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Mark Montgomery Wed, July 22, 1998
I'm searching for information on Dr. W. E. MONTGOMERY of Greenwood Plantation in Adams Co., MS, beginning about 1883. He was a country doctor and planter, who may have had a practice in Clinton, LA, married Sallie Reeves of Liberty, MS area about 1880, and moved to the Kingston, MS area. Little is known of his origins. He left a large family, still in Natchez today. Thanks for any info.
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Susie Grommet  Wed, July 22, 1998
I am a decendant of Absolom PETTIT who was married to 3 different women in Adams County.  I would appreciate any help or information about any or all of them. I found a copy of Adams County MS Marriages 1802-1859 with indexes as follows:
He married Rebecca COVINGTON  on March 27, 1823      3-29
He married Eliza Ann RAWLINGS on Feb. 20, 1830          5-239
He married Frances R. KNIGHT on Feb. 12, 1834            5-451
Thanks for any help.
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Carson Wed, July 22, 1998
Trying to find ancestors & descendants of Gen. William McCall WILKINSON, who lived in the Natchez area ca. 1815, and his daughter, Jane WILKINSON LONG ("The Mother of Texas"). Return to Surnames Page

Ora J. Smith Wed, July 22, 1998
We are looking for the family of John C. SMITH of Lincoln county. They in later years resided in Adams county and had two children, Ora J. and Sheryl D. SMITH. Any information you can give us would be greatly appreciated on this matter.
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Ken Dunlap Wed, July 22, 1998
Seeking info on Powhattan ELLIS, b. 1790, VA; Came to MS. abt.1817.  Unsuccessful candidate for Vice Chancellor of the Southern District of Mississippi, 1846. (Woodville, MS. Republican)  A Judge in Adams Co?
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Michael Anderson Wed, July 22, 1998
Looking for info, on Betsy Johnson KENNRY.  Father was John Kennry, Indian chief of
the Rabbit Creek tribe.  Both people were suposed to own land around Natchez, Mississippi and in Videloa, Louisiana.
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Karen Wall Wed, July 22, 1998
Listed in a 1792 census record are the following:
VAUCHERET, John  Natchez dist.
                    , Jose     "   "
                    , Joseph     "     "
                    , Juan        "     "
Any info that anyone may have on this family I would love to have. There are several versions of spellings.  Some are a stretch but I am positive that they are one in the same. VAUCHERE,  VAUCHIER,   VAUCHORY,   VOUCHIER,  VOSHAY.  THANK YOU.
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Vic Duvic Wed, July 22, 1998
The name DUVIC was listed as descendant of John Bisland , Pine Ridge Community, family reunion May 3l, l998.   Want information about the '"DUVIC" concerned.     Thanks.
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Mary C. Sparks Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Hunting for Octavia ____, born 1810,  married Charles DUNCLE ca. 1836, died in LA in 1862.  An entry in the DUNCLE Bible reads, "Octavy DUNCLE born in Adams Co., Miss."
mcsparks@ibm.net or mcsparks@ yahoo.com
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Shirley McCluer Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Seeking info about Natchez Post. Was this a military post? A fort? If so, under what government? How long did it exist? Where would records regarding the Post be located? I am trying to get info about Dr. David PHELPS who was a surgeon at the Post.
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DowningWD@aol.com Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Looking for information on Martin CRANE who is cited as a member of the team in the article "The First Survey Through Hal's Lake Swamp in 1809 Under the Treaty of Mt. Dexter" which has just been added to the Adams County website.  Martin CRANE married Fannie BLACK.  Children include Elizabeth, Hester, Jane, Emily, Malinda, Joseph, Samuel and William.  The Cranes are burried near Canton, Madison Co, MS.
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Mary Jo Powell Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Would like any information on Archibald YOUNG, born 1815 in Tenn.  Tradition says that he died and was buried in Adams Co., Miss.. in 1839.  He had just finished studying to become a lawyer when he died. Would like any source that would verify this story.
