Corinth newspaper clippings for 1897

Corinth newspaper clippings for 1897

Transcribed and submitted by Vicki Burress Roach


Frank Ellis                             Ethel Haynes

John Jones                            Cecile Young

Locke Jackson                       Ethel Newcomb

Alice Clinton                         Helen Boone

Susie Candler J                    Julia Candler

Edgar Young

Willie Meador


Carrye Rubel                     Effie Gutherie

Winfred Adams                  Lottie Rubel

Thad Adams

Marcia Booth


Roxie King                     Preslie Gerhart

Chas. Skillman             Jeffie Stanley

Maupin Price                 Salelle Jones

Edna Phillips                 Mamie Morrison


Lucian Saddler                         Estelle Adams

Frank Worsham                        Frank Curlee

Neal Morrison                          Lillian Newcomb

Leo Walker                             Paul Jones

Jessie McBride                        Blanche Street

Ruby Long                              Maud McKinnon

Otie Borroum                         Katie M. Jones

Alice Dickey

Donna McCord

Walue Conn

Tandy Young

Robert Moody

Georgia Small

Cretia Meeks

Cornie Newcomb

Pearl Newcomb

Mamie Harris

Zelma Harris

Effie Smith

Myrtle Booth

Dora Powell


Chas. Cornelius, on last Tuesday night died at his home near Salem. He leaves a wife and two children to grieve the loss of a loving father and husband.

Mr. C. Paesler has gone to Tupelo to accept his position as operator for the M & O Railroad.

Mr. T.K. Jones has gone to Finger, Mississippi to look after his commercial interests.

The C.H. Walker Drug Company has bought out the drug store of Drs. Barnhill and Voyles and in the future will conduct same.

Will Cobb has been confined to his bed for the past week with la grippe.

Miss Grace Inlow left last Monday to occupy her place in college.

Miss Daisy Booth and company, Miss Ellison returned to college in Ohio last Tuesday.

C.E. Meador left on Wednesday night for Lexington, Kentucky to enter the business college there.

Mr. Joseph Park left last week for the University of Chicago.

Mr. David Park left this week for Chicago to attend a Theological Seminary.

Joe Richardson left last Saturday night for Paris, Texas to take charge of his school.

Miss Lillian Woodard, of Sheffield, Alabama, who has been visiting Miss Alma Bell during the holidays returned home last Monday much to the sorrow of several Corinth boys.

Messrs. J.A. Price and Chas. Hendrix have opened up a family grocery and produce store in the building formerly occupied by Simon Kartusky. The style of the firm will be Price & Hendrix.


Gladys Boone                         Mattie McCord

Evelyn Bramlitt                        Will Small

Margaret Jones                        Roy Bramlitt

Marie Meador                         Geo. Booth

Grace Long                            Johnson Cox

Katie Patterson                       Eva Bradley

Sydney Bass                           Inez Harris

Guy Caldwell                         Adah Henry

Wilds Gipson                         Hubert Young

Alice Boyd                             Geo. Street

Rosa Fink                             John Haynes

Fay Kincaid                           Frankie Jones

Ollie Meeks                            Mary Alice Bell

Ida Overton                           Maud Hollandsworth

Mary Rankin

Robert Boyd

Leon Doche

Odel Kemp


On last Friday evening John Thompson, who is night operator at the M & O Railroad, and Waldo Meador of this paper, were out for a ride on a tandem. When about halfway down the National Cemetery hill the wheel was running so fast that Mr. Thompson lost a "pedal", consequently both were thrown off and the tandem’s front wheel and brake was demolished. Mr. Thompson was hurt, but fortunately not severely.

Mr. E.J. Green, a prominent merchant of Rienzi, goes to St. Louis every year to buy goods. Says Allen, West and Company handed him a message direct from President Cleveland stating he had recalled Consul-General Fitzbugh Lee from Havana and selected Capt. Thad Beall to take his place. As soon as Mr. Green handed the dispatch to your valuable correspondent, he boarded the train for Booneville, having then procurred a turnout he hastened fifteen miles out in the western portion of Prentiss County to where the Captain lives. When we approached the subject the Captain smiled and said, he was not all surprised at receiving this appointment, in fact, he had been looking for something of this nature for several weeks; really ever since Jordan Boone, counsel for Sanguilly, had petitioned for a withdrawal of the Sanguilly appeal.

