Corinth newspaper clippings for 1882

Corinth newspaper clippings for 1882

Transcribed and submitted by Vicki Burress Roach

Mrs. H. S. Holman has opened a Boarding House in the old Rubel building, opposite the Depot, where she will accommodate all who call on her in good style. Mrs. Holman is a kind hearted and clever woman, and will do all in her power to give satisfaction to guests of the Tennessee House.

We are authorized to state that Mr. W.L. Williams, of Rienzi, has been appointed Deputy Surveyor.

Hon. F.M. Boone, of Rienzi, was in the city, last Tuesday, looking as well as we have ever seen him. Alcorn is proud of Senator Boone.

We learn from a late issue of the "Corinth Sub-Soiler" that our amiable friend, Miss Henri Caldwell of Corinth has gone to New York on a visit. This will be a nice trip for Henri, and we hope she will enjoy it.

Miss Sue Burrus and Miss Ella Thompson, two most interesting young ladies from the vicinity of Middleton, Tennessee were in this city last Tuesday. We hope they enjoyed their visit and will come again.

Mr. Thomas Potts is able to be out again.

George S. Inge has been in the city this week.

Mrs. E. Callahan is now making her home with Dr. Henry Lowrey, in, or near Ripley, Mississippi.

Mr. J.H. Webb is teaching school at Salem, three or four miles from Corinth. His examination will take place in three or four weeks.

Mrs. Andrew McCord will take day boarders and can furnish a room for a family. Apply at once.


A portable 20 HP engine, and saw mill, complete, offered for sale or rent on favorable terms.

M.W. Burke

Corinth, Mississippi


From and after this date, I will be prepared to furnish ice, in any quantity exceeding 10 pounds, and at any time. Price 2 cents per pound.

  1. McWilliams

Organs-only $30.00

5 octaves, one 3-5 sets reeds, 8 stops, including Sub-Bass, Octave Coupler, Stool, Book and music, in solid black walnut case.

  1. O’Conner

Coroner and Ranger Woodward has just quieted down and is now himself again. A baby in the house is apt to bring a man to his senses. We speak from experience, Tom.



Parties wishing to avail themselves of the advantages of Matrimonial Insurance, should investigate the plan and workings of this association, as it has some new features.

J.F. Williams, secretary


Boil 2 qts. of bran in water for hour, let it cool, then strain it and mix the liquid with the water in which the things are to be washed. They will only require rinsing, as the bran will stiffen them sufficiently. For colored muslins, rice water is very good, as it helps to preserve the color; but, although it makes white muslin clear, it sometimes gives a yellow tinge. When used, it should previously be boiled in the proportion of 1 lb. of rice to one gallon of water. No soap is required.


Alcohol, 1 gallon; white turpentine, 1 lbs; gum shelac, 1 lbs; venice turpentine, 1 gill. Mix and let them stand by the stove till gums are all dissolved; then add sweet oil, 1 gill and color if you wish, with lamp black, 2 ounces, it will not crack.


Col. C.W. McCord

Mr. R. J. Wade

B.C. Stanley

Election 1st Monday in October



The next session opens on Monday January 30, 1882. Collegiate Department.

Per quarter of 10 weeks $10.50

academic 8.00

preparatory 7.00

drawin, crayoning, water color painting at 5 hours per week 5.00

oil painting 10.00

music on piano, organ, guitar each 10.00

Latin 4.00

No unpublished extras

Clara E. Whitcomb, Principal

A few of the ladies of Corinth met in the Methodist church in Corinth on Saturday morning last at 10:00 to receive from Miss May Wardsworth, aid in organizing of a "Woman’s Christian Temperance Union". After a few remarks by Miss Wordsworth, proceeded to elect officers, with the following results.

Mrs. Col Inge, president

Mrs. B.C. Stanley, vice-president from the Baptist church

Mrs. Andrew McCord, vice-president from the Cumberland Presbyterian church

Mrs. James New, vice-president from the Methodist church

Mrs. Eugene Whitfield, vice-president from the Episcopal church

Mrs. Eli Mitchell, vice-president from the Presbyterian church

Miss Octavia Sigler was elected recording secretary and treasurer

Miss Mollie Chandler, corresponding secretary

Miss Emma McGlathery, press committee

Mrs. Gift, musical committee

Mrs. Armstead, jail committee

The following became members:

Mrs. C.E. Stanley

Mrs. Mattie McGlathery

Miss Fannie Bradley

Mrs. Frank Allen

Honorary members elected were:

J.M. Martin, editor of the Herald newspaper

B.C. Stanley, Esquire

S.G. Barr, editor of the Sub-Soiler & Democrat newspaper

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