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Colleen Norton Raven Sunday, September 3, 2000
Searching for Bridget COYNE, b. abt. 1817, Mayo, Ireland, died Natchez, Adams Co., Ms. Bridget married Patrick O'NEILL.  Her parents were Thomas COYNE, b. abt. 1787, and Marie GOLEVAU, b. abt. 1791.  Bridget had 7 siblings, all but one of whom died and are buried in Natchez, Adams County. ( familysearch.org ) Seeking to prove a relationship between
COYNES of Natchez and COYNES of Winchester twp., Dundas County, Ontario, Canada.
For more information, please see our home page at: http://pages.infinit.net/freenort/norton1.htm
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Jmike1114@aol.com Friday, December 22, 2000
Mr Warren was a farmer and businessman who resided in Adams County, Natchez
and Concordia Parish during the 1840-1870 period. One of his sons "I" Warren
became a judge or justice of the peace in Concordia Parish during the latter
part of the 19th century. Do you have any leads?
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Robert J. Stuart Friday, December 22, 2000
Looking for information about the family of Erastus B. Foster and  Josephine
B Rogillio married in Adams County on 1 Nov 1865.  I believe Minnie Lee
Foster to be a daughter of this family, as she was married to William Love
Lloyd in Adams County in 1892.  Please contact me if you know anything about
this family.
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Sandi Whitty Friday, December 22, 2000
I am searching for information on Rubin O. Whitehead "Chuck".  He was from
Natchez, Adams County, MS.  He said his ancestors were from Hamburg, Germany.
He served in WW2 and was a prisoner of war for 4 years in Germany.
After his release, he met and married Eva Kate Ward Johnson and they lived in
Jackson, MS.  He died in the VA Hospital in Jackson 6 May 1960 and is buried
in the Johnson Cemetery in Crystal Springs, MS.  If anyone has any
information, please email me.
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Bonny Fainkujen Friday, Decembr 22, 2000
We are looking for information re: Myrtis Ethel Williams, who lived in Natchez in 1923.  We are also looking for information on Martha Ethel Lavelle Williams, born in Natchez in 1923.
We believe Myrtis father to be African American, and her mother to be Native American.
Thank you.
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Julianne Duncan/Wilbur Frieday, December 22, 2000
I am researching a Thomas Hughes and wife Mary who according to the Natches Court Records 1767-1800,  bought and sold land on St. Catherines Creek. Looking for any  children, marriage, or death records.  Thank you.
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Joan lea Frieday, December 22, 2000
Searching for  relatives of  Elizabeth Hannon and Zachariah Zeigler. Both
were  residing in Adams county in the  year of 1825.  Would also like info
on  one  Lucinda  Smiley during the year of  1836 .  Thank you...
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Linda Bernard Friday, December 22, 2000
I am interested in Isaac Lush (Lusk, Loche). He married Rebecca Bryant
(Brant)in Adams County c. 1824. They came to Lafourche Parish ,Louisiana
in 1842. They had with them a young child, William Riley Williams, b.
circa 1831. I am looking for information on these people. My ancestry is
the Williams. I cannot find anything on him prior to his arrival in
Lafourche Parish and I don't know why he was with the Lush family. Any
information would be greatly appreciated.
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BarbBayhi@aol.com Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Sarah Jane PHIPPS mar. John Duncan ASHLEY, Adams Co, 07-02-1846.  Is she Sarah Jane ADAMS who mar. 1)Elliott, 2)PHIPPS???  But which PHIPPS?  Is it possible tht she is the Mary Jane ELLIOTT of the mar. to Richard PHIPPS, Wilkinson Co, MS 0-5-10-1842. Any information, expecially source hint will be appreciated.  Will be glad to reciprocate in any way I can.  Thanks.
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Dunbar Helsley Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Looking for information about life of Samuel DUNBAR, 4th child of Robert DUNBAR and Ann BEAVER. They lived in Adams Co at Oakley Grove in the 1780's.