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Walt Downing Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Looking for information on THOMAS DOWNING who lived in Adams County in the early 1800's and survived the massacre at Ft. Mims.  He is listed in the 1818 Adams County Tax Rolls.  Born 18 October 1770 in County Tyrone, Ireland.  Immigrated to Philadelphia, PA in 1792.  Moved to Petersburg, VA after 1792.  Lived in Abbesville District, SC before 1808.  Moved to Mississippi Territory about 1808.  Served under General Claiborne during the Creek Indian War.  Listed on Marion County, MS Census of 1820.  Moved to Hinds County, MS about 1829.  Died and is burried in Raymond, Hinds County, MS on 2 August 1845.
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DC2it@aol.com Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Looking for any or all information on the TUCKER families in Adams Co..  I  need information on Pascal TUCKER, and I need information on Pennington TUCKER  and his family.  They are both in the 1816 census and Pennington is in the 1818, 1820, 1830 census.  I would like a list of the children of Pennington  TUCKER.  Thanks.
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Virginia Roberts Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Hello is there any one in Adams Co. Miss working on GRAFTON family. They were minsters in the
family and school teachers I believe.
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T J Lewis Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Looking for information on Hannah "Anna" GUICE, daughter of Christopher GUICE, Sr.  She married Jacob HARMON.  Her first son, Jacob HARMON, Jr.  possibly born in Adams Co (MS Terr) or shortly before they arrived in the Territory.  Hannah and her husband, Jacob HARMON, arrived in LA about 1780.
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ACarson@aol.com Tues, Aug 04, 1998
Col. Joseph CARSON married Caroline Charlotte GREENE in 1814.  She was from a prominent family in the Natchez area.  They moved to what is now Washington Co., AL, where he was a lawyer, hero of the War of 1812, and politician. Any info appreciated.
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Stiva@aol.com Mon, Aug 11, 1998
Looking for Lena STEPPACH, sister of  Barbara STEPPACH, who is listed in the Adams County 1886 Census.  Married Charles LOVEY ca. 1880 w/ 6 surviving children:  Doris, Irene (Renie), Frederica (Rica), David, Ernest, Cecilia.
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Vivian Eakes Hull Mon, Aug 11, 1998
BANISTER, Eli  b: abt.  1787 possibly in New York   d: Abt. 1825  will dated Nov 14, 1825 Adams County MS.  In it he leaves $100 to Mrs. Desdemona DAVIS.  Will witnessed by:  F.WOOD, James LANDSDOWN, Sarah PATRICK (her x mark).
Any information whatsoever on Eli BANISHER , Desdemona DAVIS or the witnesses named here would be welcome.
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Pat McRanor Mon, Aug 11, 1998
Looking for Dias LYLE, Mayor of Natchez in mid to late 1800's. Born Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. Parents William LYLE and Betty HENRY.
UPDATE:   November 10, 1998
I have now found out from your City Clerk that his name was Josias A. LYLE and he was mayor of Natchez in 1839.  There was issue, so I assume there may still be family in the region. Anyone still around?  Thanks.
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Jeffrey B. Lightner Mon, Aug 11, 1998
I am looking for Aaron FERGUSON who married Pasty CALAHAN  in 1809 in Adams County Mississippi. I am looking for Aaron to be connected to Telfair FERGUSON. Please help me!
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GGSBR@AOL.COM Mon, Aug 11, 1998
Looking for Wilbur Fisk KING, Sr.,  b. Sept. 1842, attended the Natchez Institute, and  d. April 1917,  He married 1875 to Emma Catherine (Kate) MILLER, b. April 1850 Natchez,  d. Jan. 1940 Atlanta.  I am told there is a connection of Wilbur F. King, Sr. to the vice-president of the U.S.:  William Rufus de Vane KING, b. 1786 in Sampson, N.C. and d. 1853 in Dallas County Alabama.  The VP  died six weeks later with tuberculosis after taking the oath of office Can someone help me fill in this gap to the V.P. Additionally, Wilbur and his brother William H. KING served  together in the Civil War with the "Natchez Fencibles", 12th Inf. Co. G.  Hence, I am also looking for information as to dates of birth, marriage, death, and children of the brother.  Please help!  Thank you.
