Confederate Pensioners of Alcorn County, MS 1903

A.D. Sadler W.H. Reese Nancy A. Boone
N.E. Broadway Tennie Driver Mary A. Fryar
Sarah Ann Griffin Mrs. E.C. Hudson Nancy M. Jones
M.A. Leatherwood M.P. Lancaster Eliza Matthews
Nancy Patrick India J. Roaten Mrs. N.S. Ridings
Mrs. F.C. Ray Mrs. N.F. Sanders Mrs. F.A. Walker
Mrs. F.M. Whitten Mrs. M.E. Dilworth Mrs. S.A. Pinkard
Mrs.Marcia Joslin Mrs. Georgia Basden Mrs. Pinkey Crum
Mrs. M.B. Enoch Mrs. Creasy Forsythe Mrs. M.J. Gibson
Mrs. Belie Henry Mrs. Sarah A. Jones Mrs. S.F. Leatherwood
Mrs. Susan Morris Mrs. Sallie Matter Mrs. N.E. Polk
Mrs. Nancy Rogers Mrs. Sarah Raper Mrs. Phebe Smith
Mrs. E. Voyles Mrs. Mary E. Webb Mrs. Cintha Sanders
Mrs. R.J. Fields Mrs. Julia Owen Mrs. Julia Strickland
M.C. Byrd Mrs. M.E. Dillon Mrs. M.E. Faircloth
Mrs. S.E. Finley Mrs. G.A. George Mrs. R.M. Haynie
Mrs. Ella Kinkade Mrs. M.J. Lamberth Mrs. Andelina Moss
Mrs. Sarah Monroe Mrs. N.E. Russell Mrs. M.J. Rogers
Mrs. M.J. Richards Mrs. L.C. Smith Mrs. Ellen Wade
Mrs. A.E. Whitehurst Mrs. C.D. Bennett Mrs. M.E. Jones
Mrs. Elizabeth Nash Mrs. M.A. Mosely Luke Bynum
W.S. Burcham W.C. Barker W.H. Callahan
M.C. Cameron D. Cheat Jas. Dillingham
J.R. Hancock P.A. Honnell B.F. Hyneman
W.P. Maracle J.M. Mincy G.W. Petty
W.P. Rencher E.H. Smith W.H. Scally
J.R. Savage J.J. Vanderford G.W. Willingham
J.H. White G.W. Grimes W.W. Dancer
W.T.J. Houston G.W. Lowrey T.M. Mills
Jno. Porterfield S.T. Robinson C.N. Browning
Jas. Greenhaw Ika Lamberth Jno. Moss
Levi Smith Edmond Ledbetter R.A. Burns
C.W. Baker W.L. Barnes P.G. Clemons
J.B. Carter T.D. Davis P.F. Greer
W.P. Henderson H.J. Harper J.C. Matthews
T.K. Muse Wm. McCluskey A.T. Patton
D.H. Reynolds H.M. Smith J.W. Stevenson
J.T. Thrasher A.T. Vanderford John R. Wilson
J.S. Wilbanks J.N. Austin S.A. Dalton
C.C. Hearn Calvin Little Jas. Melvin
E. Potts F.J. Searcy C.A. McKinon
M. Suitor Horace Murdaugh Col. A.H. Burrow
W.R. Boone Wm. Cunningham R.F. Coke
J.C. Calvary J.P. Deese J.R. Gilton
O.M. Huff E.D. Haynie W.M. Morton
R.M. Martin J.L. McLean L.P. Paschel
Eli Snow W.H. Smith Jon. Scarberry
J.B. Tassell Lawrence Webb Jno. K. Wiles
Jas. E. Young W.M. Bynum C.M. Hinkle
G.O. Jones W.H. Mitchell F.H. Poindexter
D.W. Robinson W.M. Lewis ----------

W.F. Wallace, Chancery Clerk

THE CORINTH HERALD OCTOBER 15, 1903 Submitted by: Vicki Roach
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