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David & Deen Horton Tuesday, October 24, 2000
I have just encountered some new information on Abraham & Rebecca HORTON who's daughter, Deliah HORTON married Henry MANADUE on February 2, 1797 in Natchez MS. Does anyone know anything about this family?
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Jo Young Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Looking for African American brothers Edward and George THOMPSON, born in Natchez, MS ca. 1880.
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Penny Daye Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Looking for family of James Leonidas ERWIN. Had 6 brothers from Natchez.  The youngest being William and another named Major. James died abt 1887 in La. Birth abt 1850-60. He was tall, Scotch-Irish. Oldest son named John, possibly gfather's name. Thanks for any info.
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Pauline Brandy Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Need info. on Henry MANADUE, a NC Calvinist who m: 2 Feb 1797 to Deliah HORTON at Natchez.  Also info on Mary MAnadue who married 7 Jun 1807 in Jefferson Co., Miss. to
William JUSTICE.  The MANADUE and JUSTICE families later, by 1810 relocated to Rapides Parish, La. and left some descendants in Texas.
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L. Willis Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Looking for information on Clifton Clyde HAZLEWOD who married Ella Janet JONES in Natchez, MS, and they had five children:  Normal, Ruth, Sidney, Wince, and Glen.  Ella was born in 1871.  I'm guessing they married in the 1890s. Clifton was killed at a young age;  therefore; Ella had to put 3 of her children (one of which was my grandfather, Norman HAZLEWOD,) in the Methodist Children's Home in Ruston, LA.  I have been told he was killed in 1911 in a hunting accident and burried in Natchez.  He was known to work around the town mills.  Thanks
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Cliff  Saturday,  September 23, 2000
Looking for information on Seburn BICKERSTAFF and Elizabeth F. SMITH.
They were married 26 Mar 1836, Adams Co., MS.
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Walter A. Dreier Saturday, September 23, 2000
William Charles BRYANT, b. 1810, England m. Mary BUDD, 1834 in London,
arrived U.S. 1840, was in Natchez, Miss. by at least Nov. 31, 1846 when he
filed declaration of Naturalization.  He listed occupation in 1850 Census of
Adams Co. as "Confectioner."  Would like to exchange info on family.
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EvnNMatMom@aol.com Saturday, September 23, 2000
Looking for info on Francis FERGUSON, who died abt 1865 and buried with his
wife Sara Jane Ferguson in Adams Co., MS.
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Barbara Dunn Chandler Saturday, September 23, 2000
Richard DUNN 1790 census Natchez District Co., Location Santa Catalina
Adam LANEHART 1790 census Natchez District Co., Location Villa Gayoso
Robert L. Dunn married Margaret Lanehart on 25 November, 1827.
Any information about the above individuals and/or their families would be appreciated.
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Elizabeth Grimes Saturday, September 23, 2000
Can anyone give me the name of a Catholic Orphanage in Natchez in the early 1900's?  My father and his two sisters were there for about a year while their mother obtained a job to support them.  Year was 1916 or 1917.  Thank you in advance.
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BarbBayhi@aol.com Sunday, September 3, 2000
John Duncan ASHLEY married Sarah Jane PHIPPS in Adams Co.,  07-02-1846.  In
1850 Census, Wilkinson Co, MS, two PHIPPS children, namely Frances who is 07, and Priscilla who is 06;  A third child Seaborn Prewitt age 12 in that census was actualy Seaborn Prewitt Phipps.  Eliza ELLIOT age 10 is also entered as a HH Member.  Do not know Sarah Jane parents nor the parents of these children.  Would be most apreciative of any leads whether proven or not.  Have census and marriage information and would be happy to share.
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Mary Kennard Sunday, September 3, 2000
William SHUNK b 1768 d 1802 (p) Adams Co, MS left money to his KENNARD half sisters according to a deposition by his half brother, John KENNARD. Does anyone know where the deposition was recorded?  References have bee made tying a Jesse CARTER to the two half brothers. Was CARTER kin, or was he some kind of conservator for the will?
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