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Teresa Neaves Mon, Aug 31, 1998
Seeking further information on Dr. George NEVES, physician in Natchez;  born in Kansas (abt. 1883) but whose license to practice medicine was filed and recorded in Adams Co. on November 12, 1915.
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Madge Harris Mon, Aug 31, 1998
JONTE / OGLESBY George JONTE, born in France, married to Minerva OGLESBY on Sept. 27, 1835; they lived in Natchez,Adams Cty at the time of the 1860 census.  One son, George Jonte, listed as a 21 year old medical student and one daughter, Sue, listed as 19  at the time of the 1860 census.
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Dwayne Stanton Mon, Aug 31, 1998
Malachi STANTON posted bond in court case "John B. Stout vs Joseph
Medley" in 1805 in Natchez, MS.  Most of his children were born in
Natchez.  I'm in search of info about Malachi from there to fore.  Was Malachi STANTON part of the family of Frederic STANTON?  How can I find out?
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Pat Smith Mon, Aug 31, 1998
I am looking for any information on Alonzo "Lon" WILLIAMS b. late 1800's
Lawerence Co., Ms., son of Nathan Brewer WILLIAMS and Ara Ann JORDAN. Lon moved to Adams Co., married and raised his family. Was reported to be a
bookkeeper for many years in Adams Co. Thank you.
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Francis D Huber Mon, Aug 31, 1998
Need info re:  William EASLEY who was in Natchez, MS from approx 1830 thru
1850 when he disappears from rolls.  His wife, Sarah H.___, is listed as head of family thereafter until her death in 1870.  She is buried in Natchez.  Their daughter, Sarah Frances EASLEY, is my Great-Grandmother. njdhoutx@mail.swbell.net
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njdhoutx@mail.swbell.net Wed, Sept 9, 1998
Seeking info on Elen Gelenah COPE and J.C. BISLAND who married in Adams
Co., MS, 9 Nov 1881.
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UNGERERF@aol.com Wed. Sept 9, 1998
Am searching for information on David DUNBAR who died and was buried at Ft.
Natchez, Mississippi in the 1780s. Am trying to determine if he might have been the ancestor of my great great grand father Jackson DUNBAR.
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Sandra Freeman Wed, Sept 9, 1998
Looking for Elizabeth SWAIN, married Elijah NORMAN on 27 July 1819 in Adams County, MS.
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Donna Blackard Woods Wed, Sept 9, 1998
Mary BLACKARD was married to Abram HENNINGTON on June 1 1835 in Adams Co, MS.  Where did they live after marriage.  Any information appreciated.
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Harriet McAulay Eagle Tues, Sept 22, 1998
Two brothers Rev. Samuel SWAYZE  and his brother Richard SWAYZE went to the Natchez wilderness to establish the Jersey Settlement in the 1780s. I am a descendant of another brother who did not go with them. Would like any info on Rev. Samuel & Richard and their descendants. Have much info on the family in New Jersey and New York.
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Sandra Freeman Tues, Sept 22, 1998
Looking for John SMITH married Elizabeth Poole in Md.  Daughter Mary Elizabeth SMITH born Washington, MS 8 Apr 1822.  Daughter married James Stanford NORMAN in Adams Co.
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Carol Trammel Ruwa Tues, Sept 29, 1998
My records indicate that a Selah CARTER was married 1 Sep 1813 in Adams Co. MS to a Charles CAMPBELL b/ ca. 1773 in NC.  I am seeking further information on Selah's parentage and siblings.
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Drmbd10442@aol.com Tues, Sept 29, 1998
Interested in any info pretaining to William and Catherine DALE. They came to Adams Co. in about 1836. Much property bought and sold by them until about 1847, then they moved across river.They had 3 children born in Adams.
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Joyce Landrum Tues, Sept 29, 1998
I am looking for information about the surname SARGENT.  I know that Winthrop SARGENT (the first Govenor of the MS Territory) lived in Natchez...I need personal info, name of spouse, children etc.
Did his decendants stay in the area?  Many, Many thanks for any assistance.
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DOUGIEBABY@aol.com Wed, Oct 7, 1998
RUCKER, Jonathan N., an Afro-American doctor, lived with his wife Fannie M. RUCKER, at 695 North Pine Street in Natchez in 1919.  He served in the US Army as a 1st Lt. in France in 1918, and was probably born ca.1885-90.
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David W. Boles Wed, Oct 7, 1998
Looking for descendants of Walter W. MCCREA Sr. b. 1849 and Mary Fisher BENBROOK b. 7 Feb 1854 New Orleans LA, m. 4 May 1875 Adams Co. MS. Their five children were born in Natchez:  Rev. Tulley FISHER M. b. 1877, Walter M. Jr. b. 1879, John D, M. b. 1880, James D. M. b. 1882, and Jennie P. M. b. 1885.
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GMTEA@AOL Wed, Oct 7, 1998
We are decendants of Glycerian SWAYZE of the Swayze Quakers from New Jersey that settled in Adams County.  She married Robert Lynch ADAMS of the Adams of Virginia.  I cain't find Robert ADAMS FamilyTie.    If We can help each other let me know.
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Georgia Winn Wheeless Wed, Oct 7, 1998
Looking for info on Baylor WINNS family who resided in Natchez, Miss. from about 1836 to 1853.  Baylors chilren were William, Jasper, Calvin, Mary, Sarah and Emeline.  Sarah married an Edmund BURKE in Natchez on 10/22/1851.  Emeline married a Mr. BURKE on 5/14/1847 in Natchez. Mary married a Mr. George JORDAN in Natchez on  4/12/1848. Jasper married Mary B. JENNINGS on 9/19/1850 in Natchez.   Baylor had a brother-in-law named COONEY of Natchez.  Would like to find name of Baylors sister. Baylor married 1st wife Sarah GREGORY in 1822.  She died in 1834 in Natchez and he married Christina Elizabeth BECKTELL on 12/29/1846 in Natchez.   Will share info.
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Carol Bentley Jones Wed, Oct 7, 1998
Would like to exchange info with any researching the following surnames:  ELLERY, KINGSBERRY/KINGSBURY, MERVIN, MINOR, and WILLIAMS.  The Mervins, Minors and
Williams were slaves of Levin MARSHALL.  All are listed on the 1870 Adams County Census.
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Vhull@aol.com Sat, Oct 17, 1998
Sexton records for Adams County list BANNESTER S. H. MAR 30, 1902 (W) 51 YRS DOUBLE PNEUMONIA DR. E. F. BROWN PAUPER GROUND HOSPITAL  Does anyone have access to the listing for this cemetery who might be willing to check for any mentions of BANNESTER, BANISTER, or BANNISTER.    Any other references to this surname in Adams County MS would be greatly appreciated.
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Gin Sat, Oct 17, 1998
JOHN H. (W.) HIGGINS age 30 with wife MARY M. HIGGINS (28) was listed in the 1850 Adams County Census --- City of Natchez South.  My question is what area of Adams Co. would have been considered City of Natchez South for the 1850 census  --- and what churches would have been in that area.   John Higgins was born in Maine, married MARY M. HARSON (HARRISON) in Wilkinson,
Co.; sold land in Wilkinson Co. but said he was a resident of Adams Co. Would like to share information on the Higgins or Harrisons and find out about churches were in South Natchez.
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John Chapla, Sat, Oct 17, 1998
I am looking for information on Willis H. CLAIBORNE, particularly material related to his service in the Civil War.  Willis was the only son of John F.H. CLAIBORNE, an Adams County plantation owner, 1807-1884.
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Dianne Rutherford Sun, Oct 25, 1998
I am trying to find information on Lot GARRISON and Margaret ERWIN. They married in 1824 in Adams Co. Ms. Thanks.
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Wade Guice, Jr. Sun, Oct 25, 1998
I'm looking for infor. on Mississippi Sate Military [Militia?] around 1917, specifically a NATIEL [Nathaniel?] STU METLE branch.  I found infor. that my grandfather (Fred GUICE) served 3 years in this branch then regestred in Natchez for WW I on 5 June 1917 in Pct 4, Adams Co. MS.  He was b. 22 Jan. 1893 in Hamburg, Franklin Co, MS. Lived in Natchez until death.  Thanks for any help.
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Patty Hingey Tues, November 10, 1998
In 1805 Abraham ILER petition the Adams Co., Ms court to recover inheritance due him from the death of his father Mark ILER.  Abraham's mother was Jemina HOOTSELL.  Mark and Jemina married about 1780. Anyone researching the ILERS and HOOTSELLS.  Thanks.
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Dee Villere Tues, November 10, 1998
I am researching the Luis VILLERET family that lived on St. Catherine's Creek in Adams County in 1796.  Luis (H/O Catherine LANGLOIS) and his son Abraham were brick makers  for the city of Natchez.  I would like to get in touch with anyone else researching Luis and Catherine. Thanks.
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Joyce Hebert Tues, November 10, 1998
I am looking for descendents of James and Fanny MELLON who were in Adams Co. Miss. on the 1870 U.S. Census.
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Linda Tues, November 10, 1998
Looking for information about the family named SALVO.  I have a letter written on paper with the letterhead of "N> Salvo & Bro., Importers, Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Foreign.......Natchez, MS., dated sometime in 1880 or 1850.  The letter is signed: N. Salvo & Bros.  The letter is in Italian.  I found the names of Salvo on the WWI Memorial.
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Leon Carlos Buell Wed, November 18, 1998
BUELL, Charley B. b. September, 1884. Any records.
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Mary Thornton Wed, November 18, 1998
Books and records state that the REV. JEDEDIAH SMITH family was a great family in Natchez.  I am decended from PHILANDER SMITH b. 1765 d. 1824 and BENJAMIN SMITH b.1792 d. 1826.  I am looking for decendants for any additional information.  I will share all the information that I have, if one is found.
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Mary Thornton Wed, November 18, 1998
I am searching for information on the family of JOHN CHARLES HODGE.  The family came from England.  JOHN CHARLES 's children settled in Adams co., Ms.   The family members were railroad and levee builders.  Family members in Natchez were EDWARD JOSEPH, HARRY FRANK,and MARY GILES.  All were very well known members of Natchez, Ms.  All records were from late 1800  to early 1900.  Any information would be appreciated.
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Mary Thornton Wed, November 18, 1998
NOLAN STUART DICKSON, son of WILLIAM P. DICKSON AND MARGARET C. WINANS b. 11-5-1839 in Wilkinson co. Ms.. He lived his life in the Natchez , Ms area.  He served in the Civil War in the 16th of Miss. Vol..  His father was from  Dickson co. Tenn..  He is buried in City Cemt.  , Natchez, Ms.  Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
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Della McRae Wed, November 18, 1998
My family history has Jefferson Whitfield COOK, b abt 1838 in KY, husband of Samantha RENFRO, being hung in Natchez, Miss., for horse stealing.  He was the son of William COOK and Nancy HALEY.  They were not from Miss.  If you have any info on J. W. COOK, it would be muchly appreciated.
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Inez Sanson Wed, November 18, 1998
Researching information About Andre France SANSON who married Ann Lentretien VENVE on July 5,1813 in Adams County MS.   Thanks for any help.
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bbsmith2@swbell.net Sun, November 29, 1998
Looking for info on Louis BISKAMP and Eliza B. LAUGHLIN who got a marriage bond and license in Adams County, Mississippi May 9,1825.

Robert Humason Sun, November 29, 1998
We are looking for info. on G. HUMASON who was a member of the Natchez Southrons. He was KIA on 8/31/64 at the battle of Jonesboro.  Thankyou.

Virginia Hines Thurs, December 10, 1998
Searching for Hannah EARHART m. Benjamin GALTNEY (Gwaltney) , mother and father of Abraham GALTNEY .  They came to Natchez District ca. 1780. Benjamin was killed by a falling tree ca. 1790 and left orphan children.  EARHARTs were in the district on the 1810 Census I believe and I guess were brothers of Hannah.  Would like to hear from GALTNEY, EARHART, KILLIAN descendants, all early families of the Natchez District.

Betty Terrell Owens Thurs, December 10, 1998
I am very interested in the Eli COTTON and Samuel HERRING found on the 1818 tax list of Adams County, MS.  Does anyone have any information concerning these two men? 


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