(This article is quite lengthy. I have only transcribed a small portion of it.)


To Mrs. M.A. Ellis, George F. Dilworth, Joseph E. Dilworth, and Mrs. Sallie A. Dilworth and George F. Dilworth, guardian of Joseph E. Dilworth. Appear April, 1897 chancery court.


To Elizabeth Berthel. Appear April, 1897 in chancery court.

I.T. Meeks made one of his frequent trips to St. Louis this week with a load of cattle.

Jake Walker, who has been attending medical college in St. Louis, returned home.

J.B. Houston, Mayor of Selmer, Tennessee, and a prominent lawyer, was a recent visitor to this city.

Mrs. Lillie Underwood, of Kossuth, passed through the city a few days ago, enroute to Mobile on a visit to relatives.

J.C. Price, Esq., left yesterday for St. Louis and other markets to buy spring stock of dry goods, clothing, etc.

Esq. N. Hamlin, is recovering from his severe illness, but is yet so tightly gripped as to be compelled to remain at home.

Mr. Biggs, night operator at the M & C depot has resigned and his position is now filled by Mr. Gaithery formerly of Texas.

Dr. R.Y. Barnhill visited Burnsville Tuesday.

Dr. J.S. Voyles visited Burnsville Sunday.

Albert Clark of Rienzi was in the city Tuesday.

W.C. Clark is in Florida prospecting for a location.

Elder L.R. Burress, of Geeville, was in the city Saturday.

Taylor Sanders was a recent visitor to Pittsburg, Tennessee.

C.N. Pollock attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans this wek.

Prof. Guy D. Dean, of Iuka, was a visitor Monday.


MARCH 6, 1897

Here is a list of customers to date:

  1. Col. J.D. Ozier                     10. T.D. Duncan

44. S.D. Bramlitt                            82. Dr. W.A. Jones

5. R.F. Young                                 37. R.T. Bynum (residence)

16. T.E. Henry (business)                83. Inge & Lamb

65. T.E. Henry (residence)              101. E.S. Candler

  1. Abe Rubel & Co.                   47. Drs. Taylor & Johns

55. Will Sorrell                                 9. Col. Inge

22. Sanders & Jones                      89. J.C. Tyson (residence)

  1. Maj. Flippin                          98. W.E. Small (residence)

30. A.M. Hostetter                           94. J.J. Jones

32. J.M. Boone                               14. C. N. Pollack

  1. J.E. Young                           60. Public School-Mrs. M.I. Hoskins

97. Chas. Taylor                             85. J.W. Wright

  1. Dr. J. S. Voyles                    87. M.S. Ketchum Lumber Co.

53. Corinth Mercantile Co.                 3. Skillman Brothers

  1. M.F. Baxter                          57. Drs. Barnhill & Voyles

23. C.H. Walker Drug Co.                42. R.T. Bynum (business)

  1. J.C. Martin                           91. J.C. Tyson (business)

7. Dr. Borroum                                66. Sub-Soiler & Democrat newspaper

  1. Small & Elgin                      84. Dr. J. Hyneman

92. Cox House                               34. Corinthian newspaper

  1. W.T. Adams Machine Co.     81. Heyer & Ijams

36. W.T. Adams (residence)            80. Abe Rubel (residence)

  1. Dr. R. Henderson                 67. R.F. Morrison

39. R.F. Moore                              66. E.S. Mitchell

  1. Julia Brown

Dr. Lowrey made homefolks a visit in Blue Mountain this week.

J.M. Boone visited Jackson, Tennessee on legal business.

S.L. Nelson, drummer for the Alcorn Woolen Mills was in the city last week.

M.C. Woodruff, one of Booneville’s prominent merchants, was in the city Monday.

Dr. L.W. Worsham spent the week in Tupelo on business.

Eli Mitchell visited his father and mother near Rienzi Saturday and Sunday.

J.B. Sanders and J.R. Thrasher, of Booneville, was in the city this week.

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