogers from Grand Junction, Tennessee, is in the city.

J.C. Daniel is attending the K. of P. convention in Vicksburg.

J.J. Bell is in Vicksburg attending the K. of P. convention.

W.R. Richardson, postmaster at Kossuth, is a visitor here today.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Selby of Rienzi were visitors here yesterday.

Mrs. J.A. Ledbetter and children left today for a visit to Itta Bena.

Mrs. Matt Hill and little son, William, are visiting relatives in Okolona.

Misses Birdie Ijams and Helen Sanders visited in Wenasoga yesterday.

Mrs. R. Henderson is the guest of friends and relatives in Savannah, Tennessee.

Robt. Pankey and chldren visited Mrs. Bryant in Moscow, Tennessee, yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Richey are spending a few days with relatives in New Albany.

Miss Pauline Blake of Galveston, Texas, was among the Cox House guests yesterday.

Mrs. W.E. Love returned today to her home in Memphis, after a visit to relatives here.

Mrs. Odell Burnett and Miss Josie Burnett returned last night from a visit to Fulton, Kentucky.

Drs. C.S. Meeks and T.A. Kirkland are in Jackson where the State Physicians Examination.

Mrs. Maud McKenzie of Guntown spent yesterday in the city enroute home from a visit to Memphis.

J.A. McAmis is in Greenwood attending the Retail Hardware Association.


Early Sunday morning a band of marauders, supposedly from Kentucky, ruined the tobacco beds on the farm of Henry Kelser. They dug a grave, put in an old sword, a box of matches and a note warning Kelster(?) that if he attempted to raise anymore tobacco he would occupy the grave. The farmers are alert and expect more trouble.



Daily, delivered by carrier-10 cents a week

Daily, by mail-10 cents a week

Weekly, by mail $1.00 a year.

THE DAILY CORINTHIAN-Published Every Day Except Sunday.

THE WEEKLY CORINTHIAN-Published Every Thursday.

Office Telephone, 222


All meetings, notices of secret societies, fraternal orders or other organizations, churches excepted, will be inserted in "The Corinthian" at the rate of 5 cents per line. Want notices, etc., 1 cent a word, each insertion. A half rate will be made on church and charity entertainment notices where an admission fee is charged. Other advertising rates furnished on application.



"The Corinthian" is authorized to announce E.S. CANDLER, JR., of Alcorn County, as a candidate for re-election to Congress from this, the First District of Mississippi, subject to the action of the Democratic party.

"The Corinthian" is authorized to announce GEO. T. MITCHELL, of Lee County, as a candidate for Congress from this, the First District of Mississippi, subject to the action of the Democratic party.


"The Corinthian" is authorized to announce the following candidates for city offices, election to be held in October:

FOR MAYOR (T.E. Henry and J.P. Collier)

FOR CITY MARSHAL (H.B. Rowell and W.A. Slaughter)

FOR CITY TREASURER (E.T. McCullar and C.C. Dalton)

FOR CITY TAX COLLECTOR (W.R. Boone and J.A. Price)

FOR CITY CLERK (Benj. R. Warriner)


Miss Velma Rinehart of Booneville is visiting in the city.

Pure cold delicious Soda Water. H.E. Walker Drug Co. Always the best.

Mrs. Cumby, mother of the late J.M. Cumby, died at her home, four miles east of Corinth yesterday. She was about 85 years of age and was one of the oldest residents of this section.

Merry Widow Special, 15 cents; Chop Suey Sundae, 10 cents; Mile Chocolate, 5 cents; Pure Orangeade, 5 cents; Grape Juice Phosphate, 5 cents. H.E. Walker Drug Co. Phone 23.

C.A. Barnett has purchased the Electric Theatre and will conduct the business at the same stand. Every effort will be made to secure the very best views and make the place an attractive one in the amusement line.

Tired mothers, worn out by the peevish, cross baby have found "Cascasweet" a boon and a blessing. "Cascasweet" is for babies and children, and is especially good for the ills so common in this weather. Look for the ingredients printed on the bottle. Contains no harmful drugs. Sold by Corinth Drug Co